78 examples of coddles in sentences

Take half a dozen large apples, (coslings or any other apples that will be soft) and coddle them; when they are cold take out the pulp; then take the whites of four or five eggs, (leaving out the strains) three quarters of a pound of double-refined sugar beat and sifted, a spoonful or two of rose-water and grate in a little lemon-peel, so beat all together for an hour, whilst it be white, then lay it on a china dish, to serve it up.

Take a quart of gooseberries, pick, coddle, and bruise them very well in a marble mortar or wooden bowl, and rub them with the back of a spoon through a hair sieve, till you take out all the pulp from the seeds; take a pint of thick cream, mix it well among your pulp grate in some lemon-peel, and sweeten it to your taste; serve it up either in a china dish or an earthen one.

Coddle your quinces, cut them in small pieces, and to a pound of quinces take three quarters of a pound of sugar, boil it to a candy height, having ready a quarter of a pint of quince liquor boil'd and skim'd, put the quinces and liquor to your sugar, boil them till it looks clear, which will be very quickly, then close your quince, and when cold cover it with jelly of pippens to keep the colour.

It will do those girls good, John, to have some human being to coddle and care for.

It is impossible for one who leads an existence of royal luxury and coddles himself like a woman to think any valorous thoughts or do valorous deeds, because it is quite inevitable that a person takes the impress of the practices with which he comes in contact.

It's the only occupation of the district, to have little Parisians to coddle and love!

You should just see how La Loiseau coddles him!

honeymoon; Strephon and Chloe^. V. caress, fondle, pet, dandle; pat, pat on the head, pat on the cheek; chuck under the chin, smile upon, coax, wheedle, cosset, coddle, cocker, cockle; make of, make much of; cherish, foster, kill with kindness.

please oneself, indulge oneself, coddle oneself; consult one's own wishes, consult one's own pleasure; look after one's own interest; feather one's nest; take care of number one, have an eye to the main chance, know on which side one's bread is buttered; give an inch and take an ell.

When nature is "so careless of the single life," why should we coddle ourselves into the fancy that our own is of exceptional importance?

Swallow these two paragraphs of concession as the infusion drawn from those two doctrines laid down at starting, and throw away the effete axioms as fit only for old women to coddle and drench themselves withal.

They began to dose her and to coddle her.

"I'll show you I'm no coddle!"

"Nurse always makes such a molly-coddle of me, and so does granny; but I'll try as hard as I can to be better.

What should I do, punish, or act as I longed to, coddle the boys and comfort the poor knees?

What had he been Doing that he should attempt to Coddle her into a Forgiving Mood?

As well talk of decking a porcupine with wreaths of flowers, and making it a household pet, to coddle and caress.

We content ourselves with saying it will never do to raise our boys as molly-coddles; they must learn to fight.

In certain contingencies, such as the loss of the queen with no eggs in the royal cells, the workers take the larva of an ordinary bee, enlarge the cell by taking in the two adjoining ones, and nurse it and stuff it and coddle it, till at the end of sixteen days it comes out a queen.

That doesn't mean that you ought to coddle idleness, or to be slack with viciousness, or even to carry on the pay-roll well-meaning incompetence.

she answered him: "'Tis somewhat the way with maidens to sigh for that not easily attained, and it might serve thee to put forth an indifferent air and incline thy attentions toward another and act a mighty cold lord and coddle not her desires.

Ann Coddle or old Peter?

Ann Coddle fretted me, and was very little in the room.

What would become of the cook, and Ann Coddle?

"Marriages in May are not happy," said Ann Coddle.

78 examples of  coddles  in sentences
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