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1968 example sentences with  circulating

1968 example sentences with circulating

To reform is to know something of the conditions which produce the slumsit is not to scatter the slum-people broadcast elsewhere in the town; it is not alone to give them baths, playgrounds, circulating libraries of books and pictures, dancing-parties, and social clubs.

| | | | This is now the largest circulating Library in America, the | | number of volumes on its shelves being 114,000.

News of the event circulating, the public mind of Bumsteadville lost no time in deploring the incorrigible depravity of Southern character, and recollecting several horrors of human Slavery.

| | | | This is now the largest circulating Library In America, the | | number of volumes on its shelves being 114,000.

I had been circulating among some half-dozen of these,enjoying the return to my former life in shadow, though I had been so thankful in substance to throw it aside,and had missed some of my home letters, what with going down from Friday to Monday to old Benbow's place in the country, and stopping on the way back to dine and sleep at Sellar's and to take a look into Cross's stables, which occupied another day.

Notwithstanding the shame of this detection, Cagliostro still retained numerous advocates by circulating unfounded reports, and concealing his real character by a variety of tricks.

There are no Quaker circulating libraries?

COW-POX, properly speaking, is an artificial disease, established in a healthy body as a prophylactic, or preventive agent, against the more serious attack of small-pox, and is merely that chain of slight febrile symptoms and local irritation, consequent on the specific action of the lymph of the vaccination, in its action on the circulating system of the body.

In one of its more retired streets (for Templeton had its publicity and retirement, the latter after a very village fashion, however,) dwelt a widow bewitched of small worldly means, five children, and of great capacity for circulating intelligence.

This girl, in addition to cooking and washing, was the confidant of all her employer's wandering notions of mankind in general, and of her neighbours in particular; as often, helping her mistress in circulating her comments on the latter, as in anything else.

Directions were further given for circulating this missive among the Western clergy.

Yet this is literally true: in the first centuries of Islรขm no one could have dreamt of any other way of gaining acceptance for a doctrine or a precept than by circulating a tradition, according to which Mohammed had preached the doctrine or dictated it or had lived according to the precept.

He handed it over to the Band of Mercy, and they formed what they called the "Barron Fund," which they drew upon when they wanted money for buying and circulating humane literature.

The internal secretions, with their influence upon brain and nervous system as well as every other part of the body corporation, as essentially blood-circulating chemical substances, have been discovered the real governors and arbiters of instincts and dispositions, emotions and reactions, characters and temperaments, good and bad.

Modern knowledge of these chemical substances, circulating in the blood, and affecting every cell of the body, dates back scarce half a century.

One is the amount of the circulating internal secretions.

Sex libido is an expression of a certain concentration, a definite amount peculiar to the individual, of the substance manufactured by the interstitial cells, circulating in the blood.

We need a detailed examination of the various forms of expression art has differentiated into, in its relation to exhibitionism and as effects of the circulating libido-producing substance of the gonads.

There was a train in those days to Pampeluna and a daily post, but then, as now, a letter of any importance is better sent by hand, while the railway is still looked upon with suspicion by the authorities as a means of circulating malcontents and spreading crime.

How beautiful to a genuine lover of reading are the sullied leaves, and worn out appearance, nay, the very odour (beyond Russia), if we would not forget kind feelings in fastidiousness, of an old "Circulating Library" Tom Jones, or Vicar of Wakefield!

Elliston, according to the Memoirs of him by George Raymond, which have Lamb's phrase, "Joyousest of once embodied spirits," for motto, opened a circulating library at Leamington in the name of his sons William and Henry, and served there himself at times.

As there are many Barbary Jews at Mogador, more or less under British protection, I took the liberty of reminding them of their liabilities as British subjects, by circulating among them copies of Lord Brougham's Act.

Such an amazing supper came from Aunt Plumy's big pantry that the city guests could not eat for laughing at the queer dishes circulating through the rooms, and copiously partaken of by the hearty young folks.

Such opportunities afford the means of circulating a knowledge of the truth to those whose hearts may be preparing to receive it; and if such are only awakened to seek after the ways of holiness, although they may never come to be of our number on earth, they will he found among the number of the saints in heaven.

said Marston, furiously striking his hand, in which his whip was clutched, upon his thigh; "he did mean to wound and torture me; and with the same object he persists in circulating what he calls his doubts.

Mathematicians do not write for the circulating library.

He had a taste for circulating pious tracts, and zealously co-operated in distributing copies of the Scriptures.

They called his shop "The Hendrik Athenaeum and Circulating Library," and all the county subscribed; for, at first, the Wimples were the fashionable charity, "the Wimples were always so very respectable, you know," and Sally was such a sweet girl that really it was quite an interesting case.

She waited for customers, but they seldom came,often, from opening to window-barring, not one; for the unwilting little martyr of the Hendrik Athenaeum and Circulating Library had made herself a highly disapproved-of Miss Wimple by her ungrateful and contumacious behavior at her father's death, even if the hard and sharp black lines of that scrimped delaine had not sufficed to turn the current of admiration, interest, and custom.

This scarcity of cash still exists on the islands, in several of which five shilling notes are necessarily issued to have some circulating medium.

Everything taken into the circulating fluids of the body, or eliminated from them, is done through the agency of water.

The respiration is increased, the cutaneous capillaries become dilated from the quickened circulation, and a larger amount of blood is circulating through the skin.

In order to see the blood circulating in the membrane of a frog's foot it is necessary to firmly hold the frog.

Taken in all, there are scarcely half a dozen recent books circulating in American literary channels on these interesting lands, and for one reason or another, most of these are unsuited for club people.

There had been a terrible fire in Paris in the Palace of Justice, and the same day I was to have gone to the opera, so I did not go, but sent two hundred louis to relieve the most pressing cases of distress; and ever since the fire, the very same people who had been circulating libels and songs against me have been extolling me to the skies.

"'The penalty of forging and circulating spurious bank-notes is very heavy.

For merchants the world means a bale of goods or a quantity of circulating notes; for most young men it is a woman; for some women it is a man; for certain natures it is society, a set of people, a position, a city; for Don Juan the universe was himself!

For the Germans and Austrians there is a good circulating library, containing English, French and German books.

When the poem first appeared in public, in 1663, after circulating secretly for years in manuscript, it became at once enormously popular.

Nor was he less severe, on another occasion, in his reprehension of 'a certain high Tory clique who are always cavilling at royalty when it is constitutional; circulating the most miserable gossip about royal persons and royal entertainments,' &c.; busily 'engaged in undermining the foundations on which respect for human institutions rests.'

He thus acquires an abnormal profit on his circulating capital, which is essentially similar to the profit on fixed capital, which we have just examined.

The majority of books drawn from the circulating libraries were novels.

This club contrived to purchase about fifty books, which were lent round, and formed the nucleus of a circulating library, which grew into the famous Franklin Library, one of the prominent institutions of Philadelphia.

In this prosperous month of August she had, on the whole, less work than usual, for both circulating and advertisements were stopped.

In two years his dislike to reading was so thoroughly overcome, that he spent the pocket-money allowed him by his mother in hiring books from a circulating library.

Fresh reports were ever circulating through Rome as to the intrigues of the faithless Phoenicians.

not to speak of the absurd rumors that had been circulating about him, the name which they had given him of a crack-brained genius.

They do it through the agency of publishers and circulating libraries.

The day after, Mr. Yatman purchased some smelling-salts at the shop, and afterwards appeared at the circulating library to ask for a novel that would amuse an invalid lady.

Trenta smiled, and mentally determined, for the second time, to take the earliest opportunity of speaking to Count Marescotti before the ridiculous reports circulating in Lucca reached him.

At one time what might be called a loud rumor and many reports were circulating in regard to his destruction] and, though Commodus frequently wished to get him out of the way, he still kept putting it off and shrinking from the deed until the man grew very bold, and one day approaching Perennis said: "I hear that you wish to kill me.

Miss VALLINGS can tell a story, cannot keep down the volume of her puppets' talk, has a sense of movement and colour, and ought to win for herself a good circulating library constituency.

Besides dollars, little bars of pure unstamped silver are used as a circulating medium; small portions, varying in size, being cut off them, according to the sum required.

There was no gilding, no lavish diffusion of light: the room they sat in after dinner, with its green-shaded lamps making faint pools of brightness, and its rows of books from floor to ceiling, reminded Undine of the old circulating library at Apex, before the new marble building was put up.

Porgy prevailed to that extent, in fact, that it came to be talked of, by-and-by, as a circulating medium; and a hard-fisted mechanic averred his intention of compensating his landlady for his board with porgy, for the week that was passing away.

By some writers such themes are treated with a power which fascinates even those who most disapprove the manner in which it is exercised; by others with a feebleness which shows that the infection has spread even to the most incapable of the contributors to our circulating libraries.

Why such keenness for a good circulating medium if they are to have nothing to sell?

This sensitiveness also shows itself in the way they watch the opinions of their country expressed by The Times, or by any largely circulating paper.

It is well known that the first edition of any work by such a master-spirit as Sir Walter Scott is consumed in a few days by the circulating libraries and reading societies of the kingdom; but how many thousands would neither have seen nor heard of his most successful works, had not the gusto been previously created by the caducei of these literary Mercuries.

I never sit silent in company when secret history is circulating, but I am reproached for want of assurance.

They have both given imaginative expression to actual experiencethey have not invented, but reproduced; they have preferred the truth, such as their own experience testified, to the vague, false, conventional notions current in circulating libraries.

When Evans went to Dublin, he found that his late challenger was circulating a lie, which made it appear that the comedian had in somewise affronted the whole British Army.

CIRCULATING LIBRARIES, i. 102, n. 2; ii. 36, n. 1.

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" Voltaire was not proud; he readily heaped apology upon apology; but he was irritable and vain; his ill-humor against Maupertuis came out in a pamphlet, as bitter as it was witty, entitled La Diatribe du Docteur Akakia; copies were circulating in Berlin; the satire was already printed anonymously, when the Great Frederick suddenly entered the lists.

In order to render the argument for the impossibility of an excess of all commodities applicable to the case in which a circulating medium is employed, money must itself be considered as a commodity.

But those who have, at periods such as we have described, affirmed that there was an excess of all commodities, never pretended that money was one of these commodities; they held that there was not an excess, but a deficiency of the circulating medium.

In the shelves of those libraries which are our pride, libraries public or private, circulating or very stationary, are to be found those great books of the world rari nantes in gurgite vasto, those books which are truly "the precious life-blood of a master-spirit."

Ceci tuera cela, the last great poet might have said of the first circulating library.

1887 dawned, the year that was to close so stormily, and Socialists everywhere were busying themselves on behalf of the unemployed, urging vestries to provide remunerative work for those applying for relief, assailing the Local Government Board with practicable proposals for utilising the productive energies of the unemployed, circulating suggestions to municipalities and other local representative bodies, urging remedial measures.

Lohengrin had cautioned Else that she must never ask his name; but she wished to show that he was above the people who, envying his lot, sought to injure him by circulating malicious rumors, so she finally asked the fatal question.

Chronologicโ€™s total supply is 1,375,806 tokens and its circulating supply is 1,167,926 tokens.

CORONAVIRUS lockdown strategy is "too risky, too fast and too confusing" as the illness is "still circulating", a top doctor has warned.

Despite Boris Johnsonโ€™s announcement of a nationwide lockdown, images of packed Tube carriages in London have been circulating on social media this week.

Hereโ€™s a look at false and misleading claims circulating as the United States rolled out the newly authorized Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine to some health care workers and others.

Although vaccine hesitancy is a complex problem with multiple causes, the number of conspiracy theories circulating about the coronavirus do not help.

AMLTโ€™s total supply is 400,000,000 tokens and its circulating supply is 250,536,851 tokens.

Ammon added that "The virus is around us, circulating much more than in January and February", stressing โ€œthat the figures concerning the immunity of the population were not encouraging: "85% to 90%" remain exposed to Covid-19 diseaseโ€.

In an opinion prepared for the government, the council warned โ€œthe virus has recently been circulating more actively, with an increased loss of distancing and barrier measuresโ€ since France emerged from a strict two-month lockdown in May.

In a video circulating on the social media, a person said the soldiers posted in Jammu, and Rajasthan have been quarantined in the old hostel of a college that lacks drinking water and toilet facilities.

INO COINโ€™s total supply is 1,000,000,000 tokens and its circulating supply is 180,003,180 tokens.

Martkistโ€™s total supply is 14,530,547 coins and its circulating supply is 14,342,547 coins.

Morpheus Labsโ€™ total supply is 746,999,995 tokens and its circulating supply is 348,379,945 tokens.

โ€œMy attention has been drawn to a video circulating on social media purported to be a recorded conversation of myself and a friend.

"Not because I'm worried about virus circulating, I'm not.

Nothing happens when players approach, though, that hasnโ€™t prevented speculation regarding the -inspired item's significance from circulating the internet.

The Department of Defense said on Monday it was โ€œreleasing the videos in order to clear up any misconceptions by the public on whether or not the footage that has been circulating was real, or whether or not there is more to the videos.โ€

The Republican Party, Trump and the right-wing propaganda media have spent years developing and circulating the lie that there is massive "vote theft" or "fake ballots" cast by Democrats.

This poses a major challenge for the procurement division and experts said the efficacy of vaccines is also dependent upon matching of the vaccine virus and the circulating strain.

Tiffany Trump's billionaire boyfriend Michael Boulos shuts down rumors they are ENGAGED - insisting the party invite that's circulating is 'not real'

Video from the crash site circulating on social media appeared to suggest the aircraft was a U.S. Air Force electronic surveillance plane.

Video of an interview that Kobe and Gianna did together in May 2019 with a local CBS station has been circulating, and shows just how close the pairs bond was.

โ€œWe do assume that the coronavirus, COVID-19, is circulating in Ottawa, that there is local community transmission of the virus,โ€ Etches said at a dramatic afternoon news conference.

All of these changes have affected the structure and dynamic organisation of the total dispersed Obo community, as each member resides alternatively in the home town and in both rural and urban host locations, circulating through the total system.

In addition, the circulating flu strain changes every year and every year the flu vaccine is formulated to match the current strain to help protect against the flu more effectively.

In addition, the influence of circulating drug concentration has not been considered.

;In conclusion, the enteric nervous system, sympathetic and sensory ganglia are permeable to most circulating macromolecules.

I think the Yukon Party has worn out that line quite a bit, because they can always point back to the books that are circulating around the territory.

Makino T, Noguchi Y, Yoshikawa T, Doi C, Nomura K. Circulating interleukin 6 concentrations and insulin resistance in patients with cancer.

Not old money circulating round and round, but new dollars which create new jobs which provide new opportunities.