909 examples of companionship in sentences

This had been pushed so closely into the chimney-corner, to give all available room to the dancers, that its inner edge grazed the elbow of the man who had ensconced himself by the fire; and thus the two strangers were brought into close companionship.

For twenty years he resided at Grasmere in the companionship of the Lake poets; and here, led by the loss of his small fortune, he began to write, with the idea of supporting his family.

If Ulysses were to appear in a society of decent men to-day, he would be excluded from their companionship, and for the same reason that led Homer to glorify him as the favorite pupil of the goddess of wisdom.

Owing to the death of her mother the planter had desired to keep Hope Georgia at home for companionship.

And no one could observe her in his presence without seeing that she was kindled, stimulated, as she was in no other companionship.

Sir Chaps"the Doge hesitated for an instant, with a baffling, unspoken inquiry in his eyes"Sir Chaps, I like your companionship and your mastery of persiflage.

He foresaw the promise of companionship of a restless and ghastly apparition in the future.

Famished for her companionship, a foolhardy impulse of temptation had risked its loss.

" They were at the door, Jack in wistful insistence, hungry for their companionship, and the Doge and Mary in common hesitancy for a phrase before parting from him.

Nevertheless she went along to avoid being left without human companionship.

One swallow does not make a summer; nor does one youth with a vernal proboscis convince a skeptical public that it is enjoying the fearful companionship of a subversive and revolutionary cult.

Life stretched out before the little couple, smooth and peaceful and sunny with companionship.

Look at you folk at Sellanraa, now; looking up at blue peaks every day of your lives; no new-fangled inventions about that, but fjeld and rocky peaks, rooted deep in the pastbut you've them for companionship.

But every consideration, whether of policy or of justice, combines with the recollection of the counsels which we have shared, and of the deeds which we have achieved in concert and companionship, to induce us to argue our differences of opinion, however freely, with temper; and to enforce them, however firmly, without insult.

Companionship and sympathy between dog and master is the beginning and end of the whole business, and there is a moral obligation between them which ought never to be strained.

He stared at the harbor and savored the feeling of companionship, a circle of two in league against a rainy night.

One day, some time after I had commenced a library edition of Cooper's best works, and while Irving's were in course of publication in companionship, Mr. Irving was sitting at my desk, with his back to the door, when Mr. Cooper came in, (a little bustlingly, as usual,) and stood at the office-entrance, talking.

There was much more she could have said, which crowded itself into her mind so fast that she could scarcely help saying it, but it would have been contrary to the inborn spirit of the girl to admit that she ever felt lonely in this dear home, or that, with a brother like Ralph, she ever craved the companionship of a girl.

Moreover, the advantages of co-residence, which La Fleur naturally counted upon, were not so great as might have been expected; for Mrs. Drane, having perceived that Ralph was fond of the society of young ladies to a degree which might easily grow beyond her ideas of decorous companionship between a gentleman of the house and a lady boarder, gently interfered with the dual apple gatherings and recreations of that nature.

How I thrilled at the thought of the love and companionship I could give him somewhere in a rose-embowered cottage far from the madding crowd!

Her genius and what she has done for Italy entitle her to companionship with Galileo, Michel Angelo, Dante, and Alfieri.

"To know you at all has been such a happiness that I am shocked at my own presumption in asking for your companionship for the rest of my life, and if in addition to that I could take care of you, share with you" No one ever presented a proposition to Mrs. Wayne without finding her willing to consider it, an open-mindedness that often led her into the consideration of absurdities.

I bid a hasty and agitated farewell, and turn with loathing to the forced companionship of a public vehicle.

"I don't understand why we haven't seen more of each other all these years," said Merle on a late day of this renewed companionship.

Roger was so accustomed to the companionship of Edward Watkins, who frequently joined the Club in their festivities and who often came to Rosemont to call on Miss Merriam, that the difference did not seem to him a cause of embarrassment.

909 examples of  companionship  in sentences