Do we say coif or quaff

coif 41 occurrences

His broad shield hung behind his shoulder, balanced by a long lance whose gay banderol fluttered wanton to the soft-breathing air; above his mail-coif he wore a small bright-polished bascinet, while, at his high-peaked saddle-bow his ponderous war-helm swung, together with broad-bladed battle-axe.

So do I keep a merry heartdum spiro sperotrusting to the good St. Giles, which, as methinks you know is my" The archer grew suddenly dumb, his comely face blanched, and glancing round, Beltane beheld Sir Pertolepe beside him, who leaned down from his great white horse to smile wry-mouthed, and smiling thus, put back the mail-coif from his pallid face and laid a finger to the linen clout that swathed his head above the brows.

"Forsooth," exclaimed the archer, writhing in his bonds to stare upon Beltane, "forsooth, Roger, he took a dour ding upon his yellow pate, look ye; but for his mail-coif he were a dead man this hour" "He lieth very still," groaned Roger.

And in a while, being armed from head to foot, in glistening coif and hauberk and with sword girt about his middle, he came back to the lattice and leaned him there to stare again upon the moon, to wait until the manor should be wrapped in sleep and to grieve for himself with every breath he drew.

And now did the Duchess look down upon him with eyes of wonder changing to a great and tender joy, and stooping, put back his mail coif with reverent hand and laid her cheek upon that bowed and golden head.

Whereat up sprang Giles and came running with hands outstretched in welcome, yet of a sudden, paused and stood staring upon Beltane, as did the others also, for the place was very bright and moreover Beltane's mail-coif was fallen back.

" Now hereupon Giles fell to whistling, Walkyn to silence and Roger to scowling; oft looking back, jealous-eyed, to where Beltane rode a black war-horse, his mail-coif thrown back, his chin upon his breast, his eyes gloomy and wistful; and as often as he looked, Roger sighed amain.

Now would he have called a greeting, but the words died upon his lips, his breath stayed, and he stared at something that had caught in the links of the young knight's mail-coif, something that stirred light and wanton, kissed by the breath of early morna lock of bright hair that glowed a wondrous red-gold in the new-risen sun.

Across the wide market-square went Beltane, with brow o'ercast and head low-bowed until he came to one of the many doors of the great minster; there paused he to remove bascinet and mail-coif, and thus bareheaded, entered the cathedral's echoing dimness.

"Why, master" quoth he, pushing back his mail-coif to rumple his black hair, "why, master, youyou be early abroadthough forsooth 'tis a fair morning and" "Roger," quoth Beltane, looking round upon a fair garden a-bloom with flowers, "Roger, where is the Duchess Helen?"

The rich ladies wear this ornament on the top of their heads, binding it on strongly with a kind of hat or coif, which has a hole in its crown adapted for this purpose, and under this they collect their hair from the back of the head, lapped up in a kind of knot or bundle within the botta; and the whole is fixed on by means of a ligature under their throat.

My dear T.,Now cannot I call him Serjeant; what is there in a coif?

[Illustration: NO. 19] No. 19, which is a picturesque variation of the popular coif, manifestly improves this type of face, and makes the nose appear less obtrusive.

The Desert Fairy said to Allfair, "I swear by my coif you shall marry the Yellow Dwarf, or I will burn my crutch."Comtesse

UN denotes negation or contrariety; as in un-kind, un-load, un-truth, un-coif.

She turns from the crucifix to gaze at him; and we see how the interview will end: for an aged female attendant, in coif and scapulary, leans over to extinguish the candles.

Her muzzle with its very pink nostrils strongly resembles that of a goat, her large ears remind one of a peasant's coif, her eyes the color of old gold are set slant-wise, and their naturally keen expression is varied by an occasional piquant squint.

I sometimes saw in summer that, to despatch his people's business, he went into the Paris garden, clad in camlet coat and linsey surcoat without sleeves, a mantle of black taffety round his neck, hair right well combed and without coif, and on his head a hat with white peacock's plumes.

This portrait was the first example of an ecclesiastic represented as wearing a wig instead of the usual silk coif.

There have you got, I hear, into an old gallery, that has not been glazed since Queen Elizabeth, and under the nose of an infant Duke and Duchess, that will understand you no more than if you wore a ruff and a coif, and talk to them of a call of Serjeants the year of the Spanish Armada!

The gale caught the white wings of her coif, causing them to flutter about her ears, and freezing strands of her gray locks which stood out now all round her head like a grizzled halo.

" She stood close to the table, one wrinkled hand resting upon it; the guttering candles cast strange, fantastic lights on her old face, surmounted with the winged coif, and weird shadows down one side of her face.

Over this she wore a prettily-conceived coif, with a frontlet.

Now give me my black velvet robe, and my coif.

" "That was right, my little maiden," said Mrs. Woodford, hastily washing her hands, taking off her cooking apron, letting down her black gown from its pocket holes, and arranging her veil-like widow's coif, after which, in full trim for company, she sallied out to the front door, to avert, if possible, the wakening of the boy, whom she wished to appear to the best advantage.

quaff 56 occurrences

Time to touch my old man, eh?" He drank off his first glass with a quaff, laughing and waving it empty before her face to give off its perfume.

<Drink, imbibe, sip, sup, swallow, quaff, tipple, tope, guzzle, swig.

"Each of you must select at hazard, and immediately quaff one of these seven phials, in one of which only is contained the Elixir of Life.

RAKEEK TO HIS FEMALE COMPANIONS Tho' the peevish tongues upbraid, Tho' the brows of wisdom scowl, Fair ones here on roses laid, Careless will we quaff the bowl.

In olden days "holy fathers" could wear horse-hair shirts and scarify their epidermis with a finer cruelty than their modern successors, and they could, after all that, make the blithest songs, sing the merriest melodies, and quaff the oldest port with an air of jocund conscientiousness, making one slyly like them, however much inclined to dispute the correctness of their theology.

As Heaven is my judge, you quaff it off like nectar!

3. The Lord of life beside them rests; They quaff the merry wine; They do not know, those wedding guests, The present power divine.

all Death with black hands extends his mighty Pall; Their mingling gore the Fiends of Vengeance quaff, And Hell receives them with convulsive laugh.

live on; feed upon, batten upon, fatten upon, feast upon; browse, graze, crop, regale; carouse &c (make merry) 840; eat heartily, do justice to, play a good knife and fork, banquet. break bread, break one's fast; breakfast, lunch, dine, take tea, sup. drink in, drink up, drink one's fill; quaff, sip, sup; suck, suck up; lap; swig; swill [Slang], chugalug

I am scribbling a muddy epistle with an aking head, for we did not quaff Hippocrene last night.

With joy I greet thy peaks anew, And quaff again the crystal air That fills thy snow-rimmed bowl of blue.

You will grieve to go, But, believe me, if you knew, You would choose it so; Leave the lake while still you laugh; Be content to pass; Though its wine be sweet to quaff, Do not drain your glass!

Quaff, O quaff, this kind nepenthe, and forget this lost Lenore!" Quoth the Raven, "Never more.

Quaff, O quaff, this kind nepenthe, and forget this lost Lenore!" Quoth the Raven, "Never more.

The old Romanes, when they were disposed to quaff lustily, would drinke so many carouses as there were letters in the names of their mistresses, or lovers; so easily were they overcome with this vice, who by their virtue some other time, became masters of the world; but these devices are peradventure stale now; there be finer devices to provoke drunkennesse.

At the Union Hotel, St. Helier, boarders were allowed to quaff as much as they had a liking for, without being subjected to any additional charge.

As for me, I am off again to my quarters to quaff and laugh with my two hundred men-at-arms, in readiness to march when your standard is a-field, but not thither."

Quicken his eyes with mountain-dew, That Styx, the detested, No more he may view.'" "Thanks, Hebe!" Wade said, continuing the quotation, "I quaff it!

It was as if Destiny had distilled this hour for him, giving it to him to quaff.

And now, with stifled cry, by fears oppressed, The sick man feebly throws his coverings off "Let me, O Greek, a cooling potion quaff!

In mighty flagons hither bring The deep-red blood of many a vine, That we may largely quaff, and sing The praises of the god of wine, The son of Jove and Semele, Who gave the jocund grape to be A sweet oblivion to our woes.

Quaff its contents without apprehensionthey are perfectly harmless.

Though dull the joke, 'tis wise to laugh, Parch'd be the tongue that cannot quaff Save from a golden chalice; Let jesters seek no other plea, Than that their merriment be free From bitterness and malice.

Would you then sleep tranquilly after your meal, and never fear those dreams which are so fatal to gourmands, quaff your coffee; it will fall like dew upon your lips, and sweetly temper with all those juices which oppress your exhausted stomach.

I hear a voice From realms where martial souls rejoice; I hear the maids of slaughter call, Who bid me hence to Odin's hall: High seated in their blest abodes I soon shall quaff the drink of gods.

Do we say   coif   or  quaff