139 examples of clipper in sentences

The New Man is a clipper-ship, that can run out of sight of land while one of the old bluff-bowed, round-ribbed craft is creeping out of port; but, from the very nature of his superiorities, he is apt to be shorter-lived, and more likely to spring a leak in the strain of a storm.

[person who buys or sells stocks] investor, speculator, operator; bull, buyer; bear, short seller; scalper, arbitrager^, arbitrageur^; stockholder, share-holder, stockholder of record; bond holder, coupon- clipper [Sarc.].

Andrew and Sam, you cast off the pirate's graplings; an' then you jumpthen we'll walk into them three chaps aboard the clipper.

The moment the clipper felt at liberty, her head swung off, and, before the astonished buccaneers could gain the decks of the fisherman, their own vessel was a cable's length to leeward, sweeping gracefully away before the wind, while the three men left in charge were easily secured.

The clipper cut through the water like a dolphin, and, in a remarkably short space of time, Spinnet luffed up under the ship's stern, and explained all that had happened.

The voyage to Australia and back, carries the clipper ship along a route which, for more than three hundred degrees of longitude, runs with the "brave west winds" of the southern hemisphere.

With these winds alone, and with their bounding seas which follow fast, the modern clipper, without auxiliary power, has accomplished a greater distance in a day than any sea-steamer has ever been known to reach.

Whenever he spied a soldier whose hair was a fraction of an inch too long, that soldier was called out of the ranks, the clipper was run over his head as quickly and dexterously as an expert shearer fleeces sheep, and then the man, his hair once more too short to harbour dirt, ran to rejoin his company.

7. Paragraph of Shipping Intelligence from the "Liverpool Courier" of June 21st, 1848: The bark Euterpe, Captain Riding, belonging to the Transatlantic Clipper Line of Messrs. Judkins & Cooke, left the Mersey yesterday afternoon, bound for New York.

Advertisement from the New York "Clipper" Dec. 21st, 1878: WINSTON & MACK'S GRAND INTERNATIONAL MEGATHERIUM VARIETY COMBINATION.

Any one who has seen an outward-bound clipper ship getting under way and heard the "shanty-songs" sung by the sailors as they toiled at capstan and halliards, will probably remember that rhymeless but melodious refrain

The cutwater of this great Leviathan clipper, the OCCIDENTAL,this thirty-masted wind-and-steam wave-crusher,must throw a little spray over the human vocabulary as it splits the waters of a new world's destiny!

that, and brought the 'York Herald' and 'Clipper.'

" "Not long after I jined Colonel Baker's Gang, we wuz comin' frum Fulton to Clipper through de Red River bottoms.

SEE Carney, Mary Vance. RAMSAY, EMMA L. Rough and tumble on old clipper ships.

Rough and tumble on old clipper ships.

Donald McKay: designer of clipper ships.

Donald McKay: designer of clipper ships.

SEE Carney, Mary Vance. RAMSAY, EMMA L. Rough and tumble on old clipper ships.

Rough and tumble on old clipper ships.

The Sea Witch; a narrative of the experiences of Capt. Roger Murray and others in an American clipper ship during the years 1846 to 1856.

Donald McKay: designer of clipper ships.

If he lived in a sea-coast town, he might do something with the clipper ships that ran to Europe and China.

"I raised a howl, and a Scissor-jawed Clipper came out of his hole, and got after him; but that lazy fool ran so fast that he could not be caught.

Clipper-built, sharp in the bows, long in the spars, slender to look at, and fast to go, the ship, which is the great organ of our national life of relation, is but a reproduction of the typical form which the elements impress upon its builder.

139 examples of  clipper  in sentences