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1524 example sentences with  chronics

1524 example sentences with chronics

The round itself was but a short one, for my list contained only a couple of "chronics," and this, perhaps, contributed to my cheerful outlook on life.

Hunt's need of guineas was chronic.

The chronic adventurer, however, spent four years among the more friendly Bannock Indians, who probably for centuries had lived in or near the park.

To meet emergencies, which were now becoming chronic, extraordinary taxes were established, the non-payment of which involved the immediate imprisonment of the defaulter; and the debasement of the coinage, and the alienation of certain parts of the kingdom, were authorised in the name of the King, who had been insane for more than fifteen years.

The other reason for the chronic poverty of the Indian peasant is that, if he had money beyond his immediate necessity, he could not keep it.

Our slaveholders chime lustily the same song, and no man with human nature within him, and human history before him, and with sense enough to keep him out of the fire, will be gulled by such professions, unless his itch to be humbugged has put on the type of a downright chronic incurable.

* * * * * "BOURNEMOUTH.Delicate or Chronic Lady received in charming house.

It is a story of country life, the main theme of which is a twofold jealousy, that of the chronic invalid, Mrs. Linsell, towards the girl Mary, whom she rightly suspects of displacing her in the thoughts of Inglebury; and that of Amos, who marries Mary, towards Inglebury, whom he rightly suspects of occupying too much room in the reflections of his wife.

In planning the hospital Dr. P.M. Wise, who has since become its medical superintendent, aimed to take the utmost advantage of the scenic and hygienic capabilities of the site, and to improve on all previous combinations of the two general divisions of a mixed asyluma hospital department for the concentration of professional treatment, and a maintenance department for the separate care of the chronic insane.

of the insane of the district would be in the chronic stages of the disease explains the provision in detached cottage groups for this proportion of the patients.

Detached group No. 2 is intended for 185 men of the chronic insane class, who require more than ordinary care and observation.

But the acute disease from which Europe suffers is more or less chronic in the Balkans, where elemental human nature has never been thoroughly disciplined and chastened in the school of peaceful political life and experience.

The island had been the scene of chronic insurrections all through the nineteenth century.

In a note to one of her correspondents she has given some hint of the almost chronic languor and bodily weakness from which she suffered.

The President's accompanying special message argues that the organic law of the Territory conferred the essential rights of an enabling act; that the free-State party stood in the attitude of willful and chronic revolution; that their various refusals to vote were a sufficient bar to complaint and objection; that the several steps in the creation and work of the Lecompton Convention were regular and legal.

I had taken him to be a retired silk-worm fancier, a chronic juryman, or something of the sort.

Evidently in this one locality the habit of at least occasional man-eating has become chronic with a species which elsewhere is the most cowardly, and to man the least dangerous, of all the big cats.

One, yearning for broader freedom, is in a chronic condition of rebellion; the other, more easily satisfied, quietly accepts the situation.

Yet at home he has been so "civilized" by his British guardian as to be in a chronic state of discontent and fretfulness.

The digestive organs of confirmed coffee drinkers are in a state of chronic derangement which reacts on the brain, producing fretful and lachrymose moods.

Miss Trapper was admitted to be a very modest and diffident creature, because she had a slight stoop in the back, which was chronic.

Even Bohannan, chronic complainer, forgot to cavil and began to bask in contentment.

Much, indeed, had been written about hallucinations, but these were mainly the chronic false perceptions of maniacs, of drunkards, and of persons in bad health such as Nicolai and Mrs. A.

[Sidenote: Patients often starved to death in chronic cases.] But in chronic cases, lasting over months and years, where the fatal issue is often determined at last by mere protracted starvation, I had rather not enumerate the instances which I have known where a little ingenuity, and a great deal of perseverance, might, in all probability, have averted the result.

[Sidenote: Patients often starved to death in chronic cases.] But in chronic cases, lasting over months and years, where the fatal issue is often determined at last by mere protracted starvation, I had rather not enumerate the instances which I have known where a little ingenuity, and a great deal of perseverance, might, in all probability, have averted the result.

Cream, in many long chronic diseases, is quite irreplaceable by any other article whatever.

But the long chronic case, who knows too well himself, and who has been told by his physician that he will never enter active life again, who feels that every month he has to give up something he could do the month beforeoh!

A small pet animal is often an excellent companion for the sick, for long chronic cases especially.

" "Chronic and sporadic parties make it so.

But zoo staffers had to make the difficult decision just a few weeks before his 13th birthday to euthanize Tahoma due to chronic arthritis pain and other medical conditions that couldn't be controlled with treatments.

Congress conceivably could fund them from general revenue (which runs an almost chronic deficit) but Republicans have always opposed that recourse and Democrats donโ€™t like it either.

Depression and anxiety are also lead causes of chronic morning headaches, as they are linked to insomnia and chronic sleep loss.

Depression and anxiety are also lead causes of chronic morning headaches, as they are linked to insomnia and chronic sleep loss.

D., is to significantly contribute to the scientific understanding of the neurobiology of chronic pain, facilitating the discovery and development of novel therapies.

DJ Chronic and DJ Deuce will rock the party in Ramonaka alongside some of the best in the industry.

Early antiviral treatment can shorten the duration of fever and reduce the risk of complications such as otitis media, dehydration, sinus problems, pneumonia and worsening of chronic medical problems like asthma or heart disease.

Earlycutt, who has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart problems, severe asthma and latent tuberculosis, was thrilled to hear she would be rejoining her family earlier than expected.

Gbenga Ajumoko was reported to be critically down with a chronic ailment since 2019.

However, a doctor and chronic pain researcher affiliated with Johnson & Johnson, Dr. Lynn Webster, admitted in 2012 that pseudoaddiction โ€œbecame too much of an excuse to give patients more medication.

However, Anstee also said chronic underinvestment needs to be tackled for customers to see real change.

However, Guenole is said to have had an underlying chronic health condition.

In addition to housing, these children face instability in the form of hunger, chronic health problems, difficulty in school, and anxiety about their family's future.

It is not just chronic diseases or lifestyle-related illnesses that we are battling with now, but also pandemics like the coronavirus that is concerning, to say the least.

It is under strict government regulation and supervision to prevent its abuse of opioid addiction in patients using it for the long term in managing chronic pain.

Lamb, who suffers from scoliosis and chronic back pain, leading to emotional stress, soon acquired a medical marijuana card of her own.

Last year Gail Muller, from Falmouth, who had suffered years of chronic pain, wanted to inspire others in her situation that anything is possible, by tackling the southbound route of the Appalachian Trail โ€“ all 2,180 miles of it.

โ€œMy ultimate goal is to be in remission and have it not be chronic but be in a situation where it can be completely healed.

NASH is a chronic and silent disease in its early stages that can progress to more serious disease stages, such as advanced fibrosis, cirrhosis, liver failure or liver cancer.

Now, with any bone, muscle, or joint problemโ€”whether urgent, chronic, or simply naggingโ€”you can come straight to Peachtree Orthopedics.

This weak growth is caused by chronic policy uncertainty, stretched government finances, infrastructure constraints, and low business confidence.

Those with chronic conditions or who utilize multiple medications can qualify for Medication Therapy Management rewards.

Those with chronic exposure to air pollution are found to have pre-existing lung damage, predisposing them to more severe infection.

Those with chronic respiratory or cardiovascular disease appear to be at greater risk of both getting sick and dying.

Turkey imposed a partial curfew on Saturday for senior citizens and those with chronic diseases, but stopped short of a blanket curfew.

Two deaths have also been recorded in KwaZulu-Natal -- a 74-year-old man in Ladysmith and a 46-year-old woman with chronic asthma and hypertension.

Borre M, Qvist N, Raahave D, Worsรธe J, ร†rthรธj JP, Christensen P, Krogh K. The effect of lifestyle modification on chronic constipation Ugeskr Laeger.

Brooks chiropractic and exercise go together, and chronic lower back pain really responds well!

By interviewing people living with chronic conditions, her team have identified seven different types of strategies people use to live well with a chronic condition.

By interviewing people living with chronic conditions, her team have identified seven different types of strategies people use to live well with a chronic condition.

Calcium accumulation in hair can reflect its chronic mobilization from the bone with calcium loss.

CBC has previously reported that two thirds of Canadaโ€™s First Nations communities have been under at least one water advisory in the past 12 years, mimicking โ€œthird worldโ€ conditions, with โ€œchronic government underfundingโ€ to blame.

Considerable evidence has demonstrated that acute or chronic THC exposure may induce psychotomimetic effects, whereas CBD has been shown to produce potentially therapeutic effects for both psychosis and/or anxiety-related symptoms.

Content and Quality of Websites for Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease: An Environmental Scan.

Contextual influences on pain communication in couples with and without a partner with chronic pain.

Depending on the prevalence of self-reactive receptors this may result in a higher prevalence of autoimmunity, chronic infections or both.

Differential effects of chronic lithium and valproate on brain activation in healthy volunteers.

Dr. Coles was unable to opine as to whether her symptoms would constitute chronic pain.

Dr. Dubin co-Chairs Project ECHO Ontario chronic pain/opioid stewardship, and was the Canadian Pain Society Education group Co-Chair.

Driving home the need is the fact that there is no cure for most forms of arthritis, Canadaโ€™s most prevalent chronic health condition.

Edelbroek PM, Linssen AC, Zitman FG, Rooymans HG, de Wolff FA: Analgesic and antidepressive effects of low-dose amitriptyline in relation to its metabolism in patients with chronic pain.

Emma is in the midst of completing her Doctorate in clinical Psychology at Queenโ€™s and has recently been awarded the prestigious Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship to help fund her research on chronic vulvar (i.e., genital) pain.

Employees also cited wellness as an area of concern in the QWL survey, particularly in addressing chronic pain, nutrition, sleep, physical activity and financial competency.

Examples include depression, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain from previous back injuries, alcoholism, polycystic kidney disease, herpes, and psoriatic arthritis.

Facilitate the collaboration between health care and Exercise is Medicine Canada recognized professional in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease.

Flaxseed supplementation lead to a preferable change in n 6 per n 3 ratio which has been suggested to be associated with lower risks of many chronic diseases including cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

For chronic low back pain, consistent features included supervised exercises, cognitive behavioural therapy and multidisciplinary treatment.

โ€œFor participants the food insecurity-obesity paradox was experienced as a vicious cycle that included overlapping experiences of poverty, food insecurity, weight gain leading to obesity, stress, and chronic disease.

For people 65 and over, the rate of chronic use did not appear to change between 2004 and 2013, until the researchers looked at drug class.

In addition to prescribing medication, they deliver and coordinate high-quality care, order tests, and diagnose and manage chronic illnesses.

In case you are not familiar, opioids are narcotic pain relieving medications and are commonly prescribed in North America for acute and chronic pain1.

In China, for example, people with chronic hepatitis B face job and social discrimination.

In discussing chronic pain, Dr. Reardon explained there was no disagreement between he and Dr. King that KMD had chronic pain.

In discussing chronic pain, Dr. Reardon explained there was no disagreement between he and Dr. King that KMD had chronic pain.

In January 2014, Lizaโ€™s mental health issues were further challenged by a number of life events including the loss of her home to a fire, difficulty managing her husbandโ€™s chronic illness, and some problems with the relationships in her family of origin.

It is characterized by chronic intrahepatic cholestasis usually progressing to cirrhosis within the first ten years of life.

Anemia symptoms - such as fatigue, weakness, drowsiness, breathlessness and impaired mental function - can have considerable adverse impact on quality of life and health outcomes for many chronic sufferers.

Juma WM, Lira A, Marzuk A, Marzuk Z, Hakim A, Thompson C. C-reactive protein expression in a rodent model of chronic cerebral hypoperfusion.

Malhi, Gurkirpal S., "The Chronic Toxicity of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles to the Freshwater Amphipod Hyalella azteca" (2012).

Manitobans 65 and over have the highest rate of immunizations and people with chronic illness have higher immunization rates than those without illness.

Many models are built right now on getting early access so that conditions can be treated effectively before they become chronic.

Metabolism and biological effects of N 6 -( 2 -isopentenyl)-adenosine on a cell line derived from circulating leukocytes of a patient with chronic myelogenous leukemia.

Mr. Cahill explained that the accumulation of white adipose tissue (WAT) is the product of a chronic positive energy balance in an obesogenic environment.

Another caretenoid, beta-cryptoxanthin, appears to protect against chronic joint inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis.

An outstanding researcher, teacher, lecturer and colleague, many say that Hogg has had a greater influence on the medical communityโ€™s knowledge of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and asthma than any other individual worldwide.

A novel mechanism of chronic intestinal inflammation.

Antidepressants are medications with multiple uses for conditions such as chronic pain, traumatic psychological illnesses, anxiety and depression.

Application of tri-colour, dual fusion fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) system for the characterization of BCR-ABL1 fusion in chronic myelogenous leukaemia (CML) and residual disease monitoring.

Approximately 90% of infected infants will develop chronic infections.

One of the things that we have done through Manitoba Housing, through my Housing department, is we have turned over housing of abandoned homes and homes where there have been chronic vacancies to user groups to renovate.

Oral reading for language in aphasia (ORLA): Evaluating the efficacy of computer-delivered therapy in chronic nonfluent aphasia.