137 examples of come to term in sentences

As a fact they understood each other's dispositions accurately, and, thinking it inopportune at that time to put them to the test, they came to terms by making a few mutual concessions.

But when he ascertained Antony's agreement with Caesar, he then came to terms with both of them himself.

Finally they came to terms.

"After I got her down, we came to terms.

V. make terms, come to terms &c (contract) 769; make it a condition, stipulate, insist upon, make a point of; bind, tie up.

Successful invasion must compel the invaded to come to terms, or his national existence will be lost.

Thus at length they came to terms.

It was only now, after the battle of Cannae, that Demetrius of Pharos found Philip disposed to listen to his proposal to cede to Macedonia his Illyrian possessionswhich it was necessary, no doubt, to wrest in the first place from the Romansand it was only now that the court of Pella came to terms with Carthage.

The Pannonians in company with the Norici overran Istria, and after suffering damage at the hands of Silius and his lieutenants the former came to terms again and were the cause of the Norici falling into the same slavery.

Consequently they came to terms voluntarily and ended their warfare.

There were 325 Liberals in the House; the Protectionists numbered 226; the Conservative Free Traders 105; so the day Protectionists and Peelites came to terms would be fatal to the Government.

However, he and Maggie came to terms, at last.

The one came to terms with him, went back again to their native land whence they had set out, and there built up again the cities to live in.

So they came to terms on the conditions that had been voted, but those on the Capitol would not come down till they had secured the son of Lepidus and the son of Antony to treat as hostages; then Brutus descended to Lepidus, to whom he was related, and Cassius to Antony, being assured of safety.

" "Suppose they come to terms?

The Spaniards now promptly came to terms.

With the enemy he came to terms, withdrew from their country, and abandoned the forts.

For after he had done as they desired, they would frequently attack him, threatening to begin a war; and with all such he came to terms.

The soldiers, on getting the worst of it, directed their efforts to firing the buildings, and so the populace, fearing that the whole city would be destroyed, reluctantly came to terms with them.

After this episode the Falisci held out no longer, but in spite of the fact that they were securely entrenched and had ample resources to continue the war nevertheless came to terms voluntarily.

The Treaty of Limerick, signed when the army of Sarsfield came to terms with the besiegers, guaranteed equal liberty to all Ireland, without regard to difference of religion.

He trapped me in here, not ten minutes ago, and had me at the end of a revolver, and we came to terms, and he left meand

However, as people sooner agree in doing ill than in doing well, they came to terms, and the Scots came with their whole army to the siege of Newark.

In the letter he discusses at length the programme; he does not attach much importance to the homage; it would be much better to come to terms on the military question, break with the Chamber, and dissolve.

It is at least possible that he only used it as a means for compelling the Provisional Government quickly to come to terms and thereby to bring the war to an end.

137 examples of  come to term  in sentences