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755 example sentences with  christen

755 example sentences with christen

"Why, fellows used always to christen you with a nickname: they stuck your head in a basin and poured water over you, and if you struggled you got it all down your back."

By youth's warm fancies sweetly led To christen them his loaves of bread.

She will shortly be to christen: And Papa has made the offer, I shall have the naming of her.

She will shortly be to christen, And papa has made the offer I shall have the naming of her.

"It is now time, I ween, to christen our bonny babe, is it not so, merry boys?"

When thou livedst not thou wast called John Little, but now that thou dost live indeed, Little John shalt thou be called, so christen I thee."

Father Shannon visits them all, waits by the Red Butte to confess the shepherds who go through with their flocks, carries blessing to small and isolated mines, and so in the course of a year or so works around to Las Uvas to bury and marry and christen.

OSWALD (gives her money) Here's for your little boyand when you christen him I'll be his Godfather.

I thing you will go, et I thing Miguel will go, et Joeeverybody, I thingmais, hof course, not if they not have been christen'.

Had I a little son, I would christen him NOTHING-TO-DO; he should do nothing.

Certainly there is a jealousy in unparallel subjects, which is little less heart-rending than the passion which we more strictly christen by that name.

" There was a brief moment of confusion from the coming and going of barges,a short delay which brimmed their excitement to the fever pitch,then the waters cleared again of their floating craft, and the Senator Marcantonio Giustiniani stepped forth on the deck to christen the gift of his child.

We ought to have kept that bottle of champagne to christen it with.

And we think that there is no more certain indication of a weak and ill-regulated intellect than that propensity which, for want of a better name, we will venture to christen Boswellism.

In honor of Don Custodio, I christen it the soup project!"

V. name, call, term, denominate designate, style, entitle, clepe^, dub, christen, baptize, characterize, specify, define, distinguish by the name of; label &c (mark) 550.

If a baby was weakly, or born before its time, and, having given one look at this sorrowful world, was about to lose its eyes on it forever, Fra Pacifico must run out at any moment to christen it.

I was ready to christen the road anew,Redbird Road.

" He directed his course to the most distant point of the Flinders Range, but when he arrived there, he was obliged to christen it Mount Deception, as his hope of finding water there was disappointed.

I but christen it the "Young Catechist" and furbishd it with Dialogue following, which dubb'd it an Historical Painting.

How I employed myself between Epping and Enfield the poor verses in the front of my paper may inform you which you may please to Christen an Acrostic in a Cross Road, and which I wish were worthier of the Lady they refer to.

And who may you be wanting to christen?' 'It isn't for a baby; a boy about as old as me.

Any money due to him as owner of the Rose, and a new barque of 300 tons burden, he had bequeathed to Captain Amyas Leigh, on condition that he should re-christen that barque the Vengeance, and with her sail once more against the Spaniard.

I have had some Children by her, whom she has Christened with the Sirnames of her Family, in order, as she tells me, to wear out the Homeliness of their Parentage by the Fathers Side.

I've christened her Bright Angel."

'Watchman, what of the night?' 'The night is a fruitful time; When to many a pair are born children fair, To be christened at morning chime.'

Another child was born, a daughterneed I say Nizza, or to give her her proper name, Isabella, for she was so christened after her motherand one nightone luckless night,maddened by some causeless doubt, I snatched the innocent babe from her mother's arms, and if I had not been prevented by the attendants, who rushed into the room on hearing their mistress's shrieks, should have destroyed her.

We are very glad to see this beginning of a translation of Balzac, or de Balzac, as he chose to christen himself.

Miss Cooper may strive in vain, with benevolent intent, to christen her favorite spring-blossoms "May-Wings" and "Gay-Wings," and "Fringe-Cup" and "Squirrel-Cup," and "Cool-Wort" and "Bead-Ruby"; there is no conceivable reason why these should not be the familiar appellations, except the irresistible fact that they are not.

So, when I was born, some years afterward, papa, gratefully remembering this dazzling little vignette of his youth, was absurd enough to christen me Giorgione.

"'Ah, Sir Lancelot,' said hee, 'thou were head of all christen knights!

So the child was delivered unto Merlin, and he bare it forth unto Sir Ector, and made a holy man to christen him, and named him Arthur.


What wealth of love she could give is evidenced in those exquisite sonnets purporting to be from the Portuguese, the author being too modest to christen them by their right name, Sonnets from the Heart.

It was then plainly Toby's opinion that, while they might not take quite so much time to christen as to marry, there was still no need to rush off with the priest's vestments out of order and his own fetlocks weighted with mire.

So the child was delivered unto Merlin, and he bare him forth unto sir Ector, and made a holy man christen him, and named him "Arthur."

Men of a more flamboyant sort, such as M.W. Philips, contemning such "ruffle-shirt cant," would christen their strains with attractive names, publish their virtues as best they might, and offer their fancy seed for sale at fancy prices.

DEAR SIR, In a former letter I mentioned the relishes of salt fish usual at breakfast and supper in this country; they are chiefly of shad, a name given them by the first settlers, from their having some resemblance to that fish, though in fact they are very different; and indeed this is the case with almost every fish, bird, and other animal these Anglo-Americans took it into their heads to christen.

I but christen it the 'Young Catechist,' and furbishd it with Dialogue following, which dubb'd it an Historical Painting.

yed myself between Epping and Enfield the poor verses in the front of my paper may inform you, which you may please to christen an Acrostic in a Cross Road."


Thus we write jalap from Jalapa, hermetical from Hermes, hymeneal from Hymen, simony, from Simon, philippic from Philip; the verbs, to hector, to romance, to japan, to christen, to philippize, to galvanize; and the adverbs hermetically and jesuitically, all without a capital: and perhaps judaize, christianize, and their derivatives, may join this class.

One aunty | says he will Soon 'lisp in | numbers,' Turning his | thoughts to rhyme, E'en in his | slumbers; Watts rhymed in | babyhood, No blemish | spots his fame Christen him | even so: Young Mr. | Watts his name.

If I had to christen a pup now I should naturally call him "Jellicoe the Brave."

"And you may talk yourself black in the face, Manuel, but nevertheless I am going to name the child Melicent, after my own mother, as soon as a priest can be fetched from the mainland to christen her.

We are to call her Ettarre, and I would like to have a sight of her, of courseIn fact, I am compelled to stay through mere civility, inasmuch as the Queen of Philistia is sending the very famous St. Holmendis especially to christen this baby.

[Sir Thomas More] "not come begging for the clergy from purgatory, with his supplication of soulsnor the poor soul and proctor been there with his bloody bishop Christen catte, so far conjured into his own Utopia."

I take the word to be Christencat; but its two parts are so divided by the position of Christen at the end of one line, and catte at the beginning of the next as to prevent it from being certain that they form one word.

Lizzy went to bed with a bad headache,convenient synonyme for aches of soul or body that one does not care to christen!

It was very entertaining to christen the Solemn League and Covenant "the constellation on the back of Aries," because most of the signers could only make their marks on the little bits of sheepskin circulated for that purpose.

SEE Asbjørnsen, Peter Christen.

R88330, 2Jan52, Bertha Flesch (W) & Carl Fischer, inc. (PWH) ASBJØRNSEN, PETER CHRISTEN.

SEE Asbjørnsen, Peter Christen.

SEE Asbjørnsen, Peter Christen.

By Christen Tonnes Jonassen.

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SEE Asbjørnsen, Peter Christen.

R88330, 2Jan52, Bertha Flesch (W) & Carl Fischer, inc. (PWH) ASBJØRNSEN, PETER CHRISTEN.

SEE Asbjørnsen, Peter Christen.

SEE Asbjørnsen, Peter Christen.

By Christen Tonnes Jonassen.

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The abbesse let clepe a priest anon, And let it christen in function.

Lady Annabel, however, was always mentioned with regard, and an intimation had been duly given to the Doctor that she was in a delicate and promising situation, and that they were both alike anxious that he should christen their child.

"] I fancied that this Instrument Would make a great sensation And that its music would content The critics and the nation, I know it is what vulgar folks Christen the "Constant-screamer;" I thought you'd scorn such feeble jokes; It seems I was a dreamer.

Fisher), as in this passage, on account of his great zeal in checking the progress of the earlier Reformation; but what is the allusion in the phrase "with his bloudye bishoppe christen catte," &c., I am unable to divine.

p. 109., on the subject of the name "Christen Cat," where the forgoing passage is quoted from Day's edition of Tyndale's Works, that this tract was by Tyndale, and not by Crowley.] * * * * * WHAT IS A CHAPEL?

ZALKA PEETRUZA (Who Was Christened Lucy Jane)

The day after the "Katy-Did" was christened (a flat-bottomed boat, painted prettily with blue and gold)

Tantalus, the founder of the family, for some offence against the gods, was suffering in Hades the punishment which is christened by his name.

He said that he desired to do no act That men might christen with an ugly name.

I doubt no vote of Parliament will be able to blanch such asuch aI don't know what the word is for it; he must get his uncle the Archbishop to christen it; there is no name for it in any Pagan vocabulary.

You are wedded to your state-craft, to your patriotism, to your self-advancement, or christen it what you will.

We'll christen her the Infunt Fernomerner, an' gin a lib'rul investor a crack at her."

P'r'aps it would be better to take a leetle pasear now, but later we can come back and find another orphant infunt and christen her the Phoenix, which is Greek fur sold agin."

"I'll christen you by it all the same," replied John, smiling too.

I have found out that, will comfort her: Henceforward I christen her by the name of Madam Bibber.

Then doth the Bishop or the Priest, the water halow straight, That for their baptisme is reservde: for now no more of waight Is that they usde the yeare before, nor can they any more, Yong children christen with the same, as they have done before.

Moreover, it's customary to christen every launching with champagne.

The engine was christened The Wonder of the Age; and I have before me a handbill of the festivities of that proud day, which tells me that the mayor himself rode in an open truck, "embellished with Union Jacks, lions and unicorns, and other loyal devices."

he piped out, addressing one of the women; "an' if you want a name for your seventh, you may christen 'en after the engine here, the Wonder of the Age."

And to these their spirits, they give names, and they meet together to christen them (as they speak)....

At that time there was a law in Spain (where the best breed was to be found) which forbade the exportation of asses, but the king, hearing of Washington's wish to possess a jack, sent him one of the finest obtainable as a present, which was promptly christened "Royal Gift."

I think it must be the shortest speech on record: "Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been asked to christen your beautiful theater.

But you shall christen it yourself.

"It's a pity your Indian friends did not christen you 'Wild Mustard' or 'Clover,'" she said satirically, "that you might have had some sympathies and longings for the open fields instead of these horrid jungles!

I did not dream that I should ever stand beside it with you, and have you christen it yourself."

They mostly buy up their forefathers ready-madeadopt them, christen them, and ask no questions."

The gay and wealthy Sir Christen Barnekow, who had been last on the field, passed him there, and at once got down and gave him his horse.

It meant giving up his life, and when Sir Christen could no longer follow the fleeing King he sat down on a rock with the words, "I give the King my horse, the enemy my life, and God my soul."

The rock is there yet and the country folk believe that the red spots in the granite are Christen Barnekow's blood which all the years have not availed to wash out.

But parodying the addition of a plus sign to a brand name reflects how it has become the go-to symbol for media conglomerates when they christen their emerging video-on-demand streaming businesses.

Christen Press and Samantha Mewis each scored a pair of goals and the United States beat Costa Rica 6-0 on Monday night to finish atop its group in the CONCACAF Women's Olympic Qualifying tournament.

Defender Becky Sauerbrunn was traded to Portland before the 2020 started, and Christen Press signed with Manchester Unitedpicked up by Louisville in the expansion draft earlier this month.

Furthermore, the tournament is completely voluntary, which means it’s possible star players like U.S. Women’s National Team and Royals regular starters Christen Press and Kelley O’Hara opt out.

I do know that United have brought on Lauren James for Christen Press, who had a quiet game.

This is legitimately a confusing area, and the coding is all evolving, said Christen Linke Young, a Brookings Institution fellow who helped write federal billing rules during her time at the Department of Health and Human Services.

UTAH ROYALS FC Allocated D Kelly O’Hara, F Christen Press and D Becky Sauerbrunn to the U.S. Soccer Federation for the 2020 team.

But he beheld the Divisions of Christen dom: he saw how many controversies had been introduced by zeal or ignorance, and continued by Faction.

A translation of Norske Folkeeventyr by Peter Christen Asbjrn̨sen and Jrg̨en Moe of old Norse folk tales.