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91 example sentences with  commit to memory

91 example sentences with commit to memory

His precepts are committed to memory by every child from the tenderest age, and each year at the royal university at Pekin the Emperor holds a festival in honor of the illustrious teacher.

The Jewish converts, having the psalms committed to memory needed not, nor could they have in those bookless days, a psalter script.

Some theologians hold that such priests, if they have committed to memory a notable part of the psalms, should repeat that part from memory.

The paradigms were committed to memory with an anvil accompaniment; and long after, he never could scan a line of Homer, especially the oft-repeated

The hymn which she first committed to memory was one of her chief favourites: "A mind at perfect peace with God."

In this examination I committed to memory its external appearance and arrangement in the rack, and also fell, at length, upon a discovery which set at rest whatever trivial doubt I might have entertained.

To this purpose the contents are singularly well adapted; for, from the single line proverb to a poem by Wordsworth, there is such a wide range of choice that the teacher need not resort to the questionable device of giving children fragments and bits of verse and prose to commit to memory.

The name Hรกfiz means, literally, the man who remembers, and was applied to himself by Hรกfiz from the fact that he became a professor of the Mohammedan scriptures, and for this purpose had committed to memory the text of the Koran.

My earliest recollection on the subject, is that of committing to memory what my father termed vocables, being lists of common Greek words, with their signification in English, which he wrote out for me on cards.

You will therefore commit to memory various different portions of Milton's Paradise Lost which I shall select, and which must be repeated to me in their entirety without mistake on my return from my own hard-earned holiday.

Words which in the freshness of the morning he would have learned in a very few moments with ease, it is now simply out of his power to commit to memory.

[Footnote 5: Study is still the Player's word for commit to memory.]

One of the grandest speeches ever made, for freshness and force, was Daniel Webster's reply to Hayne; but the peroration was written and committed to memory, while the substance of it had been in his thoughts for half a winter, and his mind was familiar with the general subject.

His reading was desultory, and his favorite works were political speeches, many of which he committed to memory and then declaimed, to the delight of all who heard him.

He eagerly embraced the offer of a seat in the House of Commons, which was secured to him in 1830; and as soon as he entered Parliament he began to make speeches, which were carefully composed and probably committed to memory.

"The doctrines of religion," said Beattie, "I had wished to impress on his mind, as soon as it might be prepared to receive them; but I did not see the propriety of making him commit to memory theological sentences, or any sentences which it was not possible for him to understand.

When the rhetorician knows that he has written well, that he has committed to memory what he has written, and brings an agreeable voice, why is he still anxious?

Does it not seem strange that ambassadors and nuncios should become confused and lose all recollection of the addresses they had committed to memory, in the presence of a prince whose exterior so ill accords with the grandeur of his titles and the vastness of his power?

But in choosing the things that should be committed to memory the utmost care and forethought must be exercised; as lessons well learnt in youth are never forgotten.

Some of the provisions should be so thoroughly committed to memory that at any time they may be accurately quoted.

Mateo Aleman tells us, in the Introduction to his celebrated romance, Juzman de Alfarache, that many infatuated criminals, instead of devoting their last hours to the welfare of their souls, as they ought to have done, neglect this duty for the purpose of preparing and committing to memory a speech to be made from the scaffold.

Mr. Gilbanks also gave him elementary instruction; while his father made him commit to memory portions of the English poets.

Who, if they can only commit to memory a few definitions and divisions, and pass the customary period in the study of logics, no matter with what effect, whatever sort they prove to be, idiots, triflers, idlers, gamblers, sots, sensualists, "mere ciphers in the book of life Like those who boldly woo'd Ulysses' wife; Born to consume the fruits of earth: in truth,

I beseech you and your dear friends to pray for us, that the celestial Comforter promised in the Scriptures, would vouchsafe to visit our hearts and warm them with his love; for without the aid of this Divine Light, even though we should commit to memory the Old and New Testament, it would avail us nothing; but rather tend to our greater condemnation in the sight of our Sovereign Judge.

As the young man proceeded, however, I perceived that his poem was, in fact, a denunciation of the horrors of war,not, as I had supposed, the composition of another person committed to memory, and now rehearsed as an exercise in elocution, but entirely his own.

In the case of converts from Judaism, the Old Testament would have been largely committed to memory in youth, while the knowledge of the New would be only recently acquired.

It would be natural to suppose, and all that we know of the type of doctrine in the early Church would lead us to believe, that the Sermon on the Mount would be one of the most familiar parts of Christian teaching, that it would be largely committed to memory and quoted from memory.

He is quite a nice idiot, but, when Lord Valmond came, of course I talked as stiffly as possibly, and presently Lord George told him that he was singularly backward in copybook maxims, and that there was one he ought to write out and commit to memory, and it began with "Two's Company," upon which Lord Valmond stalked on in a rage.

This method is adopted with every thing that is to be committed to memory, so that every child in the school has an equal chance of learning.

We have also found it very useful in teaching the catechism, or anything that is to be committed to memory, and this part of our plan has proved so useful and successful, that it has been adopted in many schools for older children of both sexes, I mean in the Normal schools of Glasgow and Edinburgh, the Corporation Schools of Liverpool, and the government Model Schools at Dublin.

If they be merely committed to memory by rote, they will often lie there cold and inactive, and not unfrequently tend even to harden the feelings.

MORAL LESSON.[A] [Footnote A: The following tale, though not adapted for the younger children of an Infant School, and too long to be committed to memory by the elder ones, might be read to such by the master, and would serve as an admirable theme for conversation.

Nothing can be more absurd than to compel young children to commit to memory mere abstract rules expressed in difficult and technical language.

Now see with what delight he searches the scriptures, and marks and commits to memory choice verses in that Holy Book.

These I thoroughly committed to memory, also the conjugation of the verbs which were included in the list.

It is indispensable to the success of the singing, when the congregation is a large one made up of people from different communities, to have someone with a strong voice who knows just what hymn to sing and when to sing it, who can pitch it in the right key, and who has all the leading lines committed to memory.

Committing to memory the leading lines of all the Negro spiritual songs is no easy task, for they run up into the hundreds.

I have committed to memory some short phrases of one edict, which he appears to think particularly clever, but I have not as yet found any one who has understood what he intended by them.

On the early days of the week he read widely and hard on the lines of his Sunday work, and the last three days he devoted to writing out and committing to memory his two sermons, each of which occupied about fifty minutes in delivery.

And although the discourse had been committed to memory and was reproduced in the very words that had been written down in the study, no barrier was thereby interposed between the preacher and his hearers.

She was very unkind to Martha, for she envied her the ease with which her lessons were committed to memory, and more than all else she envied her the love of her kind teacher.

All these little speeches have been written for them by their priest or some religious friend, been committed to memory, and practised with the appropriate gestures over and over again at home.

Long afterwards, when he had become the greatest orator of modern times, he told how hard this thing had been for him at Exeter: "Many a piece did I commit to memory, and rehearse in my room over and over again.

Let me here give you a few maxims to commit to memory: Avoid and shun the sources of misery.

They not only read it, but commit to memory portions of it every day:the first lesson in the morning is an examination on some passage of scripture.

She afterwards heard them recite some passages which they had committed to memory, and interspersed the recitations with appropriate remarks of advice and exhortation.

The following hymn, composed by Mr. Wooldridge, for the purpose, and committed to memory by many of the children, who were treated with cakes and lemonade.

They not only read it, but commit to memory portions of it every day:the first lesson in the morning is an examination on some passage of scripture.

She afterwards heard them recite some passages which they had committed to memory, and interspersed the recitations with appropriate remarks of advice and exhortation.

The following hymn, composed by Mr. Wooldridge, for the purpose, and committed to memory by many of the children, who were treated with cakes and lemonade.

My lessons were committed to memory by a few hurried glances, and repeated with a faltering rapidity, which not unfrequently puzzled the ear of the teacher to follow me.

"Having the score written out and safely committed to memory, that will be quite the easiest number on the programme, I assure you."

Every spare minute, he devoted to his books and committed to memory, one whole volume of Blackstone during the term of his first enlistment Not many of the soldiers so used their hours off duty.

Anyhow, it is my intention to commit to memory, minute by minute, the least circumstance, and then, if it be possible, to jot down my daily impressions.

Reading prayers was so profane a thing, that these individuals could scarcely consent to be present at such a vain ceremony; nor was the discontent, on this preliminary point, fully disposed of until the governor once asked the principal objector how he got along with the Lord's Prayer, which was not only written and printed, but which usually was committed to memory!

Let me here give you a few maxims to commit to memory: Avoid and shun the sources of misery.

No political negotiation was ever conducted, however, with more circumspection and mutual distrust; every detail of the interview was regulated beforehand; the two principal actors pledged themselves to say no more than was set down for them; and each committed to memory the harangue which was to be pronounced.

But, as the general principles of grammar are common to all languages, and as the only successful method of learning them, is, to commit to memory the definitions and rules which embrace them, it is reasonable to suppose that the language most intelligible to the learner, is the most suitable for the commencement of his grammatical studies.

It has been already admitted, that definitions and rules committed to memory and not reduced to practice, will never enable any one to speak and write correctly.

The objection drawn from the alleged inefficiency of this method, lies solely against the practice of those teachers who disjoin the principles and the exercises of the art; and who, either through ignorance or negligence, impose only such tasks as leave the pupil to suppose, that the committing to memory of definitions and rules, constitutes the whole business of grammar.

This definition, which has been copied from grammar to grammar, and committed to memory millions of times, is obviously erroneous, and directly contradicted by the example.

In the exercises for parsing appended to his Etymology, the Doctor furnishes twenty-five Rules of Syntax, which, he says, "are not intended to be committed to memory, but to be used as directions to the beginner in parsing the exercises under them.

"You will please to commit to memory the following paragraph.

"If these be perfectly committed to memory, the learner will be able to take twenty lines for his second lesson, and the task may be increased each day.

"The child imitates, and commits to memory; whilst the riper age digests, and thinks independently.

" Sometimes the passive form is adopted, when there is no real need of it, and when perhaps the active would be better, because it is simpler; as, "Those portions of the grammar are worth the trouble of being committed to memory.

Better, perhaps:"worth the trouble of committing to memory:" or,"worth the trouble committing them to memory."

His inclination may lead him, for example, to study archaic myths in the various dialects which first gave them birth; he may have a fancy for committing to memory the writings of authors on astrology, or the speculations of ancient philosophers, from Aristotle and Lucretius downward.

The stock of vocables was acquired by committing to memory classified lists of words; lists of names of parts of the body, lists of the names of domestic animals, of wild beasts, of fishes, of trees, of heavenly bodies, of geographical features, of names of relationship and kindred, of ranks and orders of men, of names of trades, of tools, of arms, of articles of clothing, of church furniture, of diseases, of virtues and vices, and so on.

Did you ever read this anywhere, 'Commit to memory one hundred verses of the Bible or an equal amount of sacred literature, such as Thomas ร  Kempis'?

Even women and children are repeating this, as if it were a lesson they seek to commit to memory.

Mrs. Lyth had in early life committed to memory large portions of the Word of God; the Bible was the book of her choiceher daily study; and her love for it became more impassioned as life rolled on to its close.

I requested them to commit to memory the 23rd Psalm.

The dear child's desire to attend meeting was soon gratified; and that morning she selected, to commit to memory, Jane Taylor's appropriate hymn on attending public worship, especially noticing the stanza "The triflers, too, His eye can see, Who only seem to take a part; They move the lip, and bend the knee, But do not seek Him with the heart," saying, earnestly, "Oh, I hope I shall not be like those!"

The boys were encouraged to commit to memory portions of Scripture, for which they received small rewards; and thus a spirit of emulation was created as to who should possess the greatest number of these.

As it contains the secret of success in every undertaking, it should be committed to memory by all my readers.

Here they have been confined and kept from exercise and play, to study useless and unrelated facts and to commit to memory dry rules which are forgotten as soon as their minds are ready to retain anything worth while.

As she stood wondering what to do, these words from a psalm she had committed to memory a short time before, came to her mind: "If I say, Surely the darkness shall cover me; even the night shall be light about me.

The Irish went further and, for greater facility in committing to memory and retaining there, put their laws into a kind of rhymed verse, of which they may have been the inventors.

The teacher, knowing no more than myself of the language, set me to committing to memory the whole of Andrews' Latin Grammar.

We used such words of Spanish as I had taken down in my pass book and committed to memory and by motions in addition to these made them understand something of the state of affairs and that Mr. French who had assisted us before had told us we could get some meat (carne) from them.

Besides, I have Uncle on my hands, and I have to commit to memory pages on color printing that run like this: "Fine as a single hair or swelling imperceptibly till it becomes a broken play of light and shade or a mass of solid black, it still flows, unworried and without hesitation on its appointed course.

(d.) Train the children to commit to memory the choicest passages of the Bible.

If the exercise to which the teacher is attending consists merely in listening to the reciting word for word some passage committed to memory, it can be done.

The design is not to have you commit to memory what the book contains, but to understand and digest itto incorporate it fully into your own mind, that it may come up in future life in such a form as you wish it for use.

He got some help in acquiring the pronunciation from educated Polish exiles, and from foreigners whom he occasionally met, but, in the main, he had learned the language alone, and by committing to memory dialogues from Shakespeare's plays.

When the nature of her work was sufficiently simple to require but little thought, Ellen was accustomed to improve herself by committing to memory many parts of the Bible suited for prayer, confession, or praise, so that her thoughts might riot wander during those solitary hours in the paths of folly or of sin, but once centred on serious things, her mind might thence become strengthened and her judgment ripened.

Pupils would rather commit to memory the sentences than trouble themselves about reasons; but they will master reasons when they find they must.

I'm more aware of just how treasured my breaths are, that every hug I'm given I commit to memory, that every laugh I laugh is a joy.

Imagine running home from school everyday lest a tornado snatch you up into the sky, committing to memory the safe places to hide during an earthquake, and fearing that your school chum will snap at any minute and go on a gun-toting rampage.

As an added bonus, players will probably commit to memory six fruits and six vegetables that range from the commonplace, such as apple and carrot, to the exotic, like cantaloupe and artichoke.