11259 examples of clouded in sentences

But Gloria, glancing at him swiftly, saw that his eyes were clouded with perplexity.

He did not pause to analyze the sentiment of slight annoyance which clouded his usual good humour; but Dr. Blundell divined it, with the quickness of an ultra-sensitive nature.

" He could not fathom the wistfulness which clouded the blue eyes she lifted to his face.

The animals differ somewhat in other points, but both have a cream-colored base, and a mantle of pale cream clouded with purple.

And yet perhaps 't is best That she should die, with all the sunshine on her, And all the benedictions of the morning, Before this affluence of golden light Shall fade into a cold and clouded gray, Then into darkness!

She could (according to the purport of Plutarch's pathetic narrative) speak of them without a sigh or tear; and those who concluded from this that her mind was clouded by age or misfortune, were too dull themselves to comprehend how a noble nature and noble training can support sorrow, for though fate may often frustrate virtue, yet 'to bear is to conquer our fate.

" "I do not like to hear thee speak thus, Sigismund, and, least of all, with a brow so clouded, and in a voice so hollow!"

THE CHILD JESUS IN THE GARDEN AUTHOR UNKNOWN Cold was the day, when in a garden bare, Walked the Child Jesus, wrapt in holy thought; His brow seemed clouded with a weight of care; Calmness and rest from worldly things he sought.

The pleasure of years of close intimacy with Mr. Cooper was never for a moment clouded by the slightest coolness.

While much of sadness and sorrow clouded the evening of the life of this truly great man, the sun, ere it sank to rest, tinged the clouds with a glory seldom vouchsafed to a mortal, for he was to see a statue erected to him while he was yet living.

Whatever may have been his faults and errors, he in a manner expiated them by the hardest lot that can befall a brave soldier, ambitious of renownan unhonored grave in a strange land: a memory clouded by misfortune, and a name for ever coupled with defeat.

Envy, malice, and treachery, tedious imprisonment and imputed madness, insult, poverty, and persecution, clouded his manhood.

Here, before him, as though ready to start from the canvas, was the woman who had been, his fatewho had died long years before; there in the full blaze of light, he saw her who had thrown the shadow upon his existence, which still clouded it, fresh, softly smiling, alive almost on the speaking and eloquent canvas.

We are now going through not merely the severest, but the only danger which has ever seriously clouded our horizon.

Her curls, tucked away under the widow's-cap she wore, and clouded by the mass of crape that shrouded her, left only a narrow line of gold above the dead quiet of her brow.

When she had finished Miss Fairbanks breathed a sigh of relief, but her face was still clouded.

And this our mimic action was a theme, Kinsmen, as life is, clouded as a dream.

She met his stare, on this evening, with eyes clouded with tears.

But after a moment the face of the child of many soldiers clouded.

Had her words, Mrs. Carteret asked herself, any serious meaning, or were they the mere empty babblings of a clouded intellect? "William," she said to the coachman when they reached Mrs. Ochiltree's house, "you may tie the horse and help us out.

There is no doubt but there was some radical disorder in his system; brain disease clouded his intellect in his old age, and his last years were death in life; right through his life he was a savagely irritable, sardonic, dark and violent man, impatient of the slightest contradiction or thwarting, and given to explosive and instantaneous rage.

" Douglas's face clouded.

In these days of apprehension and misgiving, clouded by alarming rumours of a broken and annihilated army, it sometimes seems as though we should never smile again.

" The face of Louis beamed with delight as he extended his hand to the minister, and welcomed him once more to the capital; but the brow of Richelieu remained clouded until he was led away by the monarch, with whom he continued in conversation for a considerable time, complaining bitterly of the reception which he had met with from the Queen-mother, and requesting permission to retire from office and to leave the Court.

The clouded pearl.

11259 examples of  clouded  in sentences
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