940 examples of col. in sentences

Col. JAMES FISK, Jr. Fools, 'od rot 'em! ..............................

In a few moments Col. McPherson's horse dropped dead, having been shot just back of the saddle.


But my relief was but of short duration: for I soon heard that our sails were very bad, and were in danger of being torn in pieces, in which case we should be driven upon the rocky shore of Col.

' The other is: 'FOR THE LAIRD OF COL. 'SIR, 'Having occasion to write to your fields, I cannot be forgetful of your willingness and good affection to his Majesty's service.

Col. It stands not with the honour you have won, Sir, Still built upon and betterd.

The community over which he presided was so far worldly in its object as to keep the canons in constant communion with men, and he would not now have met for the first time one of those self-satisfied, authoritative, boisterous, well-meaning beings, of whose class Peterchen formed so conspicuous a member, had this been the first of the bailiff's visits to the Col.

He was dressed in a little United States uniform and had pinned to his clothing a tag which read: "Santiago buck, care of Col. C.L. Wilson, Manhattan Club, New York."

CHAPTER LXX. Death of Col. Lawrence SchoolcraftPerils of the revolutionary eraOtwinMr.

Col. T. McKenney, who has been superseded in the Indian Bureau at Washington, announces, by a circular, that he is about to establish a commercial house, or agency, on a general plan, for supplying articles designed for the Indian trade and the sale of furs and peltries.

" Col. M.J. Keith, Charleston, South Carolina, in the "Mercury," Nov. 27, 1837.

When I returned to Arnold's quarters about two hours after, and told Colonel Hamilton that I had not seen him, he gave me a packet which had just arrived for me from Col. Jemmison, which immediately brought the matter to light.

Haywood says that the first help came from Evan Shelby; Col. Russell, at Baton's Station proving dilatory.

The publication of Brown's letter and the boldness of the separatist party spurred to renewed effort the Union men, one of whom, Col. Thomas Marshall, an uncle of Humphrey Marshall and father of the great Chief-Justice, sent a full account of the situation to Washington.

Christian, Col. William, death of.

Now, Sir, you must know, that I have read this your Spectator, in a Club whereof I am a Member; when our President told us, there was certainly an Error in the Print, and that the Word Glass should be Bottle; and therefore has ordered me to inform you of this Mistake, and to desire you to publish the following Errata: In the Paper of Saturday, Octob. 13, Col. 3.

In his Arator (1817) Col. John Taylor of Caroline says of agricultural slaves: "The best source for securing their happiness, their honesty and their usefulness is their food....

To "walk in this way," Col. ii.

This would be the believer's constant work, to be "crucifying the flesh, with the lusts thereof; to be mortifying their members," wherein the members of the old man quarter and lodge, Col. iii. 5; "to be spiritually minded, and to mind the things of the Spirit," Rom. viii.

They were all shadows of him, and he is the substance and body of them all, Col. ii. 17; and this is true in these respects: 1.

" "How so?" asked Col. Robinson.

Those who are familiar with a scandalous book called the "Secret History of St. Domingo," which consists of a series of letters addressed to Col. Burr by Madame D'Auvergne, will need no further illustration of his influence over women, nor of the character of those with whom he was most intimately associated.

First Class.Col. Ryan.

[Footnote 3: Speech in Reichstag, London Times, Dec. 11, 1900, p. 5, col. 1.]

" "On a trip to Washington," said Col. W.F. Cody.

940 examples of  col.  in sentences