3323 examples of colonie in sentences

à la fondation d'une colonie, que vient de s'accomplir cette conquête de la science, dont parlent les dits papiers.

Considerations sur la Colonie de St. Dominique,(See erratashould be read as "St. Domingue") published by authority in 1777.]

The chief rival of Christianity was Judaism, which was represented in Northern as in Southern Arabia by strong colonies of Jews, who made proselytes, although their strict ritualism was uncongenial to the Arab temperament which preferred conversion to Christianity (naturally only as a matter of form).

As soon, therefore, as our watering was completed, I determined upon procuring our fuel from an island to the northward, which, during our visit, we had seen from the North-West point of the bay, and which, together with the one we were at, were called Goulburn Islands, in compliment to the then Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies. 1818.

He tells us of those who have wealth and yet will not pay their debts; of those who are in debt and look to a revolution to absolve them; of the veterans of the Sullan army, settled in colonies such as Faesulae, who had rushed into debt in order to live luxurious lives; of old debtors of the city, getting deeper and deeper into the quagmire, who joined the conspiracy as a last desperate venture.

Read it, in the present state of her West India Colonies.

Abolitionists know that the life of Clarkson was sought by slavetraders, and that even Wilberforce was denounced on the floor of Parliament as a fanatic and a hypocrite by the present King of England, the very man who, in 1834 set his seal to that instrument which burst the fetters of eight hundred thousand slaves in his West India colonies.

We protest against the verdict which finds expression in all sorts of ways and with various aggravations, that, in attempting to rupture our Union, and to withdraw from it on their own terms, at their own pleasure, the seceding States are but repeating the course of the old Thirteen Colonies in declaring themselves independent, and sundering their ties to the mother country.

The relations of our States to each other and to the Union are quite unlike those in which the Colonies stood to England.

England claimed by right of discovery and exploration the soil on which her Colonies here were planted, though she had rival claimants from the very first.

The Colonies were not planted at public charge, by Government cost or enterprise.

Several of the Colonies from the first acted upon their presumed independence, and resolved on the frank assertion of it as soon as they might dare the venture.

Thus the relations of the Colonies to England were of a hap-hazard, abnormal, incidental, and always unsettled character.

Each little country town and municipality of the original Colonies, that has a hundred years of history to be written, will point us boastfully to entries in its records showing how it instructed its representatives first to remonstrate against tyranny, and then to resist it by successive measures, each of which, with its limitations and its increasing boldness, was dictated by the same people.

The Seventh Book records the life of St. Columbanus, and describes at much length his labors in Gaul, as well as those of his disciples, both in the great monastery of Luxeuil and in the numerous colonies which issued from it and spread over the whole neighborhood, bringing the narrative down to the close of the seventh century.

In order, therefore, to establish this proposition more fully, the following sketches have been added, giving an account of a few women eminent for the founding of colonies, for piety, for patriotism, and for attainments in science, literature, and arts; and some, alas!

La colonie et l'Ile Rose.

La Colonie penitentiaire et autres recits.

La colonie et l'Ile Rose.

La Colonie penitentiaire et autres recits.

Forschungsreisen in die deutsche Colonie Kamerun.

L'Ile des Esclaves (1725), l'Ile de la Raison (1727), la Colonie (1729).

La Nouvelle Colonie, ou la Ligue des Femmes, comedy in three acts.

Ces collaborateurs sont l'aîné des deux frères Parfaict pour le divertissement de la Fausse suivante (Anecdotes dramatiques, t. II, p. 345), Riccoboni pour celui de la Joie imprévue, le chansonnier Panard pour celui du Triomphe de Plutus (Journal de police, dans le Journal de Barbier, t. VIII, p. 205) et pour celui de la Colonie (Nouveau théâtre italien, t. I, p. 336).

D'Alembert, Éloge, p. 293.] L'Ile de la Raison, La Réunion des Amours, la Dispute, Félicie, Arlequin poli par l'Amour, le Prince travesti, l'Ile des Esclaves, le Triomphe de Plutus, le Triomphe de l'Amour, la Colonie.

3323 examples of  colonie  in sentences
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