10082 examples of come back in sentences

I have not volition enough left to dot my i's, much less to comb my eyebrows; my eyes are set in my head; my brains are gone out to see a poor relation in Moorfields, and they did not say when they'd come back again; my skull is a Grub Street attic to let,not so much as a joint-stool left in it; my hand writes, not I, from habit, as chickens run about a little when their heads are off.

But jest as he got fixed so nice his wife sent for him to come back home; and, say, he had to go.

And waitwait till you see me when I come back!"

"But I don't want to come back!"

Then if you come back here I will give you threepence for your trouble.

RAIN Rain, rain, go to Spain, And never come back again.

Certainly I'll come back.

And when she had gone she would not come back.

We have done wrong, dear sister; I remember how we've grieved Our widowed mother's anxious heart, so long of joy bereaved; O, were we loving, good, and kind, and all our murmurings o'er, Might not the smiles come back again and light her face once more?

Do not tell her, I will be quiet; indeed I will; only come back soon, soon; for I am all alone, alone!"

She described to Undine exactly how Paul was dressed, how he looked and what he said, and told her how he had examined everything in the room, and, finally coming upon his mother's photograph, had asked who the lady was; and, on being told, had wanted to know if she was a very long way off, and when Granny thought she would come back.

He had to come back to it, and he shifted.

To spend a cheerful evening listening to death-music, and then come back looking like Moses before the Burning Bush!" "Say, you ought to have seen the stunt they did with their lassos," cried Judith, waking in the bed on the other side of the room, and sitting up with her black hair tousled about her face.

You say you won't come back.

And yet, not a strange thing; for it is a sign that we all came from God, and can get no rest till we are come back to God, because God calls us all to be his children and be like him.

But he did come back just in time for dinner, through which he sat pretending that he was interested in Phyllis Van Vorst and casting gloomy looks in the direction of the oblivious Hermia.

Come, my daughter, come back to your place!"

Sometimes I have challenged these honored servants of the evangel who have come back to us from quarters where they were busy on the errands of the cross.

You must be ready when we come back.

Let's saunter down it first and then come back to the real estate man.

Mr. Graham will do very well for a while alone, although when you have made Mrs. Graham comfortable, I wish you would come back and sit with him.

As to your house, you can write to that other lady to go there and stay with Miss Croup until you come back.

But he'll come back to-night.

Now run away, and come back quickly.

And if I don't come back by to-morrow at sundown, Casey, you take command and blow it to hell without me!'

10082 examples of  come back  in sentences