Do we say concent or consent

concent 2 occurrences

[105] Concent is a singing together, or harmoniously.

For love is a celestiall harmonie Of likely* harts composd of** starres concent, Which ioyne together in sweete sympathie, To work each others ioy and true content, 200 Which they have harbourd since their first descent Out of their heavenly bowres, where they did see And know ech other here belov'd to bee.

consent 5159 occurrences

He selected three of the bravest of our crew to accompany them; never mentioning the design to his father, who he knew would never consent to it, but the first favourable opportunity, put it in execution; and one night when I was not with them (for it happened that I stayed late at the feast, and slept there) carried her off.

These one would imagine might be regulated by every Man's Common Sense without the Help of an Instructor; but that which we call Common Sense suffers under that Word; for it sometimes implies no more than that Faculty which is common to all Men, but sometimes signifies right Reason, and what all Men should consent to.

"I can't consent to that," he said.

Only in the first of these cases can we properly speak of wife "lending"; in the other cases the individuals have no choice and cannot withhold their consent, the matter being of a public or tribal nature.

Howitt says that among the Kurnai, women are allowed free choice, and Mathew "asserts that, with varying details, marriage by mutual consent will be found among other tribes, also, though it is not completed except by means of a runaway match."

In Mariner's description (I., 130) of a chief's wedding occurs this sentence: "The dancing being over, one of the old matabooles (nobles) addressed the company, making a moral discourse on the subject of chastityadvising the young men to respect, in all cases, the wives of their neighbors, and never to take liberties even with an unmarried woman against her free consent.

Here, also is this: consent thou to my desire, and write me, that I may know your love.

Sometimes, if the unbetrothed pair had not secured the consent of the parents, a late suitor would appear on the scene, and the poor girl got almost hauled to death between them all.

Here the brother's consent had to be obtained, as Shortland remarks (118).

If the girl had eloped with someone on whom she had placed her affection, then her father and brother would refuse their consent," and fight to get her back.

The girl had told her parents that she would never consent to the match.

God is, to the Freemason, Al Gabil, as the Arabians called him, that is, The Builder; or, as expressed in his masonic title, the Grand Architect of the Universe, by common consent abbreviated in the formula G.A.O.T.U.

To have done that would, in my mind, have been tantamount to giving consent to extradition; and I was in no mood to assist the detectives in their mean work.

Very seldom did competent attendants consent to work there, and then usually because of a scarcity of profitable employment elsewhere.

Life had become insupportable; and back of my consent to make this experimental visit was a willingness to beard the detectives in their own den, regardless of consequences.

*It must be observed, in justice to the French Clergy, that it was seldom possible to procure any who would consent to this infamy.

Father gave his consent, and he'll easily manage Mother.

Who systematically reads the great writers, be they ancient or modern, whom the consent of ages has marked out as classics: typical, immortal, peculiar teachers of our race?

Whoever looked on him would consent to his will, being certified that his aims were generous and universal.

We must reach some solution, some shadow of consent; for without that, eager talk becomes a torture.

If society is to disarm, it should do so by common consent.

"The gift of life at birth is only a little breath on a baby's lips; the air asks no consent to fill the lungs, the heart beats, the senses awaken, the mind begins, and the first handwriting of life is a child's smile; but as boyhood gathers fuller strength, and youth hives a more intimate sweetness, and manhood expands in richer values, life is not less entirely a gift.

There is a joint and general consent in the masses of men with similar experience united into the Church, with respect to the religious way of life, similar to that of such masses united into a government with respect to secular things.

The history of the Church with its embodied dogmasthe past of Christendomcontains that consent; and the Church founds its claim to veneration on this broad accumulation of experience, so gathered from all ages and all conditions of men as to have lost all traces of individuality and become the conviction of mankind to a degree that no free constitution and no legal code can claim.

It struck her that she was hypocritical; that even with the consent of Muñoz she would not marry Coronado; that it was her duty to tell him so.

Do we say   concent   or  consent