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364 examples of  ciphered  in sentences

364 examples of ciphered in sentences


"No, but I'll tell you what I think it is," answered Diggory, sitting down, and speaking in a low, mysterious tone: "it's a letter written in cipher.

Didn't I say it was written in cipher, you duffer?

only these fellows have invented a cipher.

" "There is a way of finding out a cipher," answered Diggory; "it tells you how to do it in that book that we bought when Mug had his things sold by auction at Chatford.

" While Diggory was holding forth in the big schoolroom on his methods of reading a cipher, a conversation of a very different character, and on a matter of grave importance, was taking place in the study of the school captain.


"Oh, he said he wasn't coming; he's stewing away at that stupid cipher.

" He dragged them along until they reached the deserted entrance to some of the classrooms; then, stopping and turning to them with an extraordinary look of mingled triumph, mystery, and excitement, exclaimed, "I've read the cipher!" "Pooh!

I put the two alphabets side by side, one the right way and the other upside down, and I read the cipher in two minutes, and here's what you might call the translation.

" The more the three friends thought over the matter of the cipher letter, the more their curiosity and interest were excited.

The cipher note evidently had direct connection with the attack on Browse, but the translation of the letter was in itself like finding a key without knowing the whereabouts of the lock which it fitted.

We ought not to be seen speaking together, and that's where that cipher business that old Fletcher invented will come in jolly useful.

" "Fancy Fletcher inventing that cipher," said Jack Vance, "and being mixed up with that lot.

It was another note written in cipher!

His companion made no reply, but taking out a pencil, copied the cipher on the back of an envelope, and then replaced the mysterious document in the crack between the window-frame and the bricks.

" The Triple Alliance had for some hours ceased to puzzle their brains over either Virgil or cipher notes, and the whole of Ronleigh College was apparently wrapped in slumber, when three shadowy figures assembled on the landing at the top of staircase B, and proceeded noiselessly along the corridor, and down the side passage at the end of which Mr. Grice's room was situated.

"But," he exclaimed, "how about the paper and the screw-driver?" "Pooh!" answered Diggory, "how about that cipher note that said, 'To-night'?" "Of course," added Jack Vance, "they'd evidently arranged it beforehand, and that paper was to say when they were to do the trick.

" "Of course it's no proof in itself," answered the other; "but what I mean to say is, that if the doctor, or any other sensible chap, knew all we do about the cipher, and what they said at their last meeting, he wouldn't doubt for a moment but that it was one of them who screwed up Grice's door.

He gave a nervous little cough, and advancing towards the head-master's table, laid thereon the cipher note, at the same time remarking, "If you please, sir, we know who screwed up littlehem!

Let it suffice to say that, with many haltings and stumbles, he gave a full account of his finding the first cipher, translating the same, attending the secret meeting, and, lastly, discovering on the previous day the brief note which he had just produced.

The communication which had been slipped under the bedroom door was written on a half-sheet of small-sized note-paper; a similar piece of stationery had been used for the cipher note.

" "Then will you tell me the meaning of this?" continued the head-master, holding up the cipher note.

And to this day, whether the papers in cipher related to politics, or to the affairs of that mysterious society whereof Father Holt was a member, his pupil, Harry Esmond, remains in entire ignorance.

They 'phoned in cipher to Angus, Mrs. Angus being a sister of Mrs. Alex Porter.

I inclined to the doctrine of Poe, that no cipher can be devised which cannot be detected by an experienced hand; my friends indicated simple methods of defeating the processes on which decipherers rely.

" After some debate, Colonel A wrote down and handed me two lines in a cipher whose character at once struck me as very remarkable.

In a word, the cipher has been constructed upon a general principle; and though it may take a long time to find out what that principle is, it affords a clue which, carefully followed out, will probably lead to detection.

He always had a kind word or two for Tom, who during the winter evenings would go over to the good man's house to learn his letters, and to read and write and cipher a little, so that by now he was able to spell the words out of the Bible and the almanac, and knew enough to change tuppence into four ha'pennies.

Cipher telegrams had nearly driven the clerk out of his wits, for of all crazy occupations the taking of a cipher message, when you are without the key to the cipher, is the worst.

Cipher telegrams had nearly driven the clerk out of his wits, for of all crazy occupations the taking of a cipher message, when you are without the key to the cipher, is the worst.

Cipher telegrams had nearly driven the clerk out of his wits, for of all crazy occupations the taking of a cipher message, when you are without the key to the cipher, is the worst.

[k], they had formed the plan of other limitations, as well as of associations to maintain them, which would have reduced the king to be an absolute cipher; and have held the crown in perpetual pupilage and dependence.

The answer was a simple reference to the Pacification of Ghent; and the prince's rejoinder was an apparent submission, and the immediate despatch of letters in cipher to the king, demanding a supply of troops sufficient to restore his ruined authority.

Number N. number, symbol, numeral, figure, cipher, digit, integer; counter; round number; formula; function; series.

V. number, count, tally, tell; call over, run over; take an account of, enumerate, muster, poll, recite, recapitulate; sum; sum up, cast up; tell off, score, cipher, compute, calculate, suppute^, add, subtract, multiply, divide, extract roots.

Zero N. zero, nothing; null, nul, naught, nought, void; cipher, goose egg; none, nobody, no one; nichts

A HUFFING COURTIER Is a cipher, that has no value himself but from the place he stands in.

Nevertheless he is very cautious not to omit his cipher, though he writes nothing but what every one does or may safely know, for otherwise it would appear to be no secret.

There was the cipher read, and what an easy trick!

and here was something to tell Elzevir when he came back, that the clue was found to the cipher, and the secret out.

He had not the knowledge by which a man might cipher out the intrigues of the hill-folk beyond the Frontier.

He sent a letter in cipher to the Resident at Kohara, bidding him to expect Shere Ali, and with Shere Ali the beginning of the trouble.

And you feel that a cipher expresses the sum of you; And you know that you'll never, Oh, never, be clever, Spite of all your endeavor Or hard work or whatever!

The government has also undergone a change; for the Sultan, who among other Malay races is usually despotic, is here a mere cipher, and the government has become an oligarchy.

cifra, f., cipher; written character; writing.

They went to school to get certain formal disciplines, to learn to read, write and cipher and to acquire formal grammar.

By a letter received from that officer on the 25th of November, but dated October 21, we learnt that a confidential agent of Aaron Burr had been deputed to him with communications, partly written in cipher and partly oral, explaining his designs, exaggerating his resources, and making such offers of emolument and command to engage him and the army in his unlawful enterprise as he had flattered himself would be successful.

I can read, bless ye, and write and cipher too.

I said I'd a treat for you; now tell me without prevaricationwill you have sleeve-links with a cipher or a monogram?

Far too bewildered to solve the knotty point of cipher versus monogram, he muttered some incoherent syllables, and only began to recover when he had stared blankly for a good five minutes at the off-horse's ears, from the driving-seat of his phaeton.

He could read, write, cipher, and transact business so intelligently that his master often committed important trusts to his care.

Is it not humiliating for me to sit, a political cipher, and see the colored man in my employ, to whom I have taught the alphabet, go out on election day and say by his vote what shall be done with my tax money.

He published a series of articles on "Cryptography" or systems of secret writing, in Alexander's Weekly Messenger, and challenged any reader to send in a cipher which he could not translate into ordinary language.

" I found, among those Children of the Sun, The cipher of my nature,the release Of baffled powers, which else had never won That free fulfillment, whose reward is peace. For not to any race or any clime Is the complete sphere of life revealed; He who would make his own that round sublime, Must pitch his tent on many a distant field.

I had just begun to cipher, in arithmetic, but I had to quit because they could n't spare me out of the field.

I could read, spell, cipher on a slate.

" "Let me cipher it out."

When he saw the crown and anchor, and his Majesty's cipher on the appointments of the dead officer, he became convinced of our quality, and changed his tone.

The German Press accuses the United States of having stolen the cipher key of the Luxburg dispatches.

At certain intervals, la hierra, the branding, takes place; when drove after drove are dexterously compelled within the walls of the corral, and there marked with the initials or cipher of the proprietor.

the verb has different forms, that form should be adopted, which is the most consistent with present and reputable usage in the style employed: thus, to say familiarly, "The clock hath stricken;""Thou laughedst and talkedst, when thou oughtest to have been silent;""He readeth and writeth, but he doth not cipher," would be no better, than to use don't, won't, can't, shan't, and didn't, in preaching.

The village all declared how much he knew 'Twas certain he could write and cipher too; Lands he could measure, times and tides presage, And e'en the story ran that he could gauge.

On hearing so many circumstances all tending to confirm his suspicions, from the moment he saw the silver sword-guard with the cipher, captain Dillon determined to proceed as quickly as possible to the Manicolo Islands, examine the wrecks himself, and, if practicable, bring off the two men with whom the Lascar had spoken, and whom, he said, were Frenchmen.

But three days a week I learned to read and write and cipher, and the other three I worked in a flax mill in the wee Forfarshire town of Arboath.

Modern romanesque & cipher monograms.

Modern romanesque & cipher monograms.

But being disposed to amuse himself, he inquired very seriously, "What time of the moon was it, when thy goods were stolen?" Having received information concerning that particular, he took a slate and began to cipher diligently.

Being assured there was no mistake on that point, he ciphered again for a few minutes, and then answered, "Thou wilt find the thief in the hands of the police.

He read the raving of her mind, they declared admiringly, as if he held the cipher to it.

"And the cipher is his love," Mrs. McLean said, with wet eyes.

Beyond his yew-walks and his orchards his lordship was a cipher.

The money was sent by two men, Collins Owen, each of whom bore cipher letters to Wilkinson, including some that were sewed into the collars of their coats.

I stood there thinking of Madge, and listening heedlessly as the instrument ticked off the cipher signature of the sending operator, and the "twenty-four paid."

I judge that from certain letters of yours in that telegraph cipher which I found in his room.

A realm of unqualified rest were a stagnant pool of being, and the circle of absolute perfection a waveless calm, the abstract cipher of indolence.

She sent this picture to Queen Margharita, "who not only graciously accepted it, but sent the artist a beautiful letter and a magnificent jewel on which was the Royal Cipher.

The time has come for you to begin to learn to read and to cipher and to study the history and geography of our country.

The trader perfectly understood a situation which ciphered itself out by a good number of dollars.

There may be mathematicians of the first magnitude who cannot cipher.

[50] To this letter he added in cipher the following postscript to Pablo Ocampo, in charge of Aguinaldo's correspondence in Manila: "At last momentNota bene: "Don't deliver any copy of the 'Reseรฑa Verรญdica' to the Consuls, even though it was so directed in the beginning of the letter.

"On May 1, 1900 (P.I.R., 516.6), I. de los Santos wrote a long letter in Tagรกlog and cipher to Aguinaldo, in which he reported upon the progress of what he would have probably called the diplomatic campaign.

When it was unfashionable for women to know more than to read, write, and cipher (the "three R's," as reading, writing, and arithmetic were called), these two had the courage to ask that women have an education equal to men, a thing which was laughed at as impracticable and impossible.

"The ingenious verbal artifice of 'The Secret in Words', although a mere trifle if compared to the marvellous intricacy of a similar cipher in Tirso's 'Amar por Arte Mayor', from which Calderon's play was takenloses sadly in a translation; yet the piece, even with this disadvantage, cannot fail to please".

The bureau now belonged to the army, and for a fortnight Mademoiselle Maupoix and her two young girl assistants had hardly had time to sleep, so busy were they transmitting ciphered dispatches, passing on orders, etc.

Each class of honor pupil could whisper, go out, or go to the blackboards to draw or cipher without asking permission.

Isabel, in her extremity of indecision, remembered that some saint of the latter part of the last century, whose biography she had read in a Sunday-school library-book, was wont, when undecided in weighty matters, to write down all the reasons, pro and con, and cipher out a conclusion by striking a logical balance.

And cipher at the sign, And make much blunder, if at last I take the clew divine.

This he reserved for my "own residence, occupation and amusement," as Washington held that "idleness is disreputable," and in 1798 he told his chief overseer he did not choose to "discontinue my rides or become a cipher on my own estate.

Seraphael having been identified, people turned their attention to the other cipher.

She learned to read, write, and cipher, to sew and knit, and above all she loved to sing.

SW. of Brieg, a great centre of tourists and the starting-point in particular for the ascent of the Matterhorn. ZERO, a word of Arab origin signifying a cipher, and employed to denote a neutral point in scale between an ascending and descending series, or between positive and negative.

A cipher telegram from Berlin was misinterpreted in Madrid; and in consequence the Cortes, instead of remaining in session, were prorogued till the autumn.

It is claimed that the new Governor has sent to the sovereigns some letters in the handwriting of the Admiral, but in cipher, in which the latter summoned his brother the Adelantado, who was at that time absent with his soldiers, to hasten back and repel force with force, in case the Governor sought to use violence.

He based his belief, he said, upon the fact that when on November 6 he had cabled by way of Durban to the Department asking for leave of absence the incident had been reported to have been published in a Durban paper on the following day, although he had cabled in cipher.

" "That was a weak point with my brother Barbรฉrie, and, after all, it did not add a cipher to the sum-total of the assets.

"That truth cannot be denied, and good company we are, though the opinion comes from one who is not a cipher in the party.

The five numerals that represented the same idea as the written words occupied half of the last portion of the last line, and seemed to my invidious eyes to make an ostentatious display of the power that may lie in a cipher, or an array thereof.

"To me, father?" "Why, you can cipher, can't ye?" "Rather; it is the best thing I do.

Sit down again, and give me Marsh's cipher and the morning papers.