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185 example sentences with  collies

185 example sentences with collies

Instantly there was a scratching, scurrying, whining, and three cubs tumbled out of the dark hole in the rocks, with fuzzy yellow fur and bright eyes and sharp ears and noses, like collies, all blinking and wondering and suddenly silent at the big bright world which they had never seen before, so different from the dark den under the rocks.

For wolf cubs are like collies in this, that they seem to have a natural interest, perhaps a natural kinship with man, and next to their own kind nothing arouses their interest like a group of children playing.

But they did not begin to understand the matter till they caught glimpses of gray backs bounding hither and yon in the underbrush, while the two great wolves raced easily on either side, yapping sharply to increase the excitement, and guiding the startled, foolish deer as surely, as intelligently, as a pair of collies herd a flock of frightened sheep.

They were all snow-white, with long thick hair and a heavy mane that added enormously to their imposing appearance; and they carried their bushy tails almost straight out as they trotted along, with a slight crook near the body,the true wolf sign that still reappears in many collies to tell a degenerate race of a noble ancestry.

He's our doghe's a collie.

The names first mentioned in the annals of land exploration in Western Australia are those of Alexander Collie and Lieutenant William Preston, who together explored the country on the coast between Cockburn Sound and Geographe Bay.

The farmer called his dog, a handsome smooth-haired collie, that set off with a bound and drove the sheep at full speed towards the furze.

The dog turned the sheep and brought them back through another opening, after which they raced towards the hurdles, and the collie hesitated as if puzzled by its master's shouts.

Sometimes the farmer got angry and sometimes laughed, but except for a mistake or two the collie drove the sheep in and out among the barriers as the card required and put them in the pen.

The Collie 9.

Viola of Redgrave Mr. R. A. Tait's Collie, Ch.

He appears almost to prefer equine to human companionship, and he is as fond of being among horses as the Collie is of being in the midst of sheep.

CHAPTER VIII THE COLLIE The townsman who knows the shepherd's dog only as he is to be seen, out of his true element, threading his confined way through crowded streets where sheep are not, can have small appreciation of his wisdom and his sterling worth.

Few dogs possess the fertile, resourceful brain of the Collie.

Major Richardson, who for some years has been successful in training dogs to ambulance work on the field of battle, has carefully tested the abilities of various breeds in discovering wounded soldiers, and he gives to the Collie the decided preference.

It is, however, as an assistant to the flock-master the farmer, the butcher, and the drover that the Collie takes his most appropriate place in every-day life.

The shepherd on his daily rounds, travelling over miles of moorland, could not well accomplish his task without his Collie's skilful aid.

Little is known with certainty of the origin of the Collie, but his cunning and his outward appearance would seem to indicate a relationship with the wild dog.

One of the most perfect working Collies in Scotland to-day is the old-fashioned black and white type, which is the most popular among the shepherds of Scotland.

Then there is the Scottish bearded, or Highland Collie, less popular still with the flock-master, a hardy-looking dog in outward style, but soft in temperament, and many of them make better cattle than sheep dogs.

The strong-limbed bearded Collie is capable of getting through a good day's work, but is not so steady nor so wise as the old-fashioned black and white, or even the smooth coated variety.

Working trials to test the skill of the sheepdog have become frequent fixtures among shepherds and farmers within recent years, and these competitions have done much towards the improvement of the working qualities of the Collie.

In general the excelling competitors at working trials are the rough-coated black and white Collies.

A good working Collie, however, is not always robed in elegance.

What is desirable is that the shepherd and farmer should fix a standard of points, and breed as near as possible to that standard, as the keepers of the show Collie breed to an acknowledged type of perfection.

Nevertheless, from a bad worker of good descent many an efficient worker might be produced by proper mating, and those of us skilled in the breeding of Collies know the importance of a well-considered process of selection from unsullied strains.

There is not a more graceful and physically beautiful dog to be seen than the show Collie of the present period.

These improvements in beauty of form and colour have been largely induced by the many Collie clubs now in existence not only in the United Kingdom and America, but also in South Africa and Germany, by whom the standards of points have been perfected.

Twenty years or so ago, when Collies were becoming fashionable, the rich sable coat with long white mane was in highest request.

He was the first Collie for which a very high purchase price was paid, Mr. Sam Boddington having sold him to Mr. A. H. Megson, of Manchester, for P530.

No Collie has had a longer or more brilliant career than Emerald, and although he was not esteemed as a successful sire, yet he was certainly the greatest favourite among our show dogs of recent years.

The best Collie of modern times was undoubtedly Ch.

Another of our best and most typical rough Collies was Ch.

He had that desirable distinction of type which is so often lacking in our long-headed Collies.

Historical examples of the show Collie have also been seen in Champions Christopher, Anfield Model, Sappho of Tytton, Parbold Piccolo, and Woodmanstern Tartan.

In recent years the smooth Collie has gained in popularity quite as certainly as his more amply attired relative.

Still, it is not infrequent that a throw-back is discovered in a litter producing perhaps a slate-coloured, a pure, white, or a jet black individual, or that an otherwise perfect smooth Collie should betray the heavy ears or the eye of a Greyhound.

[Illustration: MR. R. A. TAIT'S COLLIE CH.

WISHAW LEADER Photograph by C. Reid, Wishaw] The following is the accepted description of the Perfect Collie: * * * * * THE SKULL should be flat, moderately wide between the ears, and gradually tapering towards the eyes.

The mane and frill should be very abundant, the mask or face smooth, as also the ears at the tips, but they should carry more hair towards the base; the fore-legs well feathered, the hind-legs above the hocks profusely so; but below the hocks fairly smooth, although all heavily coated Collies are liable to grow a slight feathering.

COLOUR in the Collie is immaterial.

In a few words, a Collie should show endurance, activity, and intelligence, with free and true action.

THE SMOOTH COLLIE only differs from the rough in its coat, which should be hard, dense and quite smooth.

The dog was well known in Scotland, too, under the title of the Bearded Collie, for there is little doubt that this last is merely a variant of the breed.

He is a scholar and a gentleman; but, in spite of his claims of long descent and his extraordinary natural cleverness, he has never been widely popular in this country as the Collie and the Fox-Terrier are popular.

To be equal to such prey, the hound must have a Bulldog's courage, a Newfoundland's strength in water, a Pointer's nose, a Retriever's sagacity, the stamina of the Foxhound, the patience of a Beagle, the intelligence of a Collie.

It is a Collie in miniature, no larger than a Pomeranian, and it is perfectly hardy, wonderfully sagacious, and decidedly beautiful.

At first glance the dog might easily be mistaken for a Belgian Butterfly dog, for its ears are somewhat large and upstanding, with a good amount of feather about them; but upon closer acquaintance the Collie shape and nature become more pronounced.

The head is short and the face not so aquiline as that of the large Collie.

For the Collies Southport Perfection and Ormskirk Emerald Mr. Megson paid a thousand sovereigns each.

Many breeders of the large and thick-coated varieties, such as St. Bernards, Newfoundlands, Old English Sheepdogs, and rough-haired Collies, give their dogs nothing to lie upon but clean bare boards.

We know too well the great use of Collie dogs to the shepherd or grazier to advise that dogs should not be employed as assistants, but surely it would be to their owners' advantage to see that they were kept in a state of health and cleanliness.

I have noticed these disagreeable bloodsuckers only on the heads and bodies of sporting or Collie dogs, who had been boring for some time through coverts and thickets.

Starting at six o'clock in the morning, accompanied by the faithful collie "Cheviot," he made a round of all the grass-parks on the home-farm, beginning down near the sea and thence working his way round to a point considerably higher up than the mansion-house.

But how Worthie would love those collie pups!

Each arm was filled with a shapeless bundle of white and yellow fur which closer inspection revealed as the collie pups.

Mad with the joy of living were those two collie pups on that essentially live and joyous morning.

Judith has worked in various ways, digging up dandelions from the lawn, weeding flower-beds, running errandsyou knowall the things children doand she has a little more than five dollars in her iron savings-bank, that she has been saving for more than a year to buy a collie puppy.

In fact, it is at all times difficult to insure obedience when music strickes up, for the training poodles, fox-terriers, and collies are sorely tempted to give vocal accompaniment.

They stocked up with fourteen horses, twelve hounds, nine collies, four setters, nineteen servants, innumerable fowls, an' four motor-cars, an' started in pursuit o' happiness.

When we arrived at the villa we made our way to its front door through a pack of collie dogs out for an airing.

She gave yesterday a fleet review, rubbing her blackened elbows, but felt charitable toward Frisco Cooley by connotation; she had once sat down on a collie pup.

Lark is senior now, and Timothy Saunders's sheep dog, The Orphan, is also a veteran; the foxhounds are in their prime, while Martha Corkle, as we shall always call her, is raising a promising pair of collie pups.

These included thirty-three sledging dogs and a collie bitch, 'Lassie.'

A dear, clever collie for a friendwe got him from the lost dogs' home, and no one can know the joy he is to me.

It was a wooden pipe for my father, or a Shetland plaid for my mother, or a book for me, or a brass collar for Rob the collie.

For he never displayed a single trace of the merry, tricksy, elfish fun of the terriers and collies that we all know, nor of their touching affection and devotion.

Two collies rushed forward, then stopped to bark and jump.

Then, with the aid of a beautiful collie, he led us up the slope toward the still invisible homestead.

Robbie: the brave little collie.

Robbie: the brave little collie.

Prince of the ranch: a story of a collie.

Shep: a collie of the Old West.

HINKLE, THOMAS C. Shep: a collie of the Old West.

HINKLE, THOMAS CLARK, JR. Shep: a collie of the Old West.

The Complete collie.

Frederica Wylie (W) & Karen Pryor (C); 20Dec76; R659264. R659265. The Killarnie collie.

The man who interested me most was a red-bearded, sunk-eyed mullah from the Indian frontier, not likely to be last at any distribution of food, who stood up like a lean wolfhound among collies in a little assembly at a doorway.

They brought a cow with them and a big collie whose back had been scarred by a lynx.

Miss Janet says as long as she lives there she wants to see those cowsor other onescome down the lane by the orchard at milking timeonly she wishes there were more of them and a collie to drive them.

FOSTER, J. COLLIE, 44a, Gutter Lane, London.

One would have it that a collie is the most sagacious of dogs, while the other stood up for the setter.

the collie's advocate broke in sneeringly.

A Scottish shepherd was so impressed with the herding ability of the dogs that he traded several sheep for several dogs. citation The Polish sheepdogs were bred with local Scottish dogs to produce the Bearded Collie.

As with other herding and sheepdogs, border collies can be fiercely protective of their territory and their owners.

Collie Eye Anomaly, which is very common with collie breeds.

Collie Eye Anomaly, which is very common with collie breeds.

Collie fared no better with his appeal to the 5th Circuit.

Collie said the pair were shouting commands at him and over each other.

All pets were moved to the building's first floor by staff once river levels rose but soon had to be rescued by firefighters - with one photo showing Border Collie Shadow being floated out of the practice on a sofa cushion.

OLD ORCHARD BEACH Joe Kurlanski came walking down the ramp leading to the beach at Ocean Park, his 3-year-old dog, an Aussie Collie mix named Daisy, leading the way.

The Pats have picked up Colt castoffs before (Austin Collie, Reggie Wayne, Dwayne Allen, Joseph Addai).

A thematic and spiritual successor to their iconic Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness arecords, the 33 track (yes, 33!) release will complete a trilogy the band started way back in 1995.

At home, she had a hobby farm for many years, which consisted of rabbits, chickens, goats, sheep, dogs, cats, birds, along with raising Collies.

The response to LIKAH! in both Rochester and New York has been incredible, said Haber, who based the story on the adventures of her border collie, Likah.

A border collie thing.

In 1945 or 1946 the prominent photographer Malak Karsh spent a week in Appleton taking photos of the Collie Woollen Mill and life in Appleton.

In nearly thirty years of living on a small farm in rural Oregon with a husband and border collies, she has trained her eye on the natural world sharing her beloved place.

McCrory PR, Collie A, Anderson V, Davis G. Can we manage sport-related concussion in children the same as in adults?

The collies are used for everyday use on the farm as well as a hobby for Fred.