103 examples of compassionately in sentences

"It won't do any good to move me" "But it might," cried Violet, coming down and leaning compassionately over him while her eyes filled with tears.

"Poor child!" said Pan compassionately, "you will feel no more pain by-and-by.

The Símúrgh, however, felt no inclination to devour him, but compassionately took him up in the air, and conveyed him to his own habitation.

"Is there anything the matter, is there anything I should know?" He looked at her gravely, compassionately.

" "Ay, for me and thee she is noble," said the Veronese compassionately, for he loved the boy.

To a few, chiefly women with devout, sad faceswatchers, perchance, beside beds over which the shadow of death is creepingthe padre tells compassionately of consoling, helpful words that are preached daily in the great deserted church of I Gesuiti; for in this parish, more than others, there are difficulties, since it had been the centre of the disaffection.

" "And for the Lady of the Giustiniani, it matters littleRome or Venice," said an old senator, compassionately, as he followed his colleagues into the Council Chamber.

He compassionately gave them shelter, and permission to say their prayers in one of his churches.

"She is evidently in love with Mr. Verty," said Miss Sallianna, compassionately; "that is, the child fancies that she feels a rare and inexpressive delight in his presence.

I saw money given to those who behaved the worst to Jesus by armed men belonging to the tribunal, and I saw them push out of the way all who looked compassionately at him.

Some disciples of Jesus, who were returning from the hall of Caiphas, saw her fainting in the arms of the holy women, and, touched with pity, stopped to look at her compassionately, and saluted her in these words: 'Hail!

Numbers of others, whether near the Cross or at a distance, fell on their knees and entreated forgiveness of Jesus, who turned his eyes compassionately upon them in the midst of his sufferings.

"Can't you understand that, knowing how they all feel about meand how Ralph feelsI'd give almost anything to get away?" Her father looked at her compassionately.

Mr. Spragg looked at him compassionately.

" "What shall be changed after him?" asked Riah, in a compassionately playful voice.

Betsey," said she, turning to one of the women, "here is a nice little fellow, whom I have brought with me to remain during the summer, of whom I want you to take the best care; for," continued she, looking at him compassionately, "the poor child has had the misfortune to break his arm recently, and he has not been strong since.

His uncle compassionately informed him beforehand that his service in Thorberg would be brief and certainly would lead up to something much better.

While standing here, he raised his eyes and saw a young and beautiful lady looking out from a window compassionately upon his sad aspect.

" The musing Flora nodded compassionately, but inwardly she said that, gift or no gift, Anna should serve her time in Doubting Castle, with her, Flora, for turnkey.

In Albert Durer's composition, Mary is sinking to the earth, as if overcome with affliction, and is sustained in the arms of two women; she looks up with folded hands and streaming eyes to her Son who stands before her; he, with one hand extended, looks down upon her compassionately, and seems to give her his last benediction.

" "What did you do?" compassionately asked Bacha.

"Calm yourself," she said, looking at him compassionately.

"I grieve that I cannot lend you other aid," John Wolfe replied, looking compassionately at him; "but my peaceful avocations do not permit me to take any part in personal conflicts, and I am loath to be mixed up in such disturbances.

" Not so with Greece, for when you become almost intoxicated with her wonderful blues and greens and purples, and you move your head restlessly and beg a breathing-space, she compassionately recognizes your mood and lowers a silver veil over her brilliant beauty, so that you see her through a gauzy mist, which presently tantalizes you into blinking your tired eyes and wondering what she is so deftly concealing.

Yedie contemplated this phenomenon with some interest, and, addressing the gentleman, said compassionately, "It's a great pityits spoils the boot."

103 examples of  compassionately  in sentences