41 examples of cocaine in sentences

So while the thyroid raises the energy level of the brain, and the whole nervous system, as a byproduct of its general awakening effect upon all the cells of the body, the pituitary probably stimulates the brain cells more directly, perhaps in the manner of caffeine or cocaine.

Thus the effects of cocaine may be compared with the effects of thyroid.

But while there is a normal mechanism for thyroid detoxication, the cocaine or heroin derivatives mark the tissues permanently with their scars and deform the personality.

[Coll.]; opium, cocaine, morphine, heroin; LSD, lysergic acid diethylamide [Chem]; phencyclidine, angel dust, PCP; barbiturates; amphetamines, speed [Coll.].

Where, though we may have suspected the foot, we have not been able to definitely assure ourselves that there the mischief is to be found, a further method of examination presents itselfnamely, subcutaneous injections of cocaine along the course of the plantar nerves.

The salt of cocaine used is the hydrochlorate, 2-1/2 grains for a pony, 4 grains for a medium-sized animal, and 6 grains for a large horse.

For the diagnosis of lameness cocaine injections are of very considerable value.

In the sale of horses cocaine injections conceal fraud.

Cocaine being an irritant, it must be remembered that after the anæsthesia the lameness is somewhat more marked than before.

To the cocaine other practitioners add morphia in the following proportions: Cocaine hydrochlorate 2-1/2 grains.

To the cocaine other practitioners add morphia in the following proportions: Cocaine hydrochlorate 2-1/2 grains.

As a diagnostic this mixture of the two is said to be far superior to either cocaine or morphia alone.

Injected 2 grains of cocaine in aqueous solution on either side of the limb, immediately over the metacarpal nerves.

solution of cocaine on either side of the leg over the metacarpal nerves.

Injected subcutaneously over the metacarpal nerves on each side 6 grains of cocaine in aqueous solution.

This animal received altogether 12 grains of cocaine (3 grains were given on either side first, then fifteen minutes afterwards the same dose repeated).

Cocaine hydrochlorate solutions, if intended to be kept for any length of time, should have added to them when freshly made 1/200 part of boric acid in order to preserve them.

By some practitioners the operation is performed with the animal standing, local anæsthesia having been first obtained by the use of cocaine, or an ethyl chloride spray.

Cocaine, the alkaloid of coca leaves, is decomposed by heating with hydrochloric acid into methyl alcohol, benzoic acid, and a crystalline base, ecgonine, C{9}H{15}NO{3}.

I cannot, however, resist mentioning the endurance of a big black Senegalais, who won the admiration of both doctors and neighbors by refusing morphine or cocaine, and insisting on having the seven bullets that were lodged in his neck and throat withdrawn thusnever uttering a murmur!

Whatever may be said of the strict prohibition of liquor dealing, no one can have any objection to such laws as applied to cocaine, opium, or other poisonous drugs, and we find statutes of this sort in increasing number; while the manufacture and sale of cigarettes to minors or even in some States, their consumption, is strictly prohibited, under criminal penalty.

Next, the general line of legislation in the interest of the health of the public, such as pure food and drug laws, and examination for trade or professional licenses; and finally laws protecting the individual against himself, such as liquor and anti-cigarette or anti-cocaine laws.

COCAINE, an alkaloid from the leaf of the coca plant, used as an anæsthetic.

Yet cocaine is chemically very different from caffeine, simply producing a similar physiological effect in much smaller doses.

The difference was taken as the alkaloid cocaine, and it amounted to 0.077 grm., equal to 0.26 per cent.

41 examples of  cocaine  in sentences