10082 examples of come back in sentences

" There was no more said till they got up to the others, who had waited for the Indians to come back, and had unpacked Kaviak to spare him the jolting uphill.

You mustyou must come back to me and the boy!"

The advanced posts of the Rue de Cléry and the Rue du Cadran had come back.

We come back, you see, after all, to where we startedthese people were the only people in England who knew about these jewels, so far as we know.

"And I shall come back and marry Babet?"

You have come back, and are laughed at.

And now, because Circe was safe out of the way, he had come back to the cavern; and he was feeling all the pain that a man feels who beholds again the scene of a great past sorrow.

Roger Raleigh!" cried Mrs. McLean, from the shore, "come back!" Obeying her with an air of puzzled surprise, the person so unceremoniously addressed was immediately beside her again.

"Come back in time for supper, Andrew," said Miss Priscilla.

"Do you think I'd let them come back?

I punched him with a stick and he come back with them hoofs and kicked me right in the jawknocked me dead.

All who go over yonder will not come back.

I sent Mario to you, telling him either to join me with you as soon as possible, or, if you are delayed, to come back here at once.

But when you break with her, when she leaves you, or you leave her, don't come back to Alcira.

"'E'd 'ave come back if anything was wrong," said young Fulcher, and this seemed so obvious and conclusive that presently old Fulcher said, "Well," and the three went home to bedthoughtfully

Lover come back.

" "I thought if it didn'tif you didn't marry herI could come back again.

"And when you come back food will be ready for you.

We will drive on to the farm and come back to the house later.

The officer was telling the canoes to keep close watch, not to let the chain be broken, that the messengers were close at hand, that they would soon be taken, and that their comrade who did not come back would be avenged.

I've been walking around, pretending to live, but really half hearing and half seeing, and waiting for you to come back and explain.

"But you'd get lonesome and come back to your hills.

Toward him there is often a pathetic outreaching of hope; if the church would come back to the simplicity that is in Christ and would plant itself on the Sermon on the Mount, it would quickly win their loyalty.

"You stay here till I come back!"

Mac Strann passed him a look and Fitz come back with a word.

10082 examples of  come back  in sentences