474 examples of chronics in sentences

I have been afflicted, from my youth up, with a chronic disease which the best physicians of both continents have pronounced imminently dangerous to both life and happiness, if physical exercise be immoderately indulged in.

The round itself was but a short one, for my list contained only a couple of "chronics," and this, perhaps, contributed to my cheerful outlook on life.

Facts on cirrhosis of the liver and other liver damage in chronic alcoholism; lay supplement, no.9.

<pb id='508.png' n='1970h2/A/3255' /> STEIN, M. Alcohol addiction and chronic alcoholism.

WORTIS, H. Alcohol addiction and chronic alcoholism.

Nursing care in chronic diseases.

And, on the other hand, there is no reason why a man whose wife suffers from chronic illness, or remains barren, or has gradually become too old for him, should not take a second.

I had brought with me from home a certain touch of hypochondria, and a chronic pain in my breast, induced by a fall from horseback, perceptibly increased, and made me dejected.

Where such incomprehension is chronic, reduced wages, diminished rations, and the mild punishments imposed by the army and navy, will do good.

" The "cribbing," which had astonished and pained Eric at first, was more flagrant than even in the Upper Fourth, and assumed a chronic form.

He suffered for the greatest part of his life from a distressing and disabling chronic asthmafrom the time that he came back to Oxford as Fellow and Tutorand he died in 1865.

His health was weak, and a chronic tenderness of throat and chest made him take precautions which sometimes seemed whimsical; and his well-known figure in a black cloak, with a black veil over his college cap, and a black comforter round his neck, which at one time in Oxford acquired his name, sometimes startled little boys and sleepy college porters when he came on them suddenly at night.

Now Mr. Burton lived in one of the old houses on the east side of Bouverie Street, less than five minutes' walk from Thorndyke's chambers in King's Bench Walk; and he was, moreover, a "chronic" who could safely be left for the last.

For his aunt, although the victim of a chronic rheumatism, had contrived to preserve a sharp appetite from the wreck of her former health, and cooked three meals for herself and two for Bog (who was never home at noon) daily.

ECZEMA, a common skin disease, which may be either chronic or acute; develops in a red rash of tiny vesicles, which usually burst and produce a characteristic scab; is not contagious, and leaves no scar.

It may be acute or chronic, frequently caused by errors of diet.

It has been recommended, too, as a remedy in extensive ulceration, in paralysis, chronic rheumatism, epilepsy, mania, and hydrophobia, but with so little discrimination, that little reliance can be placed on the testimonies in its favour; and, in modern practice, it is little employed.

It has frequently done great service in some kinds of scurvies and other chronic disorders proceeding from a viscidity of the juices, or obstructions of the excretory ducts.

In France, the former is strongly recommended as an application to the skin, which, under certain management, produces a continued serious discharge without blistering, and is thus rendered useful in many chronic diseases of a local nature answering the purpose of what has been called a perpetual blister, while it occasions less pain and inconvenience.

Spenser had found time and place, during a similar service in the same country, to complete the 'Faery Queene'; although the fair land in which the loveliest of English poems has its action was not unvexed by the chronic turbulence of a mercurial and badly used race.

The chronic difficulties with the Elector of Hesse had culminated in an act of great discourtesy; the King of Prussia had sent an autograph letter to the Elector by General Willisen; the Elector on receiving it threw it unopened on the table; as the letter contained the final demands of Prussia, the only answer was to put some of the neighbouring regiments on a war footing.

[Sidenote: Patients often starved to death in chronic cases.]

But in chronic cases, lasting over months and years, where the fatal issue is often determined at last by mere protracted starvation, I had rather not enumerate the instances which I have known where a little ingenuity, and a great deal of perseverance, might, in all probability, have averted the result.

Cream, in many long chronic diseases, is quite irreplaceable by any other article whatever.

" "Chronic and sporadic parties make it so.

474 examples of  chronics  in sentences