57 examples of clean off in sentences

About a mile, or rather less, to the south, and clean off the road, stands on the crest of a steep, though not a high hill, the lovely village of Boughton under Blee, which, curiously enough, if we consider what is omitted, is mentioned by Chaucer, When ended was the lyf of seint Cecyle, Er we had riden fully fyve myle, At Boghton under Blee us gan atake

I tell you, Hal, she knocked Hunter clean off his balance.

With a leap and a single blow of his mighty paw, he knocked the Forest Monster's head clean off!

[Illustration: "With a leap and a single blow of his mighty paw, he knocked the Forest Monster's head clean off!"

Mike had the greater strength, and, thirty seconds from the start, knocked his man clean off his feet with an unscientific but powerful righthander.

He said if I sold you my land, you'd put up a nigger school and bring in so many blackbirds you'd run me clean off my farm.

It was nearly at its last gasp, but it caught hold of Aubert by the foot, and in a final paroxysm of pain and rage chawed the foot clean off, and the poor fellow died next day from the shock and loss of blood.

The automobile, its hood crushed in like so much paper, had skidded into the same ditch in which Peggy lay, and bumped into a small tree which it had snapped clean off.

An' besides, sence his pet squir'l has done chawed the plush clean off one corner of it, he says he wouldn't part with it for nothin'.

One of my youngest men was hita shell came near to taking his arm clean off, so that it was left just hanging to his shoulders.

This, she sensed was man in a more primitive aspect, man with the conventional bark stripped clean off him.

Gone clean off!" At what time of the night he had gone, or how or why, it seemed hopeless ever to divine.

A very severe round follows, in which Tom gets out and out the worst of it, and is at last hit clean off his legs, and deposited on the grass by a right-hander from the slogger.

Ma told us children if we don't be quiet the Ku Kluck come take us clean off but I never seed none.

We were clean off the track, and I made up my mind the only way to get him was through his wife and child.

In an instant Roy's great arms were round Kemp, and lifting him clean off his feet he popped him down in front of Ken. 'Tie him,' said Ken.

It kicked the foot board clean off, kicked him in the stomach.

The abdomen was blown clean off from its body, but he estimated the length of the creature from head to sting as eighteen incheswhich is very nearly correct.

The Rat is driven from point to point, from one means of subsistence to another; and shortly, he will have to make the bitter choice between regulated labor and starvation clean off from the face of the earth.

Presently we found a serious solution of continuity in the track, which, after leading us along a precarious ledge by the side of the river, finished abruptly; sheared clean off by a recent landslip.

They are men in authority, needing all the comforts and aids that can possibly be given themsuch as bathrooms of their own close to their own cabins, where they can clean off at leisure.

"It's no trouble at all: there's plenty for everybodycome one, come all, this house shall fly, clean off its base as soon as INow for Heaven's sake, ladies, it's all settledcome on.

Her rudder was burned clean off; her stern, warped, reeking with white fumes that drifted on the late afternoon air told of the fury that had blazed about her.

His neck was blackened with a powder burn, and the tunic was ripped clean off him.

You was clean off your head an' didn' know me from Adam; an' I never let on that I knew you or the ship you'd sailed in.

57 examples of  clean off  in sentences