119 examples of cogent in sentences

" "A cogent argument.

When Bishop Berkeley said there was no matter, And proved it, 'twas no matter what he said, is as cogent a refutation of idealism as the cumbrous wit of Scotch logicians.

Not because I am blinded by any sentimentalism of to-day, which, as in a child's story, brings all right for everyone in the end; but for this very cogent reason that of all created beings Our Lady is the most merciful, loving and tenderRefugium Peccatorum.

He had too much spirit to resume either of those professions, which for reasons so cogent in his opinion, he had already quitted.

All the elaborate argument therefore and the cogent reasoning of the above extract fall to pieces based as they are upon a case that has never existed.

The young man stood stock-still while a cogent reaction swept over him.

But to do that would be to make himself conspicuous, and there were many reasons, all more or less cogent, why he did not wish to make himself conspicuous.

this argument was too cogent to be combated, and so I interfered no more.

A still more cogent objection is that if you occupy your attention with the task of copying the lecture verbatim, you do not have time to think, but become merely an automatic recording machine.

He is the most brilliant and cogent argument in favor of a system illustrated by such a man; he is the type of the reign of law in the moral orderthat reign of law which the philosophic Duke of Argyll has so recently and so ably discussed as pervading the natural as well as the supernatural world.

And considerations equally cogent require a more convenient organization of the subordinate tribunals, which may be accomplished without an objectionable increase of the number or expense of the judges.

The idea of taxation without representation is irritating to their sense of justice, and for many other cogent reasons Congress will be forced by public opinion to admit the Territories to all the rights of sovereign States.

E.A.F.] Not taking into account the large percentage of myopes among the deaf, we believe there are other cogent reasons why, if found practicable, the use of the sense of touch may become an important element in our eclectic system of teaching.

For if ever there was an argument in favour of purely scientific education more cogent than another, it is surely this (a few years back it might have been put into the mouth of any advocate of science; now it reads like the merest mockery): "What can teach the noble quality of mercy, of sensitiveness to all forms of suffering, so powerfully as the knowledge of what suffering really is?

The newspaper closed its report of the speech by a concealment of its further burden: "The Hon. member adduced in support of his opinion various other arguments, still more cogent and impressive, which from reasons very obvious we decline making public."

The most cogent reason that Harvey D. could advance at first was that there were too many Liberty Bonds to be bought.

There is burly strength in his positive opinions, his cogent statement, his remorseless logic, his thorough knowledge of the persons and things that he discusses.

Cogent Reasons.

Neither argument is cogent.

The husband tires of her and sends her back, without cogent reasons, to her parents.

To the lie of commerce, and the lie of malice, the motive is so apparent, that they are seldom negligently or implicitly received; suspicion is always watchful over the practices of interest; and whatever the hope of gain, or desire of mischief, can prompt one man to assert, another is by reasons equally cogent incited to refute.

Yet so it is, that an Idler meets every hour of his life with men who have different opinions upon every thing past, present, and future; who deny the most notorious facts, contradict the most cogent truths, and persist in asserting to-day what they asserted yesterday, in defiance of evidence, and contempt of confutation.

I shall begin with RECTITUDE OR JUSTICE, the most cogent precept in the code of the samurai.

They have definite and consistent ideas; they perceive the logical connection of these ideas, and advocate them in a very cogent and powerful manner; and they propose to push them with determination and zeal.

About this same personal offensiveness, the Southerners you know insist that it is inherent with the race, and it is one of their most cogent reasons for keeping them as slaves.

119 examples of  cogent  in sentences