7009 examples of clubbed in sentences

Everybody knows Jack McQuestion; an"quickly, as he saw he was about to be interrupted"you heard about that swell watch we all clubbed together and give him?

He clubbed him on the humps with a tent stake.

"Boreas, and Cesias, and Argestes loud," do not with their inter-confounding uproars more augment the brawlnor the waves of the blown Baltic with their clubbed soundsthan their opposite (Silence her sacred self) is multiplied and rendered more intense by numbers, and by sympathy.

The members of each mess clubbed their rations of provisions, and breakfasted, dined and supped together at allotted intervals between the guns on the main deck.

Fernando shot one of the savages with his pistol and, dodging the hatchets which the others threw at him, charged them with his clubbed rifle and knocked one down.

This was broken off; and then, with firelock clubbed, he stood over the prostrate officer, dealing such fearful blows with the weaponfelling his foes in every directionthat the sepoys took to their heels, and Moylan, picking up the wounded officer, brought him to a place of safety.

"Two or three of us could have clubbed together and made a profit after selling feeding stuff at a moderate price.

Aw t' folk clubbed togedder to cut and haul t' peat from Malton.

In this note, Sir, the gentlemen seem to have clubbed their talents, one found grammar, another logic, and a third some other ingredient; but is it not strange that they should all forget that the House of Bourbon, instead of maintaining peace and tranquillity in Europe, was always the disturber of both?

Those who undertook to make trouble were very promptly clubbed into submission, and one fellow more obstreperous than the rest, was lodged in the station house.

The woman had her hair hanging loose about her head, and not clubbed up in the usual fashion.

His thick, fair hair was clubbed in a queue and powdered neatly, and a small sword, gold hilted, hung at his belt.

Six years later the tailoresses of New York were again clubbed together for self-protection against the inevitable consequences of reduced and inadequate wages.

Also the dreadful reality of his dream still a little unnerved him, and though he was himself now and awake, he felt that he had been no less himself when he throttled the throat of that abhorred figure that walked up the noiseless path over the downs to Brighton, and with vehement and savage blows clubbed it down.

But a second man came at him with a clubbed musket, and Ken only saved his skull by a rapid duck.

In short, gesture-language appeals the most quickly to my feelings, It would be very instructive to print the actual records at length, made by many experimenters, if the records could be clubbed together and thrown into a statistical form; but it would be too absurd to print one's own singly.

Hearing her husband's shout of rage, the soldier turned, seized his rifle, and clubbed the man into an adjoining room, where he stayed with the two little children who had fled there, trying to soothe them in their fright and listening, with madness in his brain, to his wife's agony through the open door a yard away.

The monster, we read in the text, has come upon her unawares, clubbed her on the head and other parts of the body, "then snatching up one of her arms, he drags her, streaming with blood from her wounds, through the woods, over stones, rocks, hills, and logs, with all the violence and determination of a savage," etc. Curr (I., 237) objects to this picture as a gross exaggeration.

In the tale of the "Buffalo King" we read of the chief doing a number of things to win the affection of the refractory bridetelling the others not to displease her, giving her "the seat of honor," and going so far as to fast himself, whereas in real life, under such circumstances, he would have curtly clubbed the stolen bride into submission.

Occasionally several travellers clubbed together and carried a tent; otherwise they slept in the open.

Into the water with 'em!" shouted the stalwart hunter, and emptying rifle and pistol he clubbed the former, striking terrific blows.

I escaped as by a hair's breadth, one iron shoe fairly grazing my shoulder, but, with the same movement, I swung the clubbed musket.

The remaining savage, a chief, by his lock and eagle-quill, had fastened to Elerson's legs with the fury of a tree-cat, clawing and squalling, while Murphy dealt him blow on blow with clubbed stock, and finally was forced to shoot him so close that the rifle-flame set his greased scalp-lock afire.

he cried, furiously; but I seized his bridle, swung his frightened horse, and struck the animal across the buttocks with clubbed rifle.

On the contrary, listen to the stock-joke; lend an attentive ear to the witticism clubbed by the whole green-roomfor there is rarely more than one at a time in circulationand no man talks fasternone with a deeper delight to himselfnone more profound, more knowing.

7009 examples of  clubbed  in sentences