726 examples of clown in sentences

Love wakes the dull from sluggish Ease, And learns a Clown the Art to please: Humbles the Vain, kindles the Cold, Makes Misers free, and Cowards bold.

It is not too good for a clown or too poor for an emperor.

" Titania was still sleeping, and Oberon seeing a clown near her, who had lost his way in the wood, and was likewise asleep: "This fellow," said he, "shall be my Titania's truelove;" and clapping an ass's head over the clown's, it seemed to fit him as well as if it had grown upon his own shoulders.

Come, sit with me," said she to the clown, "and let me play with your amiable hairy cheeks, my beautiful ass!

"Where is Pease-blossom?" said the ass-headed clown; not much regarding the fairy queen's courtship, but very proud of his new attendants.

"Scratch my head," said the clown.

"Good Mr. Cobweb," said the foolish clown, "kill me the red humble-bee on the top of that thistle yonder; and, good Mr. Cobweb, bring me the honey-bag.

Where is Mustard-seed?" "Here, sir," said Mustard-seed; "what is your will?" "Nothing," said the clown, "good Mr. Mustard-seed, but to help Mr. Pease-blossom to scratch: I must go to a barber's, Mr. Mustard-seed, for methinks I am marvellous hairy about the face.

" "I had rather have a handful of dried pease," said the clown, who with his ass's head had got an ass's appetite.

When the fairy king saw the clown sleeping in the arms of his queen, he advanced within her sight, and reproached her with having lavished her favours upon an ass.

This she could not deny, as the clown was then sleeping within her arms, with his ass's head crowned by her with flowers.

His amazing absence of self-consciousness made a clown of me.

Nature forms their minds for different pursuits before they come into the world; from one shell comes forth a warrior, from another a philosopher, from a third a divine, from a fourth a lawyer, from a fifth a farmer, from a sixth a clown, etc., etc., and all of them immediately begin to perfect themselves by practicing what they before knew only in theory.

The love, or grief, or indignation of an enlightened and refined character, is not only expressed in a different language, but is in itself a different emotion from the love, or grief, or anger, of a clown, a tradesman, or a market-wench.

I have never been to Court, and, consequently, I am, according to Shakspeare's clown, emphatically "damned."

I remember asking him if he would come clown to the stream where he wrote "Thanatopsis" and recite it for us.

I cried, "and parade hotel passages in search of the bath looking like a clown out of a circus?

Carefully dressed in the very worst of taste from his scarfpin to his boots, he had evidently just been too carefully shaved, for there were scratches on his wide, ludicrous face, and his smile was as rueful as a clown's.

The two sisters stared in dismay at the clown who had brought bad news.

It may also be noted that Heyst has a freak servant, the disappearing Wang, whom the adapter uses, I suppose legitimately, as a kind of clown.

A popular class of books in the 17th century were "characters" or "witty descriptions of the properties of sundry persons," such as the Good Schoolmaster, the Clown, the Country Magistrate; much as in some modern Heads of the People, where Douglas Jerrold or Leigh Hunt sketches the Medical Student, the Monthly Nurse, etc.

The comic character in the miracle plays had been the Devil, and he was retained in some of the moralities side by side with the abstract vice, who became the clown or fool of Shaksperian comedy.

Eemi: the story of a clown.

Is any lament of Shakspeare's heroes more touching than his apostrophe to the scull of Yorick, the King's jester, the mad fellow that poured a flagon of Rhenish on the clown's head: "a fellow of infinite jest; of most excellent fancy.

"Is all well with you?" "Sit clown, sit down, my dear Fedor Ivanovich.

726 examples of  clown  in sentences