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449 examples of  commissary  in sentences

449 examples of commissary in sentences

By this time I had remembered that he was Doctor James Blair, the lately come commissary of the diocese of London, who represented all that Virginia had in the way of a bishop.

The wagons, artillery, and pack-horses were formed into three divisions, and the provisions so distributed that each division was to be victualed from the part of the line it covered, and a commissary was appointed for each.

At that period, marriage was regarded as a mere civil act; and either the magistrate of the place, or a commissary appointed for the purpose, was alone required by law to officiate.

" A few moments afterwards the Commissary of the fort appeared, and in polite phrases, which, however, savored somewhat of authority, invited each of the Representatives of the People to declare his name in order that each might be allotted to his ultimate destination.

" The Commissary saluted them and went away.

The Commissary said to Duponceau,"Do your duty.

" What the Commissary meant, and what Duponceau understood by this word duty, was that the Usher should denounce the Legislators.

The two men in the barouches made themselves known to the Special Commissary of the station, to whom the aide-de-camp Fleury spoke privately.

The Commissary of Police is behind the carriage in a barouche, whence he sees everything that is taking place here."

Nevertheless, a few moments afterwards, the keepers, under pretext of cold, pulled up the ground-glass window which closed the vehicle on the side of the Commissary, and having thus "blocked the police," as one of them remarked, they opened the cells of the prisoners.

"Gentlemen," continued the Commissary, "give it to me only for one minute, the time to drink a glass of water."

The Commissary of Police, sent by Morny to the village of Ham to watch the movements of the jailer and the prisoners, is Dufaure de Pouillac.

The Commissary of Police thought he was about to address the soldiers.

Before putting it in his pocket, he turned towards Colin, the Commissary of Police who had arrested him, and said, "Will this money be safe on me?" The Commissary exclaimed, "Oh, General, what are you thinking of?" "What assurance have I that you are not thieves?" answered Cavaignac.

Before putting it in his pocket, he turned towards Colin, the Commissary of Police who had arrested him, and said, "Will this money be safe on me?" The Commissary exclaimed, "Oh, General, what are you thinking of?" "What assurance have I that you are not thieves?" answered Cavaignac.

At the same time, nearly the same moment, Charras said to Courteille, the Commissary of Police, "Who can tell me that you are not pick-pockets?" A few days afterwards these pitiful wretches all received the Cross of the Legion of Honor.

A Commissary of Police accompanied Lieutenant Pape.

This Commissary had notified Serrière of a "decree of the President of the Republic," suppressing the Avénement du Peuple, and had placed sentinels over the presses.

Each of the two Commissaries was followed by that species of police agent which is called "the Commissary's dog.

Towards noon a Commissary of Police, named Boudrot, appeared at the divan of the Rue Lepelletier.

Then ensued an inspection of all the ordinary customers, Delahodde walking first, with the Commissary behind him.

The only thing which rejoices me now is the thought of his blank disappointment when he gets the news from the Commissary of Police.

He won't come until he's had a long talk with the Commissary of Police, and tried to thrash matters out.

He would almost certainly have described to Maxine the box or case which had been stolen from him, and if the thing pulled out from the sofa-hiding-place had recalled his description, she must have betrayed some emotion under the keen eyes of the Commissary of Police.

The ample confession of Karl disclosed the villainy of the Italians, and made known how narrowly the commissary had escaped the loss of his fair young bride; whilst, as he told his rude and simple tale, without claiming any merit, or appearing to be conscious of any, Adelaide learned that to this repulsive stupid clown she had three times owed her life.

For the Commissary, while accepting Raoul's version of his capture, had an intuitive gift which saved him from wholly believing in it.

Come nowas Commissary, what'll you take to work it for us?

He spent the next morning in his office; and returning at three in the afternoon, retired to the library to draw up the usual monthly report required of him as Commissary.

In theorysuch was the routineRaoul remained one of the Axcester contingent of prisoners, and all reports concerning him must pass through the Commissary's hands.

There was no commissary department, nor was any department provided with adequate resources.

More than ever before, these supplies were now needed; and when General Lee sent, in May or June, a requisition for rations to Richmond, the commissary-general is said to have endorsed upon the paper, "If General Lee wishes rations, let him seek them in Pennsylvania.

In 1848 he was named Commissary-General, and subsequently deputy of the department of the Cher.

He occupied a post on the Marseillaise newspaper, became a Commissary of Police after the fourth of September, and took part on the popular side in the outbreak of the thirty-first of October.

On the 4th of April, M. Garnier, the Commissary-General of the French police, came from Munster to see her; he inquired minutely into her case, and having learned that she neither prophesied nor spoke on politics, declared that there was no occasion for the police to occupy themselves about her.

And I nominate for reappointment Callender Irvine, of Pennsylvania, to be Commissary-General of Purchases.

It was government property and should return, therefore, to the commissary department.

The Commissary of Police then asked me what business I was about in travelling, and the following conversation took place: "Was haben Sie für Geschäfte?""Keine; ich reise nur um Vergnügen's Willen."

The Commissary, after a slight hesitation, signed the visa and I then carried it to the bureau of the Commandant, whose secretary signed it without hesitation, merely asking me if I were a military man.

This caused somewhat of an interruption in the organization of the commissary department and very little food reached the troops, and that only at very long intervals.

He was a bag boy, and she used to give him a hard time at the commissary.

The camp was the office, so to speak, of the division commander, with his clerks, telephone operator, commissary machinery, and so on, the commander himself living at the immediate front.

Both he and the officer at my lefta big, farmer-like commissary man spoke most amiably of the Russians.

These were furnished by himself, being at once commander, commissary, and paymaster.

Commissary-General Ireton being taken by a captain of foot, makes the captain his prisoner, to save his life, and gives him his liberty for his courtesy before.

All around the country, them that didn't have nothin' had to go to the commissary and get hard tacks.

The magistrate, as curious as a commissary, wished to know how they came into my hands; and I sent him to the devil with two or three Teutonic oaths, of the most polished kind; and he, to teach me better manners another time, sent me to prison.

Good evening, Lucien," and he shook hands cordially with the commissary, whose face wore a serious, inquiring look.

Then, when the commissary and Tignol were seated, he gave directions to the driver.

The commissary laid an affectionate hand on Coquenil's arm.

"You don't mean that you think the American may be guilty?" questioned the commissary.

"Are you thinking of accepting the Rio Janeiro offer?" asked the commissary presently.

" Then, clearly and concisely, the commissary went over the situation, considering his friend's problem from various points of view; and so absorbed was he in fairly setting forth the advantages and disadvantages of the Rio Janeiro position that he did not observe Coquenil's utter indifference to what he was saying.

"We are getting right out into wild country," remarked the commissary.

Who?" asked the commissary.

" "My dear Paul," reasoned the commissary, "what can you do off the force?

" "You don't mean" began the commissary with a startled look.

There's a couple of hours' work still for Papa Tignol and me, but it's half past two, Lucien, and, unless you think of something" "No, except to wish you luck," replied the commissary, and he started to go.

"The night of the murder," reflected the commissary.

" "I'll get him in," said the commissary.

"] Patiently the photographer stood still while the commissary and Tignol tried to stretch their fingers over the red marks that scarred his countenance.

"He has a very long little finger," remarked the commissary, and, in an instant, Coquenil remembered Alice's words that day as she looked at his plaster casts.

That wouldn't be a nice story to tell the commissary of police, would it?

An hour later M. Paul and Alice were in clean, cool beds at a private hospital near the commissary's house, with nurses and doctors bending over them.

This was the first of many visits to the hospital by the devoted commissary and of many anxious hours at that distressed bedside.

The doctor assured the commissary that in a few days he should have a serious talk with the patient.

What should the commissary do?

The commissary appeared forthwith and, with all the authority of his office, testified in confirmation of Alice's story.

* Interviewer's Comment This program was given on one night, and the participants doubled right back the next night on another lengthy program celebrating Christmas Eve. Interviewer: Samuel S. Taylor Person interviewed: Julia White (Continued) 3003 Cross Street, Little Rock, Arkansas Age: 80 "The Commissary was on the northeast corner of Third and Cumberland.

They used to call it the government commissary building.

BRAC'CIO, commissary of the republic of Florence, employed in picking up every item of scandal he could find against Lu'ria

"We must press the Countess on this point closely; I will put it plainly to M. le Juge," said the detective, as he entered the private room set apart for the police authorities, where he found M. Beaumont le Hardi, the instructing judge, and the Commissary of the Quartier (arrondissement).

" The noise attracted also the Judge and the Commissary, and there were now six officials in all, including the guard, all surrounding the General, a sufficiently imposing force to overawe even the most recalcitrant fire-eater.

A little to one side, with the light full on the face, the witness was seated, bearing the scrutiny of three pairs of eyesthe Judge first, and behind him, those of the Chief Detective and the Commissary of Police.

Both M. Floçon and the Commissary nodded their heads approvingly, plainly sharing his triumph.

" "No doubt," said the Commissary, who was a blunt, rather coarse person, believing that to take anybody and everybody into custody is always the safest and simplest course.

He was undoubtedly drugged," answered the detective; and the discussion which followed took the form of a dialogue between them, for the Commissary took no part in it.

" "She can be extradited," said the Commissary, with his one prominent idea of arrest.

Not only was she freely allowed to depart, but she was escorted by both M. Floçon and the Commissary outside, to where an omnibus was in waiting, and all her baggage piled on top, even to the dressing-bag, which had been neatly repacked for her.

" "Let him go, and send some one with him," said the Commissary, the first practical suggestion he had yet made.

it was the same interjection uttered simultaneously by the three Frenchmen, but each had a very different note; in the Judge it was deep interest, in the detective triumph, in the Commissary indignation, as when he caught a criminal red-handed.

Then the Commissary, drawing nearer, called attention to some suspicious spots sprinkled about the window, but above it towards the roof.

" "Then how explain the finding of the vial near the porter's seat?" "May it not have been dropped there on purpose?" put in the Commissary, with another flash of intelligence.

"What of that Italian?" asked the Commissary.

" "That should be at once," remarked the Commissary, eager, as usual, for decisive action.

Provisions were supplied from the commissary.

Left were only the "citizen" with his family and slaves, the post quartermaster and commissary, the conscript-officer, the trading Jew, the tax-in-kind collector, the hiding deserter, the jayhawker, a few wounded boys on furlough, and Harper's cavalry.

Corn on the cob or in bags was brought across the river by boats, while the herds of live cattle were made to swim the stream, and were then most frequently marched across country to the commissary depots of the several armies.

His ranks as depleted were filled up, his commissary trains need never be long unsupplied, his ammunition waggons were always equipped.

He had the air of a commissary who knew of unlimited supplies.

Moreover, there were needless delays in forwarding the troops to Fort Washington; and the commissary department was badly managed.

There was no artillery, and the Commissary's store was without the bounds of the Fort, under the hill.

Commissary-General Ramsey, a Scotsman, a Low Country Soldier, and an experienced officer, commanded their left wing, and though he did all that an expert soldier, and a brave commander could do, yet 'twas to no purpose; his lines were immediately broken, and all overwhelmed in a trice.

Commissary-General Ireton being taken by a captain of foot, makes the captain his prisoner, to save his life, and gives him his liberty for his courtesy before.

We tied some guy ropes to the upper side, and taking long ropes from the end of the tongue to the pommels of our saddles, the ease with which we set that commissary over didn't trouble any one but the boss-man, whose orders were not very distinct from the distance between banks.

Mr. Heyward was dealt a hard blow during the war; his store was confiscated and used as a commissary by the northern army.

" His friend William Ramsay"well known, well-esteemed, and of unblemished character"he appointed commissary, and long after, in 1769, wrote, "Having once or twice of late heard you speak highly in praise of the Jersey College, as if you had a desire of sending your son William there ...

Dean of York's Visit., 215 (Hayton wardens report to commissary that they have a small sum from absentees yet undistributed to the poor: "But it shalbe shortlie".

From the time of his arrival until 1833, the religious Meetings were held in the Garrison school house and in an old Commissary store.

In addition to the rations specified in paragraph 8 of this order, the chief commissary will provide sixty (60) days' field rations for the entire command.

[Footnote 17: Brevet Brigadier-General James A. Ekin, Quartermaster's Department, United States Army, substituted.] Brigadier-General A.B. Eaton, Commissary-General of Subsistence.