Do we say cold or dog

cold 20529 occurrences

She dipped through artificial dew and pollen, bloom and fountain, like one of the butterflies that circled above her small head, or one of the bright cold lizards that crept about her feet.

She loves her husband, and repels with scorn an attempt to shake her fidelity because he treats her with cold indifference.

E'en Scipio, or a victor yet more cold, Might have forgot his virtue at her sight.

At the sight of her I felt my brain in a whirl, and my finger-tips grew icy cold.

When I took her hand it felt as cold as ice.

Hers is one of those sweet dispositions that cannot bear to see unfriendly faces, or live in an atmosphere of cold displeasure.

I merely replied by a cold glance, not being able to forgive her either the letters or her conversation with my aunt.

If my disposition were cold and dry, if I were dull of mind or merely sensuous, I could have limited my life to mere vegetation or animal enjoyment.

When I think of this my heart is stirred, and I make a silent vow that she shall never feel cold as long as I live.

When I heard it I felt the metallic taste in my mouth, and a cold sensation in my brain, exactly as I had felt that evening I met Kromitzki unexpectedly.

I feel alternately very hot and very cold.

Richard Lockridge (A); 16Mar62; R292640. Mr. Burr's cold.

MOORE, C. L. Cold gray god.

You must not think him calculating and cold-blooded, for nothing could be less true to the fact.

Such tyranny enraged every sufferer who had been ill before and got better; but what they chiefly complained of to the doctor (and he agreed with a humourous sigh) was her masterfulness about fresh air and cold water.

Windows were opened that had never been opened before (they yielded to her pressure with a groan); and as for cold water, it might have been said that a bath followed her wherever she wentnot, mark me, for putting your hands and face in, not even for your feet; but in you must go, the whole of you, "as if," they said indignantly, "there was something the matter with our skin.

They might think her cold and reserved with themselves, but to see the look on her face as she bent over a baby, and to know that the baby was yours!

She was still, as ever, a cold passion, inviting his warm ones to leap at it.

You were beautiful and cold; no man had ever stirred you; my one excuse is that to be loved by such as you was no small ambition; my fitting punishment is that I failed."

They were accordingly all slaughtered in cold blood, a few women and priests who were with them hanged, the officers being reserved for ransom.

Although the outhouse in which he was to lie was cold and damp and smelt horribly, he was glad when his master thrust him into it, and he was content to lie down in the straw and forget his misery in sleep.

20 Like jewels to advantage set, Her beauty by the shade does get; There blushes, frowns, and cold disdain, All that our passion might restrain, Is hid, and our indulgent mind Presents the fair idea kind.

Alive, the hand of crooked Age had marr'd, Those lovely features which cold Death has spared.

Yonder, the harvest of cold months laid up, Gives a fresh coolness to the royal cup; 50 There ice, like crystal firm, and never lost, Tempers hot July with December's frost; Winter's dark prison, whence he cannot fly, Though the warm spring, his enemy, draws nigh.

Paint an east wind, and make it blow away Th' excuse of Holland for their navy's stay; 30 Make them look pale, and, the bold Prince to shun, Through the cold north and rocky regions run.

dog 12727 occurrences

"Under these circumstances I wouldn't do anything as mean as that to a dog!"

Gib shook himself like a great dog, and fell to his breakfast without a word.

Have you never seen a dog in a fight bite the hand of one who would succour him?" "Maybe, maybe," said the gentleman.

"And you mean," Mademoiselle cried, "you are dog enough to use those names?

All those qualms about the dog and cray-fish melt before it.

Lamb had confessed, in a previous letter to Barton, to having once wantonly set a dog upon a cray-fish.

It was fortunate for these men, if Timon took a fancy to a dog, or a horse, or any piece of cheap furniture which was theirs.

" That which M. Vassili was pleased to call his little dog-hole in the Champs Élysées was, in fact, a gorgeous house in the tawdry style of modern Parisresplendent in gray iron railings, and high gate-posts surmounted by green cactus plants cunningly devised in cast iron.

"I admit that the peasants have themselves to blamejust as a dog has himself to blame when he is caught in a trap.

" "Quite," answered Paul; "and it is the obvious duty of those who know better to teach the dog to avoid the places where the traps are set.

You have all read your Darwin carefully enough to know that neither camels, horses, nor deer would have evolved as they did except for the stimulus given to their limb and speed development by the contemporaneous evolution of their enemies in the dog family.

A hare will run up a hill best, from her fore-legs being short; a dog down.'

"A short shrift for the mad dog," they clamoured, "who knows neither mercy nor pity.

They think, indeed; and so do the ox, and the horse, and the dog, and the elephantbut not as rational men ought to do; and this it is that constitutes the burden of complaint.

Bob took the dead dog up, and said, "John, we'll bury him after tea."

Six years have passed,a long time for a boy and a dog: Bob Ainslie is off to the wars; I am a medical student, and clerk at Minto House Hospital.

As I have said, he was brindled and gray like Rubislaw granite; his hair short, hard, and close, like a lion's; his body thick set, like a little bulla sort of compressed Hercules of a dog.

[*] The same large, heavy, menacing, combative, sombre, honest countenance, the same deep inevitable eye, the same look,as of thunder asleep, but ready,neither a dog nor a man to be trifled with.

Didn't you tell me something of having seen a schooner at New Bedford, that was about our build and burthen, and that you understood had been bought for a sealer?" "Ay, ay, sir," answered Stimson, as bluff an old sea-dog as ever flattened in a jib-sheet, "and that's the craft, as I'm a thinkin', Mr. Green.

"On approaching a house he was received by a dog which persisted in leaving its compliments on one of his legs.

For if we will observe how children learn languages, we shall find that, to make them understand what the names of simple ideas or substances stand for, people ordinarily show them the thing whereof they would have them have the idea; and then repeat to them the name that stands for it; as WHITE, SWEET, MILK, SUGAR, CAT, DOG.

A dog-cart rumbled by, and later, a brougham; people were not yet returned from driving on the country turnpikes.

He began to whimper like a beaten dog.

In the evening he returned, the man still following him like a pariah dog, to find the situation unaltered.

" Since Lucas's death Tawny Hudson had attached himself to Bertie, following him to and fro like a lost dog, somewhat to Dot's dismay; for, deeply though she pitied the great half-breed, there was something about him that frightened her.

Do we say   cold   or  dog