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421 example sentences with  comprised of

421 example sentences with comprised of

PHYSICS OF THE WISH Mind, consciousness, may then be portrayed as an ocean comprised of mobile current layers, complexes built up around the awareness of different intravisceral pressures.

The conservative party is comprised of the aristocracy, the church, the agricultural classes and people of conservative sentiment generally.

152-155.] [Footnote 18: Editorial in the Federal Union (Milledgeville, Ga.), Dec. 12, 1854.] The main supply of slaves for hire was probably comprised of the husbands and sons, and sometimes the daughters, of the cooks and housemaids of the merchants, lawyers and the like whose need of servants was limited but who in many cases made a point of owning their slaves in families.

The earliest surviving record of the Sacred Band by name was made in 324 BC. citation The unit was comprised of 150 male lovers.

The Reserved list comprised of subjects such as administration of Defense, External affairs, ecclesiastical affairs and matters related to tribal areas.

A flight investigation team comprised of military personnel and a representative from Sikorsky Aircraft, which builds the Cyclone, has been in the area since the weekend conducting interviews and trying to determine the cause of the crash.

CGI is comprised of independently incorporated companies offering property and casualty insurance, employee benefits for pensions and health, and personal life insurance and investment products.

Created more than 40 years ago, the VCCS is comprised of 23 community colleges located on 40 campuses across the Commonwealth.

He wanted the "white picket fence life" comprised of a wife and kids.

Horn concurred that the yet to be formed task force should be comprised of members from both the communications committee and board of directors.

In December, Kudu raised another $225 million of capital, comprised of a new $125 million committed bank facility and an incremental $100 million equity capital commitment from White Mountains.

It is comprised of DIFC Authority representatives, a DIFC employer, a DIFC employee representative and independent chairperson to oversee the continuing governance and commercial aspects of the scheme that are not subject to regulatory supervision.

It was at that same time that Held joined the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, founded in 1881 and comprised of over 6,000 members.

Khator made the remarks, in Kitui during a public participation exercise that comprised of over 200 business stakeholders drawn from Kitui, Machakos and Makueni Counties.

On July 14, the US guided-missile destroyer Ralph Johnson navigated near the Spratly Islands, a network partly comprised of man-made atolls.

The 108 key resort is comprised of 90 tastefully decorated en-suite deluxe rooms in low-rise traditional Malay buildings that overlook the gardens, lagoon and ocean.

The Anap Foundation COVID-19 Think Tank, which was established on March 22, 2020, is comprised of 18 members drawn from all the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria and the diaspora (USA and Germany).

The current fleet is comprised of 763 aircraft.

The operation is comprised of two previously mined open pits (San Francisco and La Chicharra), together with heap leach processing facilities and associated infrastructure located close to the San Francisco pit.

The Royal LePage survey is comprised of data from 64 of the nationโ€™s largest real estate markets.

The spacecraftโ€”comprised of two scientific orbitersโ€”should reach Mercury in 2025, after swinging twice past Venus and six times past Mercury itself.

The State Canvassing Board is comprised of Iowaโ€™s Governor, Secretary of State, Secretary of Agriculture, State Auditor and State Treasurer.

The teams, comprised of more than 600 Citizen Soldiers and Airmen in total, established mobile testing sites at locations ranging from correctional facilities and health clinics, to private businesses, and community-based testing sites.

Upon release, the movie was marketed as being a real story and comprised of actual footage found in the woods.

Zuraida also expressed hope that at least 30 per cent of the line-up selected by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin comprised of women, to enable more female-friendly policies to be adopted.

Aaffinity says the amount owed by APM as of October 7, 2014, is $210,925.58, comprised of $179,058.00 in balance and $31,867.58 in interest.

About 75% of Republican voters are comprised of white Christians, among them significant numbers of evangelicals.

Above me hangs a twinkling light fixture, comprised of labelling tools for beer bottles.

A crowd favourite, Great Britain will field a mixed team of veterans and young stars comprised of Mark Armstrong, Nick Skelton, Scott Smith and Robert Smith.

A fund evaluation committee, comprised of local and academic members, reviews the EOIs and decides on three projects to move forward.

Bourdon was responding to a report released Tuesday by the Wait Time Alliance, comprised of 14 organizations representing doctors and other health care professionals.

CAB membership is comprised of representation from the community, as well as government representatives at the federal, provincial and municipal level serving as ex-officios.

Cash incentives are comprised of a customer incentive and/or an incentive for cash customer.

Combine all of your files in a zip folder with a name that is comprised of your student number(s).

Competitors were given five and a half hours to prepare and present their solutions to a panel of judges, comprised of industry leaders.

Comprised of four panel-style discussions and a lunchtime keynote address, it convened a number of prominent current and former government officials, distinguished members of the academic/research community, and private-sector business representatives.

Comprised of representatives from the regional health, education and economic development boards, they are the catalysts for further engaging communities to participate as full partners in the Plan.

Emergency management is comprised of four pillars: prevention/mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Et. or R.TCM.H graduation from a traditional Chinese medicine program generally comprised of at least a minimum of 1900 hours including between 450 et 600 hours of practical clinical training completed in a minimum of 3 academic years to write the exams.

Faculty of Communication & Design (FCAD) is comprised of the nine schools: RTA School of Media, Creative Industries, Fashion, Graphics Communications Management, Image Arts, Interior Design, Journalism, Professional Communication, and the Theatre School.

Final selection of award recipients will be made with advice from the RDCโ€™s research awards committee, which is comprised of academia, industry and government stakeholders in ocean industries.

Fishing within the Area accounts for an estimated 14% of total provincial landed value and is comprised of a diverse range of species including shellfish, groundfish, pelagics and other smaller marine fisheries.

Haliburton County council is comprised of the mayors and deputy mayors from each of the countyโ€™s four lower-tier municipalities.

Her life, she said, comprised of traveling the different countries of the world as her heart desired and was now headed to Cuba.

He set up a task force comprised of senior officials from the Conseil du trรฉsor, public sector buyers, and industry representatives in order to review contract award methods.

A national committee comprised of science representatives from each region will be established to identify resources, needs and prioritize requests for biological risk assessments.

In 2002, he helped form the Maine Benzo Study Group, which was comprised of physicians and other health-care professionals, and it concluded that "there is no evidence supporting the long-term use of benzodiazepines for any mental health condition."

In contrast, the basements were comprised of multiple small rooms, with a variety of features (except hearths) within them, and had earthen floors.

In the AWS auction, the government is making available 105 MHz of spectrum that is comprised of 90 MHz of spectrum for AWS, 10 MHz for the extension of the existing band originally licensed in 1995, and 5 MHz of spectrum in the band 1670-1675 MHz.

It is comprised of the island of Newfoundland and, to the north, Labrador.

And they are comprised of equal numbers of business or industry representatives and union or employerโ€“or employee representatives.

Juan de Fuca Land Use Committee (LUC) is established under and is comprised of the Electoral Area Director and one representative from East Sooke, Malahat, Otter Point, Port Renfrew, Shirley/Jordan River, and Willis Point.

Malaysia's population is comprised of many ethnic groups, with the politically dominant Malays making up the majority, about 60% of the population.

Management for the Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour has announced the series 2019 schedule, comprised of 12 races at four short-track ovals in three Maritime Provinces.

Membership is comprised of citizen and organizational representatives with interest in the urban forest, as well as members of Council and City support staff.

Our diverse student population is comprised of students of all ages, from all around the world.

Our school is comprised of four parts: Indigenous undergraduate and graduate programs, the First Peoples House of Learning, the Boodweh Centre for Indigenous Knowledges and Languages and the Enwayaang Professional Learning Centre.

Our software development team, comprised of professionals and subject matter experts, is the largest of its kind.

Our staff and faculty are comprised of individuals dedicated to the students at Heydon Park.

PEIโ€™s multi-sectoral Poverty Reduction Council has now been established and is comprised of 13 members.

Premier Mining Products is comprised of a group of professionals sharing a well-established track record in the mining and exploration supply industries.

The $9 million last year was comprised of two items.

The area is comprised of a narrow coastal strip of the continental shore that extends roughly 600 miles from Portland Canal to the Copper River delta, and includes the Alexander Archipelago.

The artwork is comprised of several 12-20 foot colourful, reflective pieces, all suspended from the ceiling of the atrium.

The best selections are the first four, a complete session from 1935 that has Bailey joined by an all-star quartet comprised of trumpeter Bunny Berigan, altoist Johnny Hodges, pianist Teddy Wilson and bassist Grachan Moncur.

The Business Certificate is a credit program comprised of ten three-semester hour courses: three required courses and seven elective courses.

The certificate is comprised of eight courses.

The committee will be comprised of a mix of faculty and students, including a representative of UNB OUTLaw, the schoolโ€™s LGBTQ student and ally society.

The contemporary tower's cloud-inspired facade is comprised of 1,300 glass panes, which flood the building with natural light.

The department is comprised of 20 staff persons at various levels including Officers, Complex Case Officers, Clerk, Collectionsโ€ฆ

The Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the University of Alberta is comprised of a dynamic team of educators, researchers, support staff, residents, and undergraduate and graduate students.

The grants are funded by the cityโ€™s dividends from Elexicon Energy, the company comprised of the merged Veridian Connections Inc. and Whitby Hydro Energy Corp.

The increase of revenues is comprised of the justice services fee in large part on a full-year basis estimate up to 6.8.

The Library Board is comprised of four members of Municipal Council and seven citizen appointees.

The microwave scattering data is acquired using a microwave tomography system comprised of 24 co-resident antennas immersed into a saltwater matching fluid.

The nine short-listed students then pitched their ideas Dragonโ€™s Den style to a panel comprised of our industry sponsors, applied research, and faculty.

The novice event is comprised of teams of 12 to 24 skaters who are under 15 years of age.

The Office of the Registrar is comprised of several units: Academic Advising, Admissions, and Records and Registration.

The Rare Disease Working Group, comprised of clinical experts and patient advocates, is an important step in exploring how services for people with rare diseases in Ontario can be improved.

The rate was comprised of two elements: A weighted average rate of 2.91 per cent for stumpage programs in B.C., Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.

The road is comprised of three different technologies in three different segments, with each using a different thickness and proportion of materials.

The selection committee will be comprised of the Co-op Coordinator, the Associate Academic Dean and an Education Advisor from Student Services.

The sensor is comprised of a conductive gel enveloped in layers of silicone that are able to detect swiping, tapping, and many other kinds of touch even when it is folded.

A team comprised of junior players who get the opportunity to compete against other golf teams in the area.

A total of forty players have been invited to the U-16 camp, comprised of four (4) goalies, twelve (12) defensemen, and twenty-four (24) forwards.

A volunteer board, comprised of members from the Rainy River District, governs NCDS.

A volunteer Board of Directors, headed by Dr. Sam Landa and comprised of influential leaders representing a variety of community sectors, provided the leadership.

The six residential levels above will house 129 individual apartment units comprised of both one and two bedroom sizes.

The system is comprised of 13 panels with DC-to-AC micro-inverters that will produce 5,000 kWh per year.

The team is comprised of experienced researchers, clinicians and students.

The written component shall be comprised of two essays: one in a broad area (e.g. theory, methods, social inequality, etc.) and a second in the candidateโ€™s area of specialization.

They are comprised of several former law enforcement officers, and they have expressed satisfaction with how this current section is worded, considering the remarks.

This country has a national highway system some 25,000 kilometres long comprised of the Trans-Canada Highway and a number of major routes that carry goods between the provinces and between Canada and the U.S. and to the major ports.

This exhibition is comprised of work done since graduation from the alberta College of Art (april 1985).

This institutional/residential component of the proposed WHC facility, comprised of dormitory housing for 150 student-clients in five floors of a seven-storey building, would require a rezoning of the site.

This is a ghost town comprised of a number of buildings on multiple streets.

This is his second stint: in 2009 he was invited to do the same thing based on the jurisdictional similarities between PEI and Bermuda โ€“ an Overseas Territory of the UK comprised of 36 electoral districts and a population of approximately 65,000 people.

To be admitted to this program, students must present the results of a "strong B2" level of the French test (DELF) comprised of oral and written comprehension and production components.

Wasteland/Wanderland is an immersive installation comprised of woodcut and linocut prints adhered to the gallery walls that depict children as the explorers of a beautiful, yet dystopian setting.

Zetadex is beaded composite material comprised of ultrapure cross-linked dextran.