1093 examples of communing in sentences

There was a solemn sort of feeling stole over me, as this lonely hunter wended his way into the deep solitudes of the prairies, to be alone with nature, communing only with himself and the things scattered around him by the great Creator.

There is something, to my mind, too solemn for derision in the idea of communing with the spirits of the departed, or that the time is approaching when living men and the souls of the physically dead, are to meet, as it were, face to face, and know each other as they are.

he said, in a low voice, and as if he were communing with himself rather than answering his friend.

I only wish to ask of those schools which you designate as belonging to sensual Christianity, the explanation of this kiss; it is Bossuet, Bossuet himself, of whom I would ask it: "Obey, and strive finally to enter into the disposition of Jesus in communing, which is the disposition of harmony, joy and love; the whole gospel proclaims it.

abstract thought, abstraction contemplation, musing; brown study &c (inattention) 458; reverie, Platonism; depth of thought, workings of the mind, thoughts, inmost thoughts; self-counsel self-communing, self- consultation; philosophy of the Absolute, philosophy of the Academy, philosophy of the Garden, philosophy of the lyceum, philosophy of the Porch.

"That comes of communing with Nature," she reminded him; "and it serves you rightly, for natural communications corrupt good epigrams.

" "This is the hour agreed upon between me and one that I love to bring the unseen principle of our spirits together, by communing through its medium.

ON THE PORTRAIT OF THE SON OF J.G. LAMBTON, ESQ., M.P. BY SIR THOMAS LAWRENCE, P.R.A. Beautiful Boythy heavenward thoughts Are pictured in thine eyes, Thou hast no taint of mortal birth, Thy communing is not of earth, Thy holy musings rise: Like incense kindled from on high, Ascending to its native sky.

She knew that this sort of self-communing was a bad thing, that it was bound to sour the whole taste of life in her mouth.

Dwelling like a star apart, communing with the eternal ideas, the permanent relations of the universe, uttering his inmost thoughts about these mysteries through the vehicles of science and of art, for which he was so singularly gifted, Michelangelo, in no loose or trivial sense of that phrase, proved himself to be a creator.

I have been communing with myself anent your petition; truly have I, but see not that I can serve thee; I cannot indeed.

" The Rover continued silent for several minutes communing with his own thoughts.

well thou knowest that no fleshly form can gain entrance here; it is not a man, but a spirit, with whom thou art communing."

As far as I know, those who live apart from the world, communing with God and working for Him chiefly in prayer, have least temptation to wandering and distracted thoughts, and are more devout and spiritual than those of us who live more in the world.

Lying on his back beneath the dreary vault, communing with Dante, Savonarola, and the Hebrew prophets in the intervals of labour, locking up the chapel-doors in order to elude the jealous curiosity of rivals, eating but little and scarcely sleeping, he accomplished in sixteen months the first part of his gigantic task.

Again and again, each day, was he now in the practice of communing in spirit, directly with his Creator; not in cold and unmeaning forms and commonplaces, but with such yearning of the soul, and such feelings of love and reverence, as an active and living faith can alone, by the aid of the Divine Spirit, awaken in the human breast.

But even this sad communing was cut short by a rude order to Mrs. Judson to "depart, or they would pull her out."

And with a solemn joy they took their place Along the tables of communing love; The while from the great vaulted dome above Came ever-growing sound of chiming bells.

She was like a wraith singing and communing with the tuneful tragedies of women world-wide.

If you don't want to get yourself and us into some dreadful scrape, and perhaps bring our journeys to a sudden close, you must put a curb on your longing for communing with beings of noble blood.

He was communing with God, who had made his brain and used it as an instrument of revelation.

In these thoughts God was communing with man through his reason and through his conscience.

With "I would I had been there" the cloud of unseen witnesses with whom he had before been communing again descended.

After communing a few minutes together, one of them stood up and delivered the verdict: it was Guilty!

Then she spoke, softly as if communing with herself: "Harold is a brave and noble fellow, and I thank God that he did not kill my brother!" and a bright tear rolled upon her cheek.

1093 examples of  communing  in sentences
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