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2815 example sentences with  complicated

2815 example sentences with complicated

But alas! deep and complicated may be the sufferings yet behind for the church and her children to endure, whether in being sharers in, or but the witnesses of, what is pronounced upon the world of the ungodly.

"It seems to be a complicated situation," he said to Captain Phillips.

Thus this planet may be filled with beings who will be blind and deaf as the inmost rock, yet will execute changes as delicate and complicated as those of human language and all the intricate web of what we call its effects, without sensitive impression, without sensitive impulse: there may be, let us say, mute orations, mute rhapsodies, mute discussions, and no consciousness there even to enjoy the silence."

The troubadours were considered the inventors of a species of lyrical poetry, characterized by an almost entire devotion to the subject of chivalric love, and generally very complicated in regard to meter and rhyme.

The business will get rather complicated if I have many more customers.

In the midst of this, a part broke off and took up, discordantly, the refrain, "Polly, put the kettle on, we'll all have tea;" others complicated the confusion further with, "Cruel, cruel Polly Hopkins, treat me so,oh, treat me so!"

Secondly, amid all the varieties of thought referred to, complicated as they are by the eager advance of some and the clinging to survivals by others, there are two notes to be found undeniably, if unequally, characteristic of Unitarianism.

We are so accustomed to see life maintained through a variety of complicated organs that we are apt to think this the only way in which it can be manifested; and considering how closely life and the organs through which it is expressed are united, it is natural that we should believe them inseparably connected.

Had she been, as many eminent persons in her profession are, a mere bundle of insensate egotisms complicated by a voice, she would have driven March to flat rebellion in a week, all his good resolutions notwithstanding.

"That's complicated, but delightful of you, no matter how untrue it is.

Do you want one as author, with another to you and Jarvis as playwrights?" "No, that's too complicated.

The simple beliefs of the prophet and his contemporaries are separated by a long course of development from the complicated religious system in its unity and diversity which Islam now presents to us.

In order that the American reader may understand the complicated problem of European peace, a study of races and languages is given in the text, showing the relationship of Slav, Celt, Latin, and Teuton, and the various sub-divisions of these peoples.

So she began speaking in a large way of life, how hard it was, how complicated.

Ere revolving any complicated project, however, adapted to this end, I first simply suggested to Bartleby the propriety of his permanent departure.

Down at Havre the officials at the station gave me a complicated yellow diagram, known as a travelling pass, and I got into a carriage in the train bound for Rouen.

On we went again down the cobbled road, crossed a complicated mixture of ordinary rails and tram-lines, and struck off up a narrow road to the left, which apparently also ended in the city.

No one else upon the close of the fifteenth century was capable of producing a composition at once so complicated, so harmonious, and so clear as the group formed by Madonna, Christ leaning on her knee to point a finger at the book she holds, and the young S. John turned round to combine these figures with the exquisitely blended youths behind him.

"Yes; a rather complicated one." "Could you explain it so that I could understand it?"

"May I know them?" Kent's gift of reticence came to his rescue in time to prevent the introduction of another and rather uncertain factor into his complicated problem.

The very function of sex, whose exercise enters into her relation with her husband, has complicated what could otherwise have been a simple partnership.

A dramatic presentation of one of these very complicated situations is found in the experience of Miss Susan B. Anthony in the printers' strike in New York in 1869.

The reason some of the more radical men were not found supporting the proposal was not that they objected to a broader form of organization, but because they considered the particular plan outlined as too complicated to be effective.

The affair was thereby complicated, but that was all.

The details of it all would be as tedious here as they are complicated in the mill.

The different operations are too complicated and too technical for more than a reference to the purpose of the successive processes.

Clarification and evaporation having been completed, the next step is crystallization, also a complicated operation.

Human history is so rich and complicated that you can make out a case for any course of improvement or retrogression.

The description of the hiding-place was written in a most complicated cipher dispatch, the key to which was contained in a stanza of a song known to Kossuth's correspondent in Pesth.

Such suffering, however, always leaves its marks behind; and when complicated with ill-health or bodily weakness, often lingers on after its main cause has been removed.

His presence of course rendered the situation more complicated and the work of the kidnappers more difficult.

Not one steam engine, with its more or less complicated mechanism and need of fuel, is to be seen in the place.

This is a complicated calcareous plate, lodged in a peculiar cavity of the back, which it materially strengthens.

By the useful and interesting study of physiology, we are enabled to define the construction of his system, to delineate the muscles, nerves, veins and fibres, and the complicated mass that forms the man, with all their separate dependencies upon each other.

His first success was the undoubted fruit of his extraordinary abilities, and is said to have originated in the sudden illness of a leading counsel the night before the trial of a complicated civil cause.

We travelled the whole of the 31st August across a succession of broken passes; so complicated were the valleys and so broken were the range of hills, that we were unable to tell when we reached the back-bone of the ridge, and we struggled on in doubt and difficulty till we were again overtaken by the shades of night.

I had chosen a life which seemed to me then to be wholesome, temperate, and simple, in exchange for a life that was complicated, restless, and mechanical.

In a poor village community the problem was no doubt an easier one; but in our more complicated civilisation it is not so easy to see how to act.

The moonshine was lying on every flower; the birds were silent, and the children were asleep in complicated groups, among the green groves.

But the teacher is innocent of the ways of modern pedagogy, and deep and complicated are the snares of the Tamil alphabet with its two hundred and sixteen elusive characters.

But conclusions regarding practical questions of public policy, tho they may appear to be simple, usually are biased and complicated by assumptions, prejudices, selfish interests, and

New and complicated machinery was introduced.

The situation was further complicated by the fact that in his youth he had been the officer of the guard who ought to have prevented the murder of Sonia's august parents, and didn't.

Mr. Grey had of late learned one thing which had before been dark to him,had seen one phase of this complicated farrago of dishonesty which had not before been visible to him.

In the old days, when they discovered that an improper candidate had been nominated, on the very eve of election they could arouse themselves and defeat him; under all these complicated systems it is too late.

As we move beyond civilization onto a more mature and more complicated culture level, we may have a workable system of social priorities, but does our oncoming stream of manpower have the interest, the imagination, the competence, the sense of social responsibility and the staying power necessary to arouse in a series of generations the will and determination to carry out social policy?

Speaking of the book as compared with the works of Hans Andersen, it is more consciously a work of art, in an intellectual sense; it is more complicated in incident, or rather, we should say, in the working-up of the incident, whether that be an advantage for it or not.

A grand and complicated business like yours needs various acquirements in those who have the honor to serve you.

Minimalist composers started writing like this, also because a lot of new music at that time was very complicated and hard to understand.

Synthetic cannabis has had a complicated legal history.

Tagore's political views were complicated.

As she solves more tests, Wheatley's feelings of euphoria become weaker, so he builds more and more complicated tests by smashing together test chambers that GLaDOS built.

The note played on the violin string makes the string vibrate in a very complicated way.

Then these people, Shishigami, Eboshi and her people, San and Ashitaka started and were involved in huge complicated war for the forest.

There are a number of ways of explaining the production of lift; some are more complicated than others, some have been shown to be false.

The taxonomy of the herring gull / lesser black-backed gull group is very complicated.

The temple has a complicated and unusual structure with many side chambers.

They also manage complicated chest infections.

This often made him a controversial or complicated figure.

This plan is complicated by Darktail, a very powerful and charismatic cat who has come to destroy all of the Clans.

This principle is simple, but applying it to real rocks is complicated by their history.

Chambers Biographical Dictionary, 5e.1990, p.202 Semantics can include simple or very complicated ideas.

He falls deeply in love with Francesca, who he considers a far more complicated woman than others realize.

His complicated life and consequence for his new love is also in the story.

Humans have the most complicated languages on Earth.

If a recipe needs lots of complicated ingredients that you do not have, it is not as a good as a simple recipe.

According to Horowitz, COVID-19 has made recovery complicated.

Additionally, some students feel that the instruction for online courses is much more complicated.

Add the limelight and things can get complicated for young people who either voluntarily or through circumstances live very public lives.

Beneathโ€˜s facade of unflinching cynicism, sarcasm, and boundary pushing crassness, laid a deep deep reservoir of beautiful, messy, and complicated introspection.

BERLIN (AP) โ€” Germanyโ€™s top diplomat says ties with the United States are โ€œcomplicatedโ€ and he fears that Americaโ€™s domestic discord could further fuel international tensions.

Betty Johnson, a Waldo County Commissioner, said it likely would be expensive and complicated to change the name of the county, which was incorporated in 1827 โ€” more than half a century after Samuel Waldoโ€™s death.

But hereโ€™s where it gets complicated, from an equity perspective.

But US authorities have plotted out a less complicated court procedure than before.

But what exactly was a 309? Itโ€™s more complicated than you might think.

But what seemed like a rising progressive tide distorted a more complicated picture, argued Dave Bicking, board member of Communities United Against Police Brutality, a grass-roots group in Minneapolis that was founded in 2000.

The killing of Fakhrizadeh makes that more complicated, though not impossible, say experts.

They ended up finding another way to get Roz back to normal, and Harvey and Sabrina didnโ€™t speak of their possible lingering feelings โ€” but itโ€™s clearly all complicated now.

'They have endless gratitude to him for helping them during a complicated time.'

They matter in the most complicated ways.

They may be using new, more complicated formulas (or algorithms) that Iโ€™m not smart enough to discern.

This all sounds wildly more difficult and complicated and stressful than the social awkwardness of couch surfing?

We need these stories so that we can see the past as the complicated tapestry of human experience it is, where everyone ought to be able to find role models and inspiration.

We understand their desire to take a different approach, but these are complicated issues that will take time to work though."

We will help you sort through the sometimes complicated process.

When he is offered a chance to have his criminal history erased and go back to his family, Cobb takes on a very complicated mission that requires the help of a full team that includes architects, chemists, and more.

When you are working so closely with somebody in a story, as you do with Oliver Jackson-Cohen, thatโ€™s such a complicated relationship that your characters have in the series.

Grief can be complicated and sometimes it can be helpful to reach out after losing a loved one to suicide.

Growing seeds for consumers is a peculiar business, and its commercial structure is complicated.

Hardware firewalls are called routers and they act as a first line of defence between the internet and your computer and are relatively inexpensive to acquire and are not very complicated to install.

Her video work, drawings and sculpture examine how the proposed social organizing principles of architecture are complicated by the actual experience of the subjects that use them.

However, contrary to what is done in external beam radiotherapies, in TRT patient-specific dose calculations are not routinely performed (being considered complicated and time consuming), so usually the same activity is administered to all patients.

Although I am an American citizen, and there remains a free-trade agreement between the USA and Canada, getting a few paintings across the border to show in Seattle is a somewhat complicated and interesting process.

If my life has become complicated around weird emotions during the holiday season, it is often in viewing the Carol that I am reminded of a higher value.

If you can't adapt that to account for things like floating platforms or ceilings or pits (ie, real collision detection) then you've probably picked a project that is too complicated for you right now.

Imagine how much more complicated it would be if your mother were a renowned psychoanalyst.

That the access exchanges for the children were scheduled in what he called โ€œbizarreโ€ schedule, which she seemed to acknowledge was somewhat complicated.

That the relationships are complicated and evolve also gives hope that today's leaders may find their way out of the political woods in which we find ourselves.

There are also many different window and door replacement companies to choose from in Winnipeg, which can make the decision that much more complicated.

โ€œThere are lots of complicated ways to do anything, and anything can be done if you throw money at it,โ€ says Mr. dโ€™Entremont.