119 examples of coming to stay in sentences

Nor you coming to stay all day with me, nor writing to Hollis.

I came to stay, my lord, to be his wife, His serving-maid, his mistress,what he would; I told him that I loved him beyond men; I pleaded and entreated him, in vain, To keep and hold me evermore.

"On Apr. 9th my wife's two sisters, Elizabeth and Georgiana Smith, came to stay with me.

'I heard she was coming to stay with her father this summer, and glad I am of it toothe old man is very lonely.

The head of his household was Miss Williams, who had been a friend of his wife's, and after coming to stay with him, in order to undergo an operation for cataract, became a permanent inmate of his house.

Then she said timidly: "We are very glad to welcome you, and we all feel that you have conferred a great favour on us by coming to stay here this summer.

How can he study without coming to stay with his master, as it was in the good old days of apprenticeship?

Effie, married to Robertson, whose real name was Staunton, paid a furtive visit to her sister, and many years later, when her husband was no longer a desperate outlaw, but Sir George Staunton, and beyond anxiety of recognition, the two sisters corresponded freely, and Lady Staunton even came to stay with Mrs. Butler, after old Deans was dead.

At Cortina I met and first knew Browning, who, with his sister Sariana, our old and dear friend, came to stay at the inn where we were.

A couple of years went by without her visiting the old home; then, of a sudden, she made known her intention of coming to stay at the lodge 'for a week or ten days.'

He was equally intolerant of certain of Merle's little band of forward-looking intellectuals who came to stay week-ends at the Whipple New Place.

The deadly asp, it is said, became the executioner of her wicked will; and when the victor came to stay the act which would rob him of a part of his revenge, he found the work accomplished.

If you've made up your minds hadn't I better tell my lawyer to make out the papers at once?" "Sister and I made up our minds some time ago, dear Mrs. Smith, and we wrote to Brother William about it before he came to stay with us, and he was willing, and Stanley, here, who is the only other heir of the estate that we know about, has no objection.

When leaving me she asked, "When are you coming to stay at Ploszow?" I replied that I was not going to stay there at all.

SPENCER, EVELYN T. The lady who came to stay.

SEE Spencer, Robert B. SPENCER, ROBERT E. The lady who came to stay.

SEE Spencer, Robert B. SPENCER, ROBERT E. The lady who came to stay.

My legionary came, and came to stay.

I replied, "Well, I rather think I will, indeed; I came to stay, and am one of the folks it is hard to drive away!"

"Sally," said Uncle Timothy Rudd, "up in New Hampshire, where I used to live before I came to stay with your family, there is an attic full of old furniture which belonged to my father.

While I was thus at a loss, Charles came to stay for a few days three doors off.

"I never saw him till this last March, when he came to stay with us.

His children came to stay with me in London.

" In 1839 "Lady Dalhousie, my admired friend, came to stay with us.

"Miss Bowater is coming to stay with us," volunteered Cecil.

119 examples of  coming to stay  in sentences
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