51 examples of circular letter in sentences

The recall was notified to those concerned in a circular letter dated October 13.

The question is of no contemptible magnitude, between instructions viva voce, and a circular letter.

At this committee two thousand new Summary View were ordered to be printed, and the circular letter to be prefixed to each.

circular, circular letter; manifesto, advertisement, ad., placard, bill, affiche^, broadside, poster; notice &c 527.

I send you also the copy of a circular letter written some time since for the purpose of obtaining returns from all the States.

A circular letter came next post from the new agent to say he must remit £500 to the master at Bath within a fortnightbad news for the poor tenants.

Confident that he had but to make his wishes known to secure the commission, he addressed the following circular letter to various members of Congress, among whom were such famous men as Daniel Webster, John C. Calhoun, Henry Clay, and John Quincy Adams, all personally known to him: March 7, 1834.

Copies of the circular letter written in compliance with these directions, and of the answers to it received at the Department of State, are herewith communicated for the consideration of Congress.

In 1768, after parliament had passed the Townshend revenue acts, there was no congress, but Massachusetts sent a circular letter to the other colonies, inviting them to cooperate in measures of resistance, and the other colonies responded favourably.

4. Committees of correspondence: a. The circular letter of Massachusetts in 1768.

When any one of them (by chance) effects what he considers a great cure, it is communicated in a circular letter to all the doctors in Barbary.

A Trade Convention called to meet at Annapolis, 1786.%Under these conditions, the business of the whole country was at a standstill, and as Congress had no power to do anything to relieve the distress, the state of Virginia sent out a circular letter to her sister states.

So many such requests were addressed to him that at one time he had a circular letter printed, with a list of people requiring various appointments or assistants, which he sent round to his friends.

I also sent copies of the original of this same composite to several amateur photographers, with a circular letter asking them to get from me family groups for the purpose of experiments, to see how far the process was suitable for family portraiture.

His publishers, in their circular letter, speak of it as one of "the peculiar advantages of this grammar over preceding works," and as an important matter, "heretofore altogether omitted by grammarians!"

In order to obtain the facts desired Washington sent out a circular letter to some of the most intelligent farmers in the Middle States, and the replies form perhaps our best source of information regarding agricultural conditions in that period.

In 724, he addressed to all religious and political authorities that could be reached by his influence, not only to the bishops, "but to the dukes, counts, their vicars, our palatines, all our agents, our envoys, and our friends this circular letter: 'Know that a successor of the Apostles, our father in Christ, Boniface, bishop, hath come unto us saying that we ought to take him under our safeguard and protection.

The House of Representatives, on the eleventh of February, had sent its famous Circular Letter to the other Colonies, proposing, that, in the present crisis, there should be unity of action among them.

The Loyalists charged that this was an attempt to organize a Confederacy, and therefore was revolutionary; the Patriots averred that its sole object was to unite in petition and remonstrance for redress of grievances, and therefore that it was constitutional; the Ministry regarded the act as in the last degree dangerous to the prerogative, and ordered Governor Bernard to demand of the House to recall or rescind this Circular Letter.

EPHESIANS, THE EPISTLE TO, a presumably circular letter of St. Paul to the Church at Ephesus, among other Churches in the East, written to show that the Gentile had a standing in Christ as well as the Jew, and that it was agreeable to the eternal purpose of God that the two should form one body in Him

The Massachusetts House of Representatives drew up a circular letter to the other colonial assemblies asking them to join in opposing the new taxes.

The other colonial assemblies were directed to take no notice of the circular letter.

Massachusetts Circular Letter.

A circular letter also, with the report before mentioned, was ordered to be sent to the mayors of several corporate towns.

The Secretary of the Treasury, by a circular letter addressed to collectors of the customs on the 7th day of October last, a copy of which is herewith transmitted, exercised all the power with which he was invested by law.

51 examples of  circular letter  in sentences