14 examples of comeback in sentences

Then there would have been no comeback.

Where's my comeback?

But it is a good thing to have a bank account to flash, so that the boob will think he will get a comeback if he does lose.

I append the comeback: I mean come at once, you maddening half-wit.

She won't comeback.

She won't comeback.

I remembered the room was dark, and ran down to put it to rights before Mrs. Lane should comeback.

no comeback to my play ... let him see that for himself.

"There's a comeback for you!

" In 1966 as evidence that Squash Tennis was, indeed, on the "comeback trail" the august governing body of the National Squash Tennis Association elected five-time national champion, Jim Prigoff, as their new President.

But while in 1877 I saw a great deal to learn, and picked up a great many wrinkles, and brought back from America a good many processes, I go back there now in 1884, seven years afterward, and I do not find one single advance madeI comeback with scarcely one single wrinkle; and, in fact, while we in England during those seven years have progressed with giant strides, in America, in telegraph matters, they have stood still.

The comeback of Battling Billson.

The comeback of Battling Billson.

But I like to feel that if I took such a crazy notion the person sitting opposite me could qualify for a good comeback....

14 examples of  comeback  in sentences