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2710 examples of  cocking  in sentences

2710 examples of cocking in sentences

Towards evening, we saw numbers of little grey wood rabbits, hopping around among the dense undergrowth on the ridge where our tents were situated, squatting themselves down and cocking up their long ears, as they paused occasionally to examine the strange visitors who had come among them.

I heard the click of it cocking, and the next I knew it was levelled at the girl's breast.

Rab looked perplexed and dangerousforever cocking his ear and dropping it as fast.

He had a mild chinless face and his long beaky nose, round large spectacles, and trick of cocking his head sideways when conversing, gave him the appearance of an intelligent little dicky-bird.

Then, cocking the gun, he cautiously raised himself to one knee.

Now quit cocking those automatic eyebrows at me; you've been doing that ever since we met, and they haven't gone off yet, not once.

The captain, in his excitement, had drawn a pistol and was cocking it.

Fernando was impressed that the strange vision was the result of some English trickery, while Sukey, cocking his gun, declared: "If it's mortal, I'll soon make it immortal.

Cocking his gun, he tried to pierce the jungle, not fully decided whether the noise were made by man or beast.

"You aren't 'inting atlove, are ye?" enquired the Waggoner cocking a somewhat sheepish eye at him.

Cocking-mains, local games of chance, and more hectic immoralities were set forth for the delectation of the private soldiers; while I have personal knowledge of at least one quasi-clandestine bullfight, that may be best described as a furtive fizzle.

"The divils have hurrooshed us, Ted," said his brother subaltern, cocking his revolver.

No, it is no use your cocking your pistol, sir.

"My Gawd, Tom," said Mr. Saltoun, cocking a grizzled eyebrow, "you don't mean to tell me you think they's any chance a-tall of Racey's winning this bet, do you?"

He broke off, cocking a listening ear.

Rab looked perplexed and dangerous; forever cocking his ear and dropping it as fast.

So he stepped briskly up on the carriage-block, and only hesitated when he saw that the prince, utterly ignoring the presence of the princess and Lady Diantha, was edging forward and cocking an alert ear to catch the address which Lanyard was on the point of giving the cabby.

" "Then who, in your opinion," he asked sarcastically, and cocking his funny birdlike head on one side, "tried to sell diamond earrings to Mr. Campbell, the jeweller?

He gave her the gun that was slung across his shoulders, which would have bothered him, and, cocking the one he held in his hands, advanced slowly towards the house, walking among the trees that bordered the road, ready at the least hostile demonstration, to hide behind the largest, whence he could fire from under cover.

'Well, really, I think that you are right, my friend,' said the other, drawing out his pistol and cocking it.

On Thursday last it rain'd and lighten'd; These tender lovers, sadly frighten'd, Shelter'd beneath the cocking hay, In hopes to pass the storm away; But the bold thunder found them out (Commissioned for that end, no doubt), And, seizing on their trembling breath, Consign'd them to the shades of death.

On July 24th I saw the descent of the parachute by which Mr Cocking was killed.

When is the Cocking, gentlemen?

Gradually he slackened his pace, drawing and cocking his revolver; then he turned suddenly to confront the yelping Nemesis behind him.

They are making of hay in the meadows there; and 'twas sweet to see Moll and her husband, with their two boys, cocking the sweet grass.

" "Now who would you say was going to win this fight?" continued the jockey, cocking his head with an air of shrewdness, which said as plainly as words, "You are the one to tell if you will only say.

It is in this part that I best remember him; tall, slender, with a not ungraceful stoop; looking quite like a refined gentleman, and quite like an urbane adventurer; smiling with an engaging ambiguity; cocking at you one peaked eyebrow with a great appearance of finesse; speaking low and sweet and thick, with a touch of burr; telling strange tales with singular deliberation and, to a patient listener, excellent effect.

Having proceeded about two miles with large herds of game on every side, I observed a crusty-looking, old bull borรจlรฉ, or black rhinoceros, cocking his ears one hundred yards in advance.

She paused in her quick, bird-like movements for she was waitress, cook, cashier, manager and owner, all rolled into oneand cocking a saucy, unkempt head at him asked that the question be repeated.

" one is mad of hawking, hunting, cocking; another of carousing, horse-riding, spending; a fourth of building, fighting, &c., Insanit veteres statuas Damasippus emendo, Damasippus hath an humour of his own, to be talked of:

"We talked for a while longer, and then Tassoc suggested billiards, which we played in a pretty half-hearted fashion, and all the time cocking an ear to the door, as you might say, for sounds; but none came, and later, after coffee, he suggested early bed, and a thorough overhaul of the room on the morrow.

His voice in speaking is wonderfully pleasing, and he has a habit of cocking his head on one side, in a bird-like fashion.

Carry the left hand smartly to the small of the stock, forearm horizontal, palm of the hand down, thumb and fingers extended and joined, forefinger touching the end of the cocking piece.

Carry the left hand smartly to the small of the stock, forearm horizontal, palm of hand down, thumb and fingers extended and joined, forefinger touching end of cocking piece; look toward the person saluted.

(b) SELF-COCKING ACTION.The force required to squeeze the trigger of the revolver when the self-cocking device is used is considerably greater than with the single action.

(b) SELF-COCKING ACTION.The force required to squeeze the trigger of the revolver when the self-cocking device is used is considerably greater than with the single action.

To accustom a soldier to the use of the self-cocking mechanism, and also to strengthen and develop the muscles of the hand, a few minutes practice daily in holding the unloaded revolver on a mark and snapping it, using the self-cocking mechanism, is recommended.

To accustom a soldier to the use of the self-cocking mechanism, and also to strengthen and develop the muscles of the hand, a few minutes practice daily in holding the unloaded revolver on a mark and snapping it, using the self-cocking mechanism, is recommended.

The use of the self-cocking device in firing is not recommended except in emergency.

By practice in cocking the revolver the soldier can become sufficiently expert to fire very rapidly, using single action, while his accuracy will be greater than when using double action.

The forefinger should be clear of the trigger when cocking the pistol.

Some men have difficulty at first in cocking the pistol with the right thumb.

You shoot?" "No." "Pity; there ought to be noble cocking in these woods.

In the twinkling of an eye the trappers sprang to their feet, and cocking their rifles stood perfectly motionless, scowling at the savages, who were completely taken by surprise at the unusual suddenness and informality of such a declaration of war.

Cocking his rifle, the young hunter sprang through the bushes towards his horse, and was just in time to save a Banattee Indian from being strangled by the dog.

exclaimed Joe, cocking his gun; "there he is, an' no mistake.

Cocking my revolver, I called to Gerรดme, and was answered by a volley of oaths, while another riderless horse galloped past me and disappeared in the darkness.

"That's who it is," I called to them, cocking my pistol.

Cut round t'other side of 'im, Red, and we'll settle 'is 'ash!" Petrak started off to the left of him to circle and get behind me, and Long Jim began to draw near, cocking his pistol again and raising it and leering at me.

I need not tell my learned Reader, this is that Muscle which performs the Motion so often mentioned by the Latin Poets, when they talk of a Man's cocking his Nose, or playing the Rhinoceros.

This is visible in all the cocking Youths you see about this Town, who are noisy in Assemblies, unawed by the Presence of wise and virtuous Men; in a word, insensible of all the Honours and Decencies of human Life.

This threat being dramatically capped by the click of a cocking pistol, 'Frisco Kid obeyed and went grumblingly back to the cockpit.

" "Evil is mighty, but the good must eventually prevail," he observed, impertinently cocking his snub nose toward heaven.

"Quick, naow!" said Abel, who had heard the click of cocking the pistol, and saw that he held it in his hand, as he came towards him.

Richard made himself very unpopular in 1485 by his forced loans, as they were called: a system of assessing a man after dark with a self-cocking writ and what was known as the headache-stick, a small weapon which was worn up the sleeve during the day, and which was worn behind the ear by the loyal subject after nightfall.

"It depends," said the judge, cocking a critical eye on the now furious Quinby.

A mere cocking of one eyebrow it was, but amusingly expressive.

Three or four sulphur matches were scratched at the same moment on trousers made tight by cocking the knee up.

And sometimes, as she sat in dreamy reverie, resting her small, round arms on the window-sill, she fancied that the little feathered watcher gave her familiar nods and winks of a confidential nature,cocking the small head first to one side and then to the other, to get a better view of her gentle human neighbor.

"You are a clever little wretch, you know," said I, she cocking her eye, trying to divine my meaning with vague smile.

" As I had some opinion of my son's prudence, I was willing enough to entrust him with this commission; and the next morning I perceived his sisters mighty busy in fitting out Moses for the fair; trimming his hair, brushing his buckles, and cocking his hat with pins.

Then I put them back in the holsters, and I examined my little mare, she jerking her head and cocking her ears the while, as if to tell me that an old soldier like herself did not make a fuss about a scratch or two.

It has a strange quick jar upon the ear, That cocking of a pistol, when you know A moment more will bring the sight to bear Upon your person, twelve yards off, or so, A gentlemanly distance, not too near, If you have got a former friend for foe; But after being fired at once or twice, The ear becomes more Irish, and less nice.

The man lay with a slate-coloured face, his chin cocking up towards the sky, his eyes turned upwards to the whites, and his mouth wide open showing a leathern crinkled tongue like a rotting leaf.

Slowly, very slowly, the bows of the brigantine were settling down, and her stern cocking up.

Hoarse whisperings and the click of the cocking of guns from below told that the Iroquois were mustering for a rush.

Is your missis dumb? or wot?' "'You don't understand,' he ses, cocking up 'is nose at me.

The breech action of the Lee does not materially differ in design from other bolt rifles, except that the bolt is in two pieces onlythe body, or bolt proper, and the hammer or cocking-piece.

Captain Lewis now came to the front of his men, and ordered: "'Seize the bridle, and down with the rebel!' "'Let no man lay a hand on me or my horse, as he values his life,' said the horseman in a determined tone, at the same time cocking his pistol.

The word 'ready' was given, and the cocking of guns could be distinctly heard.

At the same instant he drew a pistol and snapped at Gen. Canby, but cocking the pistol again shot him through the right eye.

'She's cocking her bows up.

A jay posed his deep shining blue on a cluster of scarlet sumac, and, cocking his crested head, screamed at him mockingly.

Durnford House, built for him by the nation, is still standing, and at Cocking Causeway is a monument to his memory.

He was cocking up his grey moustaches at either end and curling them into his eyes, and strutting out with his sound leg as proud as a piper.

Can't you see them now dipping their beaks into the water and cocking their heads up at the sky afterwards!"

At times, cocking his eye toward certain upper casements, he patted his fine vest furtively, with a gleeful and mischievous grin.

" There were some six-hundred white-hatted cadets stationed at this spot, all thirsting (presumably) for information on gas, and Mills bombs, and studs on the cocking-piece, and forming fours, and vertical intervals and District Courts-martial; and when the order came to "carry on" with education it caused something like a panic.

" "But it has leaked out, you see," Tommy said; "and they will all be admiring me for it at the wedding, and no doubt I shall be cocking my greetin' eyes at them to note how much they are admiring.

One of the backwoodsmen was in the act of cocking his rifle when a loyalist, dashing at him with the bayonet, pinned his hand to his thigh; the rifle went off, the ball going through the loyalist's body, and the two men fell together.

The white wood rangers were as ruthless as their red foes, sparing neither sex nor age; and the scouts were cocking rifles when Wells recognized the Indians as being the family into which he had been adopted, and by which he had been treated as a son and brother.

Lord Bazelhurst, attired in his brown corduroys and his tan waistcoat, certainly suggested the partridge as he hopped nimbly about in the distant foreground, cocking his ears from time to time with all the aloofness of that wily bird.

Just before three Britt ran heavily up the steps of the First National, puffing down the corridor, cocking a hasty eye at the clock as he came.

" "It will, eh?" muttered the farmer, a peculiar click, click, where his hand grasped the gun, showing that he was cocking the weapon, so as to be ready for business.

" "Let me know when you're going to shoot, Mr. Pitcairn," said Tom, also cocking his revolver, "because I want to join in.

A young Man whose Passion and Ambition is to be good and wise, and an old one who has no Inclination to be lewd or debauched, are quite unconcerned in this Speculation; but the Cocking young Fellow who treads upon the Toes of his Elders, and the old Fool who envies the sawcy Pride he sees in him, are the Objects of our present Contempt and Derision.

I need not tell my learned Reader, this is that Muscle which performs the Motion so often mentioned by the Latin Poets, when they talk of a Man's cocking his Nose, or playing the Rhinoceros.

The speaker pounded with his mallet, and Foot ran down the aisle to the chair, drawing out a great horse-pistol and cocking it, cried: "Let him come on, gentlemen!

Gun failed to go off; cocking it properly.

"It mun ha' been a fit or soom sich thing," continued Ted, cocking his hat over his eye and glancing waggishly at Lovelady.

He stepped back a pace, I quickly pulled from under the pillow my self-cocking revolver, and fired in rapid succession.

Though the pirate was wounded by the first shot from Maynard, though he had received twenty cuts, and as many shots, he fought with desperate valor; but at length, when in the act of cocking his pistol, fell down dead.

" "A couple of strokes, and it's finished," said the artist, cocking his head on one side and screwing up his blue eyes.

"Aweel," he replied, craning his skinny neck and cocking his head impudently"aweel, a'll admit that, too.

I cried, cocking my rifle, "if one of you dares disobey, I'll shoot him where he stands!

All the heelers to the play now jumped their horses forward, holding their six-shooters over their heads, ratcheting the cylinders of their revolvers by cocking and lowering the hammers, as if nothing but a fight would satisfy their demand for gore.

The room was darker than usual; the green shade over the lamp was tilted wickedly as though it were cocking its eye at Markovitch's vain hopes, and there was the man himself, one cheek a ghastly green, his hair on end and his chair precariously balanced.

Even those little indescribable movements which a lecturer takes cognizance of, just as a driver notices his horse's cocking his ears, are sure to come in exactly the same place of your lecture, always.

Frank took a favorable position at a little distance from the foot of the tree, and cocking both barrels, so as to be ready for any emergency, in case the first should not prove fatal, raised his gun to his shoulder, and glancing along the clean, brown tube, covered one of the wild-cat's eyes with the fatal sight, and pressed the trigger.

" "Well," said Archie, cocking his gun, and pushing it carefully through the bushes, "you be ready to take them as they rise.