360 examples of chorused in sentences

chorused the small boys.

she cried, "did you hear that?" "Hear what?" they chorused eagerly.

At his word the company fell to their ranks and forthwith swung off again south and by east, what time Giles carolled blithely, and divers chorused lustily: while Roger whistled and even grim Walkyn (bethinking him of Gui of Allerdale) rumbled hoarsely in his hairy throat.

"We want to go to the Academy!" chorused the girls.

"Oh, yes!" chorused the others.

the others chorused.

" "What?" chorused her chums.

When, at last, all was in readiness, and the earth began to drop away beneath them, the dogs put their noses in the air and chorused a canine Arctic dirge.

" "Why not?" chorused the listeners.

" "Not one!" chorused all the masks in deep and dismal unison.

chorused several.

White on the other hand lay the tents, and beyond them glided the river, Where the broadhorn[A] drifted slow at the will of the current, And where the boatman listened, and knew not how, as he listened, Something touched through the years the old lost hopes of his childhood, Only his sense was filled with low monotonous murmurs, As of a faint-heard prayer, that was chorused with deeper responses.

"Yes," they chorused Joe spoke clearly.

To save us from sin!" The Tahitians rocked to and fro, threw back their heads, and, their eyes shut as in their religious himenes, chorused joyfully: "Hahrayrooyah!

Witherbee and Bunsen chorused the word.

In a body they chorused: "But, Pupasse!" "Chère Pupasse!" "Voyons, Pupasse!"

My faith's strong,real clare, 'tell ye," she added, with the triumphant laugh which usually chorused her conversation, and turning to the Doctor, who, aroused by her loud and vigorous strain, was attending with interest to her.

we chorused in wonder.

"Will you, boys?" "No, sir," they chorused.

"Are we allowed to receive men visitors in the house?" chorused a group of girls, questioned in a fashionable employment agency.

they all chorused, scrambling up to greet me.

Can I stay?" "Yes, yes," chorused the company, and I was too busy trying to get off my gloves to speak.

they both chorused, "what for?" "She is too old.

" "Only let 'em try it," chorused a half dozen voices, "an' dey'll soon see who'll git de bes' ob de guns; an' as to taking keer ob ourselves, I specs we kin take keer ob ourselves as well as take keer ob dem.

If" He was cut short by a chorused cry from the watchers near the door of the barn, and then, through the vomitted smoke and the fire, leaped the unsaddled body of Satan bearing on his back the crouched figure of Dan Barry, and in the arms of Barry, limp, his head hanging down loosely, was the body of the great black dog, Bart.

360 examples of  chorused  in sentences
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