15814 examples of coloring in sentences

Some large red mallows, of a new and singular coloring, faded in their vase before she had finished copying them.

He succeeded fairly well, but despite his utmost efforts the coloring refused to come off entirely.

We now come to the paper process, and most effective enlargements can be made by it also; indeed, as a basis for coloring, nothing could well be better.

Her face was beautiful, with a singular and weird beauty which owed nothing of its fascinations to the ordinary charms of delicate outlines and dainty coloring.

This one picture had evidently been selected on account of the contrast which it afforded to the gay coloring and riante style of the decorations.

"There!" exclaimed Mrs. Ranger, coloring high with exasperation, "your dress is spoiled!

" The girls had arranged their flowers according to Mrs. Smith's and Mrs. Emerson's ideas, not crowding them but showing each to its best advantage and selecting for each a vase that suited its form and coloring.

According to Mr. D'A. Bernard, it is especially important, in the dry distillation of distiller's wash in a closed vessel, for the production of methyls, ammonia, acetates, and methylamine, that the mass shall be divided as completely as possible, since it then takes but a relatively moderate heat to completely destroy the organic coloring matter contained in the wash.

Mickey Mouse coloring book.

TESSIN, LOUISE D. Counting and coloring fun step by step.

COOK, A. H. The chemistry of natural coloring matters.

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Kleer vue coloring book.

Kleer vue coloring book.

Kleer vue coloring book.

Kleer vue coloring book.

SEE Bush, Bertha E. PLATT AND MUNK COMPANY, INC. Little Jack Rabbit coloring book. R109256.

TESSIN, LOUISE D. Counting and coloring fun step by step.

The Algonquins, on the day of departure for war, dressed in their best, coloring the hair red and painting their faces and bodies red and black.

The American Anthropologist contains (July, 1889) a description of the various kinds of face-coloring to indicate degrees in the Grand Medicine Society of the Ojibwa.

The Mineopies use three coloring substances for painting their bodies; and by the way they apply them they let it be known whether a person is ill or in mourning, or going to a festival.

Raoul being well provided with all the materials for a masquerade, this had been effected by putting a black curling wig over his own lank, sandy hair, coloring his whiskers and eyebrows, and trusting the remainder to the transformation which might be produced by the dress, or rather undress, of a Neapolitan waterman.

He thought the fair cheeks themselves not unlike peaches, with their soft, sweet, vivid coloring.

15814 examples of  coloring  in sentences