3449 examples of claying in sentences

Others sat in the sunshine at the openings of the tents tying up their queues, pipe-claying their belts, and polishing their arms, hardly bestowing a glance upon us as we passed, for patrols of cavalry were coming and going in every direction.

On their receipt, they are placed in large storehouses, where the familiar operation of claying is performed.

I suppose that for drilling, training, and pipe-claying the human mind all these things are necessary.

Nothing remain'd of the first muddy clay; The length of course had wash'd it in the way: So deep, and yet so clear, we might behold The gravel bottom, and that bottom gold.

And she would lose, if, at the latter day, One atom could be mix'd of other clay.


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Clay bands are frequently employed for excluding the air from wounds caused in the process of grafting.

Scrape the gum off, wash the place thoroughly with clear water, and apply a compost of horse-dung, clay, and tar.

WEBSTER CO. (J. Dunbar) Slaves were brought and sold in Clay at one time.

See the beetle that crawls in your way, And runs to escape from your feet; His house is a hole in the clay, And the bright morning dew is his meat.

Take off each stay That binds him to his couch of clay, And let him struggle into day!

In the niche of the outward room a small statue was found, in terra cotta (baked clay).

"Their fetiches," says Du Chaillu, speaking of some of the African races, "consisted of fingers and tails of monkeys; of human hair, skin, teeth, bones; of clay, old nails, copper chains; shells, feathers, claws, and skulls of birds; pieces of iron, copper, or wood; seeds of plants, ashes of various substances, and I cannot tell what more."

Quand ceux qui se baignent sortent de l'eau, ils viennent s'asseoir sur de petites claies d'osier fin, ils s'essuient et peignent leur barbe.

Here his clay moulders, with that of his three consorts.

and years after, when the same wanderer again stood here, she, the blooming rose, had been laid in the earth; the spring roses had strown their leaves over her coffined clay; the sweet music of her lips sounded but in memory; the smile in her eyes and around her mouth, was gone like the sunbeams, which then shone on Upsala's hills.

It is not what our avarice hoards up; 'Tis He that feeds us, and that fills our cup; Like new-born babes depending on the breast, From day to day we on His bounty feast; Nor should the soul expect above a day, To dwell in her frail tenement of clay; The setting sun should seem to bound our race, And the new day a gift of special grace.

Grijalva went on shore with several officers and a party of soldiers, to examine the bay and the adjacent country, where they found several temples containing idols of clay and wood, some like women, and others like serpents.

All along the base the dampness of the earth had eaten away the clay, so that in many places the structure was tottering to its fall.

3449 examples of  claying  in sentences