87 examples of clinkers in sentences

" The keeper went into the office with a somewhat hurried "Good-night," and soon Abe found himself alone again, the light in the kitchen beyond, no sound in the room save that of the booming of the surf, the rattling of the windows, and now and again the fall of a clinker in the stove.

The pavement of the stall should be nearly level, with a slight incline towards the gutter, to keep the bed dry, paved with hard Dutch brick laid on edge, or asphalte, or smithy clinkers, or rubble-stones, laid in strong cement.

What if the historian had continued Humphrey Clinker? I have, in the abstract, no disrespect for Jews.

May I ask where you have been?" "Oh, just for a ride; been trying the new horse: he's a clinker!

The English servant-girl in Humphry Clinker (Letter of July 18), after describing how the filth is thus thrown out, says:'The maid calls gardy loo to the passengers, which signifies Lord have mercy upon you!' Wesley, when at Edinburgh in May, 1761, writes:'How can it be suffered that all manner of filth should still be thrown even into this street

Smollett in Humphry Clinker makes Matthew Bramble say (Letter of July 18):'The inhabitants of Edinburgh are apt to imagine the disgust that we avow is little better than affectation.' 'Most of their buildings are very mean; and the whole town bears some resemblance to the old part of Birmingham.'

In Humphry Clinker (Letter of Aug. 8) we are told that 'the good people of Edinburgh no longer think dirt and cobwebs essential to the house of God.'

Smollett, in Humphry Clinker (Letrer of Aug. 8), describes St. Andrews as 'the skeleton of a venerable city.'

Smollett, in Humphry Clinker (Letter of Sept. 6), writing of the Highlanders and their chiefs, says:'The original attachment is founded on something prior to the feudal system, about which the writers of this age have made such a pother, as if it was a new discovery, like the Copernican system ...

These waste products represent the oxidation that has taken place in the tissues in producing the energy necessary for the bodily activities, just as the smoke, ashes, clinkers, and steam represent the consumption of fuel and water in the engine.

What would you think of an engineer who fed his engine dirt with his coal, or let his draughts and flues clog with soot, or failed to remove the clinkers, or let his engine get dusty and rusty?

The clinkers and ashes left after the combustion of the coal, are precipitated into the ash-pit, where the chain turns down over the roller at the extremity of the furnace.

In a steam vessel it is necessary at intervals to empty out one or more furnaces every watch to get rid of the clinkers which would otherwise accumulate in them; and it is advisable that the connection between the furnaces should be such that this operation, when being performed on one furnace, shall injure the action of the rest as little as possible.

Perhaps there will not be more than half a dozen "clinkers" in a season with a "two-day-a-week" pack.

When you find that you have this kind of coal you will want to look after these clinkers.

The red-hot rage of the afternoon and the white-hot rage of the evening had choked the furnace of brain and soul with clinkers so that he was thinking unevenly and disconnectedly.

There may be some clinkers Now "creeping" to light, Tremendous deep thinkers Or high in their flight; There may be diffusers Of air that is hot; There may be a Bergson, Again there may not.

There are also small bricks called clinkers, chiefly used for stable paving.

Dutch clinkers, formerly imported largely from Holland, were small, rough bricks, laid on edge, and affording a good foothold for the horse.

Adamantine clinkers, made of gault clay, are much used; they must have chamfered edges, otherwise they make too smooth a floor for a stable.

He strained his ears for sounds of the living worldthe spit of the fire, the fall of clinkers in the grate, the whisper of the wind stirring at the door.

The labor connected with the feeding of furnaces with coke and cleaning fires from clinker is of a very arduous and heavy nature.

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If you'll excuse the word" (Nibletts is always apologising for some term he is about to use, which promises to be inexpressibly shocking to polite ears, and never is)"they're clinkers.

The unreserve of Ill was there, The clinkers in her last retreat; But, ere the eye could take it in, Or mind could comprehension win, It sunk!and at our feet.

87 examples of  clinkers  in sentences