1180 examples of communion in sentences

The following day, she presented herself early at the church so as to receive communion from the curé.

"They were then like a million other girls, content to struggle for a respectable livelihood and a doubtful position in the lower stratas of social communion.

The earlier monks were devout and spiritual, and we can still read their lofty meditations with profit, since they elevate the soul and make it pant for the beatitudes of spiritual communion with God.

Such a man may have consideration in the circle which cannot appreciate anything lofty or refined, but none in those upper regions where art and truth form subjects of discourse, where the aesthetic influences of the heart go forth to purify and exalt, where the soul is refreshed by the communion of gifted and sympathetic companions, and where that which is most precious and exalted in a man or woman is honored and beloved.

She excited some hostility from the liberality of her views, for she would occasionally frequent the chapels of the Dissenters and partake of their communion.

The laity partook of no religious rite, except baptism to new-born infants, and the communion to the dying: the dead were not interred in consecrated ground: they were thrown into ditches, or buried in common fields; and their obsequies were not attended with prayers or any hallowed ceremony.

For where else is friendship than where there is fidelity, and modesty, where there is a communion of honest things and of nothing else.

But he, though he went to chapel in wet weather, clung to his own creed like an old soldier; and came down to Massa's house to spend the Sunday whenever there was a Communion, walking some five miles thither, and as much back again.

When you become a licentiate, marry a rich and devout girl, try to make cures and charge well, shun everything that has any relation to the general state of the country, attend mass, confession, and communion when the rest do, and you will see afterwards how you will thank me, and I shall see it, if I am still alive.

Although a member of the Protestant Episcopal Church, and preferring that communion, General Lee seems to have been completely exempt from sectarian feeling, and to have aimed first and last to be a true Christian, loving God and his neighbor, and not busying himself about theological dogmas.

They were silent for a time, and then they talked of friendship, and nature, and eternity, and then were silent for a time again, and then spokein a very general and proper wayof separation and communion in spirit, and broke off softly, and the boat rose and fell upon the strong outgoing tide.

Hours of the extremest bodily and mental exhaustion, when every nerve is quivering as if laid bare, and the surface of the brain burning and whirling to agony, with the reins of control let loose on every rebellious and every senseless thought, are not the times most likely to be chosen for the purest communion with God.

Plato's communion.

Sanctum nomen amiciticae, sociorum communio sacra; friendship is a holy name, and a sacred communion of friends.

I answer, under correction of better judgments, they have the ministry of reconciliation by the communion which is given at their Ordination, being the same which our Saviour left in his Church:'whose sins ye remit, they are remitted, whose sins ye retain, they are retained'.

Or if they would not yield to this at all, we might have communion with them as Christians, without acknowledging them for Pastors.

By the establishment of what is contained in these twelve propositions or articles following, the Churches in these nations may have a holy communion, peace and concord, without any wrong to the consciences or liberties of Presbyterians, Congregational, Episcopal, or any other Christians.

As to what you say of Apostles still placed in the Church:when any shew us an immediate mission by their communion, and by miracles, 'tongues', and a spirit of revelation and infallibility prove themselves Apostles, we shall believe them.

The not abating of the impositions is the carting off of many hundreds of your brethren out of the ministry, and of many thousand Christians out of your communion; but the abating of the impositions will so offend you as to silence or excommunicate none of you at all.

The like defectiveness and disorder is in the Communion Collects for the day....

His pity for Maisie and his pity for Anne, their pity for each other were mixed together and held them, close as passion, in an unbearable communion.

And, day after day, their minds desired each other with a subtle, incessant, intensely conscious longing, and were utterly cut off from all communion.

Dimanche....12 Leçons et Communion.

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Ralph looked up yearningly at the long walls overhead; but Undine's mood was hardly favourable to communion with such scenes, and he made no attempt to stop the carriage.

1180 examples of  communion  in sentences