1093 examples of communing in sentences

he said, in a low voice, and as if he were communing with himself rather than answering his friend.

He was for hours thus communing with nature, then came back to the town and went on board the Despair.

I only wish to ask of those schools which you designate as belonging to sensual Christianity, the explanation of this kiss; it is Bossuet, Bossuet himself, of whom I would ask it: "Obey, and strive finally to enter into the disposition of Jesus in communing, which is the disposition of harmony, joy and love; the whole gospel proclaims it.

There were people about him of course; but he retired into himself as it were, communing with his own thoughts, and seeking no intercourse with strangers.

When the Rev. J. William Jones, with another clergyman, went, in 1863, to consult him in reference to the better observance of the Sabbath in the army, "his eye brightened, and his whole countenance glowed with pleasure; and as, in his simple, feeling words, he expressed his delight, we forgot the great warrior, and only remembered that we were communing with an humble, earnest Christian."

In her communing with the sunrise helpful things had been spoken to her.

"That comes of communing with Nature," she reminded him; "and it serves you rightly, for natural communications corrupt good epigrams.

" When Father B.'s thirty communing persons are fully "formed," we should like to take a look at them.

While thus communing with himself, he heard a door open below; and hurrying down the stairs at the sound, he beheld, to his great surprise and joy, the piper's daughter, Nizza Macascree.

She knew that this sort of self-communing was a bad thing, that it was bound to sour the whole taste of life in her mouth.

The thought that even this chance of again meeting my sister, and of communing with her in the form in which I had ever seen and loved her might be lost, came in aid of other good resolutions that the state of the family had quickened in my heart.

This may be the fact with those who are immersed in themselves while communing with God, and cannot consent even to pray without placing their own thoughts and language, however ill-digested and crude, uppermost in the business of the moment.

Had you heard Emilie communing with her own heart, you would have heard no self gratulation.

He betrayed no fear, but retained perfect self-possession; and remembering how easy their superstitious minds could be worked upon, he drew forth, and with great solemnity commenced looking steadily at his pocket-compass, and thence to heaven, alternating between the two, until he impressed them with a feeling of awe, as though he were a superior being communing with the Great Spirit.

Hope has fled from the captive's breast, and he is communing in earnest with the Great Spirit into whose presence he is about to be so sadly and speedily ushered.

I have been communing with myself anent your petition; truly have I, but see not that I can serve thee; I cannot indeed.

well thou knowest that no fleshly form can gain entrance here; it is not a man, but a spirit, with whom thou art communing."

Lying on his back beneath the dreary vault, communing with Dante, Savonarola, and the Hebrew prophets in the intervals of labour, locking up the chapel-doors in order to elude the jealous curiosity of rivals, eating but little and scarcely sleeping, he accomplished in sixteen months the first part of his gigantic task.

She hung on Joyce's every word, communing with him hour after hour, utterly content, indifferent to all the world about her.

* "How can I"I seem to hear the author of Elizabeth and Her German Garden communing with herself"how can I write a story, with all my necessary Teutonic ingredients in it, which shall be popular even during the War?"

She had, in the society of her mother, indeed, the advantage of communing with a mind not less refined and cultivated than her own.

I will let the Northern Lights go, with their gorgeous pantomimes and midnight revelries, and have a moment's communing with this unfortunate quadruped.

Communing thus with nature in her purest and most lovely moods, the soul is dwelling in the vestibule of God's own sanctuary.

For a man who mingled so little with the world, who spent so much of his life in contemplationin communing with his inner selfEmerson was very sane indeed; his idiosyncrasies did not prevent his judging men and things quite correctly.

This morning each had especial reason for self-communing.

1093 examples of  communing  in sentences