4621 examples of comfortables in sentences

Perhaps there is nothing in use that, with so little weight, secures so much heat as what are called "comfortables.

The same process is applied to the little feet, which swell to misshapen stumps beneath an accumulation of under-socks and over-socks, under-shoes and over-shoes, and are finally swallowed up in huge worsted stockings, which embrace all the drawers, short petticoats, ends of handkerchiefs, comfortables, and shawls they can reach, and are generally gartered in some incomprehensible fashion round the waist.

We bought some sheets and pillow cases, pillows and old-fashioned comfortables and blankets, and bespoke a compartment on the train leaving Bombay that night.

I can't be comfortable.

The sky cleared; the stars blazed down through the cool night; and wrapped in our blankets we slept soundly, warm and comfortable.

The woman proved a querulous traveller in the auto, complaining that she was not made as comfortable as apparently she had expected; and after one day the husband declared he was not willing to have her go unless he went too; and the family resumed their walk.

Head-nets and gloves are a protection, but are not very comfortable in stifling hot weather.

For the rest Mr. MARSHALL is content to mark time (and very pleasantly) with pictures of English country life at its most comfortable, and in particular with some comedy scenes, excellently done, turning upon the often delicate relationship of Hall and Parsonage.

" Robert finished his food and resumed a comfortable place against a tree.

Robert made himself as comfortable as he could behind a log, although he longed to stand upright, and walk about once more like a human being.

The wounded were made as comfortable as possible before the fire, and in the light of the brilliant flames the awe created by the dead quickly passed.

While the ranchmen and Mrs. Wilder made themselves comfortable in chairs, the boys squatted or stretched out on the piazza, their restlessness proclaiming the expectancy with which they awaited the "heap talkee" Nails desired to impart.

The room was large, comfortable, solid; there was not a suggestion of femininity in ithigh or lowexcept the general air of cleanliness.

Take off your hatbe comfortable.

It was not a comfortable awakening.

Make 'em comfortable.

It's comfortable up there."

We will be more comfortable there," and she led the way out into the hall.

Sheets of flannel and not less than half a dozen quilts and comfortables made a cover, under which the heat of his own blood warmed his body.

Ruth brought some pillows and comfortables into Rosamond and Barbara's room, made up a couch for herself on the box-sofa, and gave her little white one to Leslie.

My seat was most comfortable, consisting of thick folds of blankets against a log.

It was neither wild nor beautiful nor comfortable.

The women of the ranchito brought other bedding, and a comfortable bed soon awaited the Americanos.

Making a comfortable seat with it, he riveted his gaze on the fire, and with a splendid sang-froid reluctantly told the history of the double trail.

What had formerly been appropriated by mother to blankets and comfortables, she had turned into a magazine of toilet articles.

4621 examples of  comfortables  in sentences