688 examples of christen in sentences

"Why, fellows used always to christen you with a nickname: they stuck your head in a basin and poured water over you, and if you struggled you got it all down your back.

She will shortly be to christen, And papa has made the offer I shall have the naming of her.

"It is now time, I ween, to christen our bonny babe, is it not so, merry boys?"

When thou livedst not thou wast called John Little, but now that thou dost live indeed, Little John shalt thou be called, so christen I thee."

We ought to have kept that bottle of champagne to christen it with.

And we think that there is no more certain indication of a weak and ill-regulated intellect than that propensity which, for want of a better name, we will venture to christen Boswellism.

I but christen it the "Young Catechist" and furbishd it with Dialogue following, which dubb'd it an Historical Painting.

'And who may you be wanting to christen?'

Any money due to him as owner of the Rose, and a new barque of 300 tons burden, he had bequeathed to Captain Amyas Leigh, on condition that he should re-christen that barque the Vengeance, and with her sail once more against the Spaniard.

So the child was delivered unto Merlin, and he bare it forth unto Sir Ector, and made a holy man to christen him, and named him Arthur.

What wealth of love she could give is evidenced in those exquisite sonnets purporting to be from the Portuguese, the author being too modest to christen them by their right name, Sonnets from the Heart.

So the child was delivered unto Merlin, and he bare him forth unto sir Ector, and made a holy man christen him, and named him "Arthur."

Men of a more flamboyant sort, such as M.W. Philips, contemning such "ruffle-shirt cant," would christen their strains with attractive names, publish their virtues as best they might, and offer their fancy seed for sale at fancy prices.

DEAR SIR, In a former letter I mentioned the relishes of salt fish usual at breakfast and supper in this country; they are chiefly of shad, a name given them by the first settlers, from their having some resemblance to that fish, though in fact they are very different; and indeed this is the case with almost every fish, bird, and other animal these Anglo-Americans took it into their heads to christen.

Thus we write jalap from Jalapa, hermetical from Hermes, hymeneal from Hymen, simony, from Simon, philippic from Philip; the verbs, to hector, to romance, to japan, to christen, to philippize, to galvanize; and the adverbs hermetically and jesuitically, all without a capital: and perhaps judaize, christianize, and their derivatives, may join this class.

"And you may talk yourself black in the face, Manuel, but nevertheless I am going to name the child Melicent, after my own mother, as soon as a priest can be fetched from the mainland to christen her.

We are to call her Ettarre, and I would like to have a sight of her, of courseIn fact, I am compelled to stay through mere civility, inasmuch as the Queen of Philistia is sending the very famous St. Holmendis especially to christen this baby.

It was very entertaining to christen the Solemn League and Covenant "the constellation on the back of Aries," because most of the signers could only make their marks on the little bits of sheepskin circulated for that purpose.

The abbesse let clepe a priest anon, And let it christen in function.

"] I fancied that this Instrument Would make a great sensation And that its music would content The critics and the nation, I know it is what vulgar folks Christen the "Constant-screamer;" I thought you'd scorn such feeble jokes; It seems I was a dreamer.

calls his "brother" (i.e. his sister's husband), joining him with Rochester (i.e. Bp. Fisher), as in this passage, on account of his great zeal in checking the progress of the earlier Reformation; but what is the allusion in the phrase "with his bloudye bishoppe christen catte," &c., I am unable to divine.

p. 109., on the subject of the name "Christen Cat," where the forgoing passage is quoted from Day's edition of Tyndale's Works, that this tract was by Tyndale, and not by Crowley.

We'll christen her the Infunt Fernomerner, an' gin a lib'rul investor a crack at her.

P'r'aps it would be better to take a leetle pasear now, but later we can come back and find another orphant infunt and christen her the Phoenix, which is Greek fur sold agin.

And to these their spirits, they give names, and they meet together to christen them (as they speak)....

688 examples of  christen  in sentences