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7009 examples of  clubbed  in sentences

7009 examples of clubbed in sentences

Everybody knows Jack McQuestion; an"quickly, as he saw he was about to be interrupted"you heard about that swell watch we all clubbed together and give him?

Harris clubbed his remaining revolver, and with his back to the pilot house, where he had retreated, awaited the approach of the four foes.

Kazan leaped under his clubbed rifle and drove into the face of what was left of the pack.

So excited was I that my bullet, which should have found lodgment in his heart, went as wild as had his, and then was I forced to use a clubbed musket for defence.

It is certain that one of the poet's feet was, either at birth or at a very early period, so seriously clubbed or twisted as to affect his gait, and to a considerable extent his habits.

The fighting was said to have been the bitterest of the whole war, the Prussian guards asking no quarter and being bayoneted or clubbed to death as they stood by their machine guns.

Men fighting hand to hand with clubbed muskets and bayonets contested each tree and ditch.

Purcell fought with clubbed rifle, backing away from several foes.

He clubbed him on the humps with a tent stake.

He was the smallest of the lot, and drew back hastily, step after step, offering the knife-edge of his curses as the others clubbed their fists.

He swept his clubbed rifle high over his head; she heard the blow when he struck, the hideous sound of a crushing skull.

But he did move and toward Brodie; he swung his clubbed rifle-barrel and beat at Brodie's great face with it.

But really it is impossible to say what Mr. Tebrick intended by his behaviour or what he would have done, for the gentleman finding himself suddenly assaulted in so unexpected a fashion by so strange a touzled and dishevelled figure, clubbed his hunting crop and dealt him a blow on the temple so that he fell insensible.

Skilfully driven steel slaughtered Mohammedan fanaticism that fought with clubbed guns, hands, and teeth, asking no quarter this side of Paradise.

"Boreas, and Cesias, and Argestes loud," do not with their inter-confounding uproars more augment the brawlnor the waves of the blown Baltic with their clubbed soundsthan their opposite (Silence her sacred self) is multiplied and rendered more intense by numbers, and by sympathy.

The members of each mess clubbed their rations of provisions, and breakfasted, dined and supped together at allotted intervals between the guns on the main deck.

Fernando shot one of the savages with his pistol and, dodging the hatchets which the others threw at him, charged them with his clubbed rifle and knocked one down.

When children learn to walk in nature's own way, it is seldom indeed that we find them with curved legs, or crooked or clubbed feet.

Macfarlan stated that he had struck Sturgeon over the head to save his life, and Sturgeon, after he had paid his fine, said he would prefer being shot to being clubbed to death, and he bore dangerous malice for a long time, until he learned what everybody else knew, that Macfarlan always did what he thought he ought, and never spoke anything but the literal truth, whether it hurt friend, foe or himself.

He passed through Jandol and climbed the Lowari Pass among the fir trees and the pines, and on the very summit he met three men clothed in brown homespun with their hair clubbed at the sides of their heads.

This was broken off; and then, with firelock clubbed, he stood over the prostrate officer, dealing such fearful blows with the weaponfelling his foes in every directionthat the sepoys took to their heels, and Moylan, picking up the wounded officer, brought him to a place of safety.

"Two or three of us could have clubbed together and made a profit after selling feeding stuff at a moderate price.

Aw t' folk clubbed togedder to cut and haul t' peat from Malton.

First the five toes, though clubbed together, have each a separate hoof, as in the elephant; then the hippopotamus follows with four toes, and the rhinoceros with practically three.

In this note, Sir, the gentlemen seem to have clubbed their talents, one found grammar, another logic, and a third some other ingredient; but is it not strange that they should all forget that the House of Bourbon, instead of maintaining peace and tranquillity in Europe, was always the disturber of both?

On arriving there he joined a mess of waifs and strays like himself, who herded in a small room and clubbed their pice to provide meals.

Here in the quiet wards she had been working while the Germans swept down on Paris and were rolled back again, and while the little nation which she and her sister loved so well was being clubbed to its knees.

" HOW HEFTY BURKE GOT EVEN Hefty Burke was once clubbed by a policeman named McCluire, who excused the clubbing to his Honor by swearing that Hefty had been drunk and disorderly, which was not true.

The men, although somewhat alarmed, clubbed their individual courage, climbed the wall, and foundnearly in the centre of the graveyardan old white horse thrown down by his fetters and struggling violently to regain his feet.

The next move we made was when, with a terrific yell, we charged up to the Spanish trenches and bayoneted and clubbed them out of their places in a jiffy.

Those who undertook to make trouble were very promptly clubbed into submission, and one fellow more obstreperous than the rest, was lodged in the station house.

The woman had her hair hanging loose about her head, and not clubbed up in the usual fashion.

The cattlemen clubbed together and offered an enormous bounty for every Grizzly killed in the range.

Lew whirled with a sobbing breath of despair and smashed out again with clubbed fist.

It will, therefore, include all conformations varying from the so-called 'upright hoof,' in which the toe forms an angle of more than 60 degrees with the ground, to the badly 'clubbed' foot, in which the horn at the toe forms a right angle with the ground, or is even directed obliquely backwards and downwards, so that the coronary margin overhangs the solar edge of the wall.

The door was thrown open suddenly, and through it rushed a dozen or more black figures, armed with knives, pistols, or clubbed muskets.

Meanwhile Fleck's men, guided by Jane's light, were laying about them with their rifles clubbed.

The three who had been clubbed were not seriously injured, and as soon as they revived were shackled as the others had been.

Night after night I thought of my five hundred hussars, and had dreadful nightmares, in which I fancied that the whole regiment needed shoeing, or that my horses were all bloated with green fodder, or that they were foundered from bogland, or that six squadrons were clubbed in the presence of the Emperor.

He had a few gray hairs plaited and clubbed behind....

Harry has always been remarkable for his ability to conceal his feelings, and in that respect I am a good second, and except for the fact that we spent more time at the club playing pool nobody would have suspected that we cared whether Araminta or Fiametta still loved us or not.

His thick, fair hair was clubbed in a queue and powdered neatly, and a small sword, gold hilted, hung at his belt.

Six years later the tailoresses of New York were again clubbed together for self-protection against the inevitable consequences of reduced and inadequate wages.

Also the dreadful reality of his dream still a little unnerved him, and though he was himself now and awake, he felt that he had been no less himself when he throttled the throat of that abhorred figure that walked up the noiseless path over the downs to Brighton, and with vehement and savage blows clubbed it down.

But a second man came at him with a clubbed musket, and Ken only saved his skull by a rapid duck.

In short, gesture-language appeals the most quickly to my feelings, It would be very instructive to print the actual records at length, made by many experimenters, if the records could be clubbed together and thrown into a statistical form; but it would be too absurd to print one's own singly.

Both fell under the clubbed guns of their adversaries.

The Greeks were unconscious, badly battered by the clubbed guns.

His sentries clubbed the rifle-man to death in the street" "It's rather a peculiar situation as I understand it," Bedient said.

" "'Twas where I clubbed him senseless.

Hearing her husband's shout of rage, the soldier turned, seized his rifle, and clubbed the man into an adjoining room, where he stayed with the two little children who had fled there, trying to soothe them in their fright and listening, with madness in his brain, to his wife's agony through the open door a yard away.

So long however as they are clubbed separately we shall not grumble.

They had all clubbed their money and ornaments together, having little need for such treasure up there, he said, to buy them holy help against their ill.

After that it was a gallop at full speed; and he remembered nothing very distinctly, saw nothing clearly, except that, everywhere among his squadron ran yelling men on foot, shooting, lunging with bayonets, striking with clubbed rifles.

The monster, we read in the text, has come upon her unawares, clubbed her on the head and other parts of the body, "then snatching up one of her arms, he drags her, streaming with blood from her wounds, through the woods, over stones, rocks, hills, and logs, with all the violence and determination of a savage," etc. Curr (I., 237) objects to this picture as a gross exaggeration.

Because,' he replied, 'I, with several other men, found some women and children in a cave, drew them out and clubbed them and was then consecrated.'

In the tale of the "Buffalo King" we read of the chief doing a number of things to win the affection of the refractory bridetelling the others not to displease her, giving her "the seat of honor," and going so far as to fast himself, whereas in real life, under such circumstances, he would have curtly clubbed the stolen bride into submission.

Occasionally several travellers clubbed together and carried a tent; otherwise they slept in the open.

Into the water with 'em!" shouted the stalwart hunter, and emptying rifle and pistol he clubbed the former, striking terrific blows.

Some wild animals can be clubbed into a semblance of obedience, yet it is a treacherous obedience at best, and justly so.

And that is the only kind of obedience into which a man can be clubbed.

I escaped as by a hair's breadth, one iron shoe fairly grazing my shoulder, but, with the same movement, I swung the clubbed musket.

Rifles flared in our faces; steel flashed, as blade or bayonet caught the glare; clubbed muskets fell in sweep of death; and men, maddened by the fierce passion of war, pushed and hacked their way against our feeble defence, hurling us back, stumbling, fighting, cursing, until they also gained foothold with us on the bloody floor.

We fought with fingers, fists, clubbed revolvers, paving the floor with bodies, yet inch by inch were compelled to give way, our little circle narrowing, and wedged tighter against the wall.

He was clubbed with a musket from the stairs.

A little before our Club-time last Night we were walking together in Somerset Garden, where WILL, had picked up a small Pebble of so odd a Make, that he said he would present it to a Friend of his, an eminent Virtuoso.

Mr, SPECTATOR, 'You well know it is of great Consequence to clear Titles, and it is of Importance that it be done in the proper Season; On which Account this is to assure you, that the CLUB OF UGLY FACES was instituted originally at CAMBRIDGE in the merry Reign of King Charles II.

As in great Bodies of Men it is not difficult to find Members enough for such a Club, so (I remember) it was then feared, upon their Intention of dining together, that the Hall belonging to CLAREHALL, (the ugliest then in the Town, tho' now the neatest) would not be large enough HANDSOMELY to hold the Company.

As the Secrets of the Ugly Club were exposed to the Publick, that Men might see there were some noble Spirits in the Age, who are not at all displeased with themselves upon Considerations which they had no Choice in: so the Discourse concerning Idols tended to lessen the Value People put upon themselves from personal Advantages, and Gifts of Nature.

I don't want to be put in mind how very Defective I am in every thing that is Ugly: I am too sensible of my own Unworthiness in this Particular, and therefore I only propose my self as a Foil to the Club.

I spent most of the Day at a Neighbouring Coffee-House, where we have what I may call a lazy Club.

For this Reason I could not forbear communicating to you some imperfect Informations of a Set of Men (if you will allow them a place in that Species of Being) who have lately erected themselves into a Nocturnal Fraternity, under the Title of the Mohock Club, a Name borrowed it seems from a sort of Cannibals in India, who subsist by plundering and devouring all the Nations about them.

But I beg you would recommend to their Perusal your ninth Speculation: They may there be taught to take warning from the Club of Duellists; and be put in mind, that the common Fate of those Men of Honour was to be hang'd.

But as you acknowledge you had not then a perfect History of the whole Club, you might very easily omit one of the most notable Species of it, the Sweaters, which may be reckon'd a sort of Dancing-Masters too.

My Friend Sir ROGER DE COVERLEY, when we last met together at the Club, told me, that he had a great mind to see the new Tragedy with me, assuring me at the same time, that he had not been at a Play these twenty Years.

Honeycomb, who loves to shew upon occasion all the little Learning he has picked up, told us yesterday at the Club, that he thought there might be a great deal said for the Transmigration of Souls, and that the Eastern Parts of the World believed in that Doctrine to this day.

In three or four of these Taverns, I have, at different times, taken notice of a precise Set of People with grave Countenances, short Wiggs, black Cloaths, or dark Camlet trimmd with Black, and mourning Gloves and Hatbands, who meet on certain Days at each Tavern successively, and keep a sort of moving Club.

Mr. SPECTATOR, I was last Wednesday Night at a Tavern in the City, among a Set of Men who call themselves the Lawyer's Club.

You must know, Sir, this Club consists only of Attorneys; and at this Meeting every one proposes the Cause he has then in hand to the Board, upon which each Member gives his Judgment according to the Experience he has met with.

Mr. SPECTATOR, The Conversation at a Club, of which I am a Member, last Night falling upon Vanity and the Desire of being admired, put me in mind of relating how agreeably I was entertained at my own Door last Thursday by a clean fresh-colour'd Girl, under the most elegant and the best furnished Milk-Pail I had ever observed.

And he whistled sweet; And I in the crusted snow With snow-clubbed feet Jigged to and fro, Till, from the day, The rose-light ebbed away.

Their hair was dressed in different ways; sometimes it was clotted with red pigment and seal oil, clubbed up behind, and bound round with a fillet of opossum-fur, spun into a long string, in which parrot-feathers, escalop shells, and other ornaments being fixed in different fanciful ways, gave the wearer a warlike appearance.

But the trouble grew worse, and he saw it was intended that he should be clubbed to death like a jackal in a drain.

They, for the most part, remove a portion of their hair, the remainder of which is drawn to the back of the head, clubbed and ornamented with beads, ribbons, cock's feathers, or, if they are so entitled, an eagle's feather for every scalp taken from an enemy.

Her hair was clubbed behind and loaded with beads of various colors.

I dunno why I'm dirtying my hands on yuhyuh ain't fit to be clubbed to death with a tent pole!"

All this while the foot on both sides were desperately engaged, and coming close up to the teeth of one another with the clubbed musket and push of pike, fought with great resolution, and a terrible slaughter on both sides, giving no quarter for a great while; and they continued to do thus, till, as if they were tired, and out of wind, either party seemed willing enough to leave off, and take breath.

Her hair, gathered into a golden club at the nape of the neck, glittered in the sun, her eyes deepened like the violet depths of mid-heaven.

The remaining savage, a chief, by his lock and eagle-quill, had fastened to Elerson's legs with the fury of a tree-cat, clawing and squalling, while Murphy dealt him blow on blow with clubbed stock, and finally was forced to shoot him so close that the rifle-flame set his greased scalp-lock afire.

he cried, furiously; but I seized his bridle, swung his frightened horse, and struck the animal across the buttocks with clubbed rifle.

Men dismounted and clubbed them with shotguns and carbines,anything to administer death.

At all the cross-roads and court-houses there sprang up taverns or ordinaries, and in these the men of a neighborhood would gather, and over a bowl of punch or a bottle of wine, the expense of which they "clubbed" to share, would spend their evenings.

This sad duty fulfilled, he was about to return, when, passing towards dusk down St. James Street, he saw Henry Grainger, habited in a remarkable sporting-dress, standing with several other gentlemen at the door of one of the club-houses.

We clubbed together to keep the model going.'

First of all the natives of the bay paddled out to view his ships, and, falling on a boat's crew, clubbed four out of seven of the men.

He tells how a fleet of canoes, each carrying from thirteen to seventeen men, hung about his vessels, and how the strongly-built, gruff-voiced natives, with yellowish-brown skins, and with white feathers stuck in their clubbed hair, refused all offers of intercourse.

In one of his later voyages, the navigator was informed that a European vessel had lately been wrecked near the same part of the country, and that the crew, who reached the shore, had all been clubbed after a desperate resistance.

George himself clubbed half a dozen, who threw themselves at his feet begging for mercy.

Amid a clash of tomahawks and clubbed rifles, the antagonists fought hand to hand, and fought well.

On the contrary, listen to the stock-joke; lend an attentive ear to the witticism clubbed by the whole green-roomfor there is rarely more than one at a time in circulationand no man talks fasternone with a deeper delight to himselfnone more profound, more knowing.