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21293 examples of  cold  in sentences

21293 examples of cold in sentences

She dipped through artificial dew and pollen, bloom and fountain, like one of the butterflies that circled above her small head, or one of the bright cold lizards that crept about her feet.

She loves her husband, and repels with scorn an attempt to shake her fidelity because he treats her with cold indifference.

E'en Scipio, or a victor yet more cold, Might have forgot his virtue at her sight.


Goldsmith's idea certainly was that Burke was never able to say, in the words of the Roman adage, in tempore veni quod rerum omnium est primum; but rather in plain English, "confound my ill luck, I never yet was invited to a feast but I either missed it in toto, or came so late as to be obliged to eat my mutton cold, a thing, which of all others, I most abhor."

I lose no portion of my woes, Although my tears in secret flow; More green and fresh the verdure grows, Where the cold streams run hid below.

There was a spring of hot and a spring of cold iron and sulphur water within ten feet of each other, each near a stream of cold, clear mountain water.

There was a spring of hot and a spring of cold iron and sulphur water within ten feet of each other, each near a stream of cold, clear mountain water.

In fact, our coats were beaded with a cold dew as in November, and I could not but acknowledge that my respectable colleague had reason.

The men had the appearance of suffering greatly from cold.

The great cold drops of moisture were on my forehead.

But when he came nearer his face was as the face of a dead man, and a cold chill came over us.

We shivered, not with the nerves only but with the cold.

Very cold nights now and cold feet starting march, as day footgear doesn't dry at all.

Very cold nights now and cold feet starting march, as day footgear doesn't dry at all.

Wonderfully fine weather but cold, very cold.

Wonderfully fine weather but cold, very cold.

Nothing dries and we get our feet cold too often.

Monday, February 27.Desperately cold last night: -33ยฐ when we got up, with -37ยฐ minimum.

Some suffering from cold feet, but all got good rest.

Thermometer went below -40ยฐ last night; it was desperately cold for us, but we had a fair night.

Many cold feet this morning; long time over foot gear, but we are earlier.

not quite so low, but expect we are in for cold night (Temp. -27ยฐ).

Frightfully cold starting; luckily Bowers and Oates in their last new finnesko; keeping my old ones for present.

Very cold last nightminimum -41.5ยฐ.

Cold start to march, too, as usual now.

Worse luck, the light airs come from the north and keep us horribly cold.

We are in a very queer street since there is no doubt we cannot do the extra marches and feel the cold horribly.

We get cold on the march when the trudging is heavy, and the wind pierces our warm garments.

and plod on our weary way, cold and very miserable, though outwardly cheerful.

The surface remains awful, the cold intense, and our physical condition running down.

Wanted to march later, but party feeling the cold badly as the breeze (N.) never took off entirely, and as the sun sank the temp.

Poor Wilson horribly cold, could not get off ski for some time.

Bowers and I practically made camp, and when we got into the tent at last we were all deadly cold.

The cold is intense, -40ยฐ at midday.

We are cold on the march now, and at all times except meals.

We camped with difficulty last night, and were dreadfully cold till after our supper of cold pemmican and biscuit and a half a pannikin of cocoa cooked over the spirit.

We camped with difficulty last night, and were dreadfully cold till after our supper of cold pemmican and biscuit and a half a pannikin of cocoa cooked over the spirit.

Subsidiary reasons of our failure to return are due to the sickness of different members of the party, but the real thing that has stopped us is the awful weather and unexpected cold towards the end of the journey.

You must understand that it is too cold to write much. ...

Since writing the above we got to within 11 miles of our depot, with one hot meal and two days' cold food.

It was a bitterly cold job after a long day.

It was very cold work.

The cold was unexpected, and at the same time the actual amount of oil found at the depots was less than they had counted on.

Under summer conditions, such as were contemplated, when there was less cold for the men to endure, and less firing needed to melt the snow for cooking, the fullest allowance of oil was 1 gallon to last a unit of four men ten days, or 1/40 of a gallon a day for each man.

At to the cause of the shortage, the tins of oil at the depot had been exposed to extreme conditions of heat and cold.

This process was much accelerated by reason that the leather washers about the stoppers had perished in the great cold.

I think this ship might use cold fusion for power, but I can't know for sure until I can read this stuff, or see it in action.

These short-term effects alone-intense cold, darkness, and acid rain and snow-kill the plants and photosynthetic plankton, the base of most food chains.

The exultation he had felt at having fired the final destructive bolt had instantly changed into a cold dread at his narrow escape.

At the sight of her I felt my brain in a whirl, and my finger-tips grew icy cold.

When I took her hand it felt as cold as ice.

Hers is one of those sweet dispositions that cannot bear to see unfriendly faces, or live in an atmosphere of cold displeasure.

I merely replied by a cold glance, not being able to forgive her either the letters or her conversation with my aunt.

If my disposition were cold and dry, if I were dull of mind or merely sensuous, I could have limited my life to mere vegetation or animal enjoyment.

When I think of this my heart is stirred, and I make a silent vow that she shall never feel cold as long as I live.

When I heard it I felt the metallic taste in my mouth, and a cold sensation in my brain, exactly as I had felt that evening I met Kromitzki unexpectedly.

I feel alternately very hot and very cold.

"My papa said he'd hit boards and stood on them all day one after another working cold days.

Those with cotton and made-up dresses sewn with cotton same operation as before mentioned, using half the quantity of stuffs, and working cold throughout.

Coal is put on the top of a glowing mass of charcoal, and the gas distilled off is for a longtime much too cold for ignition, and when it does catch fire it is too mixed with carbonic acid to burn completely or steadily.

But there is this difficulty about the air supply to a furnace: the needful amount is variable if the stoking be intermittent, and if you let in more than the needful amount, you are unnecessarily wasting heat and cooling the boiler, or whatever it is, by a draught of cold air.

The worst of air admitted through chinks in the doors, or through partly open doors, is that it is admitted cold, and scarcely gets thoroughly warm before it is among the stuff it has to burn.

The ideas are founded on something like the following considerations: Flame cannot touch a cold surface, i.e., one below the temperature of combustion, because by the contact it would be put out.

They have no combustion to be interfered with by cold contacts.

Long cold night.

Richard Lockridge (A); 16Mar62; R292640. Mr. Burr's cold.

MOORE, C. L. Cold gray god.

Both yesterday (Saturday) and to-day it has been cold and disagreeable.

Although a cold and dull spring afternoon is not exciting at Ghari, where distractions are decidedly scanty, we found interest in the discovery of the Smithsons' heavy luggage, which had been sent on from Rawal Pindi ages ago.

The dรขk bungalow of Uri, white and clean, was most attractive, and I should imagine the place to be charming in summer, but as yet the short crisp turf is still brown from recent snow, and although hot in the sun, which now began to shine steadily, it was extremely cold in the shade, while lunch (or should I say "tiffin"?) was being got ready.

Bitter cold in Europe, cold at Port Saรฏd and Suez, chilly in the Red Sea, and wet at Aden!

Bitter cold in Europe, cold at Port Saรฏd and Suez, chilly in the Red Sea, and wet at Aden!

The weather since our arrival has become cold and grey, and we have seemed on the verge of another snowfall.

The descent of the river is accomplished with ease and rapidity, but revocare gradum involves much hard paddling, with many pants and grunts; and it was both cold and dark when we again lay alongside the bank of the Chenar Bagh, and scurried up the slippery bund to the hotel, with scarcely time to dress for dinner.

Friday was a horrible dayrainy, dull, and cold; but a thrill of excitement was sent through us by the news that Walter has shot two fine bara singh!

You must not think him calculating and cold-blooded, for nothing could be less true to the fact.

Such tyranny enraged every sufferer who had been ill before and got better; but what they chiefly complained of to the doctor (and he agreed with a humourous sigh) was her masterfulness about fresh air and cold water.

Windows were opened that had never been opened before (they yielded to her pressure with a groan); and as for cold water, it might have been said that a bath followed her wherever she wentnot, mark me, for putting your hands and face in, not even for your feet; but in you must go, the whole of you, "as if," they said indignantly, "there was something the matter with our skin.

They might think her cold and reserved with themselves, but to see the look on her face as she bent over a baby, and to know that the baby was yours!

She was still, as ever, a cold passion, inviting his warm ones to leap at it.

You were beautiful and cold; no man had ever stirred you; my one excuse is that to be loved by such as you was no small ambition; my fitting punishment is that I failed."

Now and then we crossed a cold stream that came bubbling into our dim circle, and raved hoarsely away in fretted cataracts.

It was very cold and misty on the heights of my friend's mind.

But Byron, according to Leigh Hunt, was a cold-blooded libertine, and had no conception of what love meant, except as a merely animal desire, which he abundantly gratified.

You see his genius rise and flush and blaze and grow cold again before your eyes.

These are dark mysteries of thought; but if we argue in the cold light of reason we dare not, it seems, think that God has any favourites in the battle.

The destruction of Maynooth Castle seems to have struck a cold chill to the very hearts of the Geraldines.

Our pity for the victims' doom, and our indignation for the cold-blooded cruelty with which that doom was carried out, is mingled with a reluctant realization of the fact that the state of things which preceded it was practically impossible, that it had become an anomaly, and that as such it was bound either to change or to perish.

They were accordingly all slaughtered in cold blood, a few women and priests who were with them hanged, the officers being reserved for ransom.

Saunders, the legate, had died of cold and exposure.

Mountjoy was himself a man of cold, clear-sighted, self-seeking temperament.

Although the outhouse in which he was to lie was cold and damp and smelt horribly, he was glad when his master thrust him into it, and he was content to lie down in the straw and forget his misery in sleep.

I drew the bucket fresh, and bound the cloths cold on Dan's head again.

Let us be patient, because we see some difficulties; but let us give up the war itself sooner than our resolution, that, either by this war, or after it, Slavery shall be stripped of its insignia, and turned out to cold and irretrievable disgrace, weaponless, fangless, and with no object in the world worthy of its cunning.

20 Like jewels to advantage set, Her beauty by the shade does get; There blushes, frowns, and cold disdain, All that our passion might restrain, Is hid, and our indulgent mind Presents the fair idea kind.

Alive, the hand of crooked Age had marr'd, Those lovely features which cold Death has spared.

Yonder, the harvest of cold months laid up, Gives a fresh coolness to the royal cup; 50 There ice, like crystal firm, and never lost, Tempers hot July with December's frost; Winter's dark prison, whence he cannot fly, Though the warm spring, his enemy, draws nigh.

Paint an east wind, and make it blow away Th' excuse of Holland for their navy's stay; 30 Make them look pale, and, the bold Prince to shun, Through the cold north and rocky regions run.

He then turns the sick man twice about, pinches his thighs and legs, descending by degrees to the feet, and draws hard as if pulling something away; then going to the door he says, "begone to the sea or the mountains, or whither thou wilt," and giving a blast as if he blew something away, turns round clapping his hands together, which tremble as if with cold, and shuts his mouth.