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10082 examples of  come back  in sentences

10082 examples of come back in sentences

" There was no more said till they got up to the others, who had waited for the Indians to come back, and had unpacked Kaviak to spare him the jolting uphill.

You mustyou must come back to me and the boy!"

He hears of "black men," and of "ships that carry people across the sea," and of "things that come back in those ships.

Then came Beltane, the smile still twisting his mouth; quoth he: "Forsooth, my strength is come back again; be there any more that I may deal withal, good Fool?" "Lord," whispered the shivering jester, "methinks I smell the dawn Come!"

My fairy lover, my fairy lover, My fair, my rare one, come back to me All night I'm sighing, on thee I'm crying, I would be dying, my love, for thee.

And through the women I come back to the elementary causes and roots of the present warthe little fibres in our social life which have fed, and are still feeding, the fatal tree whose fruits are, not the healing but the strife of nations.

I think I may one day bring you acquainted, if you do not go to Tartary first; for you'll never come back.

It was all that she could do to hold herself erect and come back into the more open cave.

In a half a minute Mr. Elting and about a dozen scouts were standing on the cove shore, waiting for the boat to come back, and meanwhile we rowed down along the south shore to where the cave is.

I believed he hastened poor father's death; I knew he had spoiled all my life; yes, I hated him until my heart was softened by many sorrowsJohn, I loved that man who went awayso far, without me, but I held myself bound, I thought your brother would come back and claim [missing text] was while Jerome was inbefore he went to Europe

They started on again and this time Mother Cotton-Tail called, "Come back, come back, you have forgotten your overshoes.

So, you hear, don't you come back here.

I have been told, that formerly our commanders were ordered to burn, sink, and destroy; and that in those times it was not uncommon for a British admiral to do much mischief with a strong fleet; but it is evident that the style is since changed, for our admirals are now very inoffensive, and go out only to come back.

Tell me you are glad I've come back.

The advanced posts of the Rue de Clรฉry and the Rue du Cadran had come back.

We come back, you see, after all, to where we startedthese people were the only people in England who knew about these jewels, so far as we know.

Contrary to custom, the tiger did not come back to his kill until after the sun had set.

So I just sat down and smoked my pipe, and waited for her to come back.

On scorching mountains, amid raw prairie-winds, or upon the regal ocean, the white pageant shall come back to us again, with all the luxury of summer heats, and all the fragrant coolness that can relieve them.

Drowsy old summer, I'd like to forget Some things which I've learned an' some hurts I have met; I'd like the old visions of splendor an' joy Which were mine to possess as a barefooted boy When I dreamed of the glorious deeds I would do As soon as I'd galloped my brief boyhood through; I'd like to come back an' look into your skies With that wondrous belief an' those far-seeing eyes.

Whenever he leaves her, her farewell is not, "How soon do you think you shall come back?

"And I shall come back and marry Babet?"

For over him would arch void depth for ever; Nor ever would he find a God or Heaven, Though lifting wings were his to soar abroad Through boundless heights of space; or eyes to dive To microscopic depths: he would come back, And say, There is no God; and sit and weep; Till in his heart a child's voice woke and cried, Father!

But a test showed that it was all right, and as by this time it was nearly the hour for the parade to come back and the preliminaries to begin, Joe went over to the circus office to see if any matters there needed his attention.

And she in the first to trouble that she be too heavy for mine arm; but truly, I showed that my strength was something come back to me; for I prest her gentle unto me, and she then to nestle content, and to be gone into an utter sleep, and to have been in a sore need of the same.

Last of all went Master Ratsey, saying, he saw that I would as lief be alone, and that he would come back before dark.

In the low quarters he sought his information of the waifs and strays who are cast up into the drinking-bars of any Oriental port, and he did not come back empty-handed.

You have come back, and are laughed at.

Even if Cutler'd let me come back I couldn't leave him.

When we're both old, too old to feel any more, then I'll come back some day, and we'll be friends.

" "But they can't get you," cried Holman, "Come back and watch them.

And now, because Circe was safe out of the way, he had come back to the cavern; and he was feeling all the pain that a man feels who beholds again the scene of a great past sorrow.

If you please to let my bundles stay untell I come back" "Can't I show you something?

I expected to be away for a week or more, but I have now come back on account of your letter.

Isak hoisted the chest and the sewing-machine on to his shoulders, and turned to his wife and child: "I'll have these up in no time, and come back for her after.

And when he had served his time in the army, he thought he would retire on half-payan old colonel, perhapsand come back to live there.

The bird, glad to be free, flew straight up, and then far away, and did not come back.

I 'll fix ye a lunch, an' ye need n't come back till night.

The training was a severe one, under a coach who had graduated some years before from Kingston, and had come back to bring his beloved Academy first across the line, as it had gone the year he had captained the crew.

Roger Raleigh!" cried Mrs. McLean, from the shore, "come back!" Obeying her with an air of puzzled surprise, the person so unceremoniously addressed was immediately beside her again.

"Come back in time for supper, Andrew," said Miss Priscilla.

" "Well, come back, and we'll wash this stuff off you.

You see, Rollo," he continued, "when I tell you or any boy to come back in half an hour, there are two things implied in the commandfirst, that you should notice the time, and, secondly, that you should come back when the time is out.

Aunt Jane was out in the garden a lot, and Father out to the observatory, so I just reveled in piano-playing till I found almost every time I did it that he had come back, and was in the library with the door open.

You'll come back worse than ever, my dear....

She had quarrelled with her grandfather and he would not let her come back home.

Those of them who come back when the war is over will have the world at their feet, indeed.

"Do you think I'd let them come back?

I punched him with a stick and he come back with them hoofs and kicked me right in the jawknocked me dead.

Had Tayoga come back so soon and without his deer?

All who go over yonder will not come back.

Their parents who saw them as they ascended, begged them, 'Pipiri Ma, come back!

"I come back South and learned how to farm.

I sent Mario to you, telling him either to join me with you as soon as possible, or, if you are delayed, to come back here at once.

" "And I'll not come back until I reach the town!" declared the boy.

And then I'd come back to you and never leave you again!"

Went West years ago an' made a fortune, an' thought it would be nice to come back an' finish his life where it began, near the greatest American city.

"If he should come back," said Jacob, turning very white, but speaking clearly and distinctly, "I would drive him from my door, and tell him to be gone forever!

He died in Texas and then Grandma Katy come back to Louisiana with my father and settled in Ouachita Parish.

I married in Mississippi and we come back here before Joe died.

A bird was sitting on the limb of a tree making a strange noise, and every time it made this noise, its eyes would go out of its head and fasten on the tree; then it would make another kind of a noise, and its eyes would come back to their places.

Fancying herself just entering the eternal city, she longed to refuse but decided it would be wrong and so consented to come back again to earth.

Go away and don't come back!

'Would you like to come back home for a while?' asked Mr. Lott abruptly.

A few of the taxi- cabs have come back; but all the auto-buses without exception are away behind the front.

He had regained his inheritance, he had come back a rich man, and he was more than ever indebted to the family because of the violent fight they had made on his behalf, just as he was going.

He'd come back.

W'en he did n' come back in a day

But when you break with her, when she leaves you, or you leave her, don't come back to Alcira.

"'E'd 'ave come back if anything was wrong," said young Fulcher, and this seemed so obvious and conclusive that presently old Fulcher said, "Well," and the three went home to bedthoughtfully

I went to get some money Dr. Stone owed me for some work I had done for him once and he wanted me to come back and cook again.

And when did he come back?" "Lor' bless you, sir, he ain't come back yet.

And this, "If I told folk it was Wood went away, then I say he would not dare come back again.

SEE Agar, Herbert. Come back to Erin.

Lover come back.

" "If you go there," said Mr. Cartaret, "you will certainly not come back here.

" "I thought if it didn'tif you didn't marry herI could come back again.

It's a pity she never lived to come back to the place.

Well, I've come back to you.

"And when you come back food will be ready for you.

St. Luc will not come back, nor will Tandakora, I think, linger in the woods, hoping for a shot.

'Fetchtell the gentleman to come back,' Julia cried, breathing quickly.

We will drive on to the farm and come back to the house later.

The officer was telling the canoes to keep close watch, not to let the chain be broken, that the messengers were close at hand, that they would soon be taken, and that their comrade who did not come back would be avenged.

It was quite a marvel to him how she helped him to dress her, laughing merrily at the strange mistakes he made in putting on her clothes the wrong side before; and when he assured her that her mother would come back very soon, she seemed satisfied to put up with any passing inconvenience.

Only she'll be sure to come back to gan-pa.

I've been walking around, pretending to live, but really half hearing and half seeing, and waiting for you to come back and explain.

"But you'd get lonesome and come back to your hills.

Of course, you are a good sailor, captain, but if it should happen that you should never come back, or even if it should be a very long time before you come back, how are we going to know what we ought to do? As far as I know the party you leave behind you, we would all be of different opinions if any emergency arose.

"If I should not come back, or a ship should come along and take you off before I return, you must all be as watchful as cats about that gold.

"So," she said, intensely, as I did not speak, "you have come back already, most noble Hereditary Justicer of the Mark!

But, said he, "Our little peach trees will bear this year, and if you go away you must come back and help us eat them; they will be the first we ever raised or ever saw."

Anyway, he left me in wrath, an' I stood there under the appletree, longin' for 'en to come back an' make friends again.

Toward him there is often a pathetic outreaching of hope; if the church would come back to the simplicity that is in Christ and would plant itself on the Sermon on the Mount, it would quickly win their loyalty.

After this four Spaniards landed and called the Indians to come back, which they now did very quietly, leaving their arms behind them; and they bartered three gold plates, saying they had no more with them, as they had not come prepared for trade but for war.

All the old doubt as to whether she had done right seemed to come back to her face in a moment.

"You stay here till I come back!"

This paying a Pastor at the end of his term in notes, that shall come back to haunt his successor, is not in keeping with the financial genius of the Church.

Mac Strann passed him a look and Fitz come back with a word.

"But I shall come backI shall come back."