2359 examples of compromise in sentences

"'Very well, my dear, let us see if we cannot compromise this matter.

But this compromise, as between us, Mr. W, must be a finality.

"'Very well,' said I; and a robin that was building its nest on a limb that hung over the road, paused in its labors, and burst into song, and the burden of its lay seemed to be a compromise, which, in truth, should be a FINALITY.

Oh, yes, we little china people have a variety of rivets, thank God, to prevent too frequent nodding and too cowardly a compromise with baseness,rivets that are a part of us and force us into flashes of upright living, almost in spite of ourselves, when duty and inclination grapple.

Patricia wore black-and-white for some six months, and Colonel Musgrave accepted the compromise tacitly.

Three words, said Clemenceau, only three words need be added, words which compromise nothing and are an act of deference to France.

While he hung behind the Lugra, seeking a base and humiliating compromise at the hands of the enemy, his lieutenant of Svenigorod, and his ally the Khan of the Crimea, advanced upon the Golden Horde, and pushed their victorious arms into the very den of the Tartars, at the time that the Tartar forces were drawn off in the invasion of Russia.

These pests worrit me at business and in all its intervals, perplexing my accounts, poisoning my little salutary warming-time at the fire, puzzling my paragraphs if I take a newspaper, cramming in between my own free thoughts and a column of figures, which had come to an amicable compromise but for them.

The feeble character of the proposed compromise roused a storm of scorn and rage; and a Moravian student tore the message of the Estates into pieces.

The girl was simple enough, unsophisticated enough, never to dream of compromise.

She never for a moment entertained the cheap, consolatory thought that in time she would get over it; she would marry somebody else, and make that compromise which is responsible for more misery in this world than ever is vice.

There was no compromise here.

Alarmed, the Trust tried to unload; militant womanhood, thoroughly aroused, scorned compromise.

It has generally resulted in a compromise, in which the nation in the wrong gains a measure of benefit and the nation in the right is deprived of a part of the remedy to which it is entitled.

Thus at the very outset of the struggle between the President and the Senate a feeling of hostility was engendered which continued with increasing bitterness on both sides and prevented any compromise or concession in regard to the Covenant as it finally appeared in the Treaty of Versailles.

If the same spirit of compromise had been shown while he was in America it would doubtless have gone far to weaken hostility to the Covenant.

" The motto now is"No compromise!

I came to the St. James's as a sort of compromise.

"Well?" "In the first place," Norgate continued, "the subscribers to this fund, which is by no means exhausted by the sum I mention, demand that you accept no compromise,

" "In the event of your doing so," Norgate continued, "more money, and arms themselves if you require them, will be available, but the motto of those who have the cause of Ireland entirely at heart is, 'No compromise!'

Shadows of old doubts began to creep over the inward sunshine; though she tried to drive them away by recalling Gerald's promise to try to secure her safety by making a compromise with her father's creditors.

All sects and parties sought ascendency rather than the public good; angry and inexperienced, they refused to compromise.

It is always a compromise, but a compromise more or less acceptable to all parties, in which they acquiesce until some change either by growth or decay makes the conditions irksome.

It is always a compromise, but a compromise more or less acceptable to all parties, in which they acquiesce until some change either by growth or decay makes the conditions irksome.

Willie considered for a moment and decided to compromise.

2359 examples of  compromise  in sentences