139 examples of clipper in sentences

A few days afterwards our sociable circle at the hotel was much reduced, and among others the Clipper family departed.

We missed Mr. Clipper greatly, for though bearing strong evidence to Darwin's theory about the face, he was a chatty companion and capital "raconteur," while his facility for remembering names, even of places visited in his youngest days, was really remarkable.

Nor could we easily spare the four sylph-like Misses Clipper, for with them vanished all hopes of delicious music in the evening.

"By Gad, she's some clipper," West said, aloud to himself, just as though the girl had not been present.

The New Man is a clipper-ship, that can run out of sight of land while one of the old bluff-bowed, round-ribbed craft is creeping out of port; but, from the very nature of his superiorities, he is apt to be shorter-lived, and more likely to spring a leak in the strain of a storm.

[person who buys or sells stocks] investor, speculator, operator; bull, buyer; bear, short seller; scalper, arbitrager^, arbitrageur^; stockholder, share-holder, stockholder of record; bond holder, coupon- clipper [Sarc.].

Andrew and Sam, you cast off the pirate's graplings; an' then you jumpthen we'll walk into them three chaps aboard the clipper.

The moment the clipper felt at liberty, her head swung off, and, before the astonished buccaneers could gain the decks of the fisherman, their own vessel was a cable's length to leeward, sweeping gracefully away before the wind, while the three men left in charge were easily secured.

The clipper cut through the water like a dolphin, and, in a remarkably short space of time, Spinnet luffed up under the ship's stern, and explained all that had happened.

The ship proved to be an East Indiaman, bound for Charleston, having, all told, thirty men on board, twenty of whom at once jumped into the clipper and offered their services in helping to take the pirate.

In two days from that time, Captain Spinnet delivered his cargo safely in Havana, gave the pirates into the hands of the civil authorities, and delivered the clipper up to the government, in return for which, he received a sum of money sufficient for an independence during the remainder of his life, as well as a very handsome medal from the government.

As we had been accustomed on this "Clipper No. 2" to breakfast at half-past 7, I thought they surely would not send us empty away.

If Bovis found the real Tahiti no longer existent seventy years ago, what must I look for when two generations or three had died since, and swift steamships coursed where only the clipper had sailed?

7. Paragraph of Shipping Intelligence from the "Liverpool Courier" of June 21st, 1848: The bark Euterpe, Captain Riding, belonging to the Transatlantic Clipper Line of Messrs. Judkins & Cooke, left the Mersey yesterday afternoon, bound for New York.

Advertisement from the New York "Clipper" Dec. 21st, 1878: WINSTON & MACK'S GRAND INTERNATIONAL MEGATHERIUM VARIETY COMBINATION.

"Oh, the car's a clipper.

Would God that I were left alone tobutnay, do not be alarmed; perhaps I am wrong, it may be aa clipper-built trading-vessel.

"Once," he would remark, "I was clipper-built, and could sail right in the wind's eye; but ever since I tuck this craft in tow, I've gone to leeward like a tub.

The sea witch; a narrative of the experiences of Capt. Roger Murray, and others in an American clipper ship during the years 1846 to 1856.

SEE Nowlan, Phil. Skyroads with Clipper Williams of the flying legion.

The wreck of the Wild Wave; being the true account of the wreck of the clipper ship Wild Wave of Boston.

Donald McKay: designer of clipper ships.

Donald McKay: designer of clipper ships.

Then you'll not meet with a nobleman's sort in a clipper like this, for that sort of gentry generally go from a frigate's quarter-deck into a good sloop, as commander, and, after a twelvemonth's work or so in the small one, into a fast frigate again, as a post-captain.

Sailing is of course delicious; it is as good as flying to steer anything with wings of canvas, whether one stand by the wheel of a clipper-ship, or by the clumsy stern-oar of a "gundalow."

139 examples of  clipper  in sentences