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751 examples of  clicking  in sentences

751 examples of clicking in sentences

"Well," he said, clicking the door softly after him, "good night and sleep tight.

" "Have another fizz," he said, clicking his fingers for a waiter.

Suddenly there was a sharp clicking sound, then a cry, and in an instant all was bustle and confusion at the Marlborough Steel Works.

Three or four typewriters were clicking away, operated by sallow-faced girls, and behind a tall desk were two bookkeepers, in one of whom Uncle John recognizedwith mild surprisethe tramp he had encountered at Chazy Junction on the morning of his arrival.

" After the interview he went about his duties as before and Hetty sat down at her desk and took the telegraphic news that came clicking over the wire as if nothing important in her life had occurred.

Twice, commands, and even the clicking, of what Jack knew must be rebel guns sounded not twenty paces away, but, thanks to the thick bushes, the scouts passed unseen, and, thanks to the noise of battle, unheard.

Perhaps men are a little more voluble than women, their emotions not finding such immediate and approved vent along clicking needles and tangled skeins of wool.

"The two glasses sent out a clicking sound as we set them back on the stand.

And all the time it kept on snarling and clicking its sharp teeth and uttering its low, buzzing growl.

He bounded erect, his ears filled with a hoarse and clicking din, his heart strangely lifting in his breast.

Physicallyhe emphasized the word and barricaded himself behind it as though he were on the defence against her!she came nearer perfection than he had thought a girl could come, and nowhere did he find a conflicting detail from the tendril of sunny brown hair touching the curve of the sweet young face to the little feet in their clicking high-heeled shoes.

There was a clicking of pulleys as the three appeared upon the bayou's margin, and Baptiste pointed out, in the deep shadow of a great oak, the Isabella, moored among the bulrushes, and just spreading her sails for departure.

She sat with her knitting in her hands, clicking the needles merrily while she looked into the coals.

No answer came, but presently a rapid, steady clicking, strangely familiar and commonplace.

The four shining knitting needles were clicking in the doorway of the broad little entry that opened out to the green front yard when Miss Prudence found her way around to the front of the house.

Pap shambled in, clicking his teeth and grinning.

He stared at us, clicking his teeth and frowning.

He stared at me as if I were a strange animal, clicking his teeth and twisting his fingers.

I heard the clicking of snowshoes and the squeaking of the leather straps at my heels; yet I did not turn to see what pursued me, for I was intent upon reaching my father.

Yet here beside them was the motion-picture camera, clicking steadily away and operated by a man in his shirt-sleeves who watched the scene with sharp eyes, now frowning and now nodding approval.

" So now the procession was sent back into the passage and rearranged in proper order; the signal was given to begin and in an instant the camera renewed its clicking as the operator slowly revolved the handle that carried the long strip of film past the lenses.

But the roar of the Gardner and the typewriter-like clicking of the hopper burst in at the tail of the words.

The distinct crackle, or clicking sound, is due to the movement of the ear-bones and the tympanic membrane.

With a blindfolded person test his sense of the direction of sound, e.g., by clicking two coins together.

And the white clouds lazily drifting by, And the laughing stream as it runs along With the clicking reel like a martial song, And the father teaching the youngster gay How to land a fish in the sportsman's way.

When the clicking ceased and the pencil was at rest, Victor caught an end of the paper and pulled it forward until a blank surface again occupied the writing-bed.

Bless my soul!" fell suddenly upon her ear, in sharp, jerking syllables, accompanied by clicking taps of a cane on the sidewalk.

And the same applies to clicking the tongue, if you were thinking of doing that.

I couldn't go on the wharf for fear she'd want to come with me, and I sat there as patient as I could, till a little clicking noise made us both start up and look at each other.

I couldn't go on the wharf for fear she'd want to come with me, and I sat there as patient as I could, till a little clicking noise made us both start up and look at each other.

Madame de Remusat was weeping also, and in every pause of his hoarse scoldingfor his voice was very hoarse and raucous when he was angrythere came the soft hissing and clicking of their sobs.

The sound of the rustling cards and of the clicking counters had ceased in the other rooms.

The boy darted his horse after her and sent her trotting down the trail, with clicking hoofs and long, sweeping steps that scuffed up a stifling dust.

From each oozes perpetually, with a clicking noise of gas- bubbles, water and mud; and now and then, losing their temper, they spirt out their dirt to a considerable height; a feat which we did not see performed, but which is so common that we were in something like fear and trembling while we opened a cone with our cutlasses.

As he advanced thus he could occasionally catch a peculiar clicking sound, which he believed must be made by some one trying to pick the lock!

All these things combined to muffle the clicking sound frequently, yet during little lulls Frank could catch it again.

Yes, he was certain that it had just moved, and now the peculiar clicking was much plainer.

Frank no longer had the slightest doubt concerning the cause of that suspicious clicking.

And it's why these efforts suffer from the worst symptoms of consumer culture: they focus on short-term ideals, they encourage impulsive, image-driven decision-making and they aim to convince people that their mouse-clicking is some kind of direct action.

It was not long before the fires were reported outthe engines worked lazily for a short time, the clicking of the valves became faint and less frequent, and finally, like the dying struggle of a strong man, it ceased altogether.

For, truth to tell, they were very enthusiastic about their moving picture work, and though they were no fonder of a "grind" than any real boys are, they were always ready to go back to the clicking cranks that unwound the strips of celluloid film, which caught on its sensitive surface the impressions of so many wonderful scenes.

"Ready!" called the manager to the camera operator, and as the music of an unseen orchestra played, so that the dancing might be in perfect time, the camera began clicking and the action of the play, which included an exciting episode in the midst of the dance, went on.

Come here and we'll give you lesson number one," invited Blake, clicking away at the handle.

Blake exclaimed as the handle of his camera ceased clicking.

Already the handles were clicking, and thousands of pictures, showing a boat actually going through the locks of the Panama Canal, were being taken on the long strip of sensitive film.

And each of them recognized the peculiar clicking sound as the same they had heard coming from the brass-bound box Mr. Alcando had said was his new alarm clock.

A clicking sound swung him back to the house.

He had a habit of clicking his teeth as he finished a sentence.

Then dogs began to bark, somebody opened a gate, and a flock of Herdwicks, leaping out with wet fleeces shaking, and hoofs clicking on stone, ran across a shallow pool where the beck had overflowed.

Don't you hear the clicking of a trigger?" cried the boy.

Henceforward their clicking In London will cease They've all gone to Paris To speed up the Peace.

As it was, Thor disappeared slowly in the direction from which he had come, his great head hung low, his long claws click, click, clicking like ivory castanets as he went.

The huge clicking ant-heap was silent now, save for the roar of Ogwen, as he swirled and bubbled down, rich coffee-brown from last night's rain.

He could hear the solenoid clicking.

Seeing a gate open, and hearing a familiar clicking behind the hedge, I stepped through into a little blacksmith's shop, about as large an American smoke-house for curing bacon.

There was no clicking of hammers, nor blowing of bellows, to indicate that the nailer family were still its occupants.

The minutes passed on slowly but with intense significance, and they stood so still that they could hear the wind playing through the wires of the electric light back of them, and the clicking of the icicles as they dropped from the edge of the prison wall to the stones at their feet.

From the next room, where the men off duty were amusing themselves, there came a steady clicking of billiard-balls and dominoes, broken now and again by gruff bursts of laughter.

There is no roar or rumble in the streets, for there are no vehicles and no horses, but an endless stream of little donkeys, clicking the rough pavement beneath their sharp hoofs, and thumped solidly by screaming drivers.

Deborah, listening in the next cell, heard a slight clicking sound, often repeated.

Up the chimney an old smoke-jack was clicking, whirling, and making the most dismal noise imaginable.

A long line of sturdy, bronzed men, in dust-covered khaki, tramping over the grey cobbled road, singing and whistling at intervals; the rattling and clicking of the various metallic parts of their equipment forming a kind of low accompaniment to their songs.

I remembered his order that I should make no remark, so contented myself with halting within four paces of him, clicking my spurs together, grounding my sabre, and saluting.

" Mademoiselle had stopped typing, and the ledger clerk at the desk behind her had also ceased work and sat listening; but after a moment Mademoiselle threw a little smile towards thema half-pleased, half-deprecating little smile, as of one who shows a visitor something interesting, something one is glad to show, and then resumed her clicking on the typewriter.

Except that he moved his lips he made no answer but went on clicking the beads of a splendid amber rosary.

He thought she had gone, but, hearing a slight clicking sound, turned round.

Rhona never forgot how that miserable wagonful chatteredthat noise of clicking teeth, the pulse of indrawn sighs, and the shivering of arms and chests.

He was properly disciplined and put out of the game, and we went on with our maneuvers to the accompaniment of the clicking cameras until the photographers had gathered in a fine lot of realistic fighting-line pictures.

The Juniberg man gave Oleson his release and the order to proceed with due care while the sounder was still clicking a further communication from headquarters.

Suddenly the clicking began again.

" "I want them," said the child in a sullen tone, while she turned to that invariable resource of refactory children who happen to be near a door; namely, turning the knob, and clicking the lock back and forth, and swinging on it at intervals.

s. d. To clicking and sowling Miss Clara 0 2 6

None but an expert could have distinguished any change in the clicking of the instrument, which had been almost incessant; but Watkins had "called" the head office on the Missouri.

I hasten to get it, and he, gripping the glass with his teeth, swallows eagerly, with a clicking noise in his throat.

The trees are always talking, not merely whispering with their leaves, (for every tree talks to itself in that way, even when it stands alone in the middle of a pasture,) but grating their boughs against each other, as old horn-handed farmers press their dry, rustling palms together,dropping a nut or a leaf or a twig, clicking to the tap of a woodpecker, or rustling as a squirrel flashes along a branch.

He had given up hope of writing a note to Jim Framtree, realizing it would have no more chance of getting past the Spaniard than a clicking infernal-box.

"Monsieur le Baron de St. Aulaire, we have heard before of your plaisanteries," said Louis, his light-blue eyes flashing more wrathfully than one could have believed possible, the red heels of his shoes clicking together, and his heavy figure bent forward menacingly, "but this audacity passes belief.

As soon as the clicking struck his ear, the sentinel started, and turned an anxious look on the river.

And voice after voice repeated, "It is nearer," and the clicking telegraph took that up, and it trembled along telephone wires, and in a thousand cities grimy compositors fingered the type.

The clicking of Mary's needles maddened him.

Trumpets sound, detachments of wooden soldiers march in and out of gateways, and parade the battlements, clicking, for a considerable time.

Just as I opened the door, the telegraph instrument began clicking, and called Ash Fork.

That action would have made a clicking sound, sharp and clear in the fog, but the quick hands were ready for instant use.

" Old Pipes thrust the Echo-dwarf into the tree; the Dryad pushed the door shut; there was a clicking sound of bark and wood, and no one would have noticed that the big oak had ever had an opening in it.

No more so than the restless clicking together of horns in a herd of restless cattle, but certainly no less.

" "T'ch, t'ch, t'ch," commented the listener, clicking her tongue, for her astonishment at the sudden development was too great to find vent in mere words.

When very near the window he heard soundsstrange soundslike the clicking of bones!

The clicking of the bones became louder, the struggle fiercer, the knives of the skeleton combatants rose and fell.

Presently we could hear the clicking of the sabots on the bard road as the peasants hurried from the fields towards the Mairie.

A second later all the dogs repeated the growl, and then I could hear the clicking of a pair of sabots on the road.

As he stood there in the doorway, he swung his left foot out and back, with clicking heels, and made a smart salute.

When the Little Colonel came on the stage leading the great bear, such a cheering and clapping began that they both looked around, half frightened; but the boys followed immediately and the Little Colonel, dressed as a flower girl, danced out to meet Keith, who came in clicking his castanets in time to Malcolm's whistling.

"Ah, we like it very much," said the three, clicking their snuff-boxes.

"Do you?" said Charles, clicking down his card, as though his turn had just come.

There were several young women clicking away at typewriters, and maps of the Western front, and a colossal toy map of the London Tube, and a nice English library with all the best books from Chaucer to D.H. Lawrence and from the Religio Medici to E.V. Lucas' London.

Swiftly, Everett opened a dressing-case which stood on a table near him: the officer heard the sharp clicking of a pistol-lock, and turned swiftly round.

Crustacea are also numerous; blue and green Gonodactyli leap about with a sharp clicking noiselegions of Mycteris subverrucata traverse the dry sands at low-waterand in the shallow muddy pools, dull green Thalamitae and Lupeae swim off rapidly, and smooth Calappae seek refuge by burrowing under the surface.

The spatula used by betel chewers to introduce the lime to the mouth, although often made of tortoise-shell and resembling that figured above, is more commonly made of coconut-wood, with a massive handle, deeply divided by a slit, and when struck upon the knee it is made to produce a loud clicking noise like that of castanets.

โ€œYes, please,โ€ I answered, and he turned away to his desk of clicking instruments without looking at me again.

I recollected the maddened look of the creature, as it flew by me like a flash, frightened out of its wits, Mrs. Austin had said, by the clicking of the machinery of the huge clock, and the chiming of the responsive bell.