6701 examples of climbing in sentences

A giant woodbine has wrapped the whole front in its rich green mantle; and the porch is roofed and the windows curtained with luxuriant honeysuckles and climbing wild-roses.

A dozen little girls climbed in with great bustle and confusion, pretending they were walking a plank and climbing up some steps.

Who, seeking to advance a climbing friend, Hath lost by death a sweet and courteous son.

Old Anthony did never see, my lord, A swelling show'r, that did continue long: A climbing tower that did not taste the wind: A wrathful man not wasted with repent.

A little tree-climbing bird ran round and round the trunk of the nearest elm, staring at them, every time he appeared, with his tiny black eyes.

And if there be whom broken ties Afflict, or injuries assail, Yon hazy ridges to their eyes Present a glorious scale Climbing suffused with sunny air, To stopno record hath told where; And tempting Fancy to ascend, And with immortal spirits blend!

There was Hippolyte Fortoul, of the climbing genus, of the worth of a Gustave Planche or of some Philarête Chasles, an ill-tempered writer who had become Minister of the Marine, which caused Béranger to say, "This Fortoul knows all the spars, including the 'greased pole.'

While roaming in a state of despair from cave to cell; climbing up narrow apertures; their last pine-torch fast consuming; totally ignorant of their position, and all around darkness, they discovered, as it were by accident, a ray of light gleaming towards them; they hastened towards it, and arrived at the mouth of the cave.

Among the climbing plants, which adorned the house, the most beautiful and fragrant was the African honeysuckleits odor was indeed delightful.

he demanded, climbing to his feet.

Still it made them plenty of exercise in climbing fences and walking log bridges across the brooks.

My word, I could scarcely walk, and as for climbing a ship's ladderI could never have done if some one hadn't given me a boost behind and some one else a hand at the top.

I left my fool in red and black, The last I saw was this, The creature madly climbing back Into his chrysalis.

There's no climbing the heights for me, Crowther, never will be.

" He touched his cap, and climbing up out of the well, made his way forward, as though to signalize the fact that he was adopting the profession of our paid hand.

And so we set-to about climbing, helping one another so far as we had ability, until, in about the space of some ten minutes, we reached the top, and from thence had a very fine view.

A climbing height it is without a head, Depth without bottome, way without an end, A circle with no line invironed, Not comprehended, all it comprehends; Worth infinite, yet satisfies no minde, 'Till it that Infinite of the God-head finde.

By 6 A.M. we were climbing the ascent to the pass.

A few men could also be seen climbing a steep stone shoot on the right bank of the river, so evidently the enemy were going to try the effect of a stone avalanche as we went underneath.

We kept climbing and gradually working round the face of the hill to the right, until we struck the snow line, and I calculated we were pretty well as high as any sangar the enemy might have on the hill.

During all these seventeen years of office-climbing, Richelieu was to all appearance the most amiable man in France; everybody liked him, and everybody trusted him.

He asked himself these questions without putting them in words, and not until they were climbing up the frozen bank of the stream, with the shadows of the forest growing deeper about them, did he speak again.

"This snow is treacherous when you're climbing among the rocks.

As fast as the eye could follow, sheets of flame shot out of the sea of smoke, climbing higher and higher, in lightning flashes, until the lurid tongues licked the air a quarter of a mile above the startled wilderness.

Scarlet hibiscus and perfumed frangipanni were everywhere, while climbing jasmine tried to cover up the black basalt rocks in the foreground as if to hide everything that was ugly from the eyes of the visitor.

6701 examples of  climbing  in sentences