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Do we say   compel   or  impel

Do we say compel or impel

compel 1315 occurrences

Her gloomy father cursed the sweet creature, because she put it out of his wicked power to compel her to have the man she hated.

Sometimes this erratic procedure threatens the very existence of cities and bridges, and tens of thousands of dollars have been spent from time to time in day and night work to check the aggression of the stream and to compel it to confine itself to its proper limits.

This emigration should be voluntary, for it would be as cruel as unjust to compel the aborigines to abandon the graves of their fathers and seek a home in a distant land.

I have refused to sanction the allowance claimed, because the law does not authorize it, but have refrained from directing any proceedings to compel a reimbursement of the money thus, in my judgment, illegally received until an opportunity should be afforded to Congress to pass upon the equity of the claim.

Thus did charity compel her to take upon herself the illnesses and even the temptations of others, that they might be able in peace to prepare themselves for death.

Should any want of power in the court to compel the rendering of testimony obstruct that full and impartial inquiry which alone can establish guilt or innocence and satisfy justice, the legislative authority only will be competent to the remedy.

In the former prophecy, the disaster at Cannae was predicted in nearly these words: "Roman of Trojan descent, fly the river Canna, lest foreigners should compel thee to fight in the plain of Diomede.

That no force could compel and no command oblige them to give what they had not got.

Catania was then governed by a prรฆtor named Quintianus, who, becoming enamored of Agatha, used the most brutal means to compel her to submit to his desires, but without effect.

It was after one of these interesting dialogues that Melchior de Willading, his heart softened and his soul touched with the hopes of heaven, listened with a more indulgent ear to the firm declaration of Adelheid, that unless she became the wife of Sigismund, her self-respect, no less than her affections, must compel her to pass her life unmarried.

Hence it was that in many towns, even when the authorities did not compel them to do so, the Israelites found it prudent to shut themselves up in their own quarter, and even in their own houses, during the whole of Passion week; for, in consequence of the public feeling roused during those days of mourning and penance, a false rumour was quite sufficient to give the people a pretext for offering violence to the Jews.

But, under the influence of hunger, they told their commanders to shoot them, if they pleased, rather than compel them to starve any longer.

He contended, that, although the thoroughfare might have been originally an encroachment, it had become public property by the lapse of time, and by prescriptive right, and that he should compel the king to re-open it.

Should Congress, when California shall present herself for incorporation into the Union, annex a condition to her admission as a State affecting her domestic institutions contrary to the wishes of her people, and even compel her temporarily to comply with it, yet the State could change her constitution at any time after admission when to her it should seem expedient.

That this concubinage is not a separation from conjugial love; for when causes legitimate, or just, or really excusatory, arise, and persuade and compel a man, then, conjugial love with marriage is not separated, but only interrupted; and love interrupted, and not separated, remains in the subject.

Finally, a strong conviction existed that from peculiarity of climate and soil, the physical wants and necessities of the peasantry would compel them to labor for their subsistence, to seek employment and wages from the proprietors of the soil; and if the transformation could be safely and quietly brought about, that the free system might be cheaper and more profitable than the other.

Those who compel the labor of slaves and cattle have the same appellation, "drivers:" the names which they call them are the same and similar to those given to their horses and oxen.

He left his master just as our Northern servants leave us; we have no power to compel them to remain with us, and no man has any right to oppress them; they go and dwell in that place where it chooseth them, and live just where they like.

He left his master just as our Northern servants leave us; we have no power to compel them to remain with us, and no man has any right to oppress them; they go and dwell in that place where it chooseth them, and live just where they like.

And here, sir, you and I might bring our discussion to a close, by my putting the following questions to you, both of which your conscience would compel you to answer in the affirmative.

"I have heard," says God, "the groaning of the children of Israel, whom the Egyptians keep in bondage;"not whom the Egyptians, availing themselves of their absolute power, compel to make brick without straw, and seek to waste and exterminate by the murder of their infant children;but simply "whom the Egyptians keep in bondage."

We might reason, similarly to show that a special statute, if indeed there were such a one, authorizing the Jews to compel the Heathen to serve them, argues that compulsory service is contrary to fundamental morality.

The fact that every Hebrew servant could COMPEL his master to keep him after the six years contract had, expired, shows that the system was framed to advance the interests and gratify the wishes of the servant quite as much as those of the master.

Finally, a strong conviction existed that from peculiarity of climate and soil, the physical wants and necessities of the peasantry would compel them to labor for their subsistence, to seek employment and wages from the proprietors of the soil; and if the transformation could be safely and quietly brought about, that the free system might be cheaper and more profitable than the other.

"[A] [Footnote A: We learned subsequently from various authentic sources, that the master has not the power to compel his apprentices to labor more than nine hours per day on any condition, except in case of a fire, or some similar emergency.

This they refused to do, and when he attempted to compel them to go, they left the estate in a body, and went to the woods.

No gentleman within these walls detests every idea of slavery more than I do: it is generally detested by the people of this Commonwealth; and I ardently hope that the time will soon come, when our brethren in the southern States will view it as we do, and put a stop to it; but to this we have no right to compel them.

This might compel the Southern States to liberate their negroes.

This could not prevent Congress from interfering with that property by laying a grievous and enormous tax on it, so as to compel owners to emancipate their slaves rather than pay the tax.

Don't compel me to tear your clothes.

He had caught sight of an old water-meter that had been used as an exhibit in a case he had once tried against the city in behalf of an inventor, who had been led to believe that the water board would adopt his patent and compel every householder to buy one for the registration of water consumed.

He, in compassion for whose fallen state I would willingly forget every interest of my own, would compel me to accuse, that he might enter upon his justification.

The law can compel an owner to sell any slave upon whom he may be proved to have exercised cruelty; should any party offer him the price he demands, he may close the bargain at once, but if they do not agree, his value is to be appraised by two arbiters, one chosen by each party, and if either decline naming an arbiter, a law officer acts ex officio.

We live a life of freedom; but you are enslaved to mankind, who beat you, and put heavy collars round your necks, and compel you to keep watch over their flocks and herds for them, and, to crown all, they give you nothing but bones to eat.

If we wish to compete further with them, a policy which our population and our civilization both entitle and compel us to adopt, we must not hold back in the hard struggle for the sovereignty of the world.

The requirements of the mighty Empire irresistibly compel an expansion towards the sea, whether in the Far East, where it hopes to gain ice-free harbours, or in the direction of the Mediterranean, where the Crescent still glitters on the dome of St. Sophia.

Where Nature herself does not compel hard toil, or where with growing wealth wide sections of the people are inclined to follow a life of pleasure rather than of work, society and the State must vie in taking care that work does not become play, or play work.

Nothing can compel a State to act counter to its own interests, on which those of its citizens depend.

My Lord, you are strong and can compel me, but I beg you to leave me."

When the friends of the deceased observe the sinews of the legs and arms beginning to contract they compel the unfortunate widow to go again on the pile, and by dint of hard pressing to straighten those members.

There are those who profess to discover when this is done, and if by any of their incantations they can compel that spirit to return, the person will not die, but if they are not able, then the person will become dead at heart and in time die, though it may not be for six months or even twelve.

and I will compel thee to remember, and force my way through every barrier and obstacle till I reach the recollection in the bottom of thy heart.

Suddenly she was longing for him to take her in his arms and compel her to feel, and to yield to, his strength and his love.

They, with the crowding interests that compel the mind, no matter how fiercely the bereaved heart may fight against intrusion, would forget for an hour now and then the cause of the black shadow over them and all the house and all the world; and as the weeks passed their grief softened and their memories of the dead man began to give them that consoling illusion of his real presence.

Work is the one mistress who, if she be enamored enough of a man to resolve to have him and no other, can compel him, whether he be enamored of her or not.

Write the following verbs in the indicative mood, present tense, third person singular: leave, seem, search, impeach, fear, redress, comply, bestow, do, woo, sue, view, allure, rely, beset, release, be, bias, compel, degrade, efface, garnish, handle, induce.

"Very well, then," said Manuel, "I have ready the means to compel you."

All is in readiness to compel you to do my will.

Judge Cato issued his writ of mandamus to compel the Governor to give certificates to the pro-slavery candidates, but without success.

The time will come when our destiny, our institutions, our safety will compel us to have it.

It is a mistake always to pin the faith to one remedy, for the varying conditions found in fowls compel a different treatment.

Tom, Dick and Harry might attract the notice of strangers by their persuasive ways; Jack McMillan compel admiration by his magnificence; Irish and Rover win caresses by their affectionate demonstrations.

His creditors were angry, and tried various ways to compel him to pay them with his wife's money.

The reverential habits of the door-keeper were not quite strong enough to compel him to that sacrifice; and he walked away, without saying anything more on the subject.

There are always men who wish to compel such characters to submit, by the pressure of circumstances.

The winds of March differ, indeed, in a remarkable manner from, the gales of the early year, which, even when they blow from a mild quarter, compel one to keep in constant movement because of the aqueous vapour they carry.

These compel him to be a sort of centre around which everything revolves.

He must arbitrate here, persuade there, compel yonder, conciliate everybody, and subscribe all round.

In order to get a provisional estimate of the value of an author's productions it is not exactly necessary to know the matter on which he has thought or what it is he has thought about it,this would compel one to read the whole of his works,but it will be sufficient to know how he has thought.

And it is for this very reason that style should not be subjective but objective, and for it to be objective the words must be written in such a way as to directly compel the reader to think precisely the same as the author thought.

A peremptory mandamus has been issued by Territorial judge to compel me to deliver to addressee the three registered letters which by your directions, issued October sixteenth, I was to hold pending arrival of special agent Jackson.

But how many stories compel recollection of plot and characters as indubitably a part of all that one has met?

We cannot compel the Southerners to hold elections and resume their share in the Government.

The rebel we can compel to return to his duties; if necessary, we can leave him to get back his rights as he best may.

The severe winter-weather of 1806-7, by preventing the Emperor from destroying the Russians, which he was on the point of doing, was prejudicial to the interests of Poland; for the ultimate effect was, to compel France to treat with Russia as equal with equal, notwithstanding the crowning victory of Friedland.

The stream must be dammed before it will drive wheels; the steam compressed ere it will compel the piston.

A conspiracy was formed to compel a first-class power, representing thirty millions of people, to submit to the dictation of about three hundred thousand of its citizens.

They now seized the occasion, when the "people" had risen against them, to compel the people to sanction their most extreme demands.

Remember that the Irish army, if defeated at the Boyne, was not broken, and was strong enough, when pursued by William, to repulse him with 500 killed and 1,000 wounded and to compel him to raise the siege of Limerick.

Then, if any of the children, during their father's life, concluded to become Protestants, in such case they took the whole estate; or, indeed, they might compel the father to put his estate in trust for their benefit.

tales introduce us and who stand out and compel attention like the characters of the Greek drama.

There are however readers who set up these two as idols and would compel us to kneel to them, especially when Sancho receives the appointment of Governor of Barataria.

"Then, sir," said the Major, fuming, "you compel me to sayputting all modesty asidethat I believe the reason Mrs. Riddel would have nothing to do with you was because she thought somebody else might make a similar offer.

This tastes of passion, And that must not divert the course of Justice; Don Henrique, take your Son, with this condition You give him maintenance, as becomes his birth, And 'twill stand with your honour to doe something For this wronged woman: I will compel nothing, But leave it to your will.

I never ventured to call you names before, but now you compel me to.

"Very well, I will compel you to unmask?"

This is apparent only; man acts abnormally under evil influences; he will not observe law; he turns upon nature and says he will subvert her laws, and compel her to obey his.

He often hesitated for a word, and usually waited for it; sometimes he would persist in having it at once, when he would close his eyes very tight, and compel it.

half my life to have seen your Majesty compel her to wash the painted spots from her face and take from her shoulder the false hump, and she" "Ah!

There is little doubt of these inhuman sacrifices having been once offered in this country, as well as in the east, although they now pass from the act of sacrificing, and only compel the devoted person to leap three times through the flames; with which the ceremonies of this festival are closed."

[By burning a bewitched animal you compel the witch to appear.] But Manxmen burn beasts when they are dead as well as when they are alive; and their reasons for burning the dead animals may help us to understand their reasons for burning the living animals.

that by burning the animal you compel the witch to appear.

[The analogy of were-wolves confirms the view that the reason for burning bewitched animals is either to burn the witch or to compel her to appear.]

The analogy appears to confirm the view that the reason for burning a bewitched animal alive is a belief that the witch herself is in the animal, and that by burning it you either destroy the witch completely or at least unmask her and compel her to reassume her proper human shape, in which she is naturally far less potent for mischief than when she is careering about the country in the likeness of a cat, a hare, a horse, or

[There is the same reason for burning bewitched things; similarly by burning alive a person whose form a witch has assumed, you compel the witch to disclose herself.] And the same thing holds good also of inanimate objects on which a witch has cast her spell.

The porter followed us, crying that the dog had lamed him, and that he would compel us to make compensation.

"But apart from definite moral disease," said Vincent, "isn't it a good thing to compel people, if possible, into a certain sort of habit?

SCEPTRE, the symbol of royal power, power to command and compel, originally a club, the crown being the symbol of dominion.

Sometime he would succeed in getting the girl alone once more, and then he would compel a full confession.

"And why not wait till after his decease?" said Mary. "Because, then, the laws of society would compel us to wait six months, and in that six months some infernal obstacle or other would be sure to occur, and another would be sure to follow.

And he was continually boasting to his friends that before the end of the season he would compel him to come out and be shot at.

In Kentucky v. Dennison (1860), citation the Supreme Court held that the federal courts may not compel state governors to surrender fugitives through the issue of writs of mandamus.

Compel organizations hosting speakers or rallies with a fascist bent to cancel such events.

Do ethics or patriotism compel Bolton to share what he knows?

He means that the court may make it more difficult for Democrats to adopt policies that compel workers to join and fund unions and chip away at the Janus decision.

However, moves in the UK to compel the companies behind the platforms to remove content that promotes violence, cyber-bullying, terrorism and child abuse may set the tone for tighter controls elsewhere.

An entity acting on behalf of the sellers filed a motion this past week in Delaware Chancery Court against Carlyle and GIC, calling for it to compel the duo to proceed with the purchase.

In addition to the worldwide focus on Open Data, there are a number of drivers that compel the City of to embrace the concept.

Last week Edmonds filed a new lawsuit seeking to compel release of the documents in her case under the Freedom of Information law.

Now, Internet marketing has become a juggernaut of incredible proportions, used by virtually all serious companies to carve out their online presence, create a connection with prospects, and compel them to contact their business.

impel 114 occurrences

Merry Christmas!"Or, when at home, and that extremely bony lad, in the thin summer coat, chatters to you, from the snow on the front-stoop, about the courage he has taken from Christmas Eve to ask you for enough to get a meal and a night's-lodginghow differently from your ordinary style does a something soft in your breast impel you to treat him.

Incite, instigate, stimulate, impel, arouse, goad, spur, promote.

Move, actuate, impel, prompt, incite.

It somehow seemed to impel me to endeavor to penetrate the mystery, and yet

; the security afforded by her girdle of waves seemed as it were to impel her to strike out into the unbounded, and to look upon every obstacle as a wrong.

So severely was Rakush wounded, that Rustem, when he perceived how much his favorite horse was exhausted, dismounted, and continued to impel his arrows against the enemy from behind his shield.

What could impel thee to an act so base?

The gondolas were much larger than those commonly used, and each was manned by three watermen in the centre, directed by a fourth, who, standing on the little deck in the stern, steered, while he aided to impel the boat.

Nobles and burghers of Venice, learn to prize your excellent and equable laws in this occasion, for it is most in acts of familiar and common usage that the paternal character of a government is seen, since in matters of higher moment the eyes of a world impel a compliance with its own opinions."

There with him I hope to dwell: Jesu is the central bliss; Love the force that doth impel.

We do our best to awaken their imaginations, to put to them suggestions that will impel, to say to them the "same thing" that was said to the children of more austere times about remembering their Creator; but so to say it that they feel, not that they will be unhappy if they do not remember, but that they will be happy if they do.

And though it may be contended that there was little in her conduct to exalt poetical sentiment, still there was a great deal in her condition calculated to affect and impel an impassioned disposition.

Herbert lost not a moment; but spurring his own steed, galloped away, taking a circuitous route, lest the clattering of his own horse's hoofs should impel Catherine's to run the faster.

Principles that are in my mind; that I found there; implanted, no doubt, by the first gracious Planter: which therefore impel me, as I may say, to act up to them, that thereby I may, to the best of my judgment, be enabled to comport myself worthily in both states, (the single and the married), let others act as they will by me.

There a buffalo, with an agricultural god made of clay, having been paraded through the streets, and pelted by the populace, to impel its labours, is placed on the ground, in solemn state, when this official priest of spring gives it a few strokes with a whip, and leaves it to the populace, who pelt it with stones till it is broken to pieces; and so the foolish ceremony terminates.

In the day time, on the contrary, fatigue will impel a child to sleep occasionally, even in the midst of noise.

He would endure it within doors, because he has noticed that his tormentor gives place to another every hour, and pain may be borne when it is not monotonous; but he remembers that there is no limit to the time during which one human being may impel him along an open road, and he also remembers some very pretty friskings, delightful to himself, but disconcerting to his rider, and he may perform some of them.

That hope might well impel you to cross the frontier of Bohemia for all time.

They knock, impel, and resist one another, just as the greater do; and that is all they can do.

Every principle that could bind a man of honour and conscience, would impel him to give the most powerful support he could to the motion for the abolition.

The point in question is no longer, doubtless, to retain Virginia, whose well-known passions impel her to the side of Charleston, but to induce the other States to take an attitude in conformity with their interests and their duties.

There is little doubt, that if a ship-load of passengers could be suddenly and unexpectedly landed upon the grassy slope of a verdant hillside; many would under momentary impulse of overwhelming pleasure, kiss the dear earth, as Columbus did on landing at San Salvador, if, indeed, extreme joy did not impel them to make themselves ridiculous by imitating old Nebuchadnezzar, in commencing to graze on the herbage!

There is certainly fire enough in European Republicanism to impel them on to mighty efforts when the proper time comes.

Women rarely inquire into the reasons which impel them to give themselves up or to resist; they do not even amuse themselves by trying to understand or explain them, but they have feelings, and sentiment with them is correct, it takes the place of intelligence and reflection.

V. be in motion &c adj.; move, go, hie, gang, budge, stir, pass, flit; hover about, hover round, hover about; shift, slide, glide; roll, roll on; flow, stream, run, drift, sweep along; wander &c (deviate) 279; walk &c 266; change one's place, shift one's place, change one's quarters, shift one's quarters; dodge; keep going, keep moving; put in motion, set in motion; move; impel &c 276; propel &c 284; render movable, mobilize.

V. give an impetus &c n.; impel, push; start, give a start to, set going; drive, urge, boom; thrust, prod, foin

put in motion, set in motion; set agoing^, start; give a start, give an impulse to; impel &c 276; trundle &c (set in rotation) 312; expel &c 297.

enforce, force; impel &c (push) 276; propel &c 284; whip, lash, goad, spur, prick, urge; egg on, hound, hurry on; drag &c 285; exhort; advise &c 695; call upon &c; press &c (request) 765; advocate.

The immediate direct interests of a particular body of workmen and a particular company of employers may, and frequently will, impel them to a course directly opposed to the wider interests of their fellow- capitalists or fellow-workers.

A sudden impulse seemed to impel her.

One does not lose his seat by moving from the district or even from the state, but propriety would impel resignation.

For, as I have often remarked, a final cause does not impel a man by being real, but by being known; causa finalis non movet secundum suum esse reale, sed secundum esse cognitum.

Blithe spirits of her own impel The Muse, who scents the morning air, To take of this transported pair

The arrows of intention must have the bow of strong purpose to impel them.

She will never crouch like Isachar to chains and fetters while any portion of the noble spirit of her ancestors who transmitted this fair inheritance at a mighty expense, remains to impel them to noble exertions.

aguijonear, to thrust, impel, drive (or spur) on.

empujar, to drive, impel, force along, push, stir.

impeler, to impel, urge.

impulsar, to impel.

If sustained by my fellow citizens, I shall be grateful and happy; if not, I shall find in the motives which impel me ample grounds for contentment and peace.

Their natures impel many persons to commit various violations of the law.

Pray, pray, my dear Sir, do not let me repent the feelings which impel me to seek this renewal of our connection.

Their fears impel them to choose this method rather than engage in any active work like us.

For these desirable results, we are well aware that you, like ourselves, are anxious, and we doubt not that, in order to impel you to increased exertion for the promotion of them, you will need no stimulant beyond a simple reference to the considerations we have here suggested.

In this manner our thirty-three States may, resolve themselves into as many petty, jarring, and hostile republics, each one retiring from the Union without responsibility whenever any sudden excitement might impel them to such a course.

Having already considered some of the reasons which suggest or support the theory at its outset,which may carry it as far as such sound and experienced naturalists as Pictet allow that it may be true,perhaps as far as Darwin himself unfolds it in the introductory proposition cited at the beginning of this article,we may now inquire after the motives which impel the theorist so much farther.

To put the waist-line high up adds to length of limb, and, of course, is to be desired, but the fact that what is added below is taken from above the waist, should impel careful discrimination in the arrangement of this equatorial band.

Such a motive often harries audacious men into guilt, but it has no power to impel an upright man to sin.

A strong moral force operated in the minds of most of this sect to impel them to follow the example of certain leaders who emancipated their slaves.

So potent is the subtle spell That clothes such masses with a mind; So strong the instincts which impel Their lover answering love to find!

The painful, hence unactive, emotions of pity and repentance may impel to actions whose accomplishment is better than their omission.

Self-love desires a thing because it expects pleasure from it, but the natural impulses impel us toward their objects immediately, i. e., without a representation of the pleasure to be gained; and repetition is necessary before the artificial motive of egoistic pleasure-seeking can be added to the natural motive of inborn desire.

To express this thought the formula, often repeated since, that our motives only impel, incite, or stimulate the will, but do not compel it (inclinant, non necessitant), was chosen, but not very happily.

It creates typical works which impel others to follow, not to imitate.

Is he indeed a man to be prized, who, in good and in evil, Takes no thought but for self, and gladness and sorrow with others Knows not how to divide, nor feels his heart so impel him?

Suffer me, then, to go hence wherever despair shall impel me: Since by my father himself the decisive words have been spoken; Since his house can no longer be mine if he shut out the maiden, Her whom alone as my bride I desire to bring to our dwelling."

Passion, and youth's fiery blood Impel not Thoas rashly to commit

The lecturer gives what no books can give, his own force to impel his own words.

If sustained by my fellow-citizens, I shall be grateful and happy; if not, I shall find in the motives which impel me ample grounds for contentment and peace.

Viewing it as a question of transcendent importance, both in the principles and consequences it involves, the President could not, in justice to the responsibility which he owes to the country, refrain from pressing upon the Secretary of the Treasury his view of the considerations which impel to immediate action.

Manifestly, because its genius was wholly unlike that of Southern slavery; and because its rigors and wrongs, if rigors and wrongs there were in it, bear no comparison to those which characterize Southern slavery; and which would impel nine-tenths of its adult subjects to fly from their homes, did they but know that they would not be obliged to return to them.

Manifestly, because its genius was wholly unlike that of Southern slavery; and because its rigors and wrongs, if rigors and wrongs there were in it, bear no comparison to those which characterize Southern slavery; and which would impel nine-tenths of its adult subjects to fly from their homes, did they but know that they would not be obliged to return to them.

Their "high honor," their "undaunted spirit" would impel them to the fieldonly to prove that the "last resort" requires something more substantial than mere "honor" and "spirit" to maintain it.

The Governors commanding large districts or provinces in Barbary, are answerable for the crimes and misdemeanors committed in their governments, if they fail to bring the offenders to public justice; consequently they impose very heavy fines on the community, to impel them to seize, and deliver to them, the murderer or robber.

A sudden influence may impel us to tear them up and cast them aside, but the seed is in us always, and it grows again.

Behold how long and strong you sweep with the paddle because the bullets of the enemy impel you." "Which way are we going, Tayoga?

As Jefferson says in the opening of his declaration, "When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another ... a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation."

Placed in a situation every way so auspicious, motives of commanding force impel us, with sincere acknowledgment to Heaven and pure love to our country, to unite our efforts to preserve, prolong, and improve our immense advantages.

It will be seen from the figure that suction occurs at the lower part of the hull, at A, and that the water is forced out at B, to impel the vessel forward.

Then the spirit of unrest would impel Charlie toward the back door, where I would hear him commanding, exhorting, entreating.

Alicia's passions impel her to evil, but her judgment accuses her and prompts her to the right course.

All this would imperiously impel even a weak woman to face the worst peril, to look out, lean out, even try the terrible but impossible feat of climbing out of the car.

"Those fierce and angry passions, which impel man to wage destructive war with man, may be traced to the ferment in the blood produced by an animal diet."

Some of the facts or accepted conclusions already referred to, and several others, of a more general character, which must be taken into the account, impel the theory onward with accumulated force.

I must again call attention to the phenomenon of echo-augury, that is to say, words heard in an unlooked-for quarter, that, without an appeal to our reason, impel belief.

An estimate of his literary gifts and performances lies altogether outside my scope, but the political circumstances of the present hour impel me to conclude this paper with a quotation which, even if it stood alone, would, I think, justify Lord Beaconsfield's

Agnosticism may have its great and heroic incentives, it may impel men to a nobler activity, but its literary effect, as a motive towards a more inspiring life, has not been satisfactory in the hands of George Eliot.

The necessity of communicating his impressions to somebody, of protesting in chorus against this lamentable inertia, used to impel him toward Caragol's dominions.

Humbling ourselves before the Most High, ... let us implore him to remove from our hearts that false pride of opinion which would impel us to persevere in wrong for the sake of consistency, rather than yield a just submission to the unforeseen exigencies by which we are now surrounded....

The ordinary paddles of a steamer impel a mass of water horizontally backward by impact alone, but screw propellers use reaction somewhat disguised, and only to a limited extent.

Coasts of Zaara, along which the Medusa sailed to no purpose, and which winds also tend to impel vessels upon the dangerous bank of Arguin.

Steam may now be said to maintain the power which can engrave a seal, and crush a mass of obdurate metal like wax before it; draw out, without breaking, a thread as fine as gossamer, and lift a ship of war like a bauble in the air; to embroider muslin, forge anchors, cut steel into ribands, and impel itself against the opposition of the very tempest.

can you doubt for a moment my feelings towards your home, and what influence must principally impel them?

The one being the denser population of the fat plains, whereby a greater concourse of builders and of worshippers would be sustained, and the other being theprobably unconsciousinstinct which debarred the architect from attempting to vie with nature in the mountains and impel him to work out his most majestic designs amid wide and level horizons.

The boiler producing steam of a very powerful pressure, is placed in communication with a cylinder furnished in the usual manner with a piston; the steam is allowed to act upon one side of the piston so as to impel it from the one end of the cylinder to the other.

By this silence history wishes to train the activity of our intelligence, giving it a weak point for starting, to impel it to the discovery of the truth.

It seemed as if all the elements had conspired to impel me to some onward step.

These instincts and emotions are incident to every living machine and are the motor forces that impel the organism.

To the forwarding of this moral growth of man, two things seemed to me necessaryan Ideal which should stir the emotions and impel to action, and a clear understanding of the sources of evil and of the methods by which they might be drained.

Even our duty, as editors, cannot impel us to the task; satisfied, as we are, that, since these ponderous folios at that time loaded every toilette, Dryden can hardly have taken more from such well-known sources, than the mere outline of the story.

Still, there was no telling what strange freak might impel the Pilgrimhe who insisted on keeping a dog in a line-camp!so Billy recovered himself and called out impatiently: "Aw, come on in!

I must again call attention to the phenomenon of echo-augury, that is to say, words heard in an unlooked-for quarter, that, without any appeal to our reason, impel belief.

Everywhere help was needed, and her heart being deeply absorbed in the cause she willingly allowed her sympathies to impel her to perform most heroic services.

Will ye not, therefore, a little Hearten, impel, and inspire 10 One who adores, with a favour Threefold in wonder? IV O Pan of the evergreen forest, Protector of herds in the meadows, Helper of men at their toiling, Tillage and harvest and herding, How many times to frail mortals 5 Hast thou not hearkened!

"Nothing else," continued she, "could impel her to act in this extraordinary manner."

intellectual influence did impel her mind in a Conservative direction.

After destroying half of Marineford, Shiki was finally imprisoned in Impel Down.

Catarina Devon is one of the leading members of the Blackbeard Pirates and one of the prisoners of Impel Down that the World Government was trying to erase from history.

But her position as a student in an English class, a role she is very comfortable with, is one which entails decoding and ascribing meanings rather than rhetorical engagement of the kind that might impel her to take anomalies as rhetorical moves.

This necessarily entails that the standard to impel inspection by the Crown is even lower than the actual relevance standard for disclosure.