909 examples of companionship in sentences

This witness was the Neapolitan juggler, Pippo, who had much attached himself to the person of Conrad since the adventure of the bark, and who was both ready and willing to affirm anything in behalf of a friend who had so evident need of his testimony, if it were only on the score of boon-companionship.

I am a wanderer, and lost like yourselves, and my presence brings little other relief than that which is known to be the fruit of companionship in misery.

These associations of companionship, however, soon failed to carry out the noble object for which they were instituted.

But Clarissa's very love for him rendered her too clear-sighted not to perceive the state of his mind, and the unspoken agitation which she suffered on this score had been partly the cause of her homesickness and longing for her sister's companionship.

Melampo moved closer to her, dumbly offering his companionship, and, raising his head, seemed to join in her petition.

The influence of his conversation and companionship may have brought Hood's natural qualities of mind into early growth, and helped them into early ripeness.

The loving worth of the man, as therein revealed, made us slow to quit the companionship of his character to discuss the qualities of his genius.

" From his manner those at the table might have supposed we were friends of long and happy companionship.

The companionship of the mares was a bodiless nothing compared with the hope of feeling that hand again, hearing that voice, and knowing that all troubles, all worries were ended for ever.

He may be old or young, married or unmarried, rich or poor, for as a rule it is to these women that a Hindu gentleman turns for the companionship which his own home does not supply.

Being situated at convenient locations, soldiers would patronize them for the love of liquor, and induce others to do the same for the sake of companionship.

To a man of Sandy's tact a word was sufficient, and he resigned himself to seeking companionship elsewhere.

In the misery of his study, when he watched the sheet of paper, he often sought relief in remembrance of her sweet manner, and the happy morning he had spent in her companionship.

Adelaide had been in no need of companionship.

The Ancient Mariner, indeed, which was the fruit of his close companionship with Wordsworth, is the only completed thing of the highest quality in the whole of his work.

A phlegmatic animal would be exceedingly disquieted by the close companionship of an excitable one.

He has the disadvantage of being a stranger, for the herds of his own species which he seeks for companionship constitute so many cliques, into which he can only find admission by more fighting with their strongest members than he has spirit to undergo.

When animals reared in the house are suffered to run about in the companionship of others like themselves, they naturally revert to much of their original wildness.

This promotion proved, however, too rapid for the vanity of Cinq-Mars: who no sooner saw himself in a position so brilliant as to excite the envy of half the Court than, with a self-confidence fatal to the interests of Richelieu, he once more sought deliverance from the yoke of his priest-patron, and devoted himself so earnestly to the service of Louis that ere long the King found his companionship indispensable.

Below, all their earthward-looking branches are sapless and shattered, splintered by the weight of many winters' snows; above, they are still green and full of life, but their summits overtop all the deciduous trees around them, and in their companionship with heaven they are alone.

We travelled in true contrabandista style, taking every thing rough and smooth as we found it, and mingling with all classes and conditions in a kind of vagabond companionship.

His first sensation was the very human one of pleasurethe feeling that he had companionship in humiliation.

And in the long night hours of wakefulness there came to be a soothing companionship in the sound of Simeon's gentle breathing in the little bed at the head of his bed; for Simeon would sleep nowhere else.

For this final ride we changed horses for the last time on the trip, and after a three hours' ride under a mid-day torrid sun, the shade of Concho's timber and the companionship of running water were ours.

These always ended in reconcilations, but the old serenity had gone from their companionship, and each new misunderstanding left Keith a little more unhappy.

909 examples of  companionship  in sentences
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