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471 examples of  conceiting  in sentences

471 examples of conceiting in sentences

Who wou'd doat upon a fond She-Fop?a vain conceited amorous Coquette.

'Tis a conceited old Scarab, and will yield us excellent sportgo play upon him a littleexercise thy Wit.' cf.

she said, "you young men of science are so conceited!"

Infinite pains were to be expended on the worthless niceties of conceited metrical structure and rhetorical figures.

The remainder of the first book deals with meter and verse forms, baldly of prose rhythm, epizeuxis, conceited verses, and various rhetorical figures.

The first half, like the section in Webbe, is devoted to English versing, dealing with stanza forms, meters, rime, and conceited figures such as anagrams and verses in the form of eggs.

It is only clever, conceited men, proud of their neat little minds, who think that because they cannot fathom the causes of the war, it might easily have been prevented.

She was quite a spoiled bird by this time, and I heard Carl telling the family afterward that it was as good as a play to see Miss Bella strutting in with her breast stuck out, and her little, conceited air, and hear her say, shrilly, "Good morning, birds, good morning!

Commonly also satirical taunts do owe their seeming piquancy, not to the speaker or his words, but to the subject, and the hearers; the matter conspiring with the bad nature or the vanity of men who love to laugh at any rate, and to be pleased at the expense of other men's repute; conceiting themselves extolled by the depression of their neighbour, and hoping to gain by his loss.

Ardmore had never been considered a truly bad fellow, though he was foppish, conceited and wholly unable to understand why anything that he wanted should be denied him.

" "Conceited!"

There were wise men and self-deluded fools, manly, well-bred men, and effeminate, conceited coxcombs, who wore stays and did up their back hair, used paint, and daubed their cheeks with violet powder.

"In fact, my dears, if I wasn't afraid of making you conceited, I'd say I'd never seen two handsomer girls in my life.

There's nothing I'd like better than to show the hotel-keepers of Europe a thing or twothey are more conceited with less reason for being so than any other class of men I know.

Is it a study to make men conceited and self- sufficient?

If a scientific man, or one who calls himself so, be conceited, the conceit was there before the science; part of his natural defects: and if it stays there long after he has really given himself to the patient study of nature, then is he one of those of whom Solomon has said: "Though you pound a fool in a mortar among wheat with a pestle, yet will not his folly depart from him.

Come here and prove to this conceited, contradicting boy that I'm telling the truth.

If I were in your place, not the two old womennot Sir Timothy's ghostnot that poor conceited slip of a lad who may be shot to-morrowwould stand in my way.

Conceited Person is of such advantage to any in this Age, that I should labour to be Publicly Admitted of that Order.

"The conceited yen some of these boobs have in thinking that a fluff has nothing else to do but sit in some cafe and hold hands until daylight.

If I had ever been conceited about my personal appearance, that moment would have cured me for good.

A Jewish prophet must have seemed a rhapsodist to Athenian critics, and a Grecian philosopher a conceited cynic to a converted fisherman of Galilee,even as a boastful Darwinite would be repulsive to a believer in the active interference of the moral Governor of the universe.

A Pleasant conceited Comedie, Wherein is shewed how a man may chuse a good Wife from a bad.

This play agrees perfectly with the description given of it in the title; it is certainly a most pleasant conceited comedy, rich in humour, and written altogether in a right merry vein.


It would indeed be conceited on our part to claim that we, who are the originators of this new science and its new conclusions, deserve alone the credit for its existence.

5. Has made men more conceited and obstinate.

Ralph, the hero, is a conceited simpleton.

Great lawyers and great statesmen are rarely so egotistical and conceited as poets, novelists, artists, and preachers.

Moreover the Scholars feel themselves to be a privileged class 'on the foundation,' and this feeling gives them a sort of conceited happiness.

Lady, I come to free My worthy freind and your owne servant, Bonvill, From an uniust suspition your conceite Retaines of him.

I cry you mercy, lady; you are shee Whom I had vowd to love;a wild conceite Had seasd my fancy.

At your conceite to thinke I was a Clock: I am a watch, I never strike.

He was happy enough, he said: but I was told that he had to endure much vexation from the neighbouring Negroes, who were Baptists, narrow and conceited; and whojust as the Baptists of the lower class in England would be but too apt to dotormented him by telling him that he was not sure of heaven, because he went to church instead of joining their body.

The Characters in this little volume are of a Ballad Maker, a Tapster, a Drunkard, a Rectified Young Man, a Young Novice's New Younger Wife, a Common Fiddler, a Broker, a Jovial Good Fellow, a Humourist, a Malapert Young Upstart, a Scold, a Good Wife, and a Self-Conceited Parcel-Witted Old Dotard.

So she has made every one a tart with his initial on it and a saucy motto or two, "just to keep them from being conceited, you know.

"Many men," saith Gellius, "are very conceited in their inscriptions," "and able" (as Pliny quotes out of Seneca) "to make him loiter by the way that went in haste to fetch a midwife for his daughter, now ready to lie down."

To these you may add, if you please, that conceited tale of a Jew, so visited in like sort, and so cured, out of Poggius Florentinus.

So irrefragable, in the mean time, that what they have once said, they must and will maintain, in whole tomes, duplications, triplications, never yield to death, so self-conceited, say what you can.

They are generally so refractory, self-conceited, obstinate, so firmly addicted to that religion in which they have been bred and brought up, that no persuasion, no terror, no persecution, can divert them.

You don't see these things unless you're on the lookout for them, and you're not on the lookout unless you're a conceited ass.

His legs were long, and his feet were firm and handsome, but he was an awfully conceited fellow.

If I have a noble purpose upon earth, if I have roused myself from that conceited dream of self-culture which now looks to me so cold, and barren, and tawdry, into the hope of becoming useful, beneficentto whom do I owe it but to you, Marie?

As a lowely earnest, I give this curtesie before, And in conceite I give ye twenty more.

Oh! for quick conceite to beget a jest!

Til then weele feede on conceite; Tully, thanke me, but for your companie I would not tarry so long; come, Tully, since we shall bee married all at one time, weele goe to bed so, and he shall be maister of the Cock-pit that bids his Gossips first.

I'd not have a scarlet coat dancing around after me if I were you, Betty;" and Peter endeavored to look sage and wise as he cocked his head on one side like a conceited sparrow.

"I don't think much of you, young man," said Aronsen; ay, calling him young man, considering him but a slip of a lad that had grown conceited in the town, and thought to teach him, Aronsen, the value of goods.

I am a poor, weak, conceited, miserable man, who by his accursed impertinence has broken the heart of the being whom he loves best on earth.

I was a most conceited fool, puffed up with spiritual pride, tempting God needlessly.

But this they cannot understand, for so conceited is a Frenchman that many of them think that I came to Paris to be paid.

Early one morning I was agreeably surprised by the arrival of Mrs. Jameson, whom I had previously expected to spend some time with me, and found her a most agreeable, refined and intelligent guest, with none of the supercilious and conceited airs, which I had noticed in some of her traveling countrywomen of the class of authors. 15th.

(Whatever his faults, Jerry is not conceited.

She, the yearningly friendly, sympathetic, sensitive, praise-craving Sylvia, came to be known, half respected and half disliked, as proud and clever, and "high-brow," and offish, and conceited, and so "queer" that she cared nothing for the ordinary pleasures of ordinary girls.

Oft has it been my lot to mark A proud, conceited, talking spark, With eyes that hardly served at most To guard their master 'gainst a post: Yet round the world the blade has been To see whatever can be seen.

Especially, I believe, the Fairies enjoy this time of day, for they are odd little creatures, rather conceited, and fond of everything pretty; consequently they like to be floating about the rocks in their white dresses when the crimson and golden hues of sunset shine on them, knowing very well they look like so many bright flowers on the occasion.

Do not say, 'This is too high an honour for us to claim.' Do not say, 'It seems too conceited and assuming for us miserable sinners to call ourselves sons of God.

"And a merry conceited cook living at the sign of the Crown, having a black fan (worth the value of thirty shillings), took a resolution to rent the same in pieces, and to every feather tied a piece of pack-thread dyed in black ink, and gave them to divers persons, who (in derision) for a while wore them in their hats.

"Awful conceited and not overly polite," said Susie as she took off her bonnet and went into a revel of bows and trimmings.

BACKBITE (Sir Benjamin), nephew of Crabtree, very conceited, and very censorious.

At first she dislikes Benedick, and thinks him a flippant conceited coxcomb; but overhearing a conversation between her cousin Hero and her gentlewoman, in which Hero bewails that Beatrice should trifle with such deep love as that of Benedick, and should scorn so true and good a gentleman, she cries, "Sits the wind thus?

DOGBERRY AND VERGES, two ignorant conceited constables, who greatly mutilate their words.

(See PERRYBINGLE.) DOTHEBOYS HALL, a Yorkshire school, where boys were taken-in and done-for by Mr. Squeers, an arrogant, conceited, puffing, overbearing and ignorant schoolmaster, who fleeced, beat, and starved the boys, but taught them nothing.

An hospitable, conceited, whimsical old gentleman, who forever interrupts a speaker with "Yes, yes, I know it," or "Be quiet, I know it."

There are thirty-seven piecesall in humorous and "righte merrie conceite."

He asked me last night if I felt conceited about my book; so I said to him, "I like to give people as good as they senddon't you feel a little conceited after that sermon?" on which he gave me a good shaking.

He asked me last night if I felt conceited about my book; so I said to him, "I like to give people as good as they senddon't you feel a little conceited after that sermon?" on which he gave me a good shaking.

I went to pay my respects and renew my offers of good services if conciliation were to be attempted, expecting to see a civilized general, but I found only a conceited and bombastic old man who had not the least idea of what he had undertaken.

I hope it's a satisfaction to your conceited, overbearing mind!

If an advocate is conceited, or vain, or self-important, or if he thinks of producing effects as well for himself as for his client, or if his nature is hard and unadaptive,great abilities display these qualities, instead of hiding them, and they make a refracting medium between a case and the minds of a jury.

He is, of course, always conceited, and generally, though not always, handsome.

"What you write of me, would make me more conceited, than what I scribble myself.

This flat and conceited couplet, and note, the noble author judged it proper to omit in the corrected edition of his poem.

I feel convinced that if all men had their own, the invocation I have just quoted would fly back into the works of Shirley, and so, no doubt, would the following quaintest bit of conceited fancy.

A lively volume with many shreds of wit and humour, and occasional patches of "righte merrie conceite," has just fallen into our hands, and has afforded us some very pleasant reading.

Stuart is competent, sober and industrious, but talkative and conceited.

'Now I hold he is the most conceited, affected fellow that I ever met,' he continued with unusual energy.

When I was got into this Way of thinking, I presently grew conceited of the Argument, and was just preparing to write a Letter of Advice to a Member of Parliament, for opening the Freedom of our Towns and Trades, for taking away all manner of Distinctions between the Natives and Foreigners, for repealing our Laws of Parish Settlements, and removing every other Obstacle to the Increase of the People.

The Sense of it is as follows: Does a Man reproach thee for being Proud or Ill-natured, Envious or Conceited, Ignorant or Detracting?

Judging them by principles which are not applicable to them, not only do they admit the irregularity of his pieces, but, on occasion, they accuse him of bombast, of a confused, ungrammatical, and conceited mode of writing, and even of the most contemptible buffoonery.

And once or twiceI called myself a conceited little idiotbut once or twice" Hugh nodded.

Frank alone was the delinquentFrank, the vain, conceited coxcomb, who thought because a woman was civil to him that she must needs wish to marry him; Frank, the wretch who had presumed to pity his cousin, and called her husband a clown!

I don't know whether this Error proceeded from those who have not learned, or from the Chimera of some self-conceited Masters, who have sold to ignorant Scholars, some Thrusts as infallible, of their own Contrivance, as ridiculous and dangerous as the Simplicity of the Scholar and the Knavery of the Master are great.

In a matter of affection, a conceited coxcomb, full of flattering speeches, was too strong for him.

Dave was large, lymphatic, and conceited; he "come frum Southern Eelinoy," as he expressed it, and he had a comfortable conviction that the fertile Illinois Egypt had produced nothing more creditable than his own slouching figure and self-complaisant soul.

You have no right to expect me to say to anybody that Miss Lydia does not attract me, and it would be silly, presumptuous, conceited in me to yield what I have not.

The latter, headed by a fruiterer, a very turbulent and conceited personage, separated from what they called the church, and set up another church in opposition.

But that it should be only conceived and conceited as an elevation of nature to a more clear light, in the matter of morality, wherein our Lord is only respected as an heavenly teacher and perfect pattern proposed for imitation, is but a proud, pleasing fancy of self-conceited, darkened, and deluded dreamers, robbing God of the glory of his mercy and goodness; our Lord Jesus Christ of the glory of his grace and merit.

But that it should be only conceived and conceited as an elevation of nature to a more clear light, in the matter of morality, wherein our Lord is only respected as an heavenly teacher and perfect pattern proposed for imitation, is but a proud, pleasing fancy of self-conceited, darkened, and deluded dreamers, robbing God of the glory of his mercy and goodness; our Lord Jesus Christ of the glory of his grace and merit.

He looked conceited, and almost savagely proud of the isolation in which he lived.

To do him all justice he was as brave as a lion, and as proud as a gladiator, and as conceited as a Prussian.

According to his own account,by the bye, I forgot to say that he is wonderfully conceited in his opinion of himself, as well as mean and underhand to look at,according to his own account, he leaves his old trade and joins ours of his own free will and preference.

Look them over; and when you have made your way through all the gabble, I think you will agree with me that the conceited booby has looked for the thief in every direction but the right one.

conceited nonsense!"

The cast, meanwhile, dispersed at the back of the stage or in the wings, looked on maliciously or chatted among themselves; while every now and then one or other of the antagonists would call up the leading lady, or the conceited gentleman who was to act Count Fersen, and hotly put a case.

Don't you remember, boys, the night we put up that little sell on him and made him believe we'd struck it rich in the bank of the creek, and got him so conceited, he wanted to go off and settle all our debts at once?"

News of my arrival had evidently reached the villagers; I was conceited enough to imagine that my presence was probably of interest to them; but the station-master, the girl at the post-office and the clerks in the shops treated me with an unmistakable cold reserve.

Presently, being not only as good-natured as he was conceited, but (rare phenomenon in the Quartier Latin!)

She was self-reliant, and, perhaps, somewhat conceited.

The conceited, the ready, or the reckless, hackneyed in the art, had a knack of making new sentiments applicable to the passing incidents with great ease.