256 examples of clairvoyant in sentences

As the student progresses, moreover, he will see that even in the case of Clairvoyant Reverie, the third method of inducing the astral en rapport condition, the clairvoyant does not always lose consciousness.

In such cases the clairvoyant merely "shuts out" the outside world of sights, sounds and thoughts, by an effort of trained will, and then concentrates steadily on the phenomena of the astral plane.

All this would be of no practical importance, however, were it not for the fact that the average student is so impressed by the fact that he must learn to induce the trance condition in order to manifest clairvoyant phenomena, that he does not even think of attempting to do the work otherwise.

To some who may think that I am laying too much stress on the undesirability of artificial methods of inducing the clairvoyant condition, I would say that they are probably not aware of the erroneous and often harmful teachings on the subject that are being promulgated by ignorant or misinformed teachers"a

Between those who are entirely unimpressionable and those who are in full possession of clairvoyant power, there are many intermediate stages.

Students often ask how this clairvoyant faculty will first be manifested in themselveshow they may know when they have reached the stage at which its first faint foreshadowings are beginning to be visible.

" I have given the above full quotation from this authority, not merely because that from another angle he states the same general principles as do I; but also because his personal experience in actual clairvoyant phenomena is so extended and varied that any word from him on the subject of the development of clairvoyant power must have a value of its own.

" By simple clairvoyance in a certain stage of development the clairvoyant person is able to sense the presence of the human aura, by means of his astral sight.

The trained clairvoyant vision sees the human aura as a nebulous hazy substance, like a luminous cloud, surrounding the person for two or three feet on each side of his body, being more dense near the body and gradually becoming less dense as it extends away from the body.

The clairvoyant vision is also able to discern what is called the "prana aura" of a person.

In fact, many persons of but slight clairvoyant power, who cannot sense the auric colors, are able to perceive this prana-aura without trouble.

To the clairvoyant vision the prana-aura appears like the vibrating heated air arising from a fire, or stove, or from the heated earth in summer.

" The above represents the sights common to the advanced occultist who explores the astral plane either in his astral body, or else by means of clairvoyant vision.

Well, the clairvoyant is able to do this.

Well, in the same way the clairvoyant sees through solid steel or granite.

It is in this way that the trained clairvoyant is able to read from closed books, sealed letters, etc.

Not every clairvoyant is able to do this, but the advanced ones have done it.

In the same way, the clairvoyant may manifest the above mentioned forms of astral sensing in cases when the astral vision has been awakened by psychometry, or by crystal gazing, as well as in those cases in which the condition has been brought about through meditation, or similar methods.

It is reserved for the scientifically developed clairvoyant to manifest the well-rounded power to perceive the phenomena of the astral plane in its wonderful entirety.

Finally, you will see by reference to other chapters of this book, that one may manifest simple clairvoyant powers (as well as the more complicated ones of time and space clairvoyance) not only in the ordinary waking state, but also in the state of dreams.

In space clairvoyance the clairvoyant person senses scenes and events removed in space from the observerthat is to say, scenes and events situated outside of the range of the physical vision of the clairvoyant.

In space clairvoyance the clairvoyant person senses scenes and events removed in space from the observerthat is to say, scenes and events situated outside of the range of the physical vision of the clairvoyant.

Having natural clairvoyant power, though previously unaware of it, he naturally directed his astral vision to the source of the mental currents, and perceived clairvoyantly the scene described in the story.

I shut my eyes and waited for sleep to come; instead of sleep, however, there came to me a succession of curiously vivid clairvoyant pictures.

I have also shown how many a honest medium is really a good clairvoyant, and by reading the records of the astral light is able to give information which seems to come from the departed soul.

256 examples of  clairvoyant  in sentences
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