1302 examples of closet in sentences

All her little belongings were put away in a closet of the room which held the two little beds.

One summer day, however, she resigned herself to the task and when she opened the closet the moths flew out.

She unhooked and removed it carefully and hung it in a closet.

Why? There was no closet, and from where he stood he could see under both cots.

No Englishwoman ever had such an exalted social position; she reigned in salons as well as in the closet of the Queen.

In fact, he acted courteously and with considerable evidence of breeding, merely requesting my permission to lock the big closet where he kept his personal belongings and to take the key away with him.

Against the opposite wall was a cheap wooden wash-stand and an enormous closet built of olive wood sunk into a deep recess.

If Yussuf Dakmar needs aid in the night, let him summon us by scratching with his nails on the closet door.

A little before dawn I awakened Grim and Jeremy and we left the room quietly after I had scratched on the closet door with my fingernails.

Pausing outside to listen, we heard the closet door being opened stealthily from the far side.

All this, of course, is figurative, for the cape hangs just inside the closet door on a hanger, with a white cloth over the shoulders to keep off the dust.

He told us of seeing the stone-mason and the carpenter, he told us what the seats would cost, and the door knobs and the hooks in the closet.

And when the final issue comes, after full discussion, after he has tried to lop off a few yards of blackboard or order cheaper desks or dispense with the clothes-closet, he votes for the addition with the rest of us.

In the Closet, Madam.

Oh, Madam, the key of the Closet quickly.

You win, my ruby; go open the clothes closet.

There was his writing-table, there his forsaken books, his papers, some of his clothes hanging in his closet.

She brought them out from the closet, and watched her father eat them.

She thought that she would scour the closet at night, and surprise her father by finishing those list slippers; She kissed him when she had tied on the red hood, and said good-by to Dick, and told them just where to find the squash-pie for dinner.

She locked the closet door, I think, for I remember the click of the key.

" "At any rate these are not the clothes which you locked into the closet, however they came here.

She was going to rub them herself, I believe, and went into the china-closet, which opens from the room, for the silver-soap.

" Having thus bethought him, he sent for Queen Helen to come into his privy closet and he said to her: "My dear love, nothing remaineth for me but to go unto the court of King Arthur and beseech him to lend his powerful aid in this extremity of our misfortunes; nor will I trust any messenger in this affair but myself.

In speaking these words she went into her closet, and read over and over the offers he had made, in which, with the strictest examination, she could find nothing but what indicated the most perfect love, honour, and generosity.

My brain is like a closet full of pictures, which should move and set themselves in order at the master's pleasure.

1302 examples of  closet  in sentences