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20436 example sentences with  coloring

20436 example sentences with coloring

After some inquiries respecting his health, I asked him, not knowing what better to say, if he had yet obtained the scarabรฆus from Lieutenant G. "Oh, yes," he replied, coloring violently, "I got it from him the next morning.

The coloring matter used varied slightly, though the texture of the two kinds of paper is almost exactly similar.

color, m., color, coloring, hue, complexion, shadings; de (es), colored, stained; de plomo, leaden, lead-colored; de rosa, rose-colored.

"How much?" "Not altogether," Askew replied, coloring.

Her feet made no noise and her tweed dress harmonized with the subdued coloring of dead leaves and trunks.

"No," said Kit, coloring.

Her throat, in evening dress, never appears unadorned by one or the other of these beautiful bands that so cleverly conceal defects and seem to bring out more richly the texture and coloring of handsome bare shoulders.

Antiquity asked that the poet should fill the heart with gladness; the Middle Ages desired edification with a spiritual or a worldly coloring; the first centuries of modern times applied to him for instruction.

"I cannot play for money," he said, coloring; for he felt really ashamed to acknowledge his scruples.

"Because I think it wrong," stammered out Howland, coloring still more deeply.

They were absolutely colorless,not white, not black, but a strange mingling of all hues made them everything to my view,and yet so full of coloring that no one ray came shining out and said, "I'm blue, or black, or gray;" but something said, if not the mandate of color, "Obey!"

Just at that moment Stuart Lambert approached, a tall fine looking man, with the same blue eyes and fresh coloring as his son and brown hair only slightly graying around the temples.

Maybe I was afraid she would remember too much," he added coloring a little.

She was in brown corduroy with suede leather sailor collar and broad belt, a costume which brought out vividly the pure, clear coloring of her face.

While, unheard of her conscious ear, but coloring everything with its fundamental note of sincerity, rose solemnly from the depths of her heart the old cry of desperate youth, "What am I to do with my life?" No, the eminently successful brown corduroy, present though it was to the mind of the handsome girl wearing it, was hardly the sure and sufficient rock of refuge which tradition would have had it.

Coloring a little from the very shame of it, she continued, "How about making it Thursday evening?" "Delighted," cried Hoff, "and about Saturday's matinรฉewhat haven't you seen?" Glad for the respite of at least twenty-four hours, Jane, as they talked, watched his face, his expression, his eyes.

"I hope so," she answered, coloring a little.

"You've no right to say such things to me," cried Jane, nevertheless coloring furiously.

"I'll question the girl;" and, turning to Betsy Jane, she said, taking up the book which had before attracted her attention, "Is this 'Jenny Douglas' intended for you?" "Yes, ma'am," answered the girl, coloring slightly.

Coloring crimson, as it became the affianced bride of Henry Warner to do, Maggie turned away, thinking Helen must be a happy girl, and half wishing she too were Arthur Carrollton's sister.

" "Why, no, I guess I aint," answered Maggie, coloring slightly.

Maggie asked; and, coloring crimson, Rose replied, "We have always had her portrait, but grandmother, who was very old and foolishly proud about some things, was offended at our father's last marriage, and when after his death the portraits were brought here, sheForgive her, Maggieshe did not know you, or she would not have done it" "I know," interrupted Maggie.

We now come to the paper process, and most effective enlargements can be made by it also; indeed, as a basis for coloring, nothing could well be better.

Carbon pictures are therefore only permanent according to the degree in which the coloring matter employed is capable of resisting the decolorizing action of light.

Unfortunately, they deal principally with the adulterations, while I was more particularly desirous to learn the composition in a general way, and especially the percentage of coloring resin, the important constituent in commercial annatto.

This, certainly, is not because butter coloring has ceased to be employed, and hence the reason for regretting that the percentage of resin was not dealt with in the articles referred to, so that a comparison could have been made between the commercial annatto of that period and that which exists now.

Annatto is the coloring matter derived from the seeds of an evergreen plant, Bixa Orellana, which grows in the East and West Indian Islands and South America, in the latter of which it is principally prepared.

It is, however, inferior to the flag as a coloring or dyeing agent.

One is to rub or wash off the coloring matter with water, allow it to subside, and to expose it to spontaneous evaporation till it acquires a pasty consistence.

The other is to bruise the seeds, mix them with water, and allow fermentation to set in, during which the coloring matter collects at the bottom, from which it is subsequently removed and brought to the proper consistence by spontaneous evaporation.

Coloring resinous matter, 28; vegetable gluten, 26.5; ligneous fiber, 20; coloring, 20; extractive matter, 4; and a trace of spicy and acid matter.

Coloring resinous matter, 28; vegetable gluten, 26.5; ligneous fiber, 20; coloring, 20; extractive matter, 4; and a trace of spicy and acid matter.

It contained the largest percentage of moisture and the lowest of ash; had, comparatively, a large amount of coloring matter; was one of the cheapest, and in the course of some dairy trials, carried out by an intelligent farmer, was pronounced to be the best suited for coloring butter.

It contained the largest percentage of moisture and the lowest of ash; had, comparatively, a large amount of coloring matter; was one of the cheapest, and in the course of some dairy trials, carried out by an intelligent farmer, was pronounced to be the best suited for coloring butter.

The cakes, which are mostly used for cheese coloring, I believe, all appeared to contain turmeric, for they gave a more or less distinct reaction with the boric acid test, and all except No. 8 contained large quantities of chalk.

On a log thirty feet distant sat an old grouse with half a dozen of her brood, all of them perched in a row and relying on their protective coloring to save them from sight.

In all the pictures adorning the walls, the eye revelled in the luxurious coloring, careless of the absence of distinctness of form and grand pure outline.

Gorgeous coloring, graceful curves.

Its coloring was rich and gorgeous.

The coloring was gorgeous, consisting principally of blue, red, and gold.

The coloring, also, was one of its most pleasing features.

" "Well," said Mary, coloring a little, "I can scarcely understand it myself; but that man would have it so, and he's terribly obstinate.

She has studied life on the spot, and gives to it the local coloring.

As showing her power of local coloring, Miss Mathilde Blind relates this incident: "On its first appearance, Adam Bede was read aloud to an old man, an intimate associate of Robert Evans in his Staffordshire days.

The sense of local coloring is greatly heightened by the dialogues which speak the language of the people portrayed.

The Lamarre compositions are all formed of a combustible substance, such as boiled oil, of a substance that burns, such as chlorate of potash, and of various coloring salts.

Around our camp here butterflies of gorgeous coloring swarmed, and there were many fungi as delicately shaped and tinted as flowers.

The brilliant coloring and odd architecture give the place a very foreign and attractive flavor in northern eyes.

Walt Disney Productions (PWH); 29Oct58; R225748. Mickey Mouse coloring book.

Jumbo coloring book.

Platt & Munk Co., Inc. (PWH); 2Aug62; R299671. Mammoth coloring book.

<pb id='370.png' n='1962h2/A/2019' /> Mammoth coloring book.

SEE Gruelle, John B. Raggedy Ann's coloring book, 2022.

Photo-oil coloring for fun or profit.

SEE Nicolay, Helen. Photo-oil coloring for fun or profit.

Photo-oil coloring for fun or profit.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse coloring book, no.979.

Another Mickey Mouse coloring book, no.2110.

Counting and coloring fun step by step with Betty and Jack.

HILL, WYCLIFFE A. Coloring your dialogue.

COOK, A. H. The chemistry of natural coloring matters.

The chemistry of natural coloring matters; the constitutions, properties, and biological relations of the important natural pigments.

The Colonial Williamsburg coloring book: for crayon or water color.

Early American coloring book.

Biarritz has the best features of all these.... Saint-Jean-de-Luz had a population of ten thousand two centuries ago; to-day it has three thousand, and most of these take in boarders, or in one way or another cater to the hordes of visitors who have made itor would, if they could have supprest its quiet Basque charm of coloring and charactera little Brighton.

About a century after the cold recital of William of Jumieges, a poet-chronicler, Robert Wace, in his Romance of Rou, a history in verse of Rollo and the first dukes of Normandy, related the same facts with far more sympathetic feeling and poetical coloring.

An Americano, Signor Tenente, is he not?" "Why, the fellow pretends to be some such thing," answered the young man, coloring, for he was loath to confess the wrong that had been done the deserter; "but half the British seamen one falls in with nowadays call themselves Americans, in order to escape serving his Majesty.

Nine editions of his History of the Embassy at Warsaw were demanded.] FROM "ONEGIN" Sometimes he read aloud with Olga A latter day romance discreet, Whose author truly painted nature, With cunning plot, insight complete; Oft he passed over a few pages, Too bald or tasteless in their art And coloring, began on further, Not to disturb the maiden heart.

Lanzi says: "It is a picture of strong coloring, of a tone and intensity which inspires awe."

It may be "a lady in a black gown with a black aigrette in her hair and a background of delicate turquoise blue, or the delicate profile of a red-haired beauty, outlined against tapestry, the snowy head and shoulders rising out of dusky brown velvet; but the effect is gem-like, a revelation of exquisite coloring that is entirely artistic."

Her coloring is admirable and her execution careful and firm.

Kugler, a learned, unimpassioned critic, says: "An easy talent for composition, though of no depth; a feeling for pretty forms, though they were often monotonous and empty, and for graceful movement; a coloring blooming and often warm, though occasionally crude; a superficial but agreeable execution, and especially a vapid sentimentality in harmony with the fashion of the timeall these causes sufficiently account for her popularity."

Nothing is wantingcomposition, coloring, fancyall are here."

<b>LANCIANI, MARCELLA.</b> Born in Rome, where her studies were made under Professor Giuseppe Ferrari in figure drawing, and under Signor Onorato Carlandithe great water-color artist of the Roman Campagnain landscape and coloring.

Delicate coloring harmonizes with refined, spiritual conceptions....

Mother made a discovery in the art of coloring leghorn and straw bonnets, which brought her plenty of work, so we never lacked comforts of life, although grandfather's executors made us pay rent for the house we occupied.

What makes him so mean, I wonder?" "Just born that way, I guess," rejoined the stout youth; "and as for the Flying Fish saving him, if it hadn't been for a certain Corporal Crawford, he" "Here, stow that," protested Merritt, coloring up.

Still smiling, she lifted a heavy lock of hair to the light and speculated upon the mystery of coloring.

[Illustration: TWO LIONS IN ONE TREE] [Illustration: JONES, EMETT, AND THE NAVAJO WITH THE LIONS] The coloring of my mood changed.

In many Spanish cabinets the influence of Saracenic art is very dominant; these have generally a plain exterior, the front is hinged as a fall-down flap, and discloses a decorative effect which reminds one of some of the Alhambra workquaint arches inlaid with ivory, of a somewhat bizarre coloring of blue and vermilionaltogether a rather barbarous but rich and effective treatment.

" "Which of Turner's pictures," says Algy, putting up his hand in the shape of a spy-glass to one eye, and critically regarding me through it, "is she so like in coloring?

I liked her coloring very much.

After half a year the baby starts to lose the baby-coloring of its fur.

A pronghorn baby has grey fur, and after 3 months it has the adult fur coloring.

It has some purple coloring on its legs.

Its coloring is brown and white stripes or spots.

It sometimes has yellow coloring on its throat and chest.

Selenium dioxide is used as a coloring in glass.

The Steigenberger Hotel, El Gouna, Egypt. The 3-D geometric composition and monochromatic coloring gives a memorable result.

This is very different from the black-and-yellow coloring of other wasps.

Without coloring, the cherries would be beige.

โ€œBecause of COVID-19, many schools may not be able to plan field trips (like they normally would), so weโ€™re providing information like teacher plans, FWC activity books, coloring sheets and the virtual tour,โ€ Woodlee added.

Comics are produced on a deadline, after all, and coloring errors, grammatical mistakes, and art goofs do pop up from time to time.

โ€œA man who looks like the worldโ€™s saddest adult coloring book.โ€

WWE Shop dropped two new t-shirt designs for Lynch, one of which swaps Lynch's "The Man" logo for "The Mom" while the other removed the coloring on the final letter to make it say "The Ma.

For those who don't nap quiet activities are provided (coloring, puzzles, TV).

Games, stories, coloring sheets and more!

Just look at what the apostle Peter said, without coloring your interpretation with creed or tradition.

Makes me miss coloring eggs when my boys were small!

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