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235 example sentences with  columnist

235 example sentences with columnist

The powerful Stray Thoughts (which, incidentally, started off with Bolshoi the dog, borrowed from the celebrated ToI columnist and later owner/editor of Mumbai's Afternoon Despatch & Courier, Behram Contractor a.k.a.

To illustrate how this worked, one can cite here the example of columnist Dilip Borkar whose satirical column "Borkari", on various ills plaguing Goa, gained all-round popularity.

Murder of a fifth columnist, by Leslie Ford, pseud.

Murder of a fifth columnist.

Murder of a fifth columnist, by Leslie Ford, pseud.

Mayor into columnist.

Adams became a syndicated newspaper columnist in 1981.

It was written by a Pakistan academic-writer, columnist and lawyer Mujtaba Haider Zaidi, the author of "Veto Oligarchy: the Fittest Deserve Supremacy".

Matkari worked as a columnist for newspapers and magazines in the 1970s.

Nagindas Sanghavi (10 March 1920 โ€• 12 July 2020) citation was an Indian political professor, author and columnist.

Segers has written several novels and non-fiction books, and is also a columnist of the Dutch Protestant newspaper Nederlands Dagblad.

She had a long career with the New York Herald Tribune (1942โ€“1963), and later became a columnist for Newsday (1963โ€“1965).

Young moved to Pickering, Ontario and spent a year working in public relations for a jet engine company before joining The Globe and Mail as a daily columnist in 1957 and moving back to Toronto.

Elizabeth Wade Boylan (July 18, 1929 โ€“ December 3, 2020), better known by her maiden name Betsy Wade, was an American journalist and newspaper columnist.

He quit the Globe and accepted a job offer from Bassett to become sports editor and columnist at the Telegram, moving back to Toronto within weeks of his move to Ottawa.

He was an Autocar columnist for some 30 years starting in 1967.

According to Mano Lee, a Seoul-based K-pop columnist, the sexism and misogyny that female stars face is a symptom of the way women are treated in wider society.

Beware of surveys, such as a city questionnaire about downtown parking, with pre-conceived notions, warns columnist George Brookman.

Bill Plaschke has been an L.A. Times columnist since 1996.

Brittany Packnett Cunningham is an MSNBC columnist and contributor, a leader at the intersection of culture and justice, a 2020 fellow at Harvardโ€™s Institute of Politics and host of the podcast โ€œUndistracted.โ€

But Trumpโ€™s claims are wildly misleading, and economist/New York Times columnist Paul Krugman debunked some of them this week in a Twitter thread.

By Tom Elias, Westside Today Columnist For most of the last 30 years, California saw a mass transit boom stretching.

Cherโ€™s animal welfare group Free the Wild has worked with Four Paws and the American syndicated columnist and philanthropist, Eric Margolis, to relocate Kaavan โ€” a mission thatโ€™s cost about $400,000.

Columnist Don Braid writes: We are advised to stay calm in the face of COVID-19.

Columnist Evan Saugstad writes: "Sustaining our economy is now more important than ever, the caveat being that all work must be conducted with due consideration given to not spreading the virus, and that is where it gets complicated.

Columnist Frank Shyong calls on several different authors to help him try to define, โ€œWhat does it mean to be white?โ€

Columnist Harini Calamur urged the Indian government to ask Canada to "mind their own business".

Columnist John Plessel tells you where you will be able to find the burgers.

Columnist Jonah Goldberg is right about President Trumpโ€™s made-for-TV coronavirus briefings doing more harm than good.

Columnist Judy Kucharuk, on Physical Distancing Stress Syndrome: "Has anyone else experienced Physical Distancing Stress Syndrome?

Columnist Marilyn Hagerty talks to Lynne Roche of the park district for details on Family Snow and Greenway Ski Day, which takes place Saturday, Feb. 1, at Lincoln Drive Park.

Columnist Nicholas Goldbergโ€™s assertion that traffic will come back after the pandemic is partially true, but I would assert not at nearly the same levels.

After watching President Trump for the past few years, columnist David Brooks recently opined that he fully expected โ€œthe country would rise up in moral revulsionโ€ at his gruff style.

Every year, veteran sex-advice columnist mounts (ahem) HUMP, an amateur, pornographic short film festival, which tours around Canada and the USA for a dazzling evening of smut, humor, tenderness, weirdness and delight.

Food columnist Melissa Clark developed this guide to tell you everything you need to know about preparing beans and some of their relatives in the legume family.

"Here is a Filipino genius who has put the Philippines on the world map," wrote one newspaper columnist.

Amanda Vanstone is a former Howard government minister and a regular columnist.

I first saw E. Jean Carroll, the longtime advice columnist for and author of the book โ€œWhat Do We Need Men For?

I know Iโ€™m not alone in feeling the huge change to our family, all my mum friends have been checking in on how we are each managing the change as mothers," writes "Mummy" columnist KATE MEIKLE.

In 2015, the theater columnist Michael Riedel published his first book of Broadway history: the delicious which traced New Yorkโ€™s uptown theatrical fortunes from the 1960s to the โ€™80s.

โ€œIn less than three years, this common-sense approach to energy policy has completely upended the national debate,โ€ columnist Mandy Gunasekara.

In our latest episode of Alan4Lโ€™s ProWres Paradise, PWTorch columnist Alan4L is joined by John LaRocca of the Fight Game Podcast to discuss some great matches that happened around the world as the calendar flipped over into 2020.

It comes with the territory that readers frequently disagree with the opinions I express as city columnist for the Montreal Gazette.

Johnsonโ€™s โ€œfriendsโ€ briefed the Times last week that he was not enjoying the job of prime minister, beset by money worries without the prop of his ยฃ275,000 columnistโ€™s salary and struggling to afford a nanny for baby Wilfred.

Join our COVID-19 live chat with coronavirus columnist Bruce Arthur today at 12 p.m.

Kass would also lose his title of lead columnist.

KATIE SCIBA is a national speaker and Catholic Press Award- winning columnist.

Kennedy is not now, nor ever will be a Dave Lieber, the former hustling columnist that was a critic of everything about Northeast Tarrant politicians, especially me.

Lyz Lenz is the author ofShe is a columnist for the Cedar Rapids Gazette.

Marcus Harrison Green, the founder of the South Seattle Emerald, is a contributing columnist.

Marina Hyde, a columnist for The Guardian, described scenes outside Mr Cummingsโ€™s home as โ€˜distinctly disturbing when set alongside his account of his familyโ€™s house having become a target for threats of violenceโ€™.

Meet the Arts & Entertainment columnistโ€ฆ.

Michael Robinson is a novelist, columnist and former Vietnam-era Army assistant public information officer.

Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib in 2006 wrote an op-ed for the Final Call, which described her as a โ€œguest columnist.โ€

One such columnist suggested that if products were sold in Mexico, the name Joe would be one familiar to natives of the nation thus the branding makes sense.

Our food columnist Melissa Clark decided that this pandemic was the ideal time to come up with a poundcake recipe of her own.

Paul Krugman, the Times Opinion columnist and Nobel Prize-winning economist, is the special guest on our next DealBook Debrief call, tomorrow at 11 a.m. Eastern.

President Donald Trump is running a presidential campaign on โ€œtwo tracks simultaneously,โ€ which is resulting in a mass voter suppression enterprise, according to Thomas Friedman, a foreign affairs columnist at The New York Times.

Prior to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Sharon perfected the art of positioning as a 15-year veteran fashion photography stylist in and a Scripps Howard News Wire advice columnist.

Reuters columnist Clyde Russell writes that Valeโ€™s iron ore shortfall for 2020 will keep the pressure on iron ore price to stay high, as they have been on a record pace this year.

Science writer Faye Flam is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist.

Shira Ovide, its host, chatted with The Timesโ€™s tech columnist Kevin Roose about his recent article on kindness on the internet.

So was his fatherโ€™s cousin, the syndicated columnist Leonard Lyons.

The author and Sun Online columnist is mum to Hugo, 12, and Eloise, nine.

The blockbuster news, according to some conservative publications and my social-media feed, is that a center-right columnist at the left-leaning New York Times tendered her resignation.

The New York Times food columnist then went on to explain that her words came from her own insecurities with her own career.

The next day, columnist Barry Schweid wrote that it was โ€œunlikelyโ€ that the death penalty could exist more in the United States.

โ€œThis is the most beautiful family photo of a nation,โ€ noted ErtuฤŸrul ร–zkรถk, a columnist for daily Hรผrriyet.

โ€œTodayโ€™s claimants see the future as de novo, a blank slate, an exercise in elimination,โ€ Wall Street Journal columnist Daniel Henninger wrote Thursday.

Turnbull goes out of his way in his book to nail Morrisonโ€™s games, and those of his office, writes poltical columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN.

At stake for the senator stressing community and for the columnist defending individual liberty is the soul of the conservative movement.

Authored by the same John Tierney who recently joined after more than two decades as a reporter and columnist with the it exposes how misguided environmentalism and government subsidies corrupted the waste management industry.

Vegas Nation Host Cassie Soto discusses the pick with Review-Journal sports columnist Ed Graney and Raiders beat writer Vinny Bonsignore.

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank tweeted: โ€œRemember this moment: Trump, in South Carolina, just called the coronavirus a โ€˜hoax.โ€™

When I became a pioneer editor of Daily Sun in 2003, I was again delighted to invite him as a columnist, a duty post at which he remains till today.

Writers, including this columnist, often accuse the American people of being indifferent to the world's problems.

According to columnist James Kilpatrick, it is โ€œthe right of each person to control the drugs he or she takes.โ€

Biographical sketch: Born in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Gene Telpner was entertainment editor, daily feature columnist, and chief critic of the until the paper ceased publication in August of 1980.

Classical music columnist Kevin Bazzana also highlighted the final concert of Mahler Weekโ€”the faculty performance of Das Lied von der Erde (The Song of the Earth)โ€”in his January 9 column.

Daphne Bramham writes a social affairs column for Inroads and is a columnist for the Vancouver Sun.

Dr. Paul is a longtime columnist, penning "Your Health" and "Health Matters" columns for many publications including the Standard-Freeholder., csf.

Fisher is an award-winning broadcast journalist who is the afternoon news editor for CBC Radio in Toronto and a weekly columnist for CBC Windsorโ€™s Early Shift.

He later worked as a columnist for Southam News, The Financial Post, The Globe and Mail and Sun Media.

I also found it interesting that Ottawa Citizen columnist David Reevely discovered that taxis can stop in Ottawa bike lanes for pickups and drop-offs, but not for more than 45 seconds.

American columnist Walter Williams wrote about his own childhood experience in the 1950s.

If you fit into any of these categories, you must meet Dear Sugar, the ultimate advice columnist for lovers of memoirs.

La Presse columnist Rima Elkouri has weighed in on the issue of public funding for schools segregated by religion (and sex).

Meanwhile columnist Hugh Winsor submitted that McLellanโ€™s and House Leader Don Boudriaโ€™s justifications for moving closure were โ€œeither misleading or procedurally specious.โ€

Monique has published two books of photography and worked for the Montreal Gazette as a photographer and columnist.

Mr. Boyd began his writing career as a sports writer and editor and worked his way up to become a daily news columnist, detailing the characters and adventures in Vancouver.

Ottawa Citizen columnist Kelly Egan has written a piece about the โ€œsharrowsโ€ and โ€œDooring Zoneโ€ that have recently been painted on Wellington Street between Holland and Parkdale (see link below).

A professor of religious studies at the University of Calgary and a regular columnist in the Jewish Free Press, Segal first wrote verses of Uncle Eli's Haggadah when his oldest son was one-and-a-half-years-old and experiencing his first Pesach.

As a journalist, editor, columnist, essayist, author and social commentator, his topics covered a wide spectrum of socio-economic issues.

As a journalist, Wallace has contributed to the Sunday New York Times as a guest columnist as well as the BBC.

Small snow-covered fir trees appeared to Robyn MacKay as โ€œsnow ghosts,โ€ bowing here in this colourized collage to golden frost on columnistโ€™s driver-side car window.

Sydney, Nova Scotia-born (May 23, 1947) Gary Bannerman, a columnist, was lured away by radio CKNW to become one of โ€œThe Investigators.โ€

Syndicated columnist EJ Dionne, a Democratic establishment favorite, is indicative.

The columnist in the said, quote, "The economics of gambling are distilled in two pithy quotes that capture the reason why the $700 million project was shelved.

The Klebolds granted an interview to David Brooks, The New York Times political columnist which sounds odd.

Upon leaving City Hall, she became the Comment Editor and columnist for the Toronto Sun and political commentator on Newstalk 1010.