42 examples of clubhouse in sentences

" MacPherson came down the stone steps of the clubhouse, gravely disquieted.

I was in the clubhouse.

"Had it begun to snow when you left the clubhouse?

"Mr. Cumberland, you admitted in your direct examination that you took with you out of the clubhouse only one bottle of the especial brand you favoured, although you carried up two into the kitchen?" "No, I said that I only had one when I got to Cuthbert Road.

What's the use fooling?" "Mr. Cumberland, the only two bottles known to contain this especial brand of wine were in the clubhouse at ten o'clock that night.

Let us disentangle, if we can, our knowledge of what occurred in the clubhouse, from his knowledge of it at the time he showed these unexpected traits of self-control and brotherly anxiety, which you will yet hear so severely scored by my able opponent.

"Look at the crowd on the clubhouse float," gasped Dan as soon as the Naval chums had gotten their craft under way.

" "You forget," nudged Darrin, "that there's a telephone in the clubhouse.

The two apparently drowned girls were lifted from the boat in haste and borne to a room that had been made ready on the second floor of the clubhouse.

"Back in the clubhouse, Murray was as happy as a lark.

I was in the clubhouse during the second game, taking off my uniform, when the clubhouse boy came in.

I was in the clubhouse during the second game, taking off my uniform, when the clubhouse boy came in.

When her turn came, a spot-light on the clubhouse was to illuminate the float and reveal her, combing her golden hair with a golden comb and singing away like the Musical Arts.

That made me feel better, and so I ditched the purveyor of refreshments and fled to the clubhouse.

Between the festival and the new clubhouse it's got Charley Cook running around in circles.

"The clubhouse had its official opening last night, and as yet none of those that were in attendance have appeared upon the scene.

"Wilbur went to the opening of the new clubhouse last night, and I got a 'phone from him this morning saying he was going home and get some sleep.

The sergeant entered the clubhouse and returned with Danton.

I'm a member of the golf-club there, and was down at the clubhouse one morning looking at the papers when a fat middle-aged man, about my age, asked me if I cared for a game.

Arrived in New York, they went to the clubhouse, and took the same rooms they had before.

A group of gentlemen stood on the steps of the clubhouse which stands at that corner.

The Bohemian Club's devotion to music and drama finds expression beyond the plays and concerts at its town clubhouse.

" "Awfully good of you," Merle responded, graciously, for he was no longer swinging at a ball, but merely walking back to the clubhouse, where one man was as good as another.

It is a marked feature of labouring life that the respectable inn of the village at which the travelling farmer, or even persons higher in rank, occasionally call, which has a decent stable, and whose liquors are of a genuine character, is almost deserted by the men who seek the reeking tap of the ill-favoured public which forms the clubhouse of all the vice of the village.

The English Jockey Club in Mexico used to improve on this popular pastime by suspending huge figures of Judas, stuffed with copper coins, from ropes in front of their clubhouse.

42 examples of  clubhouse  in sentences
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