1180 examples of circulating in sentences

Commonplaces accordingly are perpetually circulating in the newspapers, especially in such as pretend to a didactic tone, wherein all persons are exhorted to early rising, to resolute abridgment of the hours of sleep, and the like.

Aided, as it is hoped they will be, by further reforms in the banking systems of the States and by judicious regulations on the part of Congress in relation to the custody of the public moneys, it may be confidently anticipated that the use of gold and silver as a circulating medium will become general in the ordinary transactions connected with the labor of the country.

Without its aid as such, indeed, in despite of all the embarrassment it was in its power to create, the revenue has been paid with punctuality by our citizens, the business of exchange, both foreign and domestic, has been conducted with convenience, and the circulating medium has been greatly improved.

If by this policy we can ultimately witness the suppression of all bank bills below $20, it is apparent that gold and silver will take their place and become the principal circulating medium in the common business of the farmers and mechanics of the country.

It may be accounted for indirectly by the greater work the lungs are called upon to perform in carrying out the increased number of respirations occasioned by the general fever and pain, and directly by the poisonous materials circulating in the blood-stream.

"Solicit books or periodicals for the reading room or circulating library.

" It has a room of its own in the Lower Temple, with circulating library, piano and all the cheerful furnishings of a parlor in the home.

A love-tale indeed; and, since 'tis love that makes a book go round, one may trust the circulating libraries to see to it that Mistress of Men is well represented on their shelves.

When an ancient treasure of precious vessels, overscored with glowing gems and wrought artistically into wondrous shapes, has, by a prodigious process, been converted through a vast community into the small change, the simple circulating medium of dollars and 'nickels,' we can only say that the consequent permeation will be of values of a new order.

As in previous years each member of the Committee of Award held himself responsible for reviewing the brief fiction of certain magazines and for circulating such stories as warranted reading by other members.

From among a multitude I select only one: A manufacturer in a New England town, a stranger, wrote to her expressing his high appreciation of the book, and saying that he had four thousand persons in his employ, and a circulating library of six thousand volumes for their use, in which were two copies of "Stepping Heavenward."

The circulating pump is not available, because it has virtually no existence, a very small pump on the same shaft as the centrifugal being used merely to drain the condensers.

Thus the space and weight due to a circulating pump is saved and complication avoided.

He had sailed over them under the illusion that through the bluish depths of the ocean were circulating broad rivers of blood.

Credit money, in some shape or other, always has, and must have, performed the part of a circulating medium to a very considerable extent.

The authoress of "Cecilia," or the Miss Lees, cannot be confounded with the proprietors of all the Castles, Forests, Groves, Woods, Cottages, and Caverns, which are so alluring in the catalogue of a circulating library.

Germany, on the other hand, would suffer doubly: she would have to pay for her cloth a price increased not only by the duty, but by the influx of money into England, while the same change in the distribution of the circulating medium would leave her less money to purchase it with.

he would have one hundred and seventeen new and interesting tailsenough to start a circulating library.

The rotatory motion in them all is produced by an apparatus that exists not only in all animals, but in plants also, and is a most important agent in sustaining the freshness and vitality of their circulating fluids and of the surrounding medium in which they live.

The pains taken, by circulating false reports, to keep up some confidence, only increase the dissatisfaction by disappointing.

Sometimes Ralph sent Mok to a circulating library.

Stokes heard of this and his wrath was aroused; he had to find the "nigger" who was circulating this rumor.

The day after, Mr. Yatman purchased some smelling-salts at the shop, and afterwards appeared at the circulating library to ask for a novel that would amuse an invalid lady.

" Trenta smiled, and mentally determined, for the second time, to take the earliest opportunity of speaking to Count Marescotti before the ridiculous reports circulating in Lucca reached him.

During the existing war it is peculiarly the duty of the National Government to secure to the people a sound circulating medium.

1180 examples of  circulating  in sentences