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371 example sentences with  computational

371 example sentences with computational

They still use double dissociation for studying the patients, case studies, computational models, and many other features that were invented in the late twentieth century.

Virgin's car for 2010, the VR-01, is the first F1 car designed entirely using Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) computer simulation technology.

He was a Professor of Chemistry who worked in Computational Chemistry.

D. "Our goal is to incorporate in the computational decision-making process."

It sports an Apple S5 chip and advanced software which enables computational audio, which analyses the characteristics of the music, optimises loudness, and adjusts dynamic range 180 times per second.

That's why STRAP relies on a computational approach used by Van Lehn called the Conductor-like Screening Model for Realistic Solvents (COSMO-RS) to guide the process.

The two chemical engineers, researchers at the University of Utah and experts in “computational fluid dynamics,” are helping musicians of the Utah Symphony and Utah Opera perform with less risk of spreading COVID-19 to each other or their audiences.

A background in computational biochemistry such as molecular dynamics and QM/MM approaches would be beneficial.

Additionally we present two methods for improving the computational performance of our approach, namely lexicographical ordering and a reformulation with fewer binary variables.

Bin Han, Zhenpeng Zhao and Xiaosheng Zhuang, Directional tensor product complex tight framelets with low redundancyApplied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, Vol. 41 (2016), Issue 2, 603-637.

Bioinformatics Algorithms Fundamental algorithmic techniques used to solve computational problems encountered in molecular biology.

Bioinformatics, or computational biology, can do all that just using computational models.

Bioinformatics, or computational biology, can do all that just using computational models.

Bitsuamlak, G.T. “Application of computational wind engineering: A practical perspective”, Third National Conference in wind Engineering, January 2006.

BRASS will develop the computational and algorithmic requirements for software systems and data to remain robust in excess of 100 years, which should significantly improve software resilience, reliability, and maintainability.

By using measurements, not models, to evaluate performance functionals and their descent directions, computational savings and better actual performance are achieved.

Computational Analysis of Binocular Half-Occlusions (with M. Sizintsev).

Computational anatomy uses medical images to detect changes in the shape of various structures in the brain.

Computational cognitive models are different from artificial intelligence systems in that the objective is to perform specific tasks as humans do, including making errors in the same way that humans do.

"Computational Consequences of Different Phonological Formalisms", Department of Linguistics, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, NF, November 22, 2001.

"Computational Efficiencies in Insurance Fraud Data Analysis"

Computational experiments are reported for a set of benchmark problems, and the results are compared with those obtained by the only other heuristic known for the SDVRP, the algorithm proposed by Dror and Trudeau.

Computational experiments on applications from the literature in the steel industry and the printing industry are carried out.

Computational experiments show that the proposed solution method for finding lower bounds is competitive with other state-of-the-art approaches found in the literature.

Computational experiments show that we are able to exactly solve large test instances with up to 1000 customers.

Computational Fluid Dynamics applied to Cratering Mechanics and Oceanic Impact Megatsunamis.

Computational fluid dynamics methods for incompressible and compressible fluids.

"Computational medicine can help you see how the pieces of the puzzle fit together to give a more holistic picture," Winslow says.

Computational methods are now sufficient to allow free energy changes to be calculated using molecular orbital theory.

Computational modeling has been a huge driving force in the field of nanoscience, since chemists are able to imagine, design, and test new nanoscale materials (such as nanoparticles) on the computer long before these new compounds can be synthesized.

Computational models can give insight into the fundamental features of these coupled systems.

``Computational models for the Drosophila and mammalian circadian clocks''

Computational philosophy of science has thus developed two streams that reflect the two streams in artificial intelligence research, one concerned with modeling human performance and the other with machine intelligence.

Computational Physics is used extensively by theorists and also by experimentalists.

Computational vision has the goal of discovering the algorithms and heuristics which allow a two dimensional array of light intensities to be interpreted as a three dimensional scene.

Computational vision, radiometry, remote sensing and geographic information systems.

Connectionism is an alternate computational paradigm to that provided by the von Neumann architecture that has inspired classical cognitive science (Bechtel & Abrahamsen, 2002; Dawson, 1998).

CREATE DAV provides interdisciplinary training in both computational analytics and perceptual design methodologies for deriving value from big data for a broad range of applications.

Dr. Lewis specializes in systems and computational neurobiology.

Each of the seminars address the use of computational science and cyberinfrastructure in education.

E. J. Horvitz (1989)Reasoning about beliefs and actions under computational resource constraintsUncertainty in Artificial Intelligence 3L.

Experimental and Computational Insights on the Valence Isomers of EE′X4 Species.

A lower bound estimate is available at no additional computational cost while an upper bound estimate comes at the cost of a few additional scalar operations per iteration.

Gordon McCalla is a Professor in and Head of the Department of Computational Science at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada.

However, the nontracking decoder used in the channel-matched finite-state quantizer has a higher computational complexity, compared with a channel-optimized vector-quantizer decoder.

However, these methods require high computational power for training and inference that make them difficult to apply in real-time applications.

ICMS Conference on Computational Modelling in Medicine, Edinburgh, Scotland, 17-19 Sept 2003.

In 2006, Aylor commissioned a computational science initiative and task force charged with the objective of producing a set of recommendations to improve the culture of computation at the university.

In many application domains, such as social networks, business, and molecular biology, increasingly large amounts of data are being collected requiring sophisticated computational tools to discover the hidden "golden nuggets."

Instead, professor Bagheri is working on computational models that gather and analyze the data.

In this chapter, we give an overview of the scope of the book in terms of current proteomics experimental techniques and the reasons why computational approaches are needed.

In this Dissertation computational modeling techniques have been used to investigate several aspects of sulfur's unique chemistry.

It includes 23 offices for Chemistry and other faculty and staff, 11 research labs plus one expansion lab, four chemistry teaching labs and preparation labs, a problem set lab, and the Larry E. Seeley Chemistry Computational Room.

And then the approach is all–it all seems to be horizontal, for lack of a better description, rather than computational for more–for larger numbers and more significantly complex challenges.

J. Zhu, N.K. Nikolova and J.W. Bandler, "Self-adjoint sensitivity analysis of high-frequency structures with FEKO," 22nd Annual Review of Progress in Applied Computational Electromagnetics ACES 06 (Miami, FL, March 2006), pp. 877-880.

Matlab will be used in at least 5 other ECE courses, and it is a standard computational environment in many companies working in this area.

Measuring K-12 computational thinking concepts, practices and perspectives: An examination of current CT assessments.

MEC facilitates optimization of fifth generation network resources including focusing communications and computational capacity where it is needed the most.

Most standard reconstruction algorithms are designed to minimise computational requirements and do not exploit the underlying shape of the data.

A numerical model was developed to evaluate the performance of detailed solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) anode microstructures obtained from experimental reconstruction techniques or generated from synthetic computational techniques.

Penalized regression deals with the methodological and computational challenges of high dimensional data analysis and multicollinearity.

Ruppa K. Thulasiram, and Performance Evaluation of Parallel Algorithms for Pricing Multidimensional Financial Derivatives International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering (to appear Summer 2004).

Securing adequate access to computational resources.

SIGLOG will maintain close ties with the ACM Transactions on Computational Logic.

Some might say it’s obvious that an experiment beats a computational prediction, but many clinicians would not accept evidence about human variants based on how they perform in baker’s yeast.

Students in the PhD program with a specialization in CMD will satisfy the course requirements found in the Computational Media Design (Interdisciplinary) section of the Graduate Calendar, which shall include one of either Music 751 or 753.

Students will also have some familiarity with linear algebra, and be capable of programming at an elementary level in at least one computational language such as BASIC or FORTRAN.

Symmetry classification using invariant differential operators, Foundations of Computational Mathematics (2006), 353-386.

The combination of the availability of large amounts of data, often in new and complex forms, and the advances in computational power makes for exciting times for statisticians.

As time permits, I will also highlight connections to computational complexity and to algorithmic information theory (Kolmogorov complexity).

A study of topics in computational media design.

The group uses synthetic chemistry, molecular design by computational modelling, and a variety of biophysical assays for determining the activities of synthesized compounds.

Their subtle and devious properties are the subject of many theorems and algorithms in computational geometry.

The knitting skills learned at this beginner workshop will help students progress to future workshops planned around knit-wearable projects and computational fabrics / wearable computing.

The lab is also equipped with Mac and Windows desktop and laptop computers, which are sufficient for word processing, data analysis, and relevant computational needs required for this project.

The Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) technique is only applicable to wall-bounded flows at moderate Reynolds numbers due to its computational cost.

The new practice will also draw upon the exclusive computational reasoning and learning capabilities of IBM Watson, which represents a $1 billion investment to advance cognitive innovations across industries.

The program breaks down the process of extracting correct 3D hand poses from a single image into two steps, simplifying the computational demands for a computer.

The project aims to create and provide tools that will help biologists leverage increasing data sets and new computational techniques.

The results of a new study, published today in the journal PLoS Computational Biology, suggest that our brains subconsciously use a simplistic strategy in order to filter out options when faced with a complex decision.

The results suggest that these are the best available PESs for HONO, and thus, should be suitable for a variety of dynamics studies, including quantum dynamics with MCTDH where the sum-of-products form can be exploited for computational efficiency.

These tests show that our algorithm can generate equilibrium collisionless systems with non-spherical halos, but we also find that our algorithm requires a large amount of computational time to converge to the final target system.

They are intended to help you understand the models, priors, and computational methods, so that you can devise an appropriate way of handling whatever problem you are interested in. The 'bin' directory contains links to all the programs.

This discussion demonstrates how both incorporates and extends the scope of current computational models of analogy.

This dissertation reasons that distributed renewable energy systems without operative computational infrastructures face a fundamental economic challenge derived from their ad-hoc design and implementation.

This event occurs as a pre-meeting Satellite to the Annual Computational Neuroscience meeting being held in Toronto from July 8th-12th 2007 (see for further details).

This feature is useful in column generation and may greatly reduce the computational effort, because we can stop the MDDPA solution process once columns with sufficiently negative reduced costs are obtained.

This talk will analyze ADT calculus using three tool sets: object-oriented design metrics, computational complexity theory, and information theory.

This thesis investigates the computational aspects of signal processing with a focus on Time-Frequency analysis using wavelets.

To me, however, if a geoAI cannot reach a standard to identify and evaluate what should be included in the computational process, it is just a combination of different computational algorithms.

To me, however, if a geoAI cannot reach a standard to identify and evaluate what should be included in the computational process, it is just a combination of different computational algorithms.

Up to now, the equipment performance data embedded in the end-of-line cell tests has been hidden due to a lack of computational techniques to uncover and interpret it.

Basically, I believe that any reasonable prf family will have enough statistical strength as to serve as a good replacement for UH for the sake of "extracting the computational randomness" from a DH key.

Basically, this means that even if you could find the computational power to do a clade of size n, a clade of size n+1 could take a thousand years, perhaps.

Basic computational techniques required for expertise quantitative finance.

We conclude by reporting some computational results.

We offer opportunities to collaborate with scientists in the Human Mobility Research Centre and Computational Science and Engineering, as well as with co-supervising faculty in other departments.

Why Babbage would have made such an inflated claim is obvious enough: he was hoping that Lovelace's article would help convince the government to renew financial support for his computational venture.

X.F. Wang, B. Wang and D. Ye, Computational aspects in local image denoising and reconstruction with correlated errors.

Xiaodan Zhu, Parinaz Sobhani, and Hongyu Guo: DAG-structured Neural Networks for Semantic Compositionality, Proceedings of the 2016 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (