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940 examples of  col.  in sentences

940 examples of col. in sentences

Col. Thomas Holcomb, Lieut.

It lasted about three weeks, and is graphically described by Lt. Col. B.M. Chipperfield (then a major) of the 23d Division.

Officer in command of the Royal Canadian Dragoons, Lieut-Col. C.M. Nelles of Toronto, Inspector of Cavalry for Militia Headquarters.

They are: Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States; Robert Lansing, Secretary of State; Col. Edward M. House; Henry White, former ambassador to Italy and to France, and Gen. Tasker H. Bliss, American adviser of the supreme war council.

Col. Egerton was peculiarly fitted to shine in a ball room.

CHARLES B. PENROSE, Philadelphia, Pa. R. A. F. PENROSE, JR., Philadelphia, Pa. COL. WILLIAM D. PICKETT, Four Bear, Wyo.

But my relief was but of short duration: for I soon heard that our sails were very bad, and were in danger of being torn in pieces, in which case we should be driven upon the rocky shore of Col.

' I found some uncouth lines on the death of the present laird's father, intituled 'Nature's Elegy upon the death of Donald Maclean of Col.'

The highest is seven pounds, paid by a farmer, whose son goes yearly on foot to Aberdeen for education, and in summer returns, and acts as a schoolmaster in Col. Dr. Johnson said, 'There is something noble in a young man's walking two hundred miles and back again, every year, for the sake of learning.' This day a number of people came to Col, with complaints of each others' trespasses.

In sailing from Sky to Col. Ante, p. 280.

This, and a contribution to Sparks's "American Biography," by Col. Charles Whittlesey, of Ohio, seem quite sufficient to establish the historical fact that John Fitch was the father of steam-navigation, whoever may have been its prophets.

Then it was offered to Col. CANNONAYDE, who declined it because his mother-in-law declared that she would go along too, if he went, and he thought it would be better not to let her have a change of air, as she was in a fair way to wind up pretty soon by remaining near those swamps.

While we were there Col. Hall (Colby's successor) and Yolland and Cosset came.'

He told me the substance of a report I did not see of Col. Jones, who was sent by the Duke to the Netherlands, and is returned.

" OUR FLAG ON THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS We find the following incident of placing the American flag on the highest point of the Rocky Mountains, in "Col. Fremont's Narrative:" We managed to get our mules up to a little bench about a hundred feet above the lakes, where there was a patch of good grass, and turned them loose to graze.

As Shah-co-pee's village appeared in sight, the chief addressed Col. D, who was at that time in command of Fort Snelling, asking him why we had come on such an excursion.

See also quotation in Times of July 29, p. 8, col. 2, from the Militรคr-Wochenblatt: 'The fighting power of Russia is usually over-estimated, and numbers are far less decisive than moral, the higher command, armaments....

If it had been anybody but her little Col-Col.

I., col. 455.

Rev., on Crokers's "Boswell's Johnson," Gladstone's "Church and State," Macirone, Col. Mackay, the actor Mackintosh, Sir James Macleod, John, "Voyage of H.M.S. Alceste to Loochoo" Macready, W.C. Maginn, Dr. Magnus, Samuel, his testimonial to Dean Milman Mahon, Lord (Earl Stanhope)

IV, pl. 17, col. 2.

The next morning we continued our journey; and crossing the river Allier at twelve o'clock, arrived at Clermont-Ferrand at 2 p.m., and dined with Col. Wardle.

The delators attempted the same system with the new Prefect and Col. Wardle, having invited some of the Swiss officers to a ball, to which were likewise invited people of all opinions, an information was lodged against him, purporting that he wanted to corrupt the Swiss officers from their allegiance.

"A short time before this, Ticonderoga, a fortress on lake Champlain, had been surprised by Col. Ethan Allen and his troops, and to them it had surrendered.

A handsome MS. of it, with colored illustrations (these of no great value, however), is in the Library of Congress, obtained from the collection of the late Col. Peter Force.]

Col. Stehelin, of the Royal Regiment of Artillery.

Col. Soc., p. 31; and The South Vindicated from the Treason and Fanaticism of the Abolitionists, p. 68.]

" Col. Joseph Haskett, of the Seventeenth regular Infantry, testifies to the meritorious conduct of the Negro troops.

Col. Martinez del Campos, father of General Martinez Campos, was once Military Governor of Mayari.

Col. Croxton and Maj. Johnson were all there and spoke to the men.

Col. Young puts into practice the principles that have always characterized his personal habits, and with the best results to his regiment.

In 1777, the darkest and most hopeless period of our revolutionary contest, he led a reinforcement from Albany to Fort Stanwix, up the Mohawk Valley, then alive with hostile Indians and Tories, and escaped them all, and he was in this fort, under Col. Ganzevoort, during its long and close siege by Col. St. Leger and his infuriated Indian allies.

Col. Thomas H. Benton, of the Senate, writes that an appropriation of $10,000 has been granted for carrying out a clause in the Prairie du Chien treaty, and that a convocation of the Indians in Lake Superior will take place, "so that the copper-mine business is arranged.

COPPER MINES.A private letter, from a high quarter, says: "Col. Benton's bill, respecting the copper mines, which passed Congress, only provided for permission being granted to individuals to work them at their own expense.

Col. Snelling exhibited the greatest decision of character on this occasion.

To show his partiality for his favorite beverage, I will relate an incident which occurred between Capt. Helm and Col. Charles Williamson.

Col. Alexander's slaves were hurrying on with their great preparations for the dance and feast; and as the time drew near, the old and knowing ones might be seen in groups, discussing the matter, with many a wink and nod; but it was in the valleys and by-places where the younger portion were to be found, rather secretly preparing food for the great time coming.

The night for the dance came at last, and long before the time, the road leading to Col. Alexander's plantation presented a gay spectacle.

Col. W. was boasting of his large crops, and swore that 'he made for his force, the largest crops in the country.'

"It appears also from an Alabama paper, that Col. Scott's brother, L.S. Scott Esq., and L.J. Smith Esq., were accomplices of the Colonel in the murder.

Col. Ward went from the room to the passage, and was followed by the brothers.

The parties were Col. W. Whig Hazzard, commander of one of the Georgia regiments in the recent Seminole campaign, Dr. T.F. Hazzard, a physician of St. Simons, and Thomas Hazzard, Esq. a county magistrate, on the one side, and Messrs. J.A. Willey, A.W. Willey, and H.B. Gould, Esqs. of Darien, on the other.

The reason of duties did not hold, as slaves are not, like merchandise, consumed, &c. Col. Mason, in answer to Mr. Gouverneur Morris.

"Address of the Connecticut Col. Society.

Mr. Cummins, a colored gentleman, a merchant of Bridgetown, and agent of Col. B., accompanied us.

" Col. ELIJAH ELLSWORTH, of Richfield, Ohio, gives the following testimony: "Eight or ten years ago I was in Putnam county, in the state of Georgia, at a Mr. Slaughter's, the father of my brother's wife.

My companion remarked, that though Col. W. had the reputation of making a large crop, yet he could beat him himself, and did do it the last year.

" About the time the Vicksburg paper containing the above came to hand, we received a letter from N.P. ROGERS, Esq. of Concord, N.H. the editor of the 'Herald of Freedom,' from which the following is an extract: "Some thirty years ago, I think it was, Col. Thatcher, of Maine, a lawyer, was in Virginia, on business, and was there invited to dine at a public house, with a company of the gentry of the south.

At the last session of the legislature of that state, Col. John Wilson, President of the Bank at Little Rock, the capital of the state, was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Some five weeks since, at a meeting of the citizens, Col. Christopher Scott, a lawyer of good standing, and one of the most influential citizens of the place, made a violent attack on the Tombeckbee Rail Road Company.

Col. Ward remarked that they were not in a proper place for a difficulty, if they sought one.

Some of the most prominent friends of Judge French had a meeting yesterday at Col. Young's, near this place, and warm words ensued between Mr. Albert Thomas and Belvard Peters, Esq., and a few blows were exchanged, and several of the friends of each collected at the spot.

The parties were Col. W. Whig Hazzard, commander of one of the Georgia regiments in the recent Seminole campaign, Dr. T.F. Hazzard, a physician of St. Simons, and Thomas Hazzard, Esq. a county magistrate, on the one side, and Messrs. J.A. Willey, A.W. Willey, and H.B. Gould, Esqs. of Darien, on the other.

Otter River Otterbourne Otterton Ottery St. Mary Overton Overton Hill Over Wallop Page, Harry Palmer, Julian Palmerston Pamber Parnham Park Patney Paulet, John Pennsylvania Castle Penruddocke, Col. Penselwood Pentridge Hill Pepys, Samuel Perkin Warbeck Peter of Pontefract Peveril Point Pewsey Pewsey, Vale of Philip of Castile Pilgrim Fathers Pilsdon

The "New York Herald" in writing of it said: "There has been little given to the public which throws more timely and intelligent light upon the question of coolie emigration than the book written by Col. Russell H. Conwell, of Boston.

Col. FREDERICK PALMER, a member of the Staff Corps of the United States Army, sets out to tell the story of the making of an army.

Time wore on, and at length the news came of the defeat of Col. Ross' volunteers and Capt. Smith's dragoons.

I stopped as many of the men as possible and asked Col. Bellinger to remain with the litter bearers and I would go forward and if necessary capture it back.

"While I was in Arkadelphia with Col. Bashom's horses, I went down to the spring to water the horses.

A number of beryls of a fine blue color, resembling the Mourne Mountain specimens, were found near Mount Antero, Chaffee County, Col. One of these was 4 inches long and 3/8 of an inch across, with cutting material in it.

ยฉ on col. illus.

Col. House's claim to Bank act credit sham, avers Glass.

Col. House's diary refutes Bank act claim, Glass says.

SEE Col. Wm.

Wilson, not Col. House, was the master mind.

Col. House's diary refutes Bank act claim, Glass says.

A negotiation was opened with Col. Ridgeley, who agreed to take two hundred dollars for the fugitive, and appointed a time to come to Philadelphia to arrange the business.

Archives," IV., Vol. I. Letter of Col. Wm.

Deposition of Col. James Smith, May 25, 1798.

The Fincastle men, being from the remote settlements, were unable to get together in time to start with the others; and Col. Field grew jealous of his commander and decided to march his little company alone.

Meanwhile the frontiersmen began to push back their foes, led by Col. Field.

Col. Andrew Williamson was in command of the western districts, and he at once began to gather together a force, taking his station at Picken's Fort, with forty men, on July 3d.[50]

In two or three minutes after, two of Capt. Shelby's Company came in & confirmed the account, Col. Andrew Lewis being informed thereof immediately ordered Col. Charles Lewis to take the command of 150 men from Augusta and with him went

In two or three minutes after, two of Capt. Shelby's Company came in & confirmed the account, Col. Andrew Lewis being informed thereof immediately ordered Col. Charles Lewis to take the command of 150 men from Augusta and with him went

Charles Lewis, & Col. John Fields.

(but only make doubtful sense): "These with a number of horses designed for the settlement of Kantuck &c. Jan. 30th, on which Col. Clark," etc.

We made application to Col. Logan for a guard and obtained one, but not until the danger was measureably over.

It is written by the loyalist himself, who was presumably a relation of Col. Chesney's.

[Footnote: Calendar of Va. State Papers, II., letter of Col. Wm.

Letters of Col. Wm.

Your old Friend Col. Dunn got out at Window, fled in a Fright, took cold and died immediately.

On the last day of the month they met Col. Richard Henderson, who had just come out and was running the line between Virginia and North Carolina.

Col. Todd the Commandr Col. Boon, Lt. Col. Trigg, Major Harlin who commanded their Infantry, Major Magara and a number more of their officers.

Early in 1786, the Indians began to commit and Col. numerous depredations in Kentucky, and the alarm and anger of the inhabitants became great.

That he then went to school in Fredericksburg appears by a manuscript left by Col. Byrd Willis, grandson of Col. Harry Willis, founder of the town, in which he states that his father, Lewis Willis was Washington's schoolmate.

Dey lef' me behin' an' Col. Stockdale an' Mr. Sam Matthews brung me home.

"Friends" in Wellesley Col., for Marion, Ala 26.00 West Boylston.

To-night, however, it was too dark, and stormy, and late for anyone to see who had come; and guessing it was some of the Lewises, who now lived in Col. Markham's old house, the people, one by one, went to their beds, until nearly every light in Chicopee was extinguished save the one shining out into the darkness from the room where Aunt Barbara sat, with thoughts of Ethie in her heart.

Cong, Ch. (10 of which from Col. L.N. Sykes) 26.23 East Poultney.

The summons being treated with disdain, the troops were landed with Col. Smith at their head; and while forming on the beach a slight skirmish took place with such of the inhabitants of the town, as fled for shelter to the castle.

Nicholas Churchill, and James How pleaded the king's pardon, as having surrendered themselves within the time limited in the proclamation, and Col. Bass, governor of West Jersey, to whom they surrendered, being in court, and called upon, proved the same.

Another gave me the name of Col. James H. Lane, but no regiment.

Col. Robert Edis, in "Decoration and Furniture of Town Houses," has published designs which are both simple and economical, with regard to space and money, while suitable to the specified purpose of the furniture or "fitment.

Dudley Kidd, The Essential Kafir (London, 1904), p. 238; Mr. Warren's Notes, in Col. Maclean's Compendium of Kafir Laws and Customs (Cape Town, 1866), p. 93; Rev. J. Macdonald, Light in Africa, p. 221; id., Religion and Myth (London, 1893), p. 198.

And he is said to "be all in all," Col. iv.

To resolve to abide in that way as acquiescing in it, resting satisfied with it, and thus to be "rooted in him," Col. ii. 7, and "to dwell in him," 1 John iii. 24, and "to live in him," or "through him," 1 John iv.

To "walk in this way," Col. ii.

"Our life," Col. iii. 4.

Can you?" "I think I can," answered Col. Robinson.

[Footnote 11: London Times, Weekly Ed., April 20, 1900, p. 244, col. 2.]