751 examples of clicking in sentences

Suddenly there was a sharp clicking sound, then a cry, and in an instant all was bustle and confusion at the Marlborough Steel Works.

Three or four typewriters were clicking away, operated by sallow-faced girls, and behind a tall desk were two bookkeepers, in one of whom Uncle John recognizedwith mild surprisethe tramp he had encountered at Chazy Junction on the morning of his arrival.

Perhaps men are a little more voluble than women, their emotions not finding such immediate and approved vent along clicking needles and tangled skeins of wool.

"The two glasses sent out a clicking sound as we set them back on the stand.

Yet here beside them was the motion-picture camera, clicking steadily away and operated by a man in his shirt-sleeves who watched the scene with sharp eyes, now frowning and now nodding approval.

" So now the procession was sent back into the passage and rearranged in proper order; the signal was given to begin and in an instant the camera renewed its clicking as the operator slowly revolved the handle that carried the long strip of film past the lenses.

But the roar of the Gardner and the typewriter-like clicking of the hopper burst in at the tail of the words.

Bless my soul!" fell suddenly upon her ear, in sharp, jerking syllables, accompanied by clicking taps of a cane on the sidewalk.

As he advanced thus he could occasionally catch a peculiar clicking sound, which he believed must be made by some one trying to pick the lock!

All these things combined to muffle the clicking sound frequently, yet during little lulls Frank could catch it again.

Yes, he was certain that it had just moved, and now the peculiar clicking was much plainer.

Frank no longer had the slightest doubt concerning the cause of that suspicious clicking.

A clicking sound swung him back to the house.

Then dogs began to bark, somebody opened a gate, and a flock of Herdwicks, leaping out with wet fleeces shaking, and hoofs clicking on stone, ran across a shallow pool where the beck had overflowed.

Henceforward their clicking In London will cease They've all gone to Paris To speed up the Peace.

Seeing a gate open, and hearing a familiar clicking behind the hedge, I stepped through into a little blacksmith's shop, about as large an American smoke-house for curing bacon.

There was no clicking of hammers, nor blowing of bellows, to indicate that the nailer family were still its occupants.

A long line of sturdy, bronzed men, in dust-covered khaki, tramping over the grey cobbled road, singing and whistling at intervals; the rattling and clicking of the various metallic parts of their equipment forming a kind of low accompaniment to their songs.

Except that he moved his lips he made no answer but went on clicking the beads of a splendid amber rosary.

Rhona never forgot how that miserable wagonful chatteredthat noise of clicking teeth, the pulse of indrawn sighs, and the shivering of arms and chests.

Suddenly the clicking began again.

He had given up hope of writing a note to Jim Framtree, realizing it would have no more chance of getting past the Spaniard than a clicking infernal-box.

Just as I opened the door, the telegraph instrument began clicking, and called Ash Fork.

"Ah, we like it very much," said the three, clicking their snuff-boxes.

There were several young women clicking away at typewriters, and maps of the Western front, and a colossal toy map of the London Tube, and a nice English library with all the best books from Chaucer to D.H. Lawrence and from the Religio Medici to E.V. Lucas' London.

751 examples of  clicking  in sentences