2710 examples of cocking in sentences

Rab looked perplexed and dangerousforever cocking his ear and dropping it as fast.

Now quit cocking those automatic eyebrows at me; you've been doing that ever since we met, and they haven't gone off yet, not once.

The captain, in his excitement, had drawn a pistol and was cocking it.

Fernando was impressed that the strange vision was the result of some English trickery, while Sukey, cocking his gun, declared: "If it's mortal, I'll soon make it immortal.

"You aren't 'inting atlove, are ye?" enquired the Waggoner cocking a somewhat sheepish eye at him.

Cocking-mains, local games of chance, and more hectic immoralities were set forth for the delectation of the private soldiers; while I have personal knowledge of at least one quasi-clandestine bullfight, that may be best described as a furtive fizzle.

No, it is no use your cocking your pistol, sir.

" "Then who, in your opinion," he asked sarcastically, and cocking his funny birdlike head on one side, "tried to sell diamond earrings to Mr. Campbell, the jeweller?

Gradually he slackened his pace, drawing and cocking his revolver; then he turned suddenly to confront the yelping Nemesis behind him.

" "Now who would you say was going to win this fight?" continued the jockey, cocking his head with an air of shrewdness, which said as plainly as words, "You are the one to tell if you will only say.

Having proceeded about two miles with large herds of game on every side, I observed a crusty-looking, old bull borèlé, or black rhinoceros, cocking his ears one hundred yards in advance.

" "Evil is mighty, but the good must eventually prevail," he observed, impertinently cocking his snub nose toward heaven.

"It depends," said the judge, cocking a critical eye on the now furious Quinby.

Then I put them back in the holsters, and I examined my little mare, she jerking her head and cocking her ears the while, as if to tell me that an old soldier like herself did not make a fuss about a scratch or two.

The word 'ready' was given, and the cocking of guns could be distinctly heard.

Durnford House, built for him by the nation, is still standing, and at Cocking Causeway is a monument to his memory.

Can't you see them now dipping their beaks into the water and cocking their heads up at the sky afterwards!"

At times, cocking his eye toward certain upper casements, he patted his fine vest furtively, with a gleeful and mischievous grin.

" There were some six-hundred white-hatted cadets stationed at this spot, all thirsting (presumably) for information on gas, and Mills bombs, and studs on the cocking-piece, and forming fours, and vertical intervals and District Courts-martial; and when the order came to "carry on" with education it caused something like a panic.

" "But it has leaked out, you see," Tommy said; "and they will all be admiring me for it at the wedding, and no doubt I shall be cocking my greetin' eyes at them to note how much they are admiring.

Lord Bazelhurst, attired in his brown corduroys and his tan waistcoat, certainly suggested the partridge as he hopped nimbly about in the distant foreground, cocking his ears from time to time with all the aloofness of that wily bird.

"Aweel," he replied, craning his skinny neck and cocking his head impudently"aweel, a'll admit that, too.

I cried, cocking my rifle, "if one of you dares disobey, I'll shoot him where he stands!

All the heelers to the play now jumped their horses forward, holding their six-shooters over their heads, ratcheting the cylinders of their revolvers by cocking and lowering the hammers, as if nothing but a fight would satisfy their demand for gore.

Even those little indescribable movements which a lecturer takes cognizance of, just as a driver notices his horse's cocking his ears, are sure to come in exactly the same place of your lecture, always.

2710 examples of  cocking  in sentences