161 examples of collided in sentences

Absolutely uncontrollable now, the Marlborough drifted toward the Lion, with which she almost collided before the Lion could get out of the way.

As he leaped over the prostrate forms, he collided with von Ludwig.

Witness followed the prisoner, and a boy who collided with the prisoner knocked the stick out of his hands.

He must have been taken unaware, for he stepped backward too quickly, and collided with the very chair he had quitted.

It was the same way when the two magical types of light collided.

In the darkness of the cabin I collided with the table, and fell sprawling over a stool.

I ran through the fog in the direction the others had disappeared, and had taken scarcely three steps when I collided against the form of a man, whose presence was not even noticed until we came together.

A torch-bearer and the man with the sword spun half round, collided, and fell, the one across the other, like drunken wrestlers.

Her master was Capt. E. J. Smith, a veteran of more than thirty years' able and faithful service in the company's ships, whose only mishap had occurred when the giant Olympic, under his command, collided with the British cruiser Hawke in the Solent last September.

Having succeeded at last in forcing an entrance, and bowing over the hand of his noble hostess, which must have sadly ached, and returned her mechanical words of welcome with a smile as galvanic as her own, Howard sidled his way along the walla waltz was in progressand collided against the "beautiful and bounteous" Bertie, who was mopping his brow and looking round despairingly for his partner.

Again Bud and the young Southerner accidentally collided.

Whatever should we have done to-day if we had had no one but the fisher people to help us?" Katherine was silent, and before the eyes of her mind there arose the picture of that moment before the two big fragments of ice collided, the moment which enabled Jervis Ferrars and herself to get into the boat.

I was already starting for the second run, whilst my stout fellow batsman was halfway through the first, when the ball came down like a meteor, and, narrowly shaving the luckless "Podder's" head, hit the ground with a loud thud about five yards distant from the outstretched hands of the anxious bowler, who collided with his ally, the wicket-keeper, in the middle of the pitch.

We collided there, so hard that when word of it got to my father's ears, he called me home and read the riot act so strong that I flared up and left.

And, before anything could be done, we had collided a little heavily against the corpse.

Five days ago, the steamer had collided in the night with something, Mary did not know what, and her front part was filled with water.

There were so many glints of color on his steel-blue back and wings, as he spread them in the sun, that it seemed as if in some of his nights he must have collided with a great soap-bubble, which left its shifting hues upon him as it burst.

They reached the gate together, but that was as far as they got, for just as they arrived at it they collided with a large man who was running toward the house.

He was a distant relative of Bob's mother, and, in fact, he was on his way to call on her, having just returned from a long voyage, when he ran into the boys, or, rather, they collided with him.

Then, just as we were arriving at our journey's end we collided with another procession.

Then hell itself broke loose in that black ravine; volley on volley poured into the Canajoharie regiment; officers fell from their horses; drivers reeled and pitched forward under the heels of their plunging teams; wagons collided and broke down, choking the log-road.

He had collided with lead in Texas, as was learned afterward.

The devoted Howie, hastening to the rescue, collided sharply with a solid body crawling towards him in the darkness.

They jostled one another; they collided.

Once I feared I had hit a soldier's nose with my heavy foot when stepping over him in a low light, and was gratified that my heel had merely collided with a big boy's thumb.

161 examples of  collided  in sentences