103 examples of christianizing in sentences

The being from whom flowed forth all gracious influences of thought and order, of bounty and compassion, of purity and piety, civilizing and Christianizing a whole family, a whole domain.

Say then, Even if these poor creatures did us no harm, as they must and will docivilize and christianize them for their own sakes, simply because they must be so very miserablemiserable too often with acute and conscious misery; too often with a worse misery, dull and unconscious, which knows not, stupified by ignorance and vice, that it is miserable, and ought to be more miserable still.

"I've always said," he exclaimed, "that if the other business men of America had as much sense as the tobacco folks they would hasten the Christianizing of China by many a year.

It did all its many-sided work for a far greater reason than any increase in its own numbers and importance; in a word, for the Christianizing of life, Sunday and every day, in Delafield as well as in the forests of the Amazon and the huddled cities of China.

On this particular day it read: GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD Come hear Rev. E.B. Blackwater's great Missionary Address on CHRISTIANIZING AFRICA ELOQUENT, PROFOUND, HEART-SEARCHING. ILLUSTRATED WITH SLIDES.

When he comes to speak of Christianizing our hymns, the apprehension which he expresses of deviating from the present practice of our establishment, seems to have restrained him from saying something which he would otherwise have said.

In consequence of this engagement of the Wesleys, the General deemed it highly proper to visit their venerable and excellent parents at Epworth, not only to confirm their consent, but to communicate to them such information as should interest them strongly in every measure which aimed at the instruction, civilization, and christianizing of the natives of Georgia, from whom he and the new settlers had met so kind a reception.

Christianizing the Social Order.

He has resided long among them, and knows their character well; yet, in one of his statements made to the Indian board at New York, he says, that the attempts to Christianize the Indians in their present state, he was of opinion, much as he honoured the zeal that had prompted them, were fruitless, or worse.

But in these times it is a melancholy truth, that Protestant exertions to Christianize them have not been marked with apparent success.

The Jesuits then took practically complete possession of what is now Paraguay, controlling and Christianizing the Indians, and raising their flourishing missions to a pitch of prosperity they never elsewhere achieved.

The moral condition of this people, their spiritual apathy, their attachment to the superstitious rites of their ancestors, together with the natural depravity of the human heart, and at the same time their language being one of the most difficult, perhaps the most difficult of acquisition of any spoken language, all combine to forbid, it would seem, all hope of ever Christianizing this empire.

He had not come to Americanize but to Christianize the Chinese.

He seemed to illustrate the result of our governmental efforts to citizenize the Indian without Christianizing him.

These Indians are shut in on these reservations, kept from all civilizing and Christianizing influences, kept from trade and commerce.

We must Christianize him if we would civilize him.

To make the best citizens you must Christianize the people, and to make them Christians you must give them the Bible in their own tongue.

Discounting as much as you choose everything that seems to partake of pious exaggeration, there can be no doubt that the period which followed the Christianizing of Ireland was one of those shining epochs of spiritual and also to a great degree intellectual enthusiasm rare indeed in the history of the world.

In the preceding century they had gone on deteriorating in good sense and most probably therefore in moral worth, and had made no such rapid progress in numbers as to imply that by the mere process of conversion they would ever Christianize the empire.

Do we want the opportunity of Christianizing a nation?

Now it was this mass of degraded humanity that this Association set itself to elevate and Christianize, and it did it with a calm assurance and serene hope which no obstacle has as yet been able to disturb.

The work of the church is successful just to the extent to which it succeeds in Christianizing the social order in the midst of which it stands.

In what manner the church is to carry forward this work of Christianizing society is a practical question calling for great wisdom.

It is the great failure of historythe turning aside of the Christian church from the work of Christianizing the social order, and the expenditure of her energies, for nineteen centuries, on other pursuits.

Humane men conceived the wish to civilize and Christianize this people.

103 examples of  christianizing  in sentences