1440 examples of complicated in sentences

Simoun, meanwhile, screwed on solidly a curious and complicated mechanism, put in place a glass chimney, then the bomb, and crowned the whole with an elegant shade.

It has been a complicated business to redistribute stores at various stages of re-organisation, but not one single mistake has been made.

And the power units?" "These are far more complicated, sir, so I only have the most skilled workers assembling these.

He tuned in a complicated code and began to speak.

One web of the complicated mesh which had been woven about the spirit of the Queen had at length given way, while her refusal to accede to the request of the Prince de Condé convinced them that he was no longer likely to prove so formidable an enemy to themselves as he had recently been.

It's very complicateddoubly complicated.

The uninitiated have no idea of the complicated patterns which the ploughman works, according to the nature of the soil and the season of the year in which he labours.

Their language would bear the ordinary tests of sanity, and was like that we see in daily newspapers; but the various knowledge brought in, the complicated scenes gone through, made the whole resemble intricate concerted music, from the imperfect study of which possibly came the power to fabricate them.

The arrangement of clothing for the voyage is rather complicated, as it will probably be necessary to wear warm things while crossing Europe, and possibly even until Egypt is reached.

It is easy to go on imagining complicated structures of the nature of the spiral, and to suppose also that these structures are distinguishable from each other at every section.

Complicated as its issues are, embittered as the controversy it has awakened, dark still as are its destinies, its history as a piece of projected, and so far unsuccessful, legislation has at least the merit of being short and easily stated.

The extraordinary rapidity with which a gun can be dislodged from its carriage, and every portion of its complicated machinery scattered upon the ground, is hardly to be believed unless witnessed; but the wonder is increased tenfold, on seeing with what magical celerity the death-dealing weapon can be put together again.

Cunow, who, as Grosse admits (50), has written the most thorough and authentic monograph on the complicated family relationship of Australia, devotes two pages (122-23) to exposing some of Westermarck's arguments, which, as he shows, "border on the comic.

The taking of Texas and of California was complicated by the slave question, but much of the opposition to both was simply the general opposition to expansionthat is, to national growth and national greatness.

Nevertheless, complicated, disturbed and persistently resultless situations always end by becoming irksome to those who are entangled in them, and by inspiring a desire for extrication.

"It's complicated and it's a desperate chance," said Willet thoughtfully, "but I don't see anything else to do.

Events are now too numerous and too complicated to be described by occasional remarks; and a narrator of no more pretensions than myself may be allowed to shrink from an abundance of matter which will hereafter perplex the choice and excite the wonder of the historian.

By a glance you may tell everybody's branch and rank in that complicated and disciplined world, where no man acts for himself, but always on someone else's orders.

What a perpetual Fund would it have been of obsolete Words and Phrases, unusual Barbarisms and Rusticities, absurd Spellings and complicated Dialects?

The English, who systematize all amusements so much more than we, have developed this simple entertainment into several different games, arduous and complicated as their games of ball.

What really complicated them was the absence of the Court!

Of his work I do not intend here to speak,it does not come into this story,but he found that it was most complicated and difficult, and kicks rather than halfpence would be the certain reward.

Japan's foreign relations became more and more complicated and therefore difficult to manage.

The sudden removal of the foremost man of the empire was as the removal of the fly-wheel from a piece of complicated machinery.

No pity, no sympathy, had ever complicated this man's aims or crippled his achievements.

1440 examples of  complicated  in sentences