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1475 example sentences with  communing

1475 example sentences with communing

There was a solemn sort of feeling stole over me, as this lonely hunter wended his way into the deep solitudes of the prairies, to be alone with nature, communing only with himself and the things scattered around him by the great Creator.

There is something, to my mind, too solemn for derision in the idea of communing with the spirits of the departed, or that the time is approaching when living men and the souls of the physically dead, are to meet, as it were, face to face, and know each other as they are.

Kaviak, recalled from internal communing, studied "Farva" a moment, and then retreated to the cricket, as to a haven now, hastily and with misgiving, tripping over his trailing coat.

Nor is it only within the mind that he so utters himself in secret self-communing; for he is not a disembodied intelligence, but one clothed with body and senses and imagination.

Thus communing within himself, he called his constables together and told them what was in his mind.

" Hujรญr shrunk back with undissembled dread, And thus communing with himself, he said "Shall I, regardless of my country, guide To Rustem's tent this furious homicide?

And almost as if communing with himself, he said: "So you do not fear the Yellow Peril, that terrible swarming of Asiatic barbarians who, it was said, would at some fatal moment sweep down on our Europe, ravage it, and people it afresh?

he said, in a low voice, and as if he were communing with himself rather than answering his friend.

He was for hours thus communing with nature, then came back to the town and went on board the Despair.

During this half-hour, Mercy had been sitting in her low chair by the fire, looking steadily into the leaping blaze, and communing very sternly with her own heart on the subject of Stephen White.

He was so entirely freed from his fears of the Inquisition and of charges of magic, that whereas he had formerly been anxious to shew that he meant nothing but a poetical fancy by the spirit which he introduced as communing with him in his dialogue entitled the Messenger, he now maintained its reality against the arguments of his friend Manso; and these arguments gave rise to the most poetical

as I stood there, harking and communing with my thoughts, I thrilled suddenly, as if I had been smitten; for out of all the everlasting night a whisper was thrilling and thrilling upon my more subtile hearing.

I only wish to ask of those schools which you designate as belonging to sensual Christianity, the explanation of this kiss; it is Bossuet, Bossuet himself, of whom I would ask it: "Obey, and strive finally to enter into the disposition of Jesus in communing, which is the disposition of harmony, joy and love; the whole gospel proclaims it.

There were people about him of course; but he retired into himself as it were, communing with his own thoughts, and seeking no intercourse with strangers.

abstract thought, abstraction contemplation, musing; brown study &c (inattention) 458; reverie, Platonism; depth of thought, workings of the mind, thoughts, inmost thoughts; self-counsel self-communing, self- consultation; philosophy of the Absolute, philosophy of the Academy,

When the Rev. J. William Jones, with another clergyman, went, in 1863, to consult him in reference to the better observance of the Sabbath in the army, "his eye brightened, and his whole countenance glowed with pleasure; and as, in his simple, feeling words, he expressed his delight, we forgot the great warrior, and only remembered that we were communing with an humble, earnest Christian."

When it reached him he retired from those around him, and remained for some time communing with his own heart and memory.

"Tough joint," he muttered, falling into his old habit of communing with himself.

"MollahMoll!" says Anne Fitch, as if communing with herself.

In her communing with the sunrise helpful things had been spoken to her.

Communing thus with nature in her purest and most lovely moods, the soul is dwelling in the vestibule of God's own sanctuary.

For a man who mingled so little with the world, who spent so much of his life in contemplationin communing with his inner selfEmerson was very sane indeed; his idiosyncrasies did not prevent his judging men and things quite correctly.

To the gregarious individual who seeks and misses his kind, the place is loneliness itself after the flight of the gay birds who for a time strutted about in gorgeous plumage twittering the time away; to the man who loves to be in close and undisturbed contact with nature, who enjoys communing with the sea, who would be alone on the beach and silent by the waves, the flight of the throng is a relief.

If high the transport, great the joy I felt, 410 Communing in this sort through earth and heaven With every form of creature, as it looked

With my own modest pleasures, and have lived With God and Nature communing, removed 430 From little enmities and low desires,

"That comes of communing with Nature," she reminded him; "and it serves you rightly, for natural communications corrupt good epigrams.

After communing with the Telegraph, he communed with his own secret nature, and wandered about, rolling a cigarette.

" When Father B.'s thirty communing persons are fully "formed," we should like to take a look at them.

"This is the hour agreed upon between me and one that I love to bring the unseen principle of our spirits together, by communing through its medium."

She took the hand of the latter, and, with a look of recognition and intelligence, said slowly, as if communing with herself, rather than speaking to another "This is getting to be intelligible!"

Silence fell, and in the stillness we heard the Little Red Doctor communing with memories.

As this particular "porky" advanced upon Muskwa and Thor, he was communing happily with himself, the chuckling notes he made sounding very much like a baby's cooing.

While thus communing with himself, he heard a door open below; and hurrying down the stairs at the sound, he beheld, to his great surprise and joy, the piper's daughter, Nizza Macascree.

In fancy, she sat on the balcony, communing with night and the stars,the newly-risen star of love silvering all life for her.

ON THE PORTRAIT OF THE SON OF J.G. LAMBTON, ESQ., M.P. BY SIR THOMAS LAWRENCE, P.R.A. Beautiful Boythy heavenward thoughts Are pictured in thine eyes, Thou hast no taint of mortal birth, Thy communing is not of earth, Thy holy musings rise:

She knew that this sort of self-communing was a bad thing, that it was bound to sour the whole taste of life in her mouth.

Dwelling like a star apart, communing with the eternal ideas, the permanent relations of the universe, uttering his inmost thoughts about these mysteries through the vehicles of science and of art, for which he was so singularly gifted, Michelangelo, in no loose or trivial sense of that phrase, proved himself to be a creator.

The thought that even this chance of again meeting my sister, and of communing with her in the form in which I had ever seen and loved her might be lost, came in aid of other good resolutions that the state of the family had quickened in my heart.

This may be the fact with those who are immersed in themselves while communing with God, and cannot consent even to pray without placing their own thoughts and language, however ill-digested and crude, uppermost in the business of the moment.

Had you heard Emilie communing with her own heart, you would have heard no self gratulation.

He knew why old Donald could not sleep, and where he had gone, and he pictured him sitting before the little old cabin in the starlit valley communing with the spirit of Jane.

He betrayed no fear, but retained perfect self-possession; and remembering how easy their superstitious minds could be worked upon, he drew forth, and with great solemnity commenced looking steadily at his pocket-compass, and thence to heaven, alternating between the two, until he impressed them with a feeling of awe, as though he were a superior being communing with the Great Spirit.

Hope has fled from the captive's breast, and he is communing in earnest with the Great Spirit into whose presence he is about to be so sadly and speedily ushered.

I have been communing with myself anent your petition; truly have I, but see not that I can serve thee; I cannot indeed.

The Rover continued silent for several minutes communing with his own thoughts.

She scarcely addressed me; she was communing with them.

"Father," said I, in the same unearthly tone, "fear nothing, it is no man that addresses thee; well thou knowest that no fleshly form can gain entrance here; it is not a man, but a spirit, with whom thou art communing."

As far as I know, those who live apart from the world, communing with God and working for Him chiefly in prayer, have least temptation to wandering and distracted thoughts, and are more devout and spiritual than those of us who live more in the world.

Lying on his back beneath the dreary vault, communing with Dante, Savonarola, and the Hebrew prophets in the intervals of labour, locking up the chapel-doors in order to elude the jealous curiosity of rivals, eating but little and scarcely sleeping, he accomplished in sixteen months the first part of his gigantic task.

Mark's education had given him an outline of what Herschel and his contemporaries had been about, however; and when he sat on the Summit, communing with the stars, and through those distant and still unknown worlds, with their Divine First Cause, it was with as much familiarity with the subject as usually belongs to the liberally educated, without carrying a particular branch of learning into its recesses.

Again and again, each day, was he now in the practice of communing in spirit, directly with his Creator; not in cold and unmeaning forms and commonplaces, but with such yearning of the soul, and such feelings of love and reverence, as an active and living faith can alone, by the aid of the Divine Spirit, awaken in the human breast.

But even this sad communing was cut short by a rude order to Mrs. Judson to "depart, or they would pull her out."

And with a solemn joy they took their place Along the tables of communing love; The while from the great vaulted dome above Came ever-growing sound of chiming bells.

She was like a wraith singing and communing with the tuneful tragedies of women world-wide.

If you don't want to get yourself and us into some dreadful scrape, and perhaps bring our journeys to a sudden close, you must put a curb on your longing for communing with beings of noble blood."

Beyond his years: his dreams were of great objects, He walk'd amidst us of a silent spirit, Communing with himself; yet I have known him Transported on a sudden into utterance Of strange conceptions; kindling into splendor, His soul reveal'd itself, and he spake so That we look'd round perplex 'd upon each other, Not knowing whether it were craziness, Or whether it were a god that spoke in him.

She hung on Joyce's every word, communing with him hour after hour, utterly content, indifferent to all the world about her.

* * * * * "How can I"I seem to hear the author of Elizabeth and Her German Garden communing with herself"how can I write a story, with all my necessary Teutonic ingredients in it, which shall be popular even during the War?"

He was communing with God, who had made his brain and used it as an instrument of revelation.

In these thoughts God was communing with man through his reason and through his conscience.

Les drames de la commune.

Les drames de la commune.

La commune.

But was it wonderful that I was so weak?' continued her mother, as it were communing only with herself.

She had, in the society of her mother, indeed, the advantage of communing with a mind not less refined and cultivated than her own.

I am sure the ignorant nurse-maids will have killed our baby by then, and we shall be a wretched down-trodden commune, while they will be a splendidly governed aristocratic nation under one autocratic king!

For a time my mind was borne as on eagles' wings, far above the things of earth; I seemed to breathe the atmosphere of heaven, and to commune with Jesus in heavenly places: this baptism delightfully sustained my mind through the trials of the day.

I will let the Northern Lights go, with their gorgeous pantomimes and midnight revelries, and have a moment's communing with this unfortunate quadruped.

She was happy in her communing with nature.

With "I would I had been there" the cloud of unseen witnesses with whom he had before been communing again descended.

She must be always merry and by turns scornful, tormenting, vexed, self-communing, absent, melting, teasing, brilliant, indignant, sad-merry, thoughtful, withering, gentle, humorous, and gay, Gay, Gay!

After communing a few minutes together, one of them stood up and delivered the verdict: it was Guilty!

Then she spoke, softly as if communing with herself: "Harold is a brave and noble fellow, and I thank God that he did not kill my brother!"

But most were keeping vigil through the long hours of darkness, communing with themselves or talking in low murmurs with some comrade; for each soldier knew that the battle-hour was at hand.

This morning each had especial reason for self-communing.

Mamoudzou is largest commune (

On the establishment of the Commune, she joined the National Guard.

She also met Nathalie Lemel, another figure active in the commune.

So, the commune was not rebuilt.

Because she lived in a commune, she looked forward to having her own apartment when she grew up.

The Canal du Midi also flows through the commune.

The Chalaronne (a long river) flows west through the southern part of the commune.

The highest point in the commune is 148 metres.

The highest point in the commune is convert.

The highest point in the department, at convert, is the Puech des Carts - Sommet Nord (coord), citation in the commune of Castanet.

The highest point of the department is Mont Prรฉneley (coord), convert high; citation it is in the commune Glux-en-Glenne.

The highest point of the department is Rocher aux Oiseaux, convert high, in the commune of Montrollet; the lowest point is in the valley of the Charente river, commune of Merpins, and is convert high.

The highest point of the department is Rocher aux Oiseaux, convert high, in the commune of Montrollet; the lowest point is in the valley of the Charente river, commune of Merpins, and is convert high.

The inhabitants of the commune are known as Aizyjois or Aizyjoises.

The village of Aiguilles is in the middle of the commune.

Those who wish to discover beautiful beaches can head onto National Highway 1A towards Cam Thinh Dong Commune in Cam Ranh Town.

When a commune was formed, all particpitating members gathered and swore an oath together, in public, they would defend each other in time of trouble.

Despite the fact that there is a railway line passing through the commune, there are no train stations.

According to the official, due to the population exodus the villages of Conquela, Luleca, Luzizila, Diuquisa and Banga I, in the Serra de Canda commune, are becoming uninhabited.

While both a soccer game and the birth of his daughters brought him happiness, Kathryn helped him realized that there is a distinct difference between temporary happiness and lasting joy that comes from communing with God in quiet moments.

Her most recent book, Communal Luxury: The Political Imaginary of the Paris Commune (2015) appeared in France from La Fabrique as Lโ€™Imaginaire de la Commune.

Her most recent book, Communal Luxury: The Political Imaginary of the Paris Commune (2015) appeared in France from La Fabrique as Lโ€™Imaginaire de la Commune.

In the words of one participant: โ€œWe share common issuesโ€”estrangement from and commitment to family, financial worry, strong faith in Godโ€”so communing in a non-threatening setting is valuable.โ€

Let them hear what is again affirmed by the witness of Scripture, His communing is with the simple (Prov. iii.

Mooreโ€™s interest in communing with womankind is a driving force in her poetry.โ€