10 examples of comprised of in sentences

PHYSICS OF THE WISH Mind, consciousness, may then be portrayed as an ocean comprised of mobile current layers, complexes built up around the awareness of different intravisceral pressures.

The conservative party is comprised of the aristocracy, the church, the agricultural classes and people of conservative sentiment generally.

The colony was comprised of some fourteen or fifteen families, and numbered some over fifty persons in all.

The main supply of slaves for hire was probably comprised of the husbands and sons, and sometimes the daughters, of the cooks and housemaids of the merchants, lawyers and the like whose need of servants was limited but who in many cases made a point of owning their slaves in families.

The editorial team of a free-sheeter normally comprises of local people.

Evenings at Mr Teli's office comprised of the invariable cup of tea and on several occasions pakodas from Cafe Real.

More than half the terrain was comprised of jagged planes of crystallized material, heaped together as if at random.

This fact is important when we consider that the Irish exodus of the eighteenth century was largely comprised of the youth of the country.

Mr. Lane's family was comprised of his wife, Fannie (who also was very kind to the slaves) five children, Harriett Ann, Jennie, Jeff, Frankie and Mae Roxie, a brother (whose name he does not recall) who owned a few slaves but was kind to those that he did own.

This was comprised of Dr. O. Goodrich, the assistant commissary, two surveyors, and an assistant engineer.

10 examples of  comprised of  in sentences